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A venerable tiger, old and toothless now, looks back over his life from cubhood and early days roaming wild in the Indian jungle. Trapped into a miserable circus career as 'Raja the magnificent', he is then sold into films (co-starring with a beefy Tarzan in a leopard skin) until, finding the human world too brutish and bewildering, he makes a dramatic bid for freedom. R.KA venerable tiger, old and toothless now, looks back over his life from cubhood and early days roaming wild in the Indian jungle. Trapped into a miserable circus career as 'Raja the magnificent', he is then sold into films (co-starring with a beefy Tarzan in a leopard skin) until, finding the human world too brutish and bewildering, he makes a dramatic bid for freedom. R.K. Narayan's story combines Hindu mysticism with ripe Malgudi comedy, viewing human absurdities through the eyes of a wild animal and revealing how, quite unexpectedly, Raja finds sweet companionship and peace....

Title : A Tiger for Malgudi
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A Tiger for Malgudi Reviews

  • Petra X
    2019-07-06 18:34

    There is a tiger underneath the desk. The headmaster and the deputy are going to call in a sharpshooter when in walks a sadhu, a mostly-naked, Indian holy man. They say, "Who are you?" He says, do they know who they really are? That he's been trying all his life to find out who he really is.A most unusual story. Hinduism, philosophy, a wife who wants to be nothing more than a wife and a husband who wants to exist on the spiritual plane only. And the tiger, the talking tiger he charms from under the desk in to a new life in the wild for both of them.But then the holy man feels he will become entirely a spiritual entity, will die soon, and makes arrangements for the toothless old tiger to be looked after in a kindly zoo. He tells the tiger that the rule of life is separation, first from the womb and last from life. That is what life is all about and he leaves.It is a wonderful story. The writing is impeccable, nothing could be improved. A very enjoyable read from an absolute master of language, plot and characterisation always with humour and always with depth, but with a light touch that belies that profundity of meaning.

  • Gorab Jain
    2019-07-05 18:28

    One of the weakest works of Narayan, and still enjoyable.Why weak?- Circus part was lame- School part was super lame- Both of these make up around 70% of the bookWhy enjoyable?- First person narration by Tiger. At parts funny and interesting.- The conversations (mostly monologues) between Tiger and his master were funny and soothing.- Reminisces of characters from his previous books, which were not needed and added deliberately. Still enjoyable :)Overall:Avoid. Not up to the mark and nowhere comparable to his other works.

  • Laura
    2019-07-08 16:17

    From BBC Radio 4 - Afternoon Drama:By R K Narayan, dramatised by Ronald Frame.Now the companion of a Sadu, an ageing tiger looks back on his life. A rich evocation of Indian life in the 1970s, this comic narrative views human absurdities through the eyes of a wild animal.Directed by Lu Kemp.

  • Deepika Ramesh
    2019-07-21 16:18

    Just when I was whimpering about my inability to read more books this year, something pushed me to start reading 'A Tiger for Malgudi', which I bought in last year's annual book exhibition. After almost a year of hibernation in my wardrobe, the tiger Raja chose to befriend me. :)I'm a big fan of R.K. Narayan and who wouldn't like the poignant stories of 'Malgudi Days'. 'A Tiger for Malgudi' is the second book that I read of R.K. Narayan and I must say that he didn't cheat me. He has now made me ask for more of him. The ecstasy and the big-sigh moment that I experienced while reading 'Malgudi Days', grew upon me when I read 'A Tiger for Malgudi' too. I love animals and philosophy and this book gave me the pleasure of learning more about both in around 170 pages. One might think that I have overrated this book. But I couldn't give anything less than five for this marvellous tale that was gripping and insightful at the same time. And you have to forgive me, because at the end of the day, I'm an animal lover. Any book that's got animal in it and if it's a touching and beautiful story, it will certainly be given high rating by me. It's a word of caution to you! Even if you aren't an animal lover, give it a shot for this has so much philosophy to offer. Lose yourself in the thought-provoking dialogues that are written in the simplest form, which, in my opinion, can only be penned by R.K. Narayan.On a rainy day, I finished reading this book at work. And on the same day I realised that this book did some inexplicable magic to the soul and mind! It could have been the rain that played with the mind! But I think it was just the word of R.K.Narayan that piqued my emotions and made me feel better. And finally, I'm even more thankful to the book for I was suffering from readers' block for around six months and 'A Tiger for Malgudi' came as the best cure. I closed the book and I found it hard to realise that I don't live along with Raja and the Master in the woods. I have a life that I have to carry on and there is a wicked world that needs my existence. I refuse to claim a piece of my heart that I left with Raja and the Master! Sigh! If I couldn't forget Attila, the dog that appeared in 'Malgudi Days', I can't stop thinking of Raja, the tiger, the protagonist of 'A Tiger for Malgudi'. The book has myriad of brilliant dialogues. But I would love to quote this one, which represents my mindset too. "Man in his smugness never imagines for a moment that other creatures may also possess ego, values, outlook, and the ability to communicate, though they may be incapable of audibe speech. Man assumes he is all-important, that all else in creation exists only for his sport, amusement, comfort, or nourishment." 'A Tiger for Malgudi' has it all to season your brain and soul!

