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A true story of a serial rapist who terrorized the Pacific Northwest, an innocent man who went to jail for the crimes, and a courageous reporter who finally caught the real criminal--from the Edgar Award-winning author of Doc: The Rape of the Town of Lovell. Full-page ad in People magazine and TV commercials on Unsolved Mysteries and America's Most Wanted....

Title : Predator
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ISBN : 9780440211921
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Predator Reviews

  • Jill Hutchinson
    2019-05-15 17:11

    This is an excellent (well, almost excellent) true crime book about a serial rapist whose main hunting ground was Seattle during the 1970s/early 80s. The multiple award winning author has done some very thorough research on the case and his writing style, as well as the story, holds the reader's interest throughout. An innocent man is arrested and convicted for the crimes based on very shaky evidence......evidence manipulated by the police to fit the situation while the real culprit continues to assault and rape. The gradual deterioration of the life of the wrongly accused man and his family is tragic and the incompetence/corruption of the police is maddening. A local newspaper crime reporter who has serious doubts about the conviction becomes deeply involved in an attempt to free the wrongly accused and find the real rapist. And the hunt is on!I only have two problems with the book and they are minimal......a) the author does not use the perpetrator's real name but reveals the names of all others concerned which doesn't make sense to me and seems rather unfeeling, and b) spends a little too much time on the rapist's background. Regardless of those little nits, I would recommend this book to those who enjoy well written true crime.

  • Valerity *
    2019-05-05 18:56

    I first read this book back in the mid 1990's when it was first published. I had forgotten much of it, so I got it again recently to get the updated version, and found it to be one of my favorite Jack Olson true crime books. The book tells about McDonald Smith and his life and crimes. It also talks about Steve Titus, a carefree young businessman who incredibly gets wrongly convicted of Smith's crimes, and is sent to prison. Titus is becoming hopeless about his situation, at the end of his rope while waiting to be sentenced, he contacts a newspaper reporter and asks for his help in proving his innocence. Overall, an excellent read in true crime.

  • Donna
    2019-04-28 19:56

    If you have teenaged girls, I think this is a must read. It really reinforces the possible dangers of social websites. I have always felt this could be an invitation to perverts unless you are very careful with the information given out on these sites. No, I don't think the sites are bad and yes, I do think they can be a lot of fun. I'm just saying a little caution goes a long way in preventing possible dangers.

  • Jlsimon
    2019-05-07 19:08

    This book is excellently researched, very well written, and entirely heart breaking. Olsen does a lovely job telling the whole story of not just Edward Lee King (the convicted rapist), but of his family, the victims and their families, and Steve Titus who lost so much due to King's actions.I would not recommend this book for the average reader. It is not complicated, or hard to read, but it is not a topic that the weak stomach can handle. I would recommend this book if you have enjoyed other works by Jack Olsen. He is a fantastic crime writer.

  • Chrissy
    2019-05-15 22:03

    I think this was the first "True Crime" book I ever read... and it is still one of the best. When justice goes wrong, it goes really wrong indeed.

  • SouthWestZippy
    2019-04-23 19:53

    Very good book.

  • Hundy
    2019-04-26 22:19

    amazing insight into the mind of a seriously disturbed man. jack olsen is a brilliant true crime writer

  • Ted
    2019-05-03 19:51

    Fact that author used a pseudonym for the perp makes me wonder what percentage of this book was fictionalized.

  • graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst)
    2019-04-23 17:11

    Closer to 3.5 stars. I may or may not write a short review. Time will tell.

  • Dennis
    2019-05-17 23:51

    Good one to read A complete expose of the problems faced in law enforcement & the justice system. Painful to read, but so necessary.

  • Dani
    2019-05-19 23:50

    3.5 stars - Tough to listen and had to switch back to kindle version. Love the author but this was a bit much for me.

  • Xanthi
    2019-04-18 16:57

    I listened to this on audiobook.As you would expect, the author goes into detail about the serial rapists's background - his life and upbringing before he started sexually assaulting women, his family, his habits, interests, etc... What I wasn't expecting was the amount of detail. I felt that too much of the book focused on him and his past and not enough on the rest of the story, involving the police, the victims, the wrongly accused man, the law, the journalist that got to the bottom of it all, etc. And can someone please give me a good reason as to why the true life serial rapist was given an alias in this book??? That was downright peculiar.

