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Dex is many things, a college senior, the bassist for The Invisibles, a son, a friend, everything but a boyfriend. Everybody knows him as the shallow guy who’s up for a good time anytime. People rarely take the time to see the loyal guy lying just beneath the happy-go-lucky façade.There are parts of Dex’s life he keeps hidden. Ones he believes no one would understand. SincDex is many things, a college senior, the bassist for The Invisibles, a son, a friend, everything but a boyfriend. Everybody knows him as the shallow guy who’s up for a good time anytime. People rarely take the time to see the loyal guy lying just beneath the happy-go-lucky façade.There are parts of Dex’s life he keeps hidden. Ones he believes no one would understand. Since he gave up on the idea of a dream girl long ago, he thinks he’s finally found the perfect balance of connection without commitment with Sam. Chrissy used to know everything about Dex. When he left four years ago for college, she was left behind. With nowhere else to turn, Chrissy calls the one person she’s always counted on, Dex. One glance at the sad eyes he’s tried to forget and Dex knows it’s out of his control. With Chrissy's return, lines begin to cross from friendship to something more, but will Dex's secret force them apart forever?...

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  • Michelle Lynn
    2019-05-28 00:05

    LIVE!!Amazon - UK - - SCENE with TREY and KAILEY included!!

  • Karrie Mellott Puskas
    2019-06-03 01:58

    I’m a total Trey Michaels FAN! So Dex Preston was going to have to work his charm like no other! He had a lot to do to win me over. And let me just say Dex DID NOT disappoint! He is right up there with Trey! I fell head over heels in love with Dex. Dex and Chrissy have such a history with each other. I love how Michelle gave us a background from the very first time they met, thru the years, to present day. The flow of this book is really great. I love that we see the whole gang together and yes “My Trey” is there as well. The dynamics of this group of friends is awesome. I love how the girls took Chrissy under their wing and made her feel at home with them all. They wanted her to feel like she was a part of them. Chrissy is hesitant at first but as the time goes by she opens herself up with the group the best way she knows how. She doesn’t want them to completely know her background. That’s just for her and Dex to know about!Dex, well what can I say?!?!? He’s just magnificent! At least I think so! Lol! He has always been there for Chrissy and doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. He is her protector and will do whatever he needs to make sure she has whatever she needs! He wants to always help her and try to fix her problems! But at the same time can he fix his??Will these two be able to move from their past together? Will they be able to make it as a couple? Or will their past lives come back to haunt them?? One click this book! You will NOT regret it!

  • Mojo_Mama
    2019-05-20 03:06

    2.5 starsUm...38% in and I'd never guess there was a band in this plot.Oh, and one dive bar scene where they play at rockstar does not a rock romance make :(Yawn...nothing new here in the NA genre, though better written and a better plot...still. Same ol' shit, different book.Safety gang: OW drama, phone sex only. This is a real push-pull plot.If you like NA, add this to your TBR. The rest of you....NEXT!!!

  • Shay
    2019-06-14 01:43

    I just finished Can't Let Go and I really liked it. This can be read as a standalone but to get the full effect I would recommend reading in order. First is Don't Let Go (Brady and Sadie). Second is Let Me In (Grady and Jessa). Third is Let Me Love (Trey and Kailey). Now we have Dex's story. This starts out with him being 8 years old. I was wondering why it was going like that but then you get the drift. Chrissy. They have known each other for a long time and have lost contact over the years but they are never far from each other's mind. Chrissy is needing help but doesn't want to ask for it but low and behold Dex is there to save her again. She agrees to stay with the gang until she can get back on her feet. They have obstacles in their path and they want each other but they both feel like try deserve better. But with close proximities they just can't let each other go. You just have to read and see how the story unfolds. I liked the story. I thought the plot was good. I loved how we were able to see what the other characters were doing. It's always good to include them. It didn't over power the story, it enhanced it. My only complaint is that I felt that with everything it fell a little short with me. I'm glad we got to see how they basically grew up together and where the sexual tension lied but once they were back together whether they were friends or more, it just wasn't enough of a fight for me. It's like they kept fighting each other to not be together when all I wanted from them was to fight each other in the sexual banter kinda way. It still was a good story. I just wanted more from them. I can say though that I am glad we did get his story. He is an enigma for me. He is a loyal guy. He's sweet and nice and sexy. Just an all around good guy. I liked Chrissy. She is strong and wants to do things on her own. I totally get that. The loved each other and wanted he best for each other. That's all that matters. All in all I enjoyed it and I cannot wait to see where Robs story is gonna go. He's a changed man and I have to see why!!Story 4Sex 4Overall 4Reviewed by Beggin (Shay) from Mommys a Book Whore

  • Kizzy
    2019-06-02 00:44

    I was so happy knowing that Dex was getting a book. I've read all the books in the series and love them all. Trey held a special place in my heart and after reading this, Dex is right up there with him :)Dex and Chrissy..aww!! They met when they were 8 years old because of their dad's gambling addictions and my heart broke for them, Chrissy more than Dex. Her father doesn't take care of her like a father should and she doesnt have much. We see them thru the years and when they were 18 they ran into eachother at the fair. You can see how much they are attracted to each other, but she doesn't think she's good for him. They say their goodbyes and dont see eachother until 4 years later.Now, here we are 4 years later and we see Dex with the Invisibles crew (Brady, Grant, Trey and lets not forget Rob). Dex gets a call from Chrissy out of the blue and she needs help. Of course, he is there for her as always, which is what I love about him. As she's staying there with him, I love how Sadie and the other ladies take her in, something she's never had. As she spends time with them, she sees that they are really nice. The best for me though was Rob. Rob we met in the previous books and he wasnt liked by some, but in this book he is an awesome friend, especially to Chrissy and Dex. He can see how much they want eachother, but Dex keeps them in the friend zone. He was the voice of reason and i was applauding him. he made me smile :)Now do Chrissy and Dex get their HEA? You have to read it to find out and let me just say I am looking forward to Rob's book in the winter. Best series ever! :)

