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People think I'm a douche.And maybe I am.I use most people.It's what I know.But if I love you,I'd die for you.I just don't know that I'm worth loving.Handsome, privileged bad boy Zac Moore has always played by his own rules - at school, in business, with women. He's rewritten the rules to suit his own needs and his needs are all that matter. Serious and focused family friePeople think I'm a douche.And maybe I am.I use most people.It's what I know.But if I love you,I'd die for you.I just don't know that I'm worth loving.Handsome, privileged bad boy Zac Moore has always played by his own rules - at school, in business, with women. He's rewritten the rules to suit his own needs and his needs are all that matter. Serious and focused family friend Liliana Castillo has one goal. Leave the pre-Med program at Yale to help people in developing nations. As their paths cross and uncross, a tale of love, agony, betrayal and growth is woven, transforming two people who've hidden from relationships and love.This is a stand-alone novel.To "see" more about Bad Son Rising, enjoy this video.

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  • Sophie
    2019-04-28 01:48

    **2.5 stars** Zac Moore is a young, rich college student and he is a BIG TROUBLE!! A handsome playboy who doesn't know about relationships, suddenly meets a girl in his father's wedding, who doesn't throw herself on him, like he's used to. He tries to approach her, flirting with her, but getting nothing back from her. This girl seems like a big challenge to him and she intrigues him. They only share a dance, exchange a few words and that's enough for him to thinking about her, when he goes back to college.Liliana Castillo is a girl with a purpose. After visiting Africa with her parents, she wants to go to a voluntary mission and help those in need. Her parents though insist on her finishing firstly her studies in Yale, until a program that leads her to Congo, along with other students, in order to build new water systems.Fate interferes with their plans and somehow life pushes them to meet again. Over and over again. No matter the circumstances, Zac and Liliana are meant to meet again and face together situations that they could never imagine. Will they come out of them winners or are they going to lose something in the process?“Please don’t fall in love with me, Zac silently warned. Please fall in love with me, Zac silently prayed.”If you have read the The Needing Moore Series Trilogy: Searching for Moore, Moore to Lose, & Moore than Forever you have met the famous Zac Moore, the bad son of Shooner and CJ. You have also briefly met the tenacious Liliana. I was really excited to read about them, because Zac was a really nasty character and I needed to see how he would redeem himself. Unfortunately, even though I had really loved the Moore series, Bad Son Rising didn't leave me impressed. It was an okay read, with just a few scenes that kept my interest. Otherwise, I was really bored and I can't say I enjoy it that much. That was one of the reasons that I almost left unfinished this book and I pressed myself to continue this, because I have never DNF a book! And yes there was character development, but still Zac pissed me off, because there were moments that he was acting like a girl on her period. **This is a stand-alone novel, but also a spin off with characters from the Needing Moore series**

  • Kim
    2019-05-19 20:33

    ... Zac Moore was never, ever going to play it safe. It just wasn't who he was. When we first met Zac Moore in Searching For Moore he was a troubled bad boy...egocentric, selfish, manipulative, hateful, confused and did things that hurt others. But as the series went on, we began to see some healing and growth in him. Zac is gorgeous, built, cocky, wealthy by birth right, and is like a magnet for the ladies. He can usually have any woman he wants, but is soon done with them. Then one night he meets Liliana Castillo. A shy, smart, giving, college student who makes a huge impression on him, but barely gives him the time of day.Zac's life moves on to experience college and new friends. During this time we really get to know Zac. Sure he is still a bit arrogant, flippant, and a big player. But he is also more...intelligent, a loyal friend, creative, and thinks outside the box. He carries damage and insecurities from events in his childhood/teens that still affect him. He does not always make the best decisions in hindsight, but he is no longer just the mean, selfish, isolated bad boy we loved to hate. He uses some of his ingenuity and entrepreneur skills in creative ways that gain him attention and have consequences. But he loves his family and core group of friends and will do anything for them. Most women have only wanted to use him for his looks, body, or what he could do for them. And he has never had a meaningful romantic relationship. When an opportunity comes up two years after their initial meeting, Zac takes on a new adventure following Lily to do volunteer work in the Congo. He likes the idea of new experiences, using his practical engineering skills, and most of all protecting and being near the girl he can't seem to forget. As their volunteer work together begins, it is challenging for Zac in many ways. There are new people, adversaries, problems to solve, and work to accomplish. And most importantly his strategy to gain the attention and favor of Lily while not drawing unwanted attention of others. Lily is a bit of an enigma at times. She could seem cold and shy, but then fiery and assertive. She challenges and intrigues him like no one else. She is strong willed and has definite beliefs and plans. But deep down she also has fears and insecurities. But she also has her own set of tricks up her sleeve and could be surprising. I admired her spunk, strength, initiative, heart, and her willingness to fight for what was important to her. "Lils, you're not some girl I'm just going to screw...You're the girl I don't want to f*** up with."Their time in the Congo has consequences, good and bad. Zac wants to protect her, but sometimes protection comes with a cost. These two seemingly different people who truly do compliment each other face challenges, fear, heartbreak, distance, and misunderstandings. It is not an easy road for them personally or together. Zac Moore prayed that his dream wouldn't be ripped from him, but his track record of good things remaining in his life was not exactly stellar. This is the story of Zac coming to terms with his past, finding his purpose and passion, and fighting for what is important. He has been hurt and made his share of mistakes. He is far from perfect, but the real Zac Moore is so much more than a cocky, selfish schemer. Sure he has skills, charm, and charisma that often pave the way for him. But he is also loyal, protective, and loves freely those people he lets get close to him. He can be sympathetic and tries to help fix problems for others. I have loved seeing the growth in him in all of the books and peeling back his layers. Oh I hated him in Searching For Moore and it took a while to begin to see anything positive in him but he wore me down as I saw more of what he was hiding under his challenging exterior. He was a a young broken boy who had only ever felt used and unloved and had a skewed sense of right and wrong and felt unworthy. His positive response to the power of love and support was not a fast, easy journey, but it was a meaningful one. He truly became a bad son rising. "I think you've let the bad sh** dictate who you are, Zac. You need to stop that. You need to rise above it."I enjoyed the side characters especially his best friends Brian and Liz, Liz's mother Neelie, and even quirky Niles. Of course, more Schooner, Mia, Portia and Nathaniel from the Needing Moore series always makes me smile. I really enjoyed seeing the progression of their family unit and connections. The characters, even the supporting ones, have personality, strength, and depth. They add comic relief, support, drama and complications. The story line covers time, distance and personal growth. Despite an instant attraction, it is not a tale of insta-love, but is a slow building relationship based in perseverance, friendship, openness, passion and true feelings with a more realistic time line. The characters have time to change, grow, connect, and react on many different levels. It is a full and emotional story of self discovery, hope, love, sacrifice, and redemption.I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. Will be posted at Reviews by Tammy and Kim.

