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From the darkness comes a spider...Spider-Man has never been more sensational than in "Back in Black," the event that has profoundly rewritten the rules for Peter Parker! The harrowing moments of Civil War may be in his rearview mirror, but their repercussions are a constant ordeal in Peter's life, as he must face the challenges born from the revelation of his identity. FaFrom the darkness comes a spider...Spider-Man has never been more sensational than in "Back in Black," the event that has profoundly rewritten the rules for Peter Parker! The harrowing moments of Civil War may be in his rearview mirror, but their repercussions are a constant ordeal in Peter's life, as he must face the challenges born from the revelation of his identity. Facing down an army of super-powered Spider-Man impostors, grappling with the evil Mister Hyde, and standing up to the scourge of Venom and his alter ego Eddie Brock - the stakes have never been higher as he tries to navigate an emotional terrain that has found him forever changed.Collecting Sensational Spider-Man #35-40 and Annual #1, Spider-Man Family #1-2, Marvel Spotlight: Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Back in Black Handbook....

Title : Spider-Man, Peter Parker: Back in Black
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ISBN : 9780785129202
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 336 Pages
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Spider-Man, Peter Parker: Back in Black Reviews

  • Relstuart
    2019-06-04 03:31

    Several stories here but the best was Mary Jane being threatened with arrest and her reminiscing on why she fell in love with Peter and what they meant to each other.

  • Anthony Murray
    2019-05-29 06:42

    I like this second half of Back in Black. My favorite story would have to be the annual issue where Peter and MJ are thinking back the good times they have where they were friends and when they fell in love with each other.

  • Aaron
    2019-06-04 00:34

    I guess I love torture, having just spent some time not enjoying the primary Back in Black hardcover, and then immediately reading this supplemental garbage. This is just another lackluster Spider-Man collection that only further goes to show that Marvel had no idea what to do with the character back when this was being printed. His motivations and choices don’t match up at all with the ones we’ve seen in the other simultaneous publications. It makes me kind of think that One More Day, the Spidey total reboot story that follows this collection, was a little bit necessary. Spider-Man was so bogged down in post-Civil War identity revelation problems, crazy leftover spider powers from JMS’s misguided plots, and a lack of any central goal or villain to play off of, that totally restarting the whole shebang feels like the right move at this point.In this book, we start with a weirdo story about someone abducting teenagers and trying to turn them into rogue Spider-Men for a vague reason that is never fully justified. It's incredibly far-fetched, and the twists and turns along the way are all too convenient to really keep the story interesting. It also kind of takes care of itself, without Peter really having to do much to handle the issue, ultimately ending in a hefty fizzle.We also get a story of Eddie Brock, who has sold his Venom symbiote off and is dying of cancer, realizing he’s in the hospital right next to Aunt May, who he now knows is Spider-Man’s aunt, thanks to Peter revealing his identity (we all caught up now?). This essentially drives him Jack Torrance-level bonkers, complete with echoes of the symbiote telling him KILL KILL MURDER KILL. Good thing his room was coincidentally right next to Aunt May’s, otherwise we wouldn’t have a story!I’m pretty tired of all the coincidence story lines in Spider-Man. Almost every villain in the series is somehow connected to Peter Parker, and it always just so happens that they also are a crazy lizard man or something. Well, let's take it a step further this time and just have the bad guy literally be next door. Great! Now what? What if we just keep making the bad guy act crazy, but never actually have him take any action? Sounds like some fantastic water treading, boys, write it up!I also got the distinct feeling that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa very much did not want One More Day to happen. His Sensational Spider-Man run ends with a story about God coming down and telling Peter that everything is going to be okay, and essentially goes so far as to say "The real story is that Peter and Mary Jane live happily ever after." This is a direct contradiction of One More Day's reboot, as was the Annual included in this collection.The Annual! Now here's the only story of the bunch that actually works. As I was reading it, I started to wonder why I all of a sudden cared about Peter and Mary Jane. The structure of the story was inventive and emotional, and the art followed suit incredibly well. The narrative builds on Peter's past, present and future to show just how important he and Mary Jane's relationship is. I started thinking "What happened? When did Aguirre-Sacasa learn to write like this?" Newsflash: he didn't. It was Matt Fraction! This just proved to me how great and standout Fraction can be when he puts his mind to it. I didn't even know it was him, but I immediately recognized a huge jump in storytelling quality.Anyway, this is another incredibly missable Spider-Man outing (seemingly all they were making in the mid-2000s). I'd recommend maybe picking up the Annual somewhere by itself, but there's no reason to own this oversized lump of a hardcover.

  • Brad
    2019-06-06 05:23

    Just as Spider-Man throws on his black costume (because he's all sad about Aunt May getting shot) a villain captures homeless youth, pumps them up with volatile Spider-powers, and gives them other suits Spidey has worn. The only catch, besides bad fashion is that these new Spideys die off quickly.This main story has a bunch of filler at the end. First up is what Eddie Brock, the original Venom, thinks of Aunt May getting shot and Spidey putting on the black suit. Then, Spidey has a chat with some sort of God. After that,Matt Fraction writes a nice love letter to the various great points on Spidey and Mary Jane's history. Then comes the first two issues fromSpider-Man Family, followed by a Marvel Spotlight and a Guide to the Marvel Universe where you can learn all everything there is to know about Supercharger or the Iguana.With so many stories, this book is all over the place. It feels likeRoberto Aguirre-Sacasa's storyline is the third stringer, behind the two stories collected inSpider-Man: Back in Black. While his stuff is all right, it doesn't feel at all important.

  • Jeff
    2019-06-06 01:33

    I was not super impressed with this trade, at least as far as the "Back in Black" stories went. The "Last Temptation of Eddie Brock" was not nearly as compelling as I had hoped and took what could be a very interesting story and made it a snore fest. The best storyline in the whole volume (in my opinion) was the MJ/Peter history told from both their perspectives. Other than that, and the interesting extras with interviews and character guides, I didn't feel as though this was that worthwhile. However, I may give the second volume should it present itself.

  • Andrew
    2019-06-08 04:35

    This takes place after the Civil War. Spiderman puts on the black suit after his aunt was shot. He is angry with himself and everyone else, and in the last part Venom comes back and fights with Spiderman. It is a dark and action packed story with some drama. I would recommend this to people that like an action story and is a Spiderman fan.

  • Michael
    2019-05-29 07:25

    One decent story, the rest pretty much filler.

  • Andy
    2019-06-01 03:46

    I prefered this collection to the Amazing collection. Better story, more interesting.

  • Bruno
    2019-06-19 07:30

    Beter dab deel 1; misschien omdat ik nu al beter kon volgen in het verhaal?

  • Selby
    2019-06-14 04:49

    Worth reading just for Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1 - a fantastic stand alone issue.