  • Annie
    2019-06-03 06:46

    Michelle Lynn is a writing goddess. I have yet to find a book by her that doesn’t pull me in and make me believe that love does exist, leaving me satisfied with a happily ever after. Yeah, it is that greatest feeling in the world... a bookgasm. Words cannot express how much I love this series, this author, and this band. In Can’t Let Go we get to find out Dex’s story, and what a story it is. We see him grow from the little boy that just wants to be loved, to the man that can’t give love, but also can’t let his love go. From the moment Dex and Chrissy were forced into each other’s lives they had a connection. No one else could ever understand what gambling can bring into someone’s life, and what it can take away. Along the way the lines become a little blurred, and feelings become deeper. Thanks Michelle Lynn for making me feel like the biggest slut ever. One minute I am in love with Brady, the next I love Grant, then Trey, and now Dex. I just can’t pick one. Every time we are introduced to a new member of The Invisibles, I fall head over heels all over again.

  • Renee at Book Happiness
    2019-05-29 01:55

    I received this for an honest review and I have to say that I fell in love with this story. This is Dex and Chrissy's story. Dex and Chrissy have similar backgrounds and have known each other since they were 8 years old. Both their fathers are gamblers but for these two similar people life takes a very different turn for both of them. I loved this story because it shows how they grow up and how intertwined these two are. It also shows how stubborn men can really be. I think that for me is always enjoyable. I fell absolutely in love with these two so much that I really didn't want the story to end. This is actually the first book I have read of Michelle Lynn and I have to say I can not wait to read more. This book can be read as a standalone although it is part of a series..I can not wait to read more of the invisibles and of course the next book that will be coming out will be Robs!!?!?!?!

  • Laura Rendler
    2019-06-04 07:03

    To be honest this is the first book in the series I have read. I didn't know it was a series until I was already into it. I wanted to love it, but honestly I was bored. I hated the scene where Dex had phone sex with Sam while Chrissy was in the other room. Not only was it gross if he loved her he would have at least envisioned it was her and not Sam which he did not do once. That was the first turn off for me. The book was just slow and took awhile for me to even get into it which didn't happen until my kindle said 85% done. The flower scene was adorable and the ending was good. I loved rob, but this just wasn't my cup of tea!

  • Andie
    2019-05-24 07:43

    Loved it just as much as the other books in the series, and I was happy to read about how the other couple's life going. Michelle Lynn proved it again why she is one of my favourite writer in the contemporary romance and new adult category.I love that The Invisibles series's epilogues are always from the point of view of the next book's hero's. Can't wait for Let me Go, Rob's and Paige's story <3

  • Stefanie Kral
    2019-06-02 04:49

    ☆☆4.5-5 Bright Stars!!☆☆"Stop it, please. I don't want anyone's sympathy or sad eyes.One day my life will be different."Michelle Lynn has done it to me again!! This is the 4th book in The Invisibles Series. Even though this is considered a standalone I wouldNOTadvise you to read this first. Simply because every couple from every book continue their stories. So, whichever book you didn't read you will get spoilers as their story does mesh into Dex & Chrissy's story. With that being said let me also tell you this. Trey is still by far my favorite Invisible still!! Yet, Dex totally wasn't what I expected him to be at all!! I knew from previous books that he's a player. Doesn't stick with 1 girl for too long. He's quiet and can be a dick most of the time. But, I never knew why. Can't Let Gois about 2 lifelong friends. Dex & Chrissy met when they were 8yrs old. Both their fathers are gamblers. Unfortunately, Chrissy's mother left her so she's stuck with her deadbeat dad all the time. Dex on the other hand his parents are divorced. When he's with his mother he lives the good decent life. Then every other weekend he spends with his dad. So, twice a month on a Saturday night Chrissy & Dex sit there waiting for their fathers to either gamble away their money or win. Chrissy looks forward to her 2 Saturday nights a month with Dex. He's the only one who doesn't look down on her for her clothes. Dex knows Chrissy's home life is nowhere near as good as his. He will bring her food from his mom's house. They understand each other better then anyone else does.Michelle does an excellent job at showing us how their friendship/relationship grows over the years. The older the 2 get they spend less time together. Every time they do see each other Chrissy feels likes she isn't good enough for him. And, to make matters worse all Dex's friends let it be known that she may be hot. But, he's slumming it. Dex totally doesn't care what anybody says. He's never cared about anybody the way he cares for Chissy. He'd do anything for her esp since he knows her dad's a dirt bag.After a few years of no contact Chrissy's dad strikes again. Chrissy calls the only person she knows will be there Dex. After a night together Chrissy tells Dex nothing and runs away again.Chrissy hits rock bottom. Dex shows up and plays the knight in shinning armor to his princess. He brings her home. Dex, Brady & Sadie let Chrissy know she's staying with them. Dex & Rob are fixing her car. So, she's def stuck for a little while until it's done. Chrissy is not used to anybody helping her other then Dex. But, she's a strong willed person. She refuses help from people. It's funny watching her & Dex fight over money for groceries. Even Rob and her fighting over him buying lunch. For me what's so funny is. I am the same way! I can definitely see where she's coming from.Chrissy becomes super friendly with Rob & Sadie right off the bat. I loved when she was with Sadie & the rest of the girls. It was the 1st time she had girlfriends. Jessa gets her a temporary job. Chrissy will fill in while Jessa is on maternity leave. She's def starting to trust Dex friends. Even starts considering them friends.Dexis struggling with Chrissy being there. Everybody can see the looks that they give each other. Dex is hiding a big secret from Crissy and from all his friends. Dex feels like he is not good enough for her. Dex feels that Chrissy needs a man that is better then both of their fathers. But, what he doesn't see is that for their whole life he has always been their for Chrissy. In every which way. It didn't matter if it was giving her food, slipping her money, giving her a ride, beating guys asses that messed with her. Chrissy has always been #1 to him. But, he doesn't see it.Over the weeks of them living together things get tense. Dex totally pulls a few dick moves. It pushes Chrissy further & further away. Which he thinks is right. But, it kills them both. It's so bad that Rob is the one to give advice!! Yes, I said Rob who's the more bigger badder bad ass! He actually turns out to be the one to give Dex the best & most advice to Dex.This is a story that you must read. You have 2 friends who truly love each other with everything they have. Yet..On one hand is Chrissy who thinks she's not good enough for Dex. She feels he can do better. That he can find someone more classier then her. Dex feels that Chrissy can do better. He feels she needs someone better then her father & his combined. They have to get over their insecurities. Must realize they are perfect for each other. This really is an excellent story. I loved watching Brady & Sadie and Grant & Jessa and Kailey & Trey's stories continue.I was ecstatic to see more of Rob. And, we got a different side of him. Which I loved!! My only complaint. I hated that none of Dex's friends knew anything from his childhood. They never found out how Chrissy & Dex knew each other except that their dad's were "friends". I hated that he didn't trust them enough to tell them.Other then that I loved it. The sexual tension between Dex & Chrissy was hot hot hot!!! They're friendship was a awesome one. Nobody understood them like each other. Both Chrissy & Dex had a lot of hurt in their life. But, in the end no matter what the situation was. No matter the length of time they went without speaking. None of that mattered because they'd always be there for one another. This is definitely a story about second chances. Trying to redeem themselves. Prove they are better then their role models.Next is Rob's story. And, I for one am looking forward to it!"I think I've always been yours,"I chuckle,"ever since you stole my Game Boy!"