  • Cleida R
    2019-05-17 02:25

    ❤️Astounding - brilliant-amazing- emotional ( I will make you smile, I will stay right by your side until the end.D.B) 3> I really I don't know where to begin. This book is absolutey amazing. The story was so well written and I loved it so much that I stayed up late reading this emotional story. The emotions were so real the arguments were realistic, and the reactions were believable. "I'm really not that asshole people think I am, give me a chance, I will show you”, this quote went a long way because he really did prove to us that he wasn't a bad boy. This book truly is about Zac Moore finding himself. Zac has made mistakes and is seeking penance for his errors. He needed an escape, a chance to be away from his old life and prove to himself self and to his family he could be different. He mad a decision to leave and go to Africa. I cried, I laughed, and I sighed. To watch and feel a part of Zac’s transformation was incredible, it showed us what he was, and what he became. To see this young man living again and escaping from his acts of selfishness, and carelessness and become a responsible, lovable brother, son, friend and lover. I appreciated how much he loved and cared about Po and Natie. I myself have a serious attachment to these 2 kids.This book wasn't erotic , and I greatly appreciated it. This story was about pure emotion, the feelings people can have for each other without the need for a ton of sex. There are still sexual scenes between Zac and Lily but they were tasteful. Before Lily, sex for Zac was meaningless, but once he met the love of his life, sex finally became meaningful. Overall the characters in this book are perfect. It was great to see Schooner and Mia again, it made me very happy. I have a very special place in my heart for this family. I love the dynamics between Zac, Brian and Lizard. Neelie, Liz's mother was refreshing and different and I love her very much. Some characters will make you laugh, some will infuriate you and others will surprise you. Well done Julie ! I hope everyone enjoys Zac's book like I did, you are absolutely brilliant and have a way of telling stories like no other.

  • Christine
    2019-05-19 21:52

    I had a hard time with this one. I know that this part of the book was supposed to make me see the good side of Zach, but all it did was annoy me.Zach was used to getting his way, but now he wants are changing. At a wedding he meets Liliana who does not give him the time of day because of this this Zach is fascinated with Liliana. They do not talk after their initial meeting and 22% of the book passes. 22% where Zach life in college is discussed with his friend Liz and how he tries to help people. I think a lot of this detail into Zach’s life with Liz and college could have been cut in half.My problem was that Zach was not very likable. His likability felt forced as well as Liliana’s. I felt like I was told how to feel about the characters instead of allowing me to come up with my own opinions. Liliana was made to appear too perfect. I could not connect to these characters. I did not feel the mutual attraction. I felt that the only reason Zach liked Liliana was because she avoided him. When they got together, I still did not feel the attraction. Later there is some drama but not sure how I felt about the reason for that drama. I usually love these “hard to get” love stories with a playboy, but the problem for me was that I did love these characters.A copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • Tpagirl
    2019-05-05 19:42

