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     There are pivotal moments in the lives of all seekers when we realize that we’ve been traveling on our path of growth toward happiness and fulfillment, but, simply put, we want to go faster. How we have been living, working, and loving just isn’t enough or even acceptable anymore. We know we’re being called to something more significant and expanded—we can feel it. At     There are pivotal moments in the lives of all seekers when we realize that we’ve been traveling on our path of growth toward happiness and ful­fillment, but, simply put, we want to go faster. How we have been living, working, and loving just isn’t enough or even acceptable anymore. We know we’re being called to something more signi­ficant and expanded—we can feel it. At these times what’s needed is not simply more change or an adjustment in our outer life, but profound transformation. We don’t just want to rearrange the pieces of ourselves so that they look better temporarily. We want nothing less than rebirth. We are ready for Soul Shifts.      Soul Shifts is the groundbreaking new book from New York Times best-selling author and renowned transformational teacher Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D. Now, in her most powerful offering yet—and the culmination of her life’s work—Dr. De Angelis offers a practical handbook for awakening, and a brilliant revisioning of the journey of personal and spiritual transformation that will inspire and enlighten longtime seekers as well as new arrivals to the path of growth.      Soul Shifts are radical, vibrational internal shifts that spontaneously and inevitably transform the way you relate to yourself, to others, and to the world. For transformation to be real and lasting, it must originate from the inside out, so that instead of trying to constantly micromanage everything, you operate from true mastery at the deepest level of who you are—the soul level.      When you learn how to make these “Soul Shifts” on the inside, everything on the outside of your life shifts. Places where you’ve felt stuck or confused become illuminated with new clarity and understanding. Obstacles turn into possibilities, dead ends transform into doorways, and challenges convert into astonishing maps leading you to exciting new territories . . . all because you have made a Soul Shift.      A masterful and moving teacher, Dr. De Angelis will offer you illuminating guidance and invaluable techniques for living a life of practical spirituality and making your own personal Soul Shifts. Written with Barbara De Angelis’s trademark eloquence, keen insight, and compassionate wisdom, Soul Shifts takes you on nothing less than a sacred inner journey to emotional and spiritual rebirth and lasting attainment. Reading it will leave you truly and authentically uplifted and transformed....

Title : Soul Shifts: Transformative Wisdom for Creating a Life of Authentic Awakening, Emotional FreedomPractical Spirituality
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Soul Shifts: Transformative Wisdom for Creating a Life of Authentic Awakening, Emotional FreedomPractical Spirituality Reviews

  • Kendall
    2019-07-06 13:35

    The wisdom offered in this book is something you will not find anywhere else. Barbara De Angelis offers practical wisdom to help make those internal shifts that you need in order to really change these on the outside. So many self help or personal development books these days try to shift things by doing things externally. Affirmations, tasks, lists, etc. I've tried these tactics but they don't create true peace or freedom. Just more things I have to do during my already busy and stressful day! But this book offers Soul Shifts from the inside to create the life that you want. A life of joy, freedom, love, expansion and to let go of the fear based living that so many of us have been living for so long. She does this through contemplations, stories, and really practical things you can do today to implement this deep wisdom and make CHANGES in your life right now.One of my favorite parts of the book is when she reminds us that we all have a choice at any moment. We can choose how we want to react to any situation. And if you really don't know what to do - the answer is always More Love. How can I choose love and bring the most love to this situation?These are the kinds of practical questions she offers us to ask ourselves as we go through life's challenges.This book is the culmination of the author's 30 + years of deep personal work, study, teaching, and true living and it absolutely her best book so far.I loved the way she weaves her own stories, parables, stories from her students, and spiritual stories together to really help you see the wisdom she is offering.Do yourself a favor and GET THIS BOOK. You will not regret it. Like so many of Dr. De Angelis's books, It is one of those books that you will keep going back to over and over to help ground you, give you direction and hope when you feel lost, and remind you why you are here in the first place. And while you're at it get one for your best friend, too, so you can talk about the wisdom together to help cement it and support each other as you make real changes in your life!