  • Casey
    2019-06-16 00:05

    Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickCan't Let Go by Michelle Lynn was a lot different than what I had expected going into the book. I hadn't read the previous three books in the series, and although I didn't have any problems understanding this story I think it did affect how I went into this book. I had been expecting more of a rock star story about friends who find their way to love, but this book was completely different. I liked both Chrissy and Dex, and I felt like they really deserved some happiness together after everything that they had been through. But I also really loved the secondary characters as well and can't wait to go back and read their stories as well as get Rob's story next. I can't wait to see more of him after reading Can't Let Go.Dex and Chrissy grew up spending every other weekend hanging out with each other while their fathers left them to gamble. While Dex would return home to his mother's house after, Chrissy was stuck with her father. Dex and Chrissy's lives played out completely different and while they did have some things in common, Dex had a whole other life that Chrissy couldn't relate to at all. When Dex leaves for college, him and Chrissy lose touch for several years until one day she resurfaces and calls him out of the blue. Needing help, she asks Dex to come to her and he ends up providing a place for her to stay while she gets back on her feet. When the two sides of Dex's life collide, Chrissy discovers that she doesn't know this Dex and the boy she once knew is now completely changed. But the attraction and chemistry between them is still the same, even if they have never acted on it. Dex doesn't do love and commitment, but for the first time in his life he is beginning to think of a future with someone as long as it is Chrissy. Can Chrissy and Dex find a way to take their friendship to the next level and have a future together, or will their lives be too different for them to take that step together?I liked both Dex and Chrissy. These two had a ton of history and had grown up being best friends and sharing something that most people would never understand. Dex had two different lives, and they didn't mesh at all. Even though he always cared for Chrissy and Chrissy cared for him, they knew that those two sides of his life just didn't fit together and that also meant that things with Chrissy were always a certain way. I did have a few things with Dex that I didn't care for, and I thought that he made some huge mistakes with Chrissy. He wanted her in his life forever and was determined to always have her as a friend, and yet he didn't try very hard to make sure that she knew that. He would push her away and lose touch with her, and just let her run every time. I also really didn't like that even though he knew his feelings for Chrissy were changing and that he was scared that he continued to let things happen with Sam. That really bothered me, and I think that it was unfair to Chrissy and Sam both. I thought that Chrissy was independent and smart and she did what she could with the life she had been dealt. She didn't like to take anything from anyone and was determined to make it on her own, and I wish she would have accepted help a little easier especially from Dex. But she really started to allow others in as the book progressed and it was nice to see her getting over that. I was glad that she never gave up on Dex and that they never lost their connection no matter what happened. These two were meant to be together and that was clear from the start.I also really loved the way that Michelle Lynn told their story. It was great to see how they met for the very first time and how their friendship and the love between them grew and changed over the years. I loved seeing them as children and getting the whole picture on their past as well as the present, and it really just solidified how strong the bond between these two was. I do wish that it wouldn't have taken so long for Dex to really wake up, but I am glad that he cared so much about Chrissy to want her in his life always even if he went about it wrong. I could have done without the portions of him and Sam because I really felt like when he was with her he almost seemed to forget about Chrissy and I felt like that hurt the relationship between him and Chrissy. It was hard to believe that if he really loved her that much that he wouldn't be thinking of Chrissy instead. I did love Rob though, and I thought that his friendship with Chrissy was one of the best parts of this book. He was there for her when she needed someone, and I thought that he was so sweet with her. He really showed her a different side to himself that he didn't show to others, and he was able to help her get through some tough times. I can't wait to read his story next and get to know him even better. Despite the few issues I had with this story, I would still recommend this one and look forward to reading the rest of the series. I think that NA fans will enjoy Dex and Chrissy's story especially if they are fans of Michelle Lynn and her Invisibles series.**ARC Provided by Book Plug Promotions**