    Bad Son Rising was the first spinoff from the Needing Moore series by Julie Richman. It was told from a single POV, Zac's. Zac was the son and stepson to Schooner and Mia Moore. I knew I would love Zac's story and Richman didn't disappoint!When we met Zac, he was an entitled punk. He was the exact image of Schooner physically but socially and psychologically, he aligned with his mother. He was selfish, rude and showed zero respect for others, especially women. Near the end of the Needing Moore series we were beginning to see traces of a redeemable Zac.Fast forward to the opening of Bad Son Rising, Zac was still an entitled punk but we began to see who he was to his core for his friends and family. He learned at an early age to have a small circle of close friends, those who earned his trust. And for those, he was loyal, protective, and selfless. We also learned that he was incredibly smart and innovative.Bad Son Rising focused on Zac's journey to manhood. He met Liliana Castillo and his world turned on its axis. Their dads were friends and business partners and the kids met at Schooner and Mia's wedding. Liliana was the beautiful, shy, nerdy do gooder that had a path set for med school where she wanted to use it to help those in developing countries. It was a few years until they met up again but he never forgot the dark haired exotic beauty that made him feel something for the first time in....well, forever.Richman took us through some really cool plots to get Zac and Liliana together. She also began unraveling the layers to Zac where we learned the reasons behind his attitude and shenanigans. It wasn't an easy ride and it was an emotional and heartbreaking story at times, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. It was also well written and well developed with only a few editing errors.True to Richman's style, we were blessed with a strong and colorful cast of supporting characters that added depth and dimension to the storyline. Not only were we gifted with our past favorites from earlier books, but we were introduced to new ones as well. Hopefully we see more from them in the future.The ending was a HFN with a promise of forever, so I'm curious if we'll get a follow up book. I would have preferred a longer epilogue that filled in some details, because I really don't want to see anymore heartbreak that would most likely come from a follow up book. Maybe a short and sweet novella or a continuation within Zac's sister, Holly's story, will be in store for us. Bad Son Rising can be read as a standalone; however, I recommend reading the Needing Moore series first to get the back story. Either way, it was thoroughly entertaining, enjoyable and an emotional roller coaster. I can't wait to see where Richman takes us next with Holly in Moore Than A Feeling.

  • Anne OK
    2019-04-21 03:48

    2 to 2.5 StarsThis was a new-to-me author who came highly recommended. I had the highest of hopes that this book would be a blockbuster read. I liked the premise of the story and I even liked the characters at times. But it didn’t blow me away. In fact, at times I had a really hard time staying with it. And once again, I find myself in the minority. I hadn’t read the previous books so I had nothing invested in Zac Moore. He certainly was an entertaining bad boy with redeeming qualities. I got the basics of why he supposedly acted the way he did. It is sad and heart-wrenching when a young life has lasting negative effects caused by disgusting adults who take advantage of the young. I wasn’t enthralled by Liliana, who seemed a bit too goody-goody to me -- almost emotionless. But, then again, she too had her redeeming qualities. Together they just didn’t make a spark and it felt as if their budding romance was too strained and forced to make a lasting relationship. The timeline for the relationship building between Zac and Liliana didn’t work for me either. They spent too much time apart and not enough on the same page. When they finally did move towards a relationship, it just seemed too little too late. For me, there was even more of a stretch making Zac’s production with the insurgents so unbelievably contrived –just seemed silly and nonsensical.

  • Kristen Geist
    2019-05-16 20:33

    Once again, I’m absolutely blown away by Julie Richman! She’s got a way with words, amazing attention to detail, and a way of evoking all kind of emotions from her readers. While reading this book, I laughed and I cried…a lot!! It was amazing, seeing the journey Zac Moore has been through in his life. He’s a bad boy – or at least that’s the persona he portrays – he does what he needs to do to keep people at a distance. But he truly has a heart of gold. He’s Schooner’s son through and through. Julie took this character, who everyone absolutely hated, and turned him into this absolutely lovable and swoonworthy man! I loved seeing all our “old friends” – the characters from the Needing Moore series. I think they added an amazing element to the story and all the bits and pieces of them truly brought a smile to my face! Although this is a spin-off from the series, it can absolutely be read as a standalone. Don’t feel that you have to read the series before reading this. But I know that once you read this book and fall in love with Zac and the other characters, and with Julie’s amazing writing style, you’ll want to go back and read the whole series!Bravo Julie! Another amazing and truly original book, one that I plan on enjoying over and over again! If you have not yet experienced Julie’s books, you’re really missing out!