  • Lauren Younger
    2019-07-21 11:30

    The wisdom in Soul Shifts has completely transformed my life. It opens with a huge revelation that speaks to so many and the Divine Discomfort Dr. Barbara De Angelis describes and defines for us explains the frantic, urgency I had in my life prior to meeting Dr. Barbara De Angelis. Soul Shifts is not just a new release, it's a profound piece of writing, wisdom and love that will offer its readers a new lease on life and the ability to release old baggage, energy, fears and limitations that are preventing us all from moving into our true purpose and keeping us in that divine discomfort.Barbara does not offer you theories or affirmations, but practical techniques and grounded actions you can take to make different choices and yes Soul Shifts in your life. You will find, as she offers, that obstacles become doors and challenges transform into new exciting adventures and opportunities. As you begin to practice the techniques she offers, you will find opportunities and expansion all around you. As you open to the wisdom in the book you will open to your own wisdom and learn to trust yourself and trust what you have to offer those in your life and the world.I recommend Soul Shifts for anyone who feels in the least frustrated or lost in life, for those who fear they won't find love or fulfill their purpose. For those scared to trust and feeling as if you are in a battle with life and those around you. Soul Shifts helped me transform from that scared woman to a compassionate and strong leader.

  • Cheryl Visosky
    2019-07-15 16:36

    I’ve just finished listening to the Audio version of Soul Shifts by Dr. Barbara De Angelis. From the moment I began listening, I felt like I was taking the most incredible bath, filled with love, wisdom and truth. Her voice was so soothing and her words seemed to just melt my heart. I have always been a seeker, I just didn’t realize it until I began connecting with Barbara, one book after another. This audio book and it’s teachings, took the other amazing books I’ve read of hers and raised my awareness, my insight into myself, how I relate to others to a deeper level than I have ever felt before.All my life I have been looking for a sense of peace. I see and feel, after listening to the author’s wisdom, a sense of peace I didn’t know was possible. I was looking outside of myself for this peace for decades and she has helped me see that by undertaking the spiritual journey that she so brilliantly guides us through, it was all within me the entire time.Dr. De Angelis offers Gateways for transformation to walk through in such a practical a way I have not heard from other authors. She explains her offerings from a scientific and a down to earth spiritualistic perspective that are easy to understand.Consciousness and energetic vibration were things I’d heard of but never could really understand before. And, in my lack of understanding, decided it was a concept which was not necessary in my peace seeking endeavors. As she walks through these concepts in a very understandable way, I now see that they are really the basis of transformation as a seeker and without them, transforming into the best person I can be cannot become a reality.Dr. De Angelis, in her introduction shares that the book has two components, one is the informational content which we will hear and it will SOUND good to us. The other component she talked about was the vibrational content of the book which is something which will make us FEEL good. This second component is what kept me listening to the audio book until it was over, not wanting to walk away for later, but knowing I was so energetically connected to the author that I had to keep going until the very end.Dr. De Angelis offers great metaphors throughout the book, wonderful real life examples and shares much of what she’s been teaching to her students over a number of years. She shared so many specific Soul Shifts to work on, I can see how just those in themselves are like beacons to lead ourselves out of the darkness when we find ourselves there.I absolutely loved the topic of Burdens vs. Blessings. I was able to see through this discussion, ways I have held so many things in my life as a burden, not even realizing it on a conscious level. I’ve ordered my book and I cannot wait for it to arrive. I can tell that the book will be a workbook to take me deeper into the thought provoking questions she offers to her readers, as well as the various recalibration techniques that she offers for shifting.This book was so much more than any other spirituality, self help or motivational book I’ve read. It felt like a life line to become the best me I can be. I will be buying this and offering to my sons and others I love so they too can feel and know that everything in our lives is really about the choices we make and how to make those choices from a place of consciousness and from being in our highest.I strongly encourage you to buy this book, both hardcover and the audio version. They will be the best gifts you have ever given yourself. They will be the gift that keeps giving and giving and giving to you and to your loved ones as they will see, feel and know that you truly have shifted from this gift before their very eyes.Offered with love. Thank you, Dr. Barbara De Angelis.