  • Melinda ~ Twinsie Talk
    2019-06-13 01:03

    You know how you start a series and there is a character that jumps out at you that will say hey I’m here look at me. I’m back here in the back ground not saying much not making a scene, but I’m here and I what you to pay attention to me. No one else is and they won’t yet but I want you to. That was Dex for me. Every book in the series I picked up every time he came on the scene I was drawn to him. Yes, he was a player but there was something about him, something more I just knew there was more to his story and I needed to know it. I would tell Michelle Lynn that Dex was mine whenever the question of whom our favorite Invisible came up. Yes, I know how can he be your favorite when all you know is he is the base player, his name/nick name and that he is a player, but oh I knew there was more to this guy than just that. You can only imagine my excitement when Michelle Lynn asked if I wanted to beta read Dex for her. There was no hesitation only an immediate reply of “OMG yes I would love to”. The next day I had Dex *swoon* enough of this on to the review. You see Dex and Chrissy spent 4 hours every other Saturday together sitting in folding chairs in a hallway growing a friendship and building a connection between the two of them while their dad’s played poker behind closed doors (great dad’s right). Dex is great with Chrissy but as they get older he begins to lead the double life….one with his mom and his high school friends, then one with his dad and Chrissy. Chrissy knows more about Dex past than anyone even his friends. Chrissy and Dex have been friends since they were 8 but have not seen each other since high school when Chrissy broke all ties knowing that things would never work out between them. As always when Chrissy is in trouble or needs help Dex comes to the rescue like her “Superman”. Everyone can take one look at these two and can see there is something between them but they insist they are friends and nothing more. The fact that it takes Rob to slap Dex over the head to get him to realize that Chrissy is his woman is just amazing to me. Since when does Rob give good advice on love? Dude you really messed up somewhere if that is happening. It’s like Rob sees how great Chrissy is and doesn’t want Dex to lose her. Somewhere along the way Rob wiggled his way into my heart and has begun to thaw it toward him. How did that happen? I never thought I would ever see the day nor would I ever think I would say that out l loud EVER. I actually cannot wait to read Rob’s story I think it is going to be a good one and the best game changer ever. Some of my favorites scenes are when Chrissy confronts her dad it took courage and strength knowing what could happen by walking away. When Rob takes Chrissy out for the evening and the lesson he teaches the high school kid…priceless (just like with Dex I’m seeing two sides to Rob the sweet side and the playboy side). The flowers and notes absolutely loved the flowers and notes. Wanna know about the flowers and notes Hahaha that’s all I’m going to tell you about that you’re going to have to read the book to find out more about the flowers and notes. Thank you to Michelle Lynn again for allowing me Beta read Can’t Let Go. It was an honor to read Dex and Chrissy’s story first. Some of my favorites: “I’ve always thought of you more of a Superman, you know if we’re going with the whole super hero thing that is,” ~Chrissy“Love is an unreal emotion. Not to mention, it’s impossible for someone to stay faithful to one person,” “Oh Dex. Who hurt you so bad?” ~ChrissyPositioning her under my arm, I smell the scent of my shampoo on her golden-blonde hair and, for the first time, an image of her always next to me warms me a little too much. ~DexIt’s crazy that this girl in my arms has no idea she’s number on in my life. Whatever she wants, I’d wrestle a lion for. ~Dex“…taper down your arrogance a bit, okay? Trust me when I say no one likes an asshole.” ~RobI figured out why Jessa ever dated Rob in the first place. Behind that asshole shield is a caring guy who sees things around him others don’t. I assume he might have known from our first meeting that Dex holds a place inside my heart. ~Chrissy“Stop it Chrissy. I’ve done enough ‘what if’s’ to las us until our dying days. We’re done with that shit. Now it’s I love you, kiss me, hug me and you mine time. Got it?”~DexTears break through and I wipe them from my face, waiting for him to reach me. With every step he takes, my heart expands for this boy-turned-man in all the years I’ve known him. “I was so worried about keeping our friendship intact, to be there for you in any capacity, I couldn’t see that I was just hurting both of us. That regardless, I’m your family and you’re mine.” ~Dex“You are mine now. You got that” ~Chrissy“I think I’ve always been your, ever since you stole my Game Boy.” ~Dex