  • Courtney
    2019-05-15 23:36

    I absolutely love Julie and she knows this. Poor woman probably hides when she sees me message or pop up on her phone. LOLOLBad Son Rising is sort of a spin off of her Needing Moore series (a must-read if you have not already). We met Zac in that series but here’s where we get to know him more.Zac is a douche – plain and simple. He treats women like they are his to feast upon. And it’s not like he hides it either. And it’s not that’s he’s trying to compensate for anything by acting this way – it’s just how he is. But Zac is also very smart – both book smart and street smart. And sometimes that gets into trouble – trouble that affects his future greatly.There is only woman that he has ever come across his life that intrigued him. It wasn’t just her looks but the fact that she acted as if he didn’t exist. When he has the opportunity to possibly see her again after a few years – he doesn’t pass up the chance. Cause we all know Zac loves a challenge.I won’t get into details as to what happens because they just takes away from the whole story. Zac is definitely crafty and somewhat scheming when he goes after something he wants. However – life doesn’t play by Zac’s rules.I wish we could have seen more of Zac’s bad-boy side because that’s why he intrigued me to begin with. But that definitely does not deter or hurt the story – just a personal preference. I am hoping we get to know more about Zac’s two closest friends – Liz and Brian. Liz is quite the interesting character we don’t see too often and Brian has his own qualities I’d like to read more about.Overall – I truly enjoyed reading this book. Julie is fast becoming one of my favorite authors that always has me anxiously waiting to see what she puts out next.

  • One-Click
    2019-04-25 22:24

    2 STARS - It was ok.I really wanted to Love this book. I really enjoyed the Searching for Moore Series and I wanted to see how Zac would redeem himself, but (view spoiler)[The whole insurgent storyline and Zac pretending to be a Hollywood producer was a little out there and I became so frustrated when he told her he didn't love her to get her to fly home. He's a smart kid and that's the best he can come up with?After that, I was just annoyed and the story just became too choppy. It flitted from scene to scene. There was never a resolution between Zac and Merit, although there was a set up for Mia to intervene and then new chapter, new topic and we don't find out what happened. There was a brief and very choppy scene with Colby (with Marit trying to shove he and Lilly back together) and BAM, all the sudden that's over.A brief scene with CJ and her Cougar Friend and I'm hoping that CJ and her "friend" are finally going to get what they deserve and... nothingIt was disjointed and all over the place and even the scene when he went back to Liz and Brian's graduation - Lilly's tough, I'm thinking she's disappeared to get a drink to throw in Britt's face and we find her outside against a wall sobbing? (hide spoiler)]There was also a lot of flowery language and descriptions that I just didn't see being in Zac's headSitting next to Marit Castillo in Woolsey Hall, Zac marveled at the beauty and craftsmanship of the old beaux-arts style building. From the dream-like murals on the ceiling to the elaborate Newberry pipe organ , the turn-of-the-century concert hall was filled with the ghosts of America’s dreamers and the exuberant energy of those just about to embark on their dreams.I wanted to Love it, I did was just ok.

  • Halos Horns
    2019-04-20 21:52

    Another amazing addition from Julie's lineup!! I love all of the Moore's and have to say Zac was my least liked (next to CJ of course). This book made me fall for the bad son and see him completely differently! I love that Julie was able to transform a character that I had such strong feelings for in one series and bring him into a new light just by giving him his own story. Zac is what some would call a ladies man in college, he's all about his pleasure and no one else's, as long as he gets off who cares about the girl. With the exceptions of his best friends Liz and Brian no one really knows Zac not even his own family. After a very troubled beginning relationship with his new step mother he has been accepted as one of the family and finally feels that way too. Lilly is not even on the same spectrum as Zac, she's light years ahead in Zac's eyes. The unattainable and since he's been dissed by her she's become the one who he wants. Not just in a challenge sort of way but as a intriguing kind of way. What is it about that girl that has her on his mind? What makes her so special? This book was a complete up and down of emotion for my feelings for Zac, in the beginning I didn't like him, I admit I was hesitant on even thinking of liking him, by the middle I wanted to know what makes him tick and by the end he was book boyfriend material. <3 Tara

  • Tara Marie
    2019-04-30 19:27

    Another amazing addition from Julie's lineup!! I love all of the Moore's and have to say Zac was my least liked (next to CJ of course). This book made me fall for the bad son and see him completely differently! I love that Julie was able to transform a character that I had such strong feelings for in one series and bring him into a new light just by giving him his own story. Zac is what some would call a ladies man in college, he's all about his pleasure and no one else's, as long as he gets off who cares about the girl. With the exceptions of his best friends Liz and Brian no one really knows Zac not even his own family. After a very troubled beginning relationship with his new step mother he has been accepted as one of the family and finally feels that way too. Lilly is not even on the same spectrum as Zac, she's light years ahead in Zac's eyes. The unattainable and since he's been dissed by her she's become the one who he wants. Not just in a challenge sort of way but as a intriguing kind of way. What is it about that girl that has her on his mind? What makes her so special? This book was a complete up and down of emotion for my feelings for Zac, in the beginning I didn't like him, I admit I was hesitant on even thinking of liking him, by the middle I wanted to know what makes him tick and by the end he was book boyfriend material.