  • Nina Breygin
    2019-07-03 09:37

    Soul Shifts book takes you on the journey that is both informational and vibrational. More than information, you are receiving transmission of energy. It is a fascinating stairway toward your freedom. The author explains why real transformation only happens from inside out. The soul shifts require change from re-arranging things on the outside to taking inner actions that produce transformation both significant and lasting. Vibrational shifts are originating from inside out. Inner action is not behavior change, not shift in attitude. It is new inner choices. The reader learns to cultivate true vibrational credibility.The book makes it directly to your heart. Easy to understand practical spirituality allows to put everything into practice. Author uses panoramic style of teaching: looking at the issues from multiple angles, higher vintage point, and “taking elevator down” to the roots of the issues.The reader is welcomed and honored by author as revered guest who has finally arrived. We are learning to find answers to the questions we don’t yet know how to articulate. We are impatient in our desire to go faster through rebirth process toward our freedom.Through stunning examples author shows that in our existence on the planet we often miss what is happening, what is so great about being a human being. We wait for soul shifts to open us while the solution is in opening yourself first. Opening yourself to the wisdom that is waiting for you means opening to your own wisdom, your love, and your highest.When we receive what this book is offering us the dead ends transform into doorways. We accelerate on our path to wholeness, fulfillment and freedom. Every word in this book is sculptured to such perfection that reading it creates sensual pleasure. You know that you are interacting with a precious piece of art. As I’m reading Soul Shifts I’m witnessing a tide of my own wisdom rising up to meet the author on the mountaintop of consciousness. Don’t wait another minute to read this unique and life changing book. You are in for a rare treat; you will be reading it again and again: feeling irresistible pleasure and joy of speaking with a Master. Follow this joy of wisdom toward your own permanent shifts. Allow yourself be moved. Your life will change forever!

  • Melanie
    2019-07-21 10:42

    MelanieOffer yourself the gift of Soul Shits!!!!The book Soul Shifts transcends anything you have ever been seeking in life and answer the deepest quest of any human being: how to live a life of fulfillment, love and happiness.Master teacher and deeply mystic Barbara De Angelis is on the path of awakening since she is 18 years old, studying with Master teachers herself. With Soul Shifts, she offers a brillant masterpiece to shift your vibrations to expansion with powerful and practical tools easy to implement in your daily life. Barbara walks the talk in integrity. The book is written with the deepest respect and love of humanity. You will feel Barbara talking to you personally, holding your hand as you go through doorways, offering you tissues as you dry your healing tears. You will laugh, cry, smile. You will feel all there is to feel and become a better person. You will transform forever through the pages as it happens to me. Barbara is a genius, deeply feeling woman with a rare ability to move people one inch here and there to ground in the highest truth and love.As soon as you see and open the book Soul Shifts, you are transported in the highest realms of understanding of who you are. You remember: you are a seeker, a seer, a commited man/woman ready to wake up, get up and deliver your bundles of love, wisdom... Barbara helps you remember YOU and from there, you become who you are mean to become in this life time. Soul Shifts and the whole library of Barbara is the greatest gift ever.Soul Shifts and all the books of Barbara have been the answer to my prayers for many years now. I was so lost and frustrated. I was running all around to find Me. The deeply grounded wisdom of Barbara helps me to love myself and others and to surrender to love. I feel whole and I am so happy.Thank you Barbara De Angelis for all your audio, kindle and hardpaper books. It changes my life and I have Soul Shifts and your numerous books always with me, in my car, in my home, at the office on my computer, on my Ipad. I can access to Soul Shifts at any moment. I have found myself by founding you. I am so grateful. Give your love ones and yourself the gift of Soul Shifts and your whole life will transform forever.