  • Rebecca
    2019-06-17 07:47

    In Can’t Let Go, the fourth book in Michelle Lynn’s The Invisibles series, readers get Dex and Chrissy’s story – one that begins during childhood and extends into adulthood despite the distance and periods of no communication. At times, their relationship is easy; they share a bond over their dads’ gambling addiction and the need to step away from that kind of life and live safely and securely. For four years, they sit together on Saturday nights, waiting for their fathers and getting to know one another, and through those years, their connection grows. Dex sees himself as Chrissy’s protector, and he takes that job seriously, but as they turn into teenagers, everything gets more complicated and feelings develop beyond friendship, putting a strain on that easygoing relationship they’re used to and fracturing their connection because neither one can be up front about how they feel.For Chrissy, she doesn’t want to be so dependent on Dex. Even though he has it rough with his father, most of the time, he lives with his mom, not having to experience the constant fear of not having enough to eat or a place to live. Because it’s always been just her and her father, she’s struggled a lot more than Dex has and sees herself as his inferior. She desperately wants a different life and the sympathetic looks from Dex are too much for her to handle. She wants to stand on her own, needing no one to shield her from this life. But that’s easier said than done and when she finds herself needing rescuing from Dex again after many years apart, the feelings that she’s held back…pushed down, come back full force, but Dex is not the same person – their lives are drastically different, and he’s done everything in his power to keep girls at bay. Will Chrissy’s return prompt Dex to reevaluate his decision on relationships or will he continue to keep her at arm’s length, refusing to acknowledge what’s between them?In a lot of ways, Can’t Let Go is different from the other three books in the series. There’s still plenty of drama and angst, but it doesn’t seem as emotionally driven. The previous stories had me weighted down with emotion, but I didn’t feel like that with Dex and Chrissy’s story. Don’t get me wrong, what Chrissy goes through with her father and his issues is heartbreaking, especially since she’s the type of daughter who feels like she needs to help him at a cost to her own self, but Dex and Chrissy’s relationship isn’t happening, for the most part, due to Dex. Yes, Chrissy has some insecurities and that separates them as well, but Dex’s stubbornness causes a lot of the drama. There are several times throughout the story where I wanted to knock some sense into him and get him to realize sooner what he’s willingly throwing away, which I think impacted my investment in their relationship a bit. Despite those feelings, though, their story is a solid one that helps readers understand more about the closeness of the group and why Dex is why he is throughout the previous books. I love The Invisibles series, especially because in each book, readers are allowed to see how the previous main characters are doing as well. Sadie, Brady, Jessa, Grant, Kailey, and Trey, along with Dex are a family who supports each other and steps up when they’re needed and that is one message that is found throughout the series. I love how accepting the girls are of Chrissy and how the guys go out of their way, as well, to make her feel welcome and a part of the group. It’s a fantastic unit of friends that every reader could hope to have as a support system. I’m intrigued by Rob’s story. I haven’t really liked him much in the other books, so I’m ready for Michelle Lynn to weave her magic and show me what he’s made of.A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.4 poison apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)

  • Twinsie Talk Angie J
    2019-06-17 05:53

    check out this review and more[email protected] received this book from the author for an honest review.Alright so honesty time here.....I have loved reading this series but wasnt really sure about reading Dex. Its not like I hate him *Cough Cough* Rob *Cough Cough* but I didn't KNOW him. The only things I knew were the following:1. He plays Bass.2. He is a BIG muscled guy they call the Hulk.3. He is a player.So to get excited over his book was a stretch. He was always in the background so I didnt know him. I also must be honest in that I am a total GRANT girl soooo he kept my eyes busy reading his stuff too soooo maybe I over looked Dex????? Imagine my shock and awe when reading this story and falling so hard for Dex.....crap Twinsie Melinda STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW......wait for Melinda to leave....ok....yes I fell for him. He is so divided in to 3 personalities....1. The richie boy with him mom2. The poor kid with his dad3. The way he is with Chrissy.Yeah the way he is with Chrissy is pretty awesome. The whole book he is putting her ahead of himself but he thinks he is unworthy!! OMG!! I wanted to kick him in the leg when she bares her soul to him and he pushes her away. I got it. I did BUT COME ON DEX!! Grab your woman!! The relationship that the two develop from age 8 uptil 22 is so sweet initially but full on angsty by 16 and insane angst at 18 and omg heart breaking at 22!!Ok so you prolly wanna know what the heck I am talking about.....SO Dex and Chrissy's dad's drag them to their gambling houses on Saturday nights for about 4 hours. They bond and Chrissy looks forward to the 2 weekends a month she will see her friend. Outside of the walls of the gambling places, they would never be friends. Dex is middle class and Chrissy is POOR!!! His friends even comment about him "slumming it" when they run into each other. This destroys Chrissy and she knows she must walk away from her heart. Chrissy breaks away from this awful life she has with her father but due to economic hardships returns home. When she does her father makes a really BAD bet that SHE is told she has to pay up. Well she runs right to Dex. This then sets up the whole book of will they or wont then and then it was will he finally admit it or wont he.My favorite Scenes where when Dex fianlly mans up and admits his love for Chrissy......OMG butterflies and tears........Also when Dex asks Chrissy if she is pregnant!! Her reply "Shut your mouth. Dont wish that on us.....YET". But the scene that made my heart hurt was when Chrissy has to face her father...........WOW sooo powerful!!!I have to admit, Rob stole the show a few times. He even made me *GASP* like him. He is basically smacking Dex in the head saying to admit the love before Chrissy moves on. He is really a new character and he made me actually feel bad for not liking him. I am actually looking forward to his book.......WOW Michelle can you believe I said that????? Me either!!

  • Chrissy
    2019-05-18 07:59

    After finishing each of the books in this series, I always think, this one is my favorite in the series, and I admit, Can't Let Go made me feel exactly that yet again. I wasn't so sure about Dex from the previous books, but I fell in love with this man, I don't know if I would have had the same feelings if we didn't get the background of Dex and Chrissy for the first few chapters going through their childhood and how they met, and the troubles that they've been through. But getting to see this part of the story really made me fall hard for Dex. I admit, you will want to strangle him a lot during this book for being .... well for being such a dumb guy sometimes, but you will always come back to loving him.I am a huge fan of Michelle Lynn and her books, and the Invisibles Series is definitely one of my favorites! This series is so amazing and tells the story of such great friends that come from different walks of life. Each of the books are amazing and a stand alone novel with a HEA, but you will end up wanting a lot more after each book, and be patiently (well maybe not patiently) waiting for the next book to come out.Chrissy and Dex met when they were 8 years old, both from different walks of life, but having one thing in common, their dads and their gambling. Through out the years the two become great friends, but Chrissy always doubts it because of how she grew up and how Dex could never want to be with her since she's poor and he has the life everyone dreams of. My heart broke for her during the county fair when she ran in to Dex and I wanted to cry right there with her.There is no denying throughout this entire book that these two belong together, but if only they could get on the same page! It's always something, and I absolutely loved how Rob would ask them "Still just friends?" it made me laugh each and every time. I also loved how the girls really took to Chrissy and made her feel welcome, being an outsider, they embraced her and befriended her, and helped her through some hard times. Even Rob, man I can't believe I'm admitting this, was an amazing friend to Chrissy. I loved getting to see a different side of Rob in this book, and Winter 2015 can NOT get here soon enough for us to get his book.If you have or if you haven't read the other books in this series, you must read Can't Let Go. I honestly believe this is Michelle's best work yet and I absolutely loved it. I couldn't put this one down and the story was beautifully written. Everything about this book is amazing and you will not leave your spot on the couch/bed/wherever you read until it's finished. The flow of this story, and the characters will capture you and make you fall in love. I highly recommend this book and hope you will pick it up today!