  • Cassia Brightmore
    2019-05-02 02:31

    Stereotypes. We’ve all seen them, some of us may even fall victim to them. To the judgement of others, judgement and experiences that may shape the way we see ourselves and they way we react to different situations. They are the villain of the story, the unseen force that shapes who we may or may not become. Zac Moore is no exception to this. With his All-American boy good looks and his less than stellar past trailing behind him, he’s classed as a bad boy without merit, without any redeeming qualities. Girls see him as an adventure, as the hot guy just looking for a piece of ass. Unfortunately for them, they have it all wrong. There’s more to him than meets the eye, all he needs is someone to believe in him. Someone that can see past the rough exterior and the sordid past - see into the heart of the man.Zac has led a privileged life. The son of Schooner Moore, he’s lived under immense pressure to live up to his father’s example. Suffering an injustice and being exposed to a predator at the tender age of 13, forever changes things for him. Shouldering feelings of guilt and shame, his self worth takes a hit, leaving scars that stay with him for years. Females become one thing to him, a way to find release and that’s it. I enjoyed the way that we saw glimpses of the man Zac really is through his actions. Although his view on himself is that he is worthless, we the reader see things a bit differently. The way he cares so deeply for his younger siblings, the protective way he stands up for his best friends Liz and Brian - I knew that we were in for a journey of self discovery with Zac. It was heartwarming to watch him learn more about who he really was. When he first spots Lily at father’s wedding, he’s completely captivated by her. For the first time, he feels a draw to a girl for reasons other than sex. And to his surprise, she’s having none of it, further adding to her intrigue. She rebukes his advances and all but runs from his arms - leaving behind a very smitten Zac.Liliana Castillo is a force. Completely focused on her goals and dreams to become a doctor, she doesn’t waste time on relationships that are not for her. And Zac with his dream-like good looks and his bad boy charm, is definitely not for her. Regardless of how her heart races around him and how badly her body screams at her that she wants him - she listens to her head and leaves him behind on that fateful weekend. Years later, when they re-unite in Africa on the same project, the feelings she tried so hard to suppress are suddenly staring her in the face. Impressed by his engineering skills (and by his hot, muscular body), he becomes almost irresistible to her. Giving in, they start a cautious relationship under the stars in the jungle of the Congo. Julie A Richman spins this tale artfully. I enjoyed the suspense of the story, the way we were kept wondering where these two would end up. The books spans years and continents, turning their story into an epic one. Danger and intrigue pop up from nowhere and that is part of what made this such an engaging read for me. A true love story is never an easy one, and Bad Son Rising hit the mark for me. Do these two find their HEA? Or do the emotional scars and cynical stereotypes stomp out their dreams? I’m not giving anything away, you’ll have to see how this one ends for yourself. A bad boy rising up and realizing his potential might be just the kind of book you’re looking for.xo CassiaFollow Me On FacebookSee Reviews and More

  • Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri
    2019-05-06 02:31

    Title: Bad Son RisingAuthor: Julie C. RichmanSeries: Standalone (Series spin off) Release Date: September 12, 2014Rating: 4.75 - 5.00 stars Cliffhanger: NoSpoiler-free reviewZac Moore was a lot of things: asshole, sex toy, manipulative and a selfish prick. He also happens to be crazy sexy and smart. Zac is used to getting what he wants with his incredible looks and sizeable bank account. When we first met Zac in the Searching For Moore series, he was a huge trouble-making prick and a bad son. He gets kicked out of school and even injures his pregnant step-mother. On paper, he looks like an uber-douche. Zac meets Lily and his whole world changes. He is instantly taken with her…but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Zac believes he isn’t worthy of love.“If his exterior wasn’t a draw for her she would never want him. He was too messed up to ever be a consideration for her. And she was smart, maybe she’d already sensed that, somehow already figured out his darkest secrets and shortcomings.”A few years go by, and he still can’t get Lily out of his head. He gets his act together and is on his way to graduate school and on his way to making something of himself. He volunteers to work in the Congo where he can see Lily again. Zac falls in love with his work and Lily. Then his world came crashing down. Can he save himself & save Lily? Can this bad son rise to the occasion? It is too late for this bad boy to get the good girl he feels he doesn’t deserve?Bad Son Rising is a story of love and second chances. It is truly a sweet and sexy coming of age romance. I can't believe Zac went from zero to hero! BSR can be read as a standalone...but to understand Zac and the Moore family saga I would suggest reading Julie’s Moore series (which happens to be fantastic). I really enjoyed everything about this book from the characters (yes, even Zac) to the well-paced and developed plot that didn't feel rushed. Julie did a tremendous job developing Zac’s character and taking this story to a whole new level. This is not a tale of insta-love and was truly refreshing. Moore series fans this is a no brainer…go one click this one now…you will not be disappointed.This review appears on,, Goodreads, Amazon, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter. A review copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Review to follow. What a great book! I can't believe Z went from zero to hero!

  • Athena
    2019-04-30 19:38

    Zac was introduced in the Moore series and he was the king of ass holes! I couldn't stand him and I wanted to see how the author was going to redeem Zac! Well, he has been redeemed...hallelujah By the end of the book I was swooning over Zac Moore! Plus, it was nice to catch up with Mia and Schooner.