  • Edna
    2019-04-24 00:02

    True crime story involving a long-time California and Washington serial killer who gets away with murder because his amiable personality does not fit the status quo and, because a police investigator, who on his own personal agenda, decides to withhold evidence and manipulate witness statements. A local Seattle writer won the Pulitzer Prize for his investigative reporting which saves an innocent man from his convicted death sentence. Published in 1992 this story is validation for shared crime databases.

  • Jerry
    2019-05-14 21:55

    Sex there a cure?This is another fascinating t.c book by one of the Best authors is a shame he is no longer alive to write more page turners for us. The most cruel thing this predator did is to allow another man Steve Titus, to be convicted and imprisoned for a rape that he himself had committed. To rape over 50 women, some were in their teens, is an atrocious record for anyone to have, but to let an innocent man serve time is outrageous.

  • Mary
    2019-04-22 16:09

    True crime biography of serial rapist Mac Smith. Very thorough story of his childhood and youth as well as adulthood. This is not a psychoanalytical book, though. The author has just done a masterful job of getting all the history down. The author devotes some time to the press coverage and the uneven machinations of the criminal justice system. I learned a lot. A Pulitzer and several others awards, both deserved and undeserved, came out of this.

  • Delores Lovett
    2019-05-11 23:14

    It is incredibly hard to grasp the fact that this is a true story that actually occurred. It is even more disturbing for the reader to be left with some of the details at the story's conclusion. I highly recommend this book to all true crime bluffs. You will not be disappointed with the storyline, characters or writing style of this book. Jack Olsen is the Stephen King of the true crime genre.

  • Miya
    2019-05-04 00:11

    True crime is my guilty pleasure, and the book was free on BookBub so I indulged. A quick and interesting read, but something kept bugging me: is there a reason the author decided to protect the identity of the rapist (his real name is Edward Lee King), but not the victims or anyone else involved? Seems odd. Also, major trigger warning for bestiality.

  • Dick Pilskog
    2019-05-18 22:02

    This book was set mostly in Seattle and was mostly based on truth or non-fiction. Great character development and really got into what makes people do what they do and the behind scenes of where they are at. It had some good guys, some very evil bureaucrats and much to learn. Great book and I could not put it down.

  • Dave O'Brien
    2019-05-19 20:57

    Shocking story of false convictionThe book goes deep into the psyche of a convicted serial rapist while uncovering a true story of the man falsely accused of one of his crimes. As with Olsen's other works, it is incredibly well researched and written in a suspenseful journalistic style.

  • t
    2019-04-27 19:07

    A gritty true story of a serial rapist north of Seattle. Although the author took pains to explore the perpetrator's early dysfunctional life, my heart went out to all his victims and their families... especially those wrongly accused of the crimes. A reminder of the limits of evidence, witnesses, and judicial processes- especially in the historical context.

  • Renika Jacobs
    2019-04-27 21:06

    No pictures in bookThe writing in this book is really well done but having no crime scene, family, victims or even the perpetrator's pictures makes this story seem less real.

  • Heather
    2019-05-11 20:04

    Good book.

  • Sapito
    2019-05-17 16:59

    Interesting, but the character was not one that held my interest.

  • Christy
    2019-05-14 16:14

    My favorite True Crime book thus far. I'm utterly fascinated with these tales of false convictions.

  • Shannon Gaudette-thurman
    2019-04-27 16:04

    Being in the family of Steve Titus' fiancé at the time of these happenings, I can tell you that most of this story is True to form!

  • Alex
    2019-05-14 21:51

    I didn't enjoy this one as much as the other Olsen books I've read. The way that the story was told just didn't do it for me.

  • Elsie Nilles
    2019-04-26 00:11

    A serial killer themeA book I. Almost threw aside. Very boring to begin, however as it progressed I was drawn in and continued to read with some interest.

  • Jeanine
    2019-05-09 18:10

    Quite good but deeply disturbing story.

  • Eva Leger
    2019-05-02 23:16

    Not much else to say except for another fantastic Olsen book!