  • Barbara Harrower
    2019-06-01 00:01

    Each book I read in this series gets better and better.

  • Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend
    2019-05-31 01:39

    I will admit I do need to go read book 3 , I read Brady and Sadie's story so long ago , it seems !! I loved this gang and was thrilled for Dex's story.I loved the background , I could not get enough of the stories of Dex and Chrissy from childhood. OMG childhood friendship growing into love is my ultimate FAVE !! It was cute to see how they interacted as kids and then as teens. It also gave you a sense of their childhoods and how despite their similarities they lived different and separate lives. Through this background you feel a real connection and can relate to them. My only complaint was that it took too long for them to finally suck it up and admit their feelings and figure it out !! I hated reading about dex and Sam , it made me sad for Chrissy , though I did enjoy her time spent with her boss !! LOLAlthough it is thankfully minimal there is some drama in this book. Dex is living 2 lives and when those lives collide will he survive ?? Will they survive ?? Will the actions of their fathers damage the progress they have made with themselves and each other ??Dex is a great guy , he loves and protects Chrissy throughout their lives never thinking he is good enough for her despite the fact that he is all she wants. It takes a lot for Dex to finally give into his feelings and do what is right. He struggles with the fear of messing up and losing Chrissy forever. Chrissy has been struggling with where her life has taken her but once she can face it and own it she knows what she wants and goes for it !! As much as I loved the story of Dex and Chrissy it was also exciting to read about everyone and how they were doing !! Of course we get tons of Brady and Sadie !! Jessa and Grant have a big life changing event going on and we get more from Trey and Kailey as well !! There is also quite a bit about Rob , I actually really love Rob right now and the lead in for his book was great !! I am so excited for his story !!

  • Emma Edwards
    2019-05-31 01:55

    Oh man I love this series and again what a great book we have had the pleasure of reading from Michelle Lynn ,,, this is book four in the series and is Dex and Chrissys story I have genuinely loved all of these books and they just keep on getting better ,,, the more you read the more you want :)A girl struggling through life from the start ,,, a father who is an addict ,,, the gambling fix more important than putting food into his child's mouth ,,, learning from an early age the devastation that comes with addiction ,,, vowing to NEVER live this way again as soon as she can make it on her way she will ,,, meet ChrissyGetting through those awful days with her 'friend' by her side ,,, he protects, comforts and makes her feel safe ,,, but he is from a different world ,,, their similarities are only present every other weekend whilst he visits his father ,,, he has a different life ,,, different possibilities ,,, a prosperous future ,,, they are polar opposites but there is a force between them pulling at them like a magnet ,,, both willing to give anything and everything for the other ,,, willing for their happiness ,,, but neither willing to own up to their deeper feelings ,,, he means so much to her and offers her security ,,, he is always there ,,, no one gets to him like her ,,, meet DexI really have enjoyed this book ,,, feeling the strength of the connection between this pair and willing them to just push it a little more ,,, they both deserve happiness which they will find from the other ,,, if only they could see it themselves Left eager for more and really wanna read Robs story ,,, we get a lot more in this book and see a different side to himHighly recommend this book and the entire series ,,, awesome ,,,well done Michelle and thanks for yet another fab read :)

  • Cocktails and Books
    2019-05-28 04:49

    3.5 CocktailsI have loved all the Invincible books, but CAN'T LET GO was a little bit different. In Dex's story, we found the woman he was meant to be with wasn't someone he just meets, but someone he's known since he was eight, who he didn't always treat the best, but someone he would always be there for.Dex and Chrissy meet through their fathers at a weekly poker game. They bond over their fathers and the gambling that takes precedence over pretty much everything else. But Dax lives a very different life from Chrissy's and she often feels like she isn't good enough for Dax or anything that has to do with his world. As a reader, I felt very sorry for Chrissy because she was in a pretty horrible situation that was not of her own making. And every time she tried to dig herself out of the hole she in, her father smacked her right back down again. Chrissy had grit and she had determination. She may have slipped a time or two, but she always managed to do what she needed to in order to start over. And when it was really bad, she knew she could always call her old friend Dex.Dex was a frustrating man. You knew how he felt about Chrissy, he'd felt that way since he was a teenager, but he was insistent on keeping Chrissy at arms length. You wanted him to believe in his feelings and know that you can love people and things will be alright. But Dex is on stubborn man and he fights his feelings tooth and nail. Of course, he hurts the one person he doesn't ever want to. He eventually figures it out, just when he's about to lose what he wants, but he needed that push.CAN'T LET GO didn't have the same emotional pull for me as the other books in the series, but it was still a solid entry. And Michelle Lynn sets up Rob's story perfectly. Suddenly we discover he's not really the a-hole we think he is. I can't wait to get more of him.