  • Terri
    2019-05-01 23:37

    I had no doubt that I would love this book just as I loved the Needing Moore series. It will always be one of my favorite series. Liliana and Zak's story is so sweet because we see how much they have grown as characters from the previous books. You can't help but love this story and the characters. I can't say enough about Julie's writing. She has a way of bringing you into the story and her character's lives. I look forward to reading other books by Julie and hopefully get a chance to have some more from this family. Love them. I would love to read Holly's story next...just saying ;)

  • Adrian
    2019-04-22 00:44

    Oh Zac Moore…..I knew there was good in you. You're just a misunderstood bad boy looking for love. Zac's story totally went in a different direction than I expected, and I freaking loved it!! We get Zac the player, Zac the ass hole, Zac the loyal friend and Zac the humanitarian. His story is beautiful and heart breaking and everything I wanted it to be.

  • Nikki
    2019-04-20 02:24

    Great book. I actually read this one first before I knew about the searching for Moore series. Great job Julie, looks like you have a forever follower. Now let me start book 3 of Schooner Moore and Mia.

  • Michel Reinhard (Smut Book Junkie Reviews)
    2019-05-13 02:37

    ** Bad Son Rising made Smut Book Junkies Reviews 2014 Top Pick lists****Bad Son Rising can be read as a stand alone novel**I have been reading the Needing Moore series from the very first day Julie released Searching For Moore. I was blown away by the characters and their story. I needed more and became addicted to this series. Julie A. Richman delivered a mature romance that spans over twenty years. From the beautiful young love romance to the painful separation that spanned over twenty years, the readers experienced an emotional story. The entire series touched on some very realistic situations and realities that most people experience at some point in their lives or they know someone who has. By allowing her characters to experience these realities it made the series much more credible and personal to the readers. One of those realities was the rebellious teenage son. The son that objected to his parents divorce and acted out in the most horrific ways to prevent the divorce. He almost killed his father's girlfriend in a fit of anger. The readers absolutely loathed this kid. It was impossible to believe that this kid could be redeemed and become a human being people actually liked. But Julie wielded her magic pen and as the series evolved we got to see this young man slowly begin to turn around. By the end of the trilogy we were astounded that he had come so far but were still a bit leery of trusting the changes. She gave us some insight into some of his other issues outside his parents separation and new lives. Now the readers are going to meet the real Zac Moore in Bad Son Rising.I was sucked into Zac Moore's story in the very first paragraph. As Bad Son Rising begins, Zac has now graduated from high school and is now in college. He has established a good relationship with his father's new wife. He adores his younger brother and sister. He has become a part of the new family unit instead of being a hostile outsider. He recognizes the true meaning of love and what real happiness really means. He is happy that his father has finally found his true happiness. While Zac is in a better place mentally than he was in his earlier teen years, he is still not one hundred percent happy. He appears to be this over confident, smart, good looking young man with a bright future ahead of him. Beneath the surface, Zach has some low self esteem issues that have made him feel unlovable. He has suffered sexual abuse in his early years and has found that sex is mere act to deflect from his insecurities. He's never had a real steady girlfriend or relationship. He doesn't really date, he just has sex. He has not learned to trust others with the true Zach that hides within. Only a few friends have had a glimpse of who he really is.When he meets Liliana Castillo his views on love and life begin to change. For the first time he wants to be the giver in a relationship rather than the taker. For the first time he wants to show someone he can be a better man. For the first time he is letting the real Zac out of his cage.In Bad Son Rising we will witness Zac go from a party college boy to a brilliant engineering student. We will see his loyalty to his friends and family. We will witness his screw ups and mistakes. We will watch him take responsibility of his actions and life. We will watch him fall in love and make ultimate sacrifices for the woman he loves. In the end we will see a noble young man that has earned respect and love.I feel like a parent or aunt that is so proud of their child. Zac Moore is very dear to my heart and I think I am just as proud of him as Schooner Moore is. As I finished this book I had tingly goosebumps all over.Thank you Julie for giving us The Bad Son Rising. We have embraced Zac into our hearts. We are so proud of the man he has become!

  • Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews
    2019-04-23 03:24

    Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆When I read the title of the book and I thought this book will be about some really bad guy! Then I started reading the book and again my impression was this about a really bad boy that can’t help himself when it comes to being responsible and staying out of trouble. He also has a reputation with the ladies of being a one night stand man with no attachments or girlfriends allowed. However, as the story unfolds my first impression is proved to be totally wrong and a new respect begins to evolve for this ‘Bad Son’ that is deserves another look!Zac was the golden boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth and everything a boy could want was his for the asking! Everything changed for Zac at the age of thirteen when one of his mother’s friends decided that he would make a good boy toy and set about using him for sex. Confused, feeling used and not good for anything else, Zac became a user. He used women for sex while keeping them at arm’s length, until the night of his father’s wedding when he found the one woman that he could not live without, Lilly Castillo. The only problem was that Lilly wouldn’t give him the time of day and walked away from him without looking back.Zac has been kicked out of college and is at a loss to know where to go next. The disappointment on his father’s face is crushing him and gives him the determination to prove that he is more than a mess up. When Lilianna’s father visits and expresses his concern about the work she is doing in the Congo, Zac listens intently. Zac’s father suggest that it would be a good thing if he took off some time from school and went to work with Lilly on the same project. He would be able to protect her and keep her safe. Zac agrees to this because he really wants to be near her and it also involves using his area of study, engineering. Will he finally be able to show Lilly that he is the man for her?Lilly Castillo knows what she wants out of life. She is attending Yale with a goal to study medicine at John Hopkins when she graduates. There is no place for a beautiful, trouble maker named Zac Moore. Regardless of how he makes her feel or how much she wants to get to know him, Zac is not for her. Two years later when she encounters Zac in the Congo working on the same project that she is her heart once again reaching for him. Is Zac interested in her? Does he want a relationship with her? When tragedy strikes will it destroy what could have been? Has Zac really changed or is he just using her like all the others?Hero: Zac Moore 4.5 starsHeroine: Liliana Castillo 4.5 starsPlot: 4.5 starsSteam level: 4.5 starsCliffhanger: NoWould I recommend this book: Yes! This book will make you laugh, cry and yet reaffirm that true love really does exists for those that look for it! A fantastic read for everyone that loves a bad boy that turns into a hero for a good girl.Would I recommend this author: Yes! Julie A. Richland writes books that enrich the soul while touching the heart with promise. Beautifully written stories by a great author!***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***Bad Son RisingJulie A. Richman

  • ChuCha
    2019-05-10 20:40

    Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakPURCHASE IT ►►► AMAZONRating: 4.5 StarsYou’ll hate him, you’ll love him. You can’t help but fall for this guy. He might have been a douche, making his own rules, doing his own things, shagging every girl he wants but deep down, he’s an amazing friend who would do anything and everything for the people he cared about. He’s a sweet brother, and a reformed son. He did something previously and is making up for it.It was in a wedding when his attention was caught by a family friend, Liliana Castillo. For the first time, his charms didn’t work on this Pre-Med Yale student. Like his father, she was set on leaving the program and help people in developing nations.For months, their paths didn’t meet. They had their own lives. He had his own misfortunes, was kicked out of school near finals – but this turned out to be a blessing as this incident paved way for him and Liliana to meet again.Only this time, he had to play his game right. His rival is the project head, and it would not be beneficial for him to antagonize his boss. So, he waited for the right time, meanwhile he kept himself busy with work, and getting things done which amazed the rest of the people. He’s the first one who gets his hand dirty and really works his a** off. He found a new meaning in his life, and is happy making things done. Now, if only he can have the girl of his dreams.But just as when his cards were doing well, an accident had once again pulled them apart. With broken hearts and painful reminder of the accident – he thought he was doing her a favor. He thought it was for the best. But he was just so wrong. Both of them had suffered from heartaches, and seeing her with another just made it a little more painful to bear. He needed to win her back, and this time, he’ll make sure not to let her go.I love his entrepreneurial skills and his ability to help his friends. It might have been a little unconventional, but he made sure his friends were safe. He’s a little carefree, he plays games he’s sure to win – and this had earned him enemies, which cost him a lot of troubles in school. I like his character in this novel, how his character being flawed and all, yet likable. How he became a man, his transformation throughout the pages of the book. From a happy-go-lucky person to a responsible mature individual.Bad Son Rising is a great read. The author will bring to you the different sides of the rich and influential people. You will love the different characters, most especially our bad son who is continuously changing throughout the entire story. This is a one rollercoaster ride not only in finding true love, but in finding oneself.•Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.•More of my reviews at

