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They call it Gloom Town, but that isn't its real name. It is a sad city, the saddest of cities, a place so utterly depressing that even their ales are brewed with the most sorrow-filled tears. They built it on the back of a colossal mountain-sized animal, where its woeful citizens live like human fleas within the hairy, pulsing landscape. And those tasked with keeping theThey call it Gloom Town, but that isn't its real name. It is a sad city, the saddest of cities, a place so utterly depressing that even their ales are brewed with the most sorrow-filled tears. They built it on the back of a colossal mountain-sized animal, where its woeful citizens live like human fleas within the hairy, pulsing landscape. And those tasked with keeping the city in a state of constant melancholy are the Stressmen-a team of professional sadness-makers who are perpetually striving to invent new ways of causing absolute misery. But for the Stressman known as Fernando Mendez, creating grief hasn't been so easy as of late. His ideas aren't effective anymore. His treatments are more likely to induce happiness than sadness. And if he wants to get back in the game, he's going to have to relearn the true meaning of despair.Like "James and the Giant Peach" combined with one of David Cronenberg's early body horror films, "The Tick People" is a charming children's fable that quickly devolves into a grotesque sexual nightmare....

Title : The Tick People
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The Tick People Reviews

  • The Grim Reader (
    2019-05-19 08:06

    Bonkers Novella from Bizarro superstar.A truly absurd novella about a man who gets matched with a parasitic tick! Fernando has many reservations about this coupling but soon becomes engrossed in the ticks scents and smells and begins having sex with the tick! Definitely one of Mellick's more crazy reads but not to the point were you don't really understand what the Hell is going on. Bizarro fiction is not for everyone. I dig it. It's out there, but as Carlton Mellick III shows, it's truly original and fascinating reading.

  • Douglas Hackle
    2019-06-03 08:15

    A man who lives in a city built on the back of a mountain-sized dog struggles with his simultaneous sexual desire and disgust for a mutant tick woman. The city's denizens must keep the dog in a sad state so that it doesn't wag its gigantic tail to cause mass destruction to the city. A quick, entertaining read. Check it out or you're a grody tick person.

  • Albert
    2019-06-08 15:59

    Well that was deeply disturbing and I loved it. Very original as usual. Time for a shower or three.

  • Tamara Romero
    2019-05-26 16:23

    Gross, disturbing and pretty amazing. This novella is some kind of Discworld (in a way) meets The Fly by David Cronenberg. A sad town built on the back of a giant dog and a truly suprising premise: men and women's sexual organs are designed to match only one partner. A shocking thing about this book is that it starts a story and it radically turns into something different in chapter 2. That was cool. I couldn't put it down.

  • Phil
    2019-05-24 12:15

    What if technology could allow you to find your perfect soulmate? What if your genitalia fit perfectly together like a literal lock and key? What if your soulmate was a six foot tall mutant insect? And what if you all lived on the back of a colossal depressed dog? This novella answers these questions."The Tick People" belongs to a subgenre of weird fiction called "bizarro." From what I've seen, bizarro is to weird tales what splatterpunk is to conventional horror fiction: it takes elements present in the parent genre and ramps them up to incredibly graphic heights.This novella definitely isn't for everyone, it revels in grotesque, ooze-slathered descriptions of sex between the protagonist and his arthropod paramour, but it seemed to me there was more going on than just a juvenile attempt to shock the audience for shock's sake. The end result felt like it was influenced by both Kafka and Terry Gilliam's Brazil, with bits of Douglas Adams and punk mixed in. Recommended for people who like the weirder side of horror.

  • Kevin
    2019-06-03 09:55


  • Rob Karraker
    2019-05-17 16:23

    When i first started to read this book, i was off set by the idea of the world being on the back of a dog. we are set up with a mate for life, but when a dude is set up with a tick person, things get really, and i mean really, weird. I ended up enjoying this book, it was something i will never forget. Remember, this is one book that is out there in left field.