  • Sankrutyayan
    2019-07-06 18:19

    After having read half his collection of novels, A Tiger in Malgudi is certainly clear of what it wants to convey and there are only few instances of Malgudi in the end. This is a deep insight into the life of circus animals and how they would feel and express their misery if they had a voice of their own. Despite protagonist being a Tiger, the story telling was lucid and simple like all other Narayan’s works. Simple things are hard to express in words, that Narayan does the best. The intentions of the Master were noble regarding life and were expressed to the required extent. The characters are so naive; they are all from countryside and from an era of monumental change in India. Thus they can neither believe anyone nor disregard their views. There is a constant state of confusion on to whom to rely upon and whose views would matter. The submissive nature of villagers still exists owning to the ignorance regarding the matter.The Master says, “If you brood over your improvements rather than your shortcomings, you will be happier.” Narayan uses – I thought that this man was unsteady, alternating between occasional sanity and general madness. Oh how he uses the accurate phrases to describe the predicament the best to the reader! I wish I was one of those masters in literature, thus I could write how simple Narayan’s writing is.

  • James
    2019-07-19 11:19

    Once more the great story-teller R. K. Narayan mesmerizes the reader with a tale from his humane corner of the world. It is a corner of his own creation and like other fictional worlds its stories are a delight to read. In this, short novel. we find a narrative for those who like their stories told from the animal's point of view. In this case, a Tiger for the small town of Malgudi; a tiger who is trapped first for a Circus and later sold for use in films. You will be cheering for him as he seeks his freedom. While I have read several stories about Malgudi and its denizens from the pen of R. K. Narayan this one is unique in its perspective and wit.

  • Ashok Krishna
    2019-07-11 12:14

    How I wish I could give more than 5 stars for this book!(Review to follow soon)

  • Bettie☯
    2019-07-12 15:30

    Dramatised by Ronald Frame.Description: Now the companion of a Sadu, an ageing tiger looks back on his life. A rich evocation of Indian life in the 1970s, this comic narrative views human absurdities through the eyes of a wild animal.A talking animal book so those who dislike that genre, this is a book to avoid. There is a subtly preachy tone, however that didn't stop me appreciating this understated and gently amusing story. Rating=three tigers

  • Srinivas Veeraraghavan
    2019-07-13 11:32

    Been eons since a book REALLY moved me. Maybe, that has a bit to do with my erratic reading flings of late but nevertheless, I felt a warm glow within when I was done with this fine piece of writing. RK Narayan is a Master at getting it just right. His works straddle between melodrama and artful absurdity but never veers perceptibly to either side. It's fiendishly difficult to pull it off but Narayan does it with ridiculous ease.This might just be the finest work in his oeuvre. Although I'm partial to 'Swami & Friends', this is Narayan at his absolute zenith. His penchant for dry, earthy humour and musing over deep philosophical issues in characteristic, gentle language but trenchant originality works perfectly here.Beautiful! If nothing else, this Book reminds me to get into my usual reading habits soon!

  • Vijay
    2019-07-07 14:16

    R.K.Narayanan saved me from the hardy boys and their ilk. This novel in particular helped me make that shift to real books. The narrator is a tiger... this still impresses me on the concept front. Although I read it many years back I can still recall the conversation between Raja (the tiger) and his friend, the Sadhu towards the end. They discuss theology and Raja envisions God to be a powerful tiger with many arms and fierce fighting skills. The Sadhu observes that for every creature on earth, God is a stronger form of themselves... R.K.N...

  • Shruthi Mudireddy
    2019-06-29 11:17

    Wow! Just wow! Narayan at his best! Every Indian should read the complete bibliography of Narayan's, otherwise it's sacrilegious! I've never read anything so sensitive, that too, from a tiger's perspective! And to top it, Narayan has such a wise sense of humour that gets you tickled at the most unassuming circumstances! A majestic tiger, a beautiful village of Malgudi, a satanic circus runner and a profound sage, all in this wonderful fable of Raja the Magnificent!