  • Susan Scanland
    2019-07-12 15:37

    Soul Shifts is nothing less than a Divine Gift for those who read it! Years of being a busy national Alzheimer’s speaker, business owner, nurse practitioner, wife and mother placed introspective growth low on my to-do list. I was simply too busy. Soul Shifts has changed that!Dr. DeAngelis's book finally closes the historic separation between science and spirituality. Her brilliant chapter exploring the physics of humans as vibrational beings impacting those around them and the true inner core of each individual is nothing short of revolutionary!Our society cries out for the wisdom and enlightenment contained in this book when so many are unaware of the depth of their own level of unconsciousness. The natural tendency to look outward instead of inward often results in “numbing” behaviors such as overeating, heavy alcohol consumption, illegal drug use, smoking, excessive work affecting relationships and more. Witnessing the long-term consequences of self-numbing behaviors in the form of chronic illness convinces me, as a nurse practitioner, that one cannot have a complete “Health Shift,” physical or emotional, without having a “Soul Shift.”Barbara’s 45 years as a spiritual seeker, as well as her decades of guiding couples in relationships as a psychologist and teacher, seminar leader, bestselling author and advanced teacher for students seeking inner transformation culminate between Souls Shifts’ book covers.Imagine if someone could deliver the message that you are amazing for who YOU are, not what you do, or how much you earn, but because you already are exactly who you were created to be? And then that person gave you directions on how to reverse erroneous messages and habits you acquired through life that would open a new world of possibilities for you? Well, Barbara is that messenger! Purchase Soul Shifts for the ride of your life! This book is the treasure map to true joy and happiness! Dr. DeAngelis’s words are a channel of Divine Wisdom, delivered with the joy, hope, and love you’d expect from your best friend.

  • PL
    2019-07-07 09:29

    Spectacular Book From One Of the Most Influential Teachers of Our TimeSoul Shifts is deep and profound wisdom from an extraordinary teacher and mystic, who is able to articulate the inner journey of our souls, our heart longings and our humanity. In addition, she offers a clear map and concrete actions to make these shifts, making the book both inspirational and practical.Years ago I read Barbara DeAngelis’ “How Did I Get Here” that changed my life. My friends read it and found it profoundly transformational; one friend even said, “I wished I had this book years ago, it would have saved me ten years of therapy.” This author’s latest book, born of a lifetime of commitment to soul freedom, is even more PROFOUND and POWERFUL. In these accelerated times, where we can feel swept along by the currents of life, it is a breath of fresh air to step into this BOOK SANCTUARY, to breathe a sigh of relief and connect with deep truths. If you are longing for true shifts in your life, you have found your guide in Barbara DeAngelis.

  • Betsy Kaplan
    2019-07-08 11:44

    You have to be ready for this book, but if it speaks to you, it'll be life changing. I'll be reading it again and again.

  • Trudy Schwartz-burrill
    2019-07-08 13:27

    This book brilliantly teaches you through soul shifts that your experiences in your life are chartable. BUY A JOURNAL FOR YOUR SOUL SHIFTS. RECORD YOUR EXPERIENCES. REMEMBER TO TRY THEM FROM ANOTHER THOUGHT PERSPECTIVE...WOW!!!!! DON'T FORGET TO CELEBRATE YOUR OUTCOMES. THE TRUTH, IS ENLIGHTENING!I am only in chapter 7 and I can say that this is the reason I went to school for metaphysics. I have learned more than five or so boring books that I had to read in just these first seven chapters with all the excitment that I hoped to find in methaphics. I learned a lot that I find in this book.Amazingly in just 7 of 17 chapters I'm writing a review. That says a lot about this book. I learned more than I did in an entire semester I could literally say, too. I pray that this book becomes a required textbook for metaphysics schools. The "Soul Shifts" I am experiencing are brilliant. This book is written with the enthusiasm of a child's fascination in Science class, which could be me. That was also confused by what I learned in my case in Temple and how it differed from what I learned in Science class. This books concepts and my fascination with science remains! I always will question any religion and in my case that was Judaism. I find it fascinating, but not the traditional relegion. I consider myself a Hebrew thats core beliefs are held in the teachings of Kaballah and the Zohar because it brings science into the equation of life. Through Kaballah I have experienced soul shifts but they have not brought me to the place this book has. This is a profoundly blessed book that I will read and reread again and again. I have experienced amazing soul shifts on the same thing, same subject - experience by approaching it via another thought. Bringing me profoundly to another beautiful understandings of why I do the things I do or have done. I don't know that I will ever run out of ways that this book will be conceived in new ways just by the mood of my quarrying? GET THIS BOOK. This book is for everyone that is spiritual, loves sciece, is facinated with the world and the cosmos. Is psychologically in tune with discovery of the univerese and life. Don't miss this book. Dr. Barbara De Angelis has blessed us with this work that is beyond worthy of astronomical awards for this work, mark my words, they will come. Ten stars if I could.