  • Chanpreet
    2019-06-10 03:40

    Can't Let Go is actually the fourth book in The Invisibles series. I didn't know that. Luckily for me, each book can be read as a standalone and I wasn't lost as I could have been. All I knew was the blurb sounded interesting and I wanted to know why Chrissy and Dex had lost touch for four years. When I finally started reading it literally only took the first chapter told from Dex's point of view to hook me. I loved that the book was told from both his and Chrissy's point of view and that it started from the first time they met and went from there.I did get a little frustrated with both of them. I understood how important their relationship was to one another, but it felt like they were fighting a futile battle when they would be better together than apart. I also didn't really like how Chrissy degraded herself and wasn't willing to ask for help. I mean I got she had an independent streak, which was great, but she found herself in some situations which were not so easy to get out of on her own. And don't get me started on Dex. Boy was he confused! He didn't know what he wanted but he ended up hurting both himself and Chrissy for a little bit.I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this story even after my frustrations with Dex and Chrissy. It really felt a lot like this was a regular contemporary new adult rather than about a guy in a band. It was also interesting and I never knew what was going to happen next. I am also going to add the previous books in this series to my reading list. The couples do show up a little bit, but I'd like to know how they got together. I'm really impressed with Michelle Lynn and look forward to reading more of her books.

  • Danita B.
    2019-06-12 23:56

    After reading Can't Let Go, I've determined that Michelle Lynn can do no wrong. I loved everything about this book. I loved how it started Dex and Chrissy's story when they first met so we get to see the progression of their relationship. Although they are raised in the same environment, Chrissy has had a hard life. Even at a young age, Dex feels the need to protect and rescue her. This need continues to grow as they get older. Circumstances and basically just growing up cause them to grow apart. After not seeing each other for 4 years, Chrissy still knows that Dex will be there for her when she needs him.Dex wants nothing more than to be Chrissy's best friend, and continue to be her provider and protector, even from herself. But as they spend more time together, the lines of friendship start to blur. Neither feel that they are worthy of the other; Chrissy due to her past and her current circumstances, Dex due to a secret that he is keeping from her. Will the friendship that they've had since they were 8 years old finally turn into something more? Or will their self-doubt keep them from admitting their feelings for each other?As with the other books in this series, I love that Michelle incorporated the lives of the other characters so we see what is going on with them. One of the things that surprised me the most was that Rob has many redeeming qualities that we didn't see in the other books, and he was actually one of my favorites in Can't Let Go. There is a big surprise at the end (can't wait for the next book to see what it is!), and an extra that Trey fans like myself will love. This book is a must-read for all Invisibles fans. If you haven't started this series, you are truly missing out.

  • Book Junky Girls
    2019-06-02 04:58

    Dex doesn't believe in forever, he likes having a good time without commitment like what he has with Sam. Everyone knows him, but they don't know about his past and he's not about to share it with anyone. But when he get a blast from the past in the from of Chrissy he wonders if he can keep going the way he always has.Chrissy hasn't had a pretty life and she doesn't like to rely on anyone, but when things get out of hand for her she goes to the one person who was always there for her. She always had feelings for Dex, but with them being worlds apart she knew it would never get anywhere, but now with them being as close as they are feeling are resurfacing she's not sure she can hold back.He wants her, she wants him, everyone can see it but neither believes they have a chance at being together. They are each holding secrets, can they figure things out between them or will they find themselves better off as friends?Chrissy is independant, she won't take handouts but will work her butt off for what she wants. She's unsure of herself at times, but when push comes to shove she can kick ass if it's necesserary.Dex looks self assured, and when it comes to his friends his loyality is always there no matter what, but when you look deep inside you see he doesn't think he's worth a forever with anyone. He's sweet always doing what he can to help others and you can see that even if it takes time for him to see something good once he does he'll do everything he can to keep it.Their story has it's shares of ups and downs, but I enjoyed seeing how they figured things out and found what they really needed in each other.

  • Megan
    2019-05-26 03:05

    I have been privileged to be a part of promoting and reviewing this whole series up to this point and have loved every minute of it. This is a fantastic series and Can’t Let Go is no exception to that. I actually devoured this book in a few hours which is pretty typical for me and this series. I’ve loved all the guys and the girls that win their hearts.Dex and Chrissy have a long history of friendship and hoping for more. They grew up together, bonded by their gambling fathers. Dex has always been protective of Chrissy but never crossing that invisible line. Chrissy has had a rough life thanks to her useless and practically non-existent father. When they meet back up at the age of 22, Dex swoops in to help her out once again. I really loved these two people. They both care deeply for each other but Dex fights it, afraid he’s not worthy of her. However, he really is a sweet and caring guy and I liked him a lot. They both made mistakes but learned from them and were better for it.The story line was engaging and easily held my attention. It flowed well and transitioned between dual POVs very well. Not only were the main characters awesome, but there’s also plenty of the other characters from the previous books to get to see what’s happened in their lives. I also liked how there were glimpses of Rob (which will be the next book’s main character). I wasn’t a fan of his earlier in the series but he’s definitely growing on me so I can’t wait to read his book next. Fantastic book! 5 out of 5 stars!!!

  • Stephanie- The Boyfriend Bookmark
    2019-05-23 05:48

    Michelle Lynn does it again with this amazing book about Dex and Chrissy. Two people who have known each other for most of their lives, met in an unconventional way but have always found a way back to one another. They were always there for each other no matter what happened in life.They may not have seen eye to eye all the time and they may have come from two completely different places in life. Having and wanting and needing different things, but one thing they have always had is one another.They have always been there for each other, but they have also been distant from each other, holding secrets and craving the other. But will the secrets they are keeping, keep them apart or will the faith they have always found in one another be enough? Can they admit that there is more to “them?” Can they admit to deep feelings that extend well beyond friendship? Can they find a future?I so wanted these two to be around each other all of the time because the chemistry was always there and it was perfect and I was a little surprised with my reaction to Rob. I cannot wait for his story.I love Michelle Lynn’s writing style and this book is just another fabulous example of it. She writes with just enough angst and drama, but more than anything she throws in a heaping scoop of love and promise. She mixes all of the elements together and just touches the heart with her work. It doesn’t matter which one of the guys you fall for, each one will win you over in a completely different way! This book is well written and a fabulous read!