  • Malacorda
    2019-07-18 12:31

    Le avventure di una tigre raccontate finalmente dal punto di vista della tigre stessa. Il risultato è davvero ottimo, scorrevole e, per quanto non sia reale che una tigre parli in prima persona, incredibilmente realistico.

  • Asra Ghouse
    2019-06-24 13:09

    There are some stories which you don't forget. No matter how long it has been since you last read them. A Tiger for Malgudi classifies as one such story.Although Malgudi was introduced to me via Swami and his friends, I remember less of him, for some incomprehensible reason. Perhaps I had found this story more humourous than Swami's.The story is narrated by a tiger, Raja, who recounts the story of his capture by a circus owner, his escape; people's reactions on finding a tiger roaming free in the streets of Malgudi and finally his recapture by a monk with whom he lives happily on the hills.“He did not treat me as an animal which sat before him in respectful silence trying to understand his words”.Narayan’s Tiger resolves for once the enigma of his novels. The writer, elusive so far regarding his attitudes and commitments, persistent in his denial of philosophical strains in his novels, has at last put in concrete form his convictions and attitudes. It does not mean that there is total change in the tone of this novel. On the other hand, it bears the usual stamp of humour, irony and satire plus a serenity which is admirable. Narayan’s hall-mark humour shines through in this novel too.An enchanting novel!Oh yeah! My love for tigers originated from here!

  • Ashwani Gaur
    2019-07-04 11:37

    This book is an implementation of the results of Pavlov's dog experiment....At times it is funny and emotionally appealing but the writer never forgets to reveal how the tiger has been manipulated by the Captain. Overall a good story and somewhat unique.... And yes we hardly read anything with the perception of a tiger. And that was kind of adoring.

  • Jaanaki
    2019-07-01 13:11

    We can safely say that just as how any number of generations cannot change the fact that Dame Agatha Christie is the uncrowned queen of the quintessential British murder mystery untouched by time ,R.K.Narayan has and will always been the uncrowned king of Indian fiction.Such simple plot narratives about incidents that can happen in our own homes or towns ,with crystal clear prose that bring out the idiosyncrasies and follies of human nature.All characters in a R .K Narayan novel will resemble someone we have met in our pedantic daily routines of normal life.This is a wonderful book by him and I enjoyed every bit of it.It speaks of the spiritual transformation of Raja the tiger from a wild young animal to an enlightened soul under the guidance of a master whom he discovers in the latter part of a life filled with tribulations and disappointments. My heart was with Raja throughout the journey and I was disappointed a little bit when it ended with him still in the circus.This is a must read not only for Narayan fans and animal lovers but also for the spiritually inclined.

  • Karen GoatKeeper
    2019-07-21 17:23

    A different kind of book. Narayan was born in India and English was probably not his first language although the book was not translated. This makes reading interesting as there are unusual turns of phrases and word choices.Another aspect is the religious one. The book is not just the life of a tiger but the story of the tiger's quest for enlightenment. I have a smattering of information on Buddhism but would definitely have gotten more from the book if I had more understanding of it.The book is from the point of view of the tiger. It is Narayan's explanation of something seen in India: a man with a tiger walking beside him in a village. It was an interesting and thoughtful book to read.

  • Abhinav
    2019-07-06 15:08

    R. K. Narayan, a true wizard of Indian literature in English, makes it a very interesting view of the human world through the eyes of Raja, the tiger. Human behaviour is accurately described through Raja's observations. What makes this book so very interesting for me was during the final few pages when Raja and his Master speak to each other. A man can learn a lot when he sits down away from the hustle and bustle of human settlements!

  • Mallika Soni
    2019-07-14 19:13

    This book has amazing scenes of a monkey and tiger talking and a tiger getting prepared for acting in a movie. So if that's the kind of books you like. This is it. Its one of the worst books that I read in the past month. Narayan guy had no damn idea about what he was Trying to write. Awful. It took me like a life to finish this extremely bad book.

  • Haneen
    2019-06-30 14:08

    Such a wonderful book that took me inside a tiger's mind on his life journey, being an animal lover, reading this book for me was amazing!