  • DunYa!
    2019-06-24 13:53

    " نحن نعاني ليس بسبب ما لا نملكه و ما نحن لسنا عليه، بل نعاني بسبب أننا نسينا ما نملك و من نكون. إن اليقظة بأكملها هي عبارة عن تذكر؛ أنت لا تحاول أن تتغير إلى شيء لست عليه، أنت لا تبحث عن شيء لم تمتلكه مسبقاً، أنت تستعيد شيئاً نسيت أنك خسرته. "

  • Arlene S
    2019-07-02 11:40

    A Practical Map to Transformation and Freedom! From reading many of Dr. Barbara De Angelis’ books and with her last one How Did I Get Here?, I have used her teachings to give me insight and make many changes in my life. As the Master Teacher and Mystic Dr. De Angelis is, she has excelled beyond my imagination with her new book, Soul Shifts. This book is fantastic and a MUST Read.Through Dr. De Angelis gift of awareness and wisdom along with her own journey of awakening, she brilliantly guides the reader through not only an action filled map to transformation and purpose but also a vibrational journey that touches the core of one’s heart and being. I love how she takes spiritual concepts that are often very difficult and hard to understand or implement and translates them into a practical framework grounded in wisdom, tools, stories and metaphors that leads one towards freedom.Soul Shifts has helped me remember who I am, that I’m not alone on this journey, what my purpose is and the choices that are available to me every day. Thank you Dr. De Angelis for your commitment to your highest and for offering me and millions of others a guide to consciousness and transformation.I highly recommend this book and encourage you to gift yourself with the magnificence of it. Not only did I gift myself with the hard copy of this book but also the kindle and audio version too plus have given it as a gift to many people I know.

  • Barbara
    2019-07-09 17:47

    This book itself, represents a powerful shift, from an intellectual, passive or wishing-it-were-so approach to personal and spiritual growth--to one that is rooted in experience, in choices we make and actions we can take, every moment of every day. This makes it a very practical and inspiring handbook for transformation from the inside-out.Barbara De Angelis is a masterful teacher and brings great clarity both to the dynamics that create limitation and to the choices that will create liberation. She calls these soul shifts. Each soul shift highlights a powerful choice to be made and offers a way to get unstuck.I have read, studied and applied many different approaches to psychological-spiritual development and have never seen such clear and wise guidance for living an empowered, authentic, and spiritually awakened life. Reading it is like having a conversation with a wise, loving friend who so generously shares her own personal experiences. Give yourself the gift of reading this book.

  • Tofts Reviews
    2019-07-03 14:39

    This book is an invaluable tool to have on every bookshelf. Whether you are a scholar, a construction worker, a doctor, a daycare provider, or a single parent, everyone will benefit from this book. All souls on this Earth will benefit from Soul Shifting.As noted in the beginning, this book contains a lot of information and is not recommended to be read in one sitting. Reading, contemplating, and practicing takes time. The reader will also want to leaf through the pages over and over after the “soul shifts” have been initiated. This is a great companion to read and re-calibrate the soul with frequently. Dr. De Angelis perfectly sums up the book with: ‘SOUL SHIFT: SHIFT FROM LOOKING FOR GREATNESS TO PREPARING FOR GREATNESS’. We should all be preparing for greatness (because we all are great) and Dr. De Angelis shows us how.-- Tofts Reviews

  • Imreadingthat
    2019-07-18 12:34

    I did learn a lot from this book and I really enjoyed the content. However I had a hard time connecting with her particular narrative.It came off as just the qualms of a rich white woman. Ex- Her constant international travels, Getting mad that her house wasn't painted the right shade of gold, Taking a plane to her other estate in Santa Barbara and getting mad at some guy who wanted the window down on the plane etc etcI just couldn't relate.