  • Shane
    2019-06-10 13:56

    The Tick People is an extremely erotic and sexy book, IF you are attracted to parasites, and more specifically, Ticks. This book is disturbing, and for those with weak stomachs, it will be one gushing little ride. For those who enjoy the splattery and repulsive, you will find exactly what you are looking for here. Mellick does not hold back in any of his books, and he continues that trend here, so expect to treat your imagination to in depth descriptions of luscious Tick babes in stickily woven tapestries of hardcore scenes of intercourse. Romance is not all that important in the world of Gloom Town, where this novel takes place, for sex is mostly predetermined by the shape of one’s penis and vagina. There is a service in Gloom Town, much like an eye doctor or a dentist, that exist just to make sure one’s genitalia ends up with its one true match, and unfortunately for our hero Mendez, his genitalia is matched with a tick. The beauty here is that Mendez does not want to be, and never wanted to be, with ANYONE, and is only coerced into getting his genitals checked out by his sister. What a helpful person she turned out to be. But that is the beauty of this novel, it is an all encompassing story of choices and their putrid outcomes. Should Mendez stick to his opposition of being partnered, or should he embrace what he was always against to begin with? Throughout the novel Mendez must face these choices, and as a reader we get treated to the stimulating results of his choices. I rate this book five out five stars because it is a fun, disgusting, repulsive ride that makes me sick with myself for reading it. I want you to be sick with yourself too, so read it. Everything about this book is vile and raunchy, so go read it, I mean, it is probably no where near as bad as having sex with a giant tick woman.

  • Andrew Stone
    2019-06-01 13:20

    I read Mellick's The Tick People throughout a single shift at work. I work on the night shift as a janitor at a church (a job I have worked the last two summers and am back for another go). But really, I spend most the shift searching for a hiding spot throughout the church and reading (it's a damn big church). I tired getting into this book a few times a few months before but never got past the first page (I was probably really drunk and couldn't really make sense of anything). But being sober at work, I read through this book reel quick. And I absolutely loved it. Each time I read another Mellick book, that book becomes my new favorite Mellick book, and The Tick People is no exception. But if you haven't figured it out by now, I don't really want to talk about this book in this review. Just know that I am now living sober. But reading The Tick People puts you on another planet. A planet, believe it or not, that is even better (WAY BETTER) than the one I visited night after night in an alcohol-fused coma.

  • Kevin Lintner
    2019-06-01 10:23

    "The Tick People" is an odd and brooding work from one of my favorite authors, Carlton Mellick, III. An entire population of people have taken root on the back of a giant dog who must be kept sad at all times because even a few wags of its tale would cause an apocalypse and wipe out Gloom Town. The story centers around Fernando Mendez, a Stressman, who is employed with the task of keeping the giant canine as sad as possible. Mendez is nagged into going to The Matchmaker by his overbearing sister in hopes of finding his perfect mate who turns out to be a half-human, half tick monstrosity that disgusts him so much he can't stop mating with her. The whole book seems to be more of an exercise in gross-out fiction than anything else. It starts out promising, giving us a very well detailed look at a Dystopian Whoville like world, but quickly starts to feel forced and overdone. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed it very much, just not as much as other Mellick books that I've read.

  • Jeff
    2019-05-18 11:19

    Those who are easily grossed out might want to avoid this book, but I found it to be fascinating -- repulsive, but fascinating (which, I think, may be what Mellick was aiming for). Gloom Town is a city built on a giant dog and the main character, Fernando Mendez, is a Stressman -- one whose job it is to keep the dog depressed so he won't get excited and cause earthquakes (dogquakes?).While on administrative leave for making an error on the job, Fernando gets a visit from his sister, who has registered him at a matchmaking service -- which is how all residents of Gloom Town find their ideal mates. But Fernando's ideal mate turns out to be a mutant tick person, something that both excites and sickens him.That's all I will say, as I don't want to spoil anything. But Mellick has proven once again that he is a master of the bizarro fiction genre.

  • C. Neagle
    2019-06-06 14:59

    I can't recommend this book to most of the people I know. It's bizzaro fiction and isn't for everybody -- maybe not even for all that many bodies. But, hey, I liked it. Gross. Yes. Strange. Most definitely. Includes sex with tick people? Check. Weird? Yes (Buy, hey, you ask, isn't that the same as 'strange' -- yeah, no, maybe...get off my back. What are ya, some sort of tick person?). So now you know. Oh, it's also novella length, so you can always read something afterwards to rinse your brain-mouth out with.

  • JasonMorton
    2019-06-04 08:15

    Fucking brilliantIn a country located on a giant dog lies fluffsville aka Gloomsville lives Fernando. He lives to depress the dog so he doesn't move. After an accident accident one day Fernando is suspended from work, and so starts a brilliantly insane story. I highly recommend this book to all fan's of modern horror

  • Evalynn
    2019-06-04 09:12

    The comic at the end.. made the entire book.Mellick for President!!

  • Joseph Sylvester
    2019-06-06 13:04

    It's an original, disgusting, funny, repulsive, and thoroughly entertaining little book. I loved it! 5 stars :)

  • Brett Grossmann
    2019-05-30 13:06

    Pretty short piece. Clever always.