  • Danielle from Short and Sassy
    2019-06-13 01:43

    4 starsMichelle Lynn has another story in her Invisibles series. I love this series. This time it is Dex's. Dex is a complicated soul who I, personally wondered what made him that way. He has always been standoffish and even comes off as the quiet tortured soul, who keeps everything to himself. Michelle has enlightened us as to why he is the way he is. His story is one I never saw coming. Dex and his friend Chrissy have been through a lot together. Friends since childhood, they have seen a lot. Both of their dads have gambling problems. As they got older, they paths divided and have two very different lives. Dex has always been a little better off than Chrissy. Now Chrissy is back in Dex's life, needing his help. As much as Chrissy doesn't want to admit it, she needs someone's help. She is n a bad place. Chrissy is strong willed and independent. She does not want handouts. Dex, on the there hand will not let Chrissy struggle, when she clearly needs some help.Dex and Chrissy have a long and bumpy friendship/relationship that has spanned decades. Dex tries to fight off feelings for Chrissy. He feels he can be a better friend to her than a boyfriend. His dad was not the best role model and he doesn't think Chrissy needs anyone like either of their dads. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the other characters throughout the series play a key role in this book. The gangs i all here and still there for each other when they are needed.

  • Carrie
    2019-06-16 02:06

    I love this series even tho it makes me cry. I've been chomping at the bit for Dex & Chrissy's story for a while, but somehow I hadn't read it yet?! Not sure how that happened. Once I dug in, I could not put it down! The only reason I didn't finish last night is because I fell asleep with five chapters left! So, Dex & Chrissy's story is complicated, and heartbreaking, and amazing! I love their friendship that spans many years. I love the way they flow into each other when they reconnect after being incommunicado for several years. I did NOT love how much Dex pushes his feelings for Chrissy away or how long it takes his stupid butt to realize the truth of his feelings. Or to ADMIT to it. I'm just not a fan of when things feel too drawn out. Everything else, tho, equaled brilliant, swoony goodness! The way these things were written pulled out so much emotion - there were tears, ppl. Tears and laughter and warm fuzzies! - Dex's relationship w/ his dad- The protectiveness throughout the story- ROB!!!!- The way the girls all embrace Chrissy & pull her into the fold right awayThis is one of my top series, and they are all re-reads in my book! : )

  • Lisa A
    2019-06-13 02:37

    Love this Author, Series and Characters!! I love all the characters, Trey still my favorite although Dex is a close second.Dex and Chrissy meet when they are 8 years old. Both their dads like to gamble and take them to poker games. Chrissy's dad is not well off and doesn't do well with the gambling. Dex from the moment he meets her, wants to protect her. They grow up in this world of gambling but Chrissy has it much worse off than Dex. Dex is always watching out for Chrissy and protecting her.When in college, Dex gets a call from a friend to come help Chrissy out. She come to stay with him and his friends. He is trying really hard not to cross the line from friendship to relationship. He feels if the relationship doesn't work out he will lose his friend. Great story, all the characters from the first three books are included. Still waiting for Brady and Sadie's wedding. But loved the story of Dex and Chrissy!!

  • Michelle Follis
    2019-06-10 07:48

    I have loved each and every book in this series and am always saying this is the best, but I really think this one is the best one yet. Dex was my least favorite member and after reading about his childhood and going back to when he was such a small child and all the events between him and Chrissy that defined their lives , he is for sure my favorite.Thank you for going so far back into their childhoods, because for me it sure did explain a lot of why he was the way he was. I wanted to punch him a few times for being such a stupid guy, but he did redeem himself in the end. Chrissy is his one true love that he fell in love with as a small child but life circumstances seem to always get in the way and when they finally get a chance for HEA he is just dumb and takes a while to see the light. If you have not read this series I suggest you start now so you can get to the best one of them all, Can't Let Go.

  • Mags
    2019-05-31 02:01

    Another enjoyable story in the Invisibles series, not my favorite though mainly because of the will they won't they relationship between Dex and Chrissy which I started to get a little frustrated with, then they finally get together and after a few more chapters the story ends. I can understand why they take so long to get together and there is a good 25% of the book to begin with that establishes there connection and friendship from age 8. However because I'm not a huge fan of will they/won't they of stories, I did struggle.Overall the story was more sweet than hot, but did have those fun moments when the group of friends are together, and there was a little more focus on Rob whose story is next. I also loved the moment towards the end with the flowers and messages, it was well written and very sweet. I would though recommend this book especially if you have read the previous ones, although this one could easily be read as a standalone.

  • Melissa Ciorlieri
    2019-05-23 06:37

    There are 4 books out in this series.I with out a doubt loved this one the most!!!This was my birthday read and I could not have picked a better book and author to give me a great story.Dex and Crissy have know each other for ever.They grew from friends to best friends to finally admitting the love they had for each other.Dex was always her protector..she kinda needed one.Her child hood was bad but she tried to stay as strong as she could,especially for her dad.Im sure For her to finally let her dad go was hard...but Dex was there holding her hand the whole time.Loving this series sooo much.But I'm pretty sure Dex will be the top Boyfriend for me in this series.There is no one else out there like Dex!! DONT WASTE Anymore time...CHECK OUT THIS SERIES.I promise you are going to love every book and every chapter.Awesome job Michelle Lynn