  • Philip S.
    2019-07-04 17:27

    This book was incredible and gave an amazing insight into transforming your soul, from the inside out. Filled with practical exercises and a wealth of knowledge from Barbara, I found this book helping me to transform when I was going through a challenging time in my life.It even inspired me to write a poem about it!SOUL SHIFTImmersed in mystery and shrouded with fear,A glimmer of hope and sparks that appear,Feelings of an internal transmutation,That feeling of self the next destination.Intrigued by thoughts that rage upon inside,A rising of consciousness can no longer subside,Increased awareness of a world so dark,Illumination of the planet begins with a spark.Feeling from a pure soul waiting to shine,Touched by an angel sent from the divine,Being rebuilt from the inside out,A sense of certainty free from doubt.Remembering the wisdom inside the vessel,Head heart balance no longer a wrestle,Spread your message so others will know,Awakening love that radiates a glistening glow.

  • Barbara Schell
    2019-07-16 09:26

    I am not a very tech savvy person and I don't have a Kindle. I wanted this book and couldn't wait to get my copy. When I realized this was on audio, I was elated. I could download it immediately and better yet, I could listen to it anytime. Listening to Barbara's voice has been like a soothing balm to my heart and soul. She reads every word of the book herself. You can literally feel her love and high vibration flowing over you and into you.Her wisdom is profound and practical. This is not a book of affirmations, or telling yourself to just do take the leap and the money, love or happiness will follow, or do it in spite of the fear. This is real guidance. Her wisdom comes from 40 years of her own seeking, studies and spiritual practices as well as that of the countless students that have studied with her privately and intensely over the many years that she has been a master teacher.This is real wisdom, a clear map to help us understand what is really happening in our lives and how we can make new and better choices to get ourselves "unstuck". For so long, I have known what I wanted. I have known what I "needed" to do to get there. Yet for some reason, whether I called it fear, confusion, laziness, procrastination or a million other things, I could not seem to break free of the chains that bound me. Dr. DeAngelis truly helps us understand at a very deep level, what is going on and then how to really move or shift from one way of being to another. This allows for permanent transformation from deep within. This has brought immense peace and a sense of freedom I did not know was possible.There is nothing wrong with us, we have simply forgotten. Awaken the deepest and most beautiful parts of yourself, allow yourself to be bathed in love and guided forward by this most masterful guide and teacher.

  • Stacye
    2019-07-04 13:33

    I commute one hour every morning. My recent companion has been Soul Shifts by Barbara De Angelis. As I listened yesterday, it became clear we were nearing the end of the book so I cued up the next one in anticipation of finishing today. At least five different times during my commute, I picked up my kindle thinking the book was done only to have Ms. De Angelis' voice flow through my earbuds again. When I pulled up to my office, she was still reading the acknowledgements. I share this to illustrate my main issue with this book. About halfway through it struck me that Ms. De Angelis very much enjoys the sound of her own voice. She also, apparently, enjoys writing and does so in a flowery way, allowing her to incorporate as many adjectives as possible into one sentence. Very early on, I began to wonder if she was ever going to share anything new as page after page after page was filled with one story after another in an apparent effort to explain a concept I had long since lost sight of. Ms. De Angelis makes it abundantly clear that she feels she is a kind of "chosen one" whose purpose on our planet is to share great wisdom. She could do so much more effectively if she got out of the way.

  • Mag Tanavosh
    2019-06-29 16:30

    great book with practical spiritual method easy reading

  • Etcetorize
    2019-07-19 13:26

    With these types of books, I will often scan it, looking only for the information I want and then setting it aside. For some reason this book really called to me though, and I thoughtfully read every word, cover to cover.Somewhere near the beginning, the author talks about the vibration that she put in the book, and it sounds crazy, but if your in the right frame of mind, I think you can actually feel those vibrations and the urgency of her message.There were several take aways for me that have helped me in dealing with a difficult situation, but I know that I'll put the teachings of this book to use in the future as well.Sometimes the book is a bit repetitive in it's examples, but I think it helps really send the message home, and probably also takes into account the various ways we all take in information.I thoroughly enjoyed his book and will definitely be looking up more of Dr. De Angelis's work to help take me to the next level of consciousness.