  • Dushyant Mukkamala
    2019-06-27 13:25

    "Don't crave for the unattainable. It's enough you have realization. If you brood on your improvements rather than your shortcomings, you will be happier."You wouldn't think the aforementioned phrases would be from a book about a Tiger. I was pleasantly surprised as well when I found out that the book was mainly about the interaction between a Beast and a Self-realized human.Having grown up on Malgudi Days (TV show) I have always been a huge fan of R. K. Narayan but then having read numerous literary greats over the past two decades, I have to admit that the prose of the book isn't the finest piece of literature out there by far. But for someone familiar with Eastern philosophy it is easy to get past the somewhat plain language and appreciate the deeper intent and meaning behind the work.Although this book anthropomorphizes the animal greatly, what I found most interesting was, and maybe this was Narayan's intention, that the tiger seemed least anthropomorphized towards the end of the book after it comes in contact with the Swami and starts living with him, as opposed to rest of the earlier parts, where Narayan describes its beastly attitude in terms of the most human of emotions and actions.Quite an interesting read indeed! There needs to be not just a tiger for Malgudi but one for every village/town/city in the world.

  • susan haris
    2019-06-26 13:24

    Despite his good intentions, A Tiger for Malgudi is strictly anthropocentric without the grace of observation and wit that marked Gerald Durrell's encounters with animals. The story is funny in parts but I suspect that is just R K Narayan's writing style because the story was made to move forward whenever the radical potential of the imprisoned tiger became too big for the text; then you had him kill the Captain or submit to the monk. With his sparse style he is able to evoke how terrible the tiger must feel, and the caricaturing of the Captain as a man who speaks through the whip is too close to an india father to be dismissed quickly. The scene where his wife comes to beg him to return reminded me of Andy Samberg as a monk, and the 'master was not awe inspiring or particularly wise. But at least he seems discomfited by people wanting to touch his feet so that is better than what is going on in India today I guess. The tiger speaks the narrative, and somehow the simplicity of R K Narayan's text made his subjectivity a lot less special. The story is more important than the narrative itself. Tigers are very powerful and hunters shoot and kill. Would animal resistance be plausible if there weren't guns? Guess i need to read that jason hribal book soon.

  • Aanu
    2019-07-14 16:11

    The book n plot was good n different.i felt the climax was too sudden n expected to have more interactions between Master n Raja..The author had used every possible setup to imagine a tiger in n having the story from tiger's point of view made it more interesting n amusing at times..on d whole a quick relaxing read but more thoughtful wen one s willing to invest one's mind n time on the master's words:)

  • Vageesha
    2019-06-26 12:37

    My first disappointment with R.K.N: After having a pleasure of two of R.K.N Books, picked-up this with high expectation. Now It seems, rather I shouldn't have.Though R.K.N attempts to crawl into the skin of Tiger to narrate its interaction with the environment, it hardly catches your attention even after 50 pages - So I have to abondon this Book.

  • Lsharathkumar
    2019-07-02 12:12

    One of the finest books I have read. This book is a living testament to R.K.Narayan's genius. There is a gamut of emotions : happiness, sadness and everything in between. R.K.Narayan was truly a master story teller

  • Gustavo
    2019-07-23 17:38

    Very simple. The problem with prosopopoeia is that it usually makes absolutely no sense, and results in weak texts. Because we have no tiger thinking - we have an author thinking what it would be if his mind was inside a tiger.

  • Shouri
    2019-07-08 12:12

    While reading this, I found once again the sheer joy of reading the work of a master storyteller!

  • Ninamarie
    2019-07-22 11:09

    easy read. most of novel has a tiger narrator.

  • Nilanjan Paul
    2019-07-10 16:19

    Fast paced and entertaining... really loved the reading. The story from the point of view of the tiger was inspiring. Definitely one of the best reads I have ever experienced.

  • Musab
    2019-07-06 15:09

    Even though this was, in my opinion, one of his weaker books, Narayan still shines as a writer.

  • Prashant
    2019-07-12 11:11

    I finished my MBA last year and after reading a lot for past couple of years, I decided to take some break. This summer when I was getting back to reading, this was the second book that I finished and its just beyond happiness that I actually picked this book. Reading through the books, I thought the book was little slow and not good and when the story was going where the protagonist Mr. Raja was asked to work for the movie, the commotion and the discussion between characters made me think that it might not be a good book but as the end draws closer the book could not have been ended in a better way. I always feel loneliness in life and thinks why I am in this world and one part of me feels what contribution I am doing or purpose I am serving and this book made me think about life and directed me to find the answers to few more questions. Coming back to book, I would definitely recommend reading this book. The tiger Raja can be compared to life of any human being, when we are born we are free and do what ever we want but then life takes a turn as we grow up and we have to follow the rules and regulation of this society, people have kids, work to earn money but as we get spiritually liberated in life we realize what is the actual purpose of our life is. Some people understand it early in life while other needs the help from other to understand as the protagonist needs in this book.Also this book raises the subject of reincarnation and we get in our current life what we did in our past life. I am not very sure if I personally agree completely to it but whatever may be the path hope everybody evolves spiritually through the course of life.