  • Lynn Gabos
    2019-07-10 11:39

    About half way through this book. I typically don't read non-fiction but this is truly incredible. It speaks so much louder and is so user friendly compared to others I have tried to read. It's a mix of Eckart Tolle, the late Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra. It's really about a lot of the new age stuff we have already come to know, being present as a forefront. But it's about a shift in looking at your ENERGY, the vibrational communication we give off, no matter what we are feeling. We cannot hide our energy, or our feelings. Even if we don't speak and try to let others know what we are feeling, the energy we give out, unconsciously or not, is what we get back. I think there is a great deal of fact behind this philosophy. All I can say is EXPANSION baby!

  • Cathy Carpenter
    2019-07-03 10:47

    I first came to Barbara's work when she was speaking at the Denver 2015 Hay House "I Can Do It" conference. I attended her breakout session and made a note to buy her book, which I started reading about a year later. I've also been periodically listening to her HH Radio show, and I've gotten some great stuff from her teachings there. I really enjoyed this book. Her guidance resonates with me and I think I'll actually be able to carry it forward into my life; unlike some other personal development books that inspire you but result in intentions to change rather than actual momentum. I guess I'm trying to say that "Soul Shifts" shifted me ;)

  • Gail
    2019-07-16 11:42

    This book is about a journey of personal and spiritual transformation that will inspire and enlighten you. If you are a seeker of life answers on how to live a life of fulfillment, love and happiness. Than you should read this book. Dr. De Angelis she will offer you some guidance and invaluable techniques for living your life of practical spirituality and making your own personal Soul Shifts. Barbara De Angelis’s show you her insight, and compassionate wisdom, Soul Shifts takes you on a sacred inner journey to emotional and spiritual rebirth and lasting attainment. Reading it will leave you truly and authentically uplifted and transformed.

  • Sanja
    2019-07-04 15:38

    The best book on spirituality I have ever read; for beginners and masters alike. Barbara is truly the embodiment of love, you can feel it through the pages. Absolutely a thrill and journey to read. I will be recommending this book for anyone embarking on or within a spiritual journey. I have already started using it as a part of my own practice by opening the book to any page and allowing the lessons to sink in deeper each new day.

  • Darci
    2019-07-12 09:55

    The beginning of the book seemed to be an advertisement for the book itself. It nearly made me stop listening. Once I completed that section the book became steadily better. By the end it became one I believe I will listen to a second time. I bought the audio version of the book and now wish I had purchased the print version instead so it was easier to reference certain sections.

  • Csr
    2019-07-05 11:44

    I truly loved this book from start to finish. The whole time I was reading it, I felt like I was reading into a giant HUG. So many aha moments. So many simple truths and easy-to-apply shifts, that I have forgotten over the years and am now able to bring back into my present life. This book was so clearly written with love, honesty, truth and the best of intentions.

  • Brenda Gill
    2019-06-28 12:36

    Too much "I"I did not like the book because the author's life in perspective is all over the book. I did this. I did that. When I experienced this. When I experienced that. This book is supposed to be about the reader and what we need to know or do or experience. It was a turn off from the very beginning.

  • Linda
    2019-07-16 15:46

    Took this book out of the library and I had so many sticky notes on it, I had to buy it. It's not a book to sit a read; it's a book to read a little, think about and go back to. Love the way she puts things.

  • Dave Zebian
    2019-07-07 10:33

    The waves of love roll throughout the universe, and overflow in our hearts, and you can sense between the lines the warmth, wisdom, compassion and great energy coming from every word that Dr. Barbara transmits in this marvelous book.

  • Michelle Thompson
    2019-07-03 11:36

    Life changing. Learn how to grow spiritually, change your thought processes, and change your life, step by step. I also bought the audio book and have listened to it numerous times, and each time I learn something new and have an aha moment.

  • Tanya
    2019-06-22 11:55

    This is an inspiring book that is best read slowly, and re-read from time to time. The practices she recommends are both subtle and impactful. Weaving into her practices are some of Barbara's beautiful life narratives. It's a moving book that is felt deep in your soul.