  • Rachel
    2019-05-02 22:50

    Zac Moore has never been a perfect son. From his devious activites during the Needing Moore series, to the illegal and questionable activities he engages in during his first two years at Bryson College, Zac Moore is a bad boy. He is confident and has a major ego that follows (or leads) wherever he goes. Despite some major mistakes, he is beginning to grow up, beginning to look out for the people around him. But still, his streak as a bad boy continues, and his choices are not always on the up and up, even if he does have the best of intentions. Liliana Castillo, on the other hand, is the epitome of good girl. At least, she is until she leaves her Yale pre-med path behind for time working on water projects in remote and impoverished areas of the Congo. She is generally quiet, shy, and dedicated to her pursuits. Zac had some big shoes to fill. Schooner Moore and his love for Mia set the bar high for Zac and Lily. But they were both up for the challenge. The ups and downs throughout the story felt natural. The course of the entire relationship, facing serious dangers, and dirty pasts, everything about Bad Son Rising was nearly perfect as a spin off of Needing Moore and as a standalone in it’s own right. On the surface, these two are complete opposites, but following an attraction sparked at Mia and Schooner’s wedding, they discover they have far more in common than they could have ever imagined. I loved watching Zac try to figure out how to get Lily to notice him -- a challenge he had not faced when attracting female attention ever. And Lily made him work for her attention. Bad Son Rising became everything I could have hoped for in Zac’s story. It was as much his story as an individual as it was a story about a couple. Interactions with Schooner, Mia and his siblings, learning about himself and taking chances on a real relationship show a Zac beginning to move beyond the troubled teenager we initially met. Yes, his past is still a big trigger for him, and something he has to face. But there is such a fantastic arch of events that bring Zac from the boy who hated everyone around him to the man who will someday influence his surroundings just like his father. And Lily? She’s just about the perfect compliment to Zac’s mischievous, fun-loving self as I can imagine.Though this is a spin-off, having read the Needing Moore series is not a prerequisite. I devoured the original series, and this edition was no exception. Readers of the original series will love the continuity, and the chance to see more of Schooner, Mia, Nate, and Po as they pop in and out of Zac’s life.I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. This review is also posted at Reviews by Tammy and Kim.

  • Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers)
    2019-05-09 02:38

    It's no secret that one of my favorite series' of all time is The Needing Moore Series. It's one of the few that I have read more than once. Schooner stole my heart from page one and I've loved him for a long time. We met Zac, Schooner's son, in Searching for Moore and he was a horrible, spoiled, pain in the ass. But, he looked so much like his father that you couldn’t help but be intrigued by him. He eventually redeemed himself in the books that followed and man was I excited when I heard he was getting his own book. Thank you, Julie!! Bad Son Rising follows Zac from his father's wedding to two years into the future. He meets Liliana and he's instantly drawn to her. She's beautiful and aloof and she barely gives him the time of day. One slow dance and he can't forget about her. Zac had a troubled youth. Things happened to him when he was a boy that were horrible so you instantly feel sympathy for him. He wants to be different, he just doesn't know how. He's a loyal friend, a hard worker, smart, sexy and arrogant. He has a soft spot for his siblings and he loves Schooner and Mia. It was so nice to see them interact. I've missed Schooner and Mia. A lot. Zac finds himself in the Congo with Lily. He never did forget about her and she remembers him immediately. Lily is a strong willed girl who's tough on the outside. She's attracted to Zac but knows he's a player. They find that they work well together; having the same passion for helping people and they become friends. Their friendship leads to more. Zac is having feelings that he's never had before and he's excited to explore them. Lily wants Zac and she's not shy about expressing her feelings. Can Zac and Lily have a real relationship? After tragedy strikes will Zac turn back into the bad boy that he used to be? Will he break her heart and lose her forever?Zac and Lily have amazing chemistry and I love their banter. I laughed and cried. Do not miss this one!!"But I would want it to be different with you. You're not a drive-by. And I don't really know how to do the other stuff. But you make me want it. You make me want to try.""I wanted to make you smile, Lils. Isn't that crazy. I just wanted to make you smile."Opening his arms, she came to him, her eyes wide with an expression he didn't yet have the experience to read. Taking her face in both hands, his fingertips grasping her hair, his lips were upon hers before she had the opportunity to speak. "I'm sorry I had to break her heart, Dad.""I'm just sorry it was at the expense of yours." Schooner looked at his son with sad eyes.And just because I FLOVE Schooner…..Schooner Moore bundled in a down jacket, blue plaid cashmere scarf and a black knit cap pulled down to his eyes.

  • Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*
    2019-04-23 02:35

    After reading the Searching for Moore series I have to say this.... 'who knew that Zac Moore would become a book boyfriend??!!'Zac was the moody, pouty and spoilt son of Schooner who seemed to cause so much trouble between his father and Mia. The one thing that redeemed him with me was how much he loved his little brother and sister. He is so sweet with them :)Zac pretty much parties it up in college, he is popular and attractive, girls just hang off him so he takes full advantage of that. After getting caught doing something he shouldn't have, he gets sent home from college. Schooner is furious with him and after a bit of soul searching Zac decides to go to the Congo to help out in the villages with installing water pumps. This will also open his eyes up to how other people live and give him appreciation for what he has in his own life. The other reason he is happy to go is because Lily will be there. Her father and his are best friends so Zac & Lily have known each other for a long time. Zac thinks she is beautiful but she confuses him. She seems to be the only girl he has met who hasn't fallen for his charm. This intrigues and challenges him. She is intelligent, passionate and determined. Qualities he admires and finds very attractive. He sets out to make her notice him, in a very subtle way. Will this be the only woman who is immune to the charms of Zac Moore? It's not long before these two become good friends. Zac brings a level of knowledge and skills to his work at the Congo that gives him a great sense of satisfaction. He is admired by his fellow colleagues and that includes Lily. He wants her but knows that she really deserves to be with someone more worthy of her. When a terrifying event happens out in the Congo, Zac has to make to make a life threatening decision or innocent lives will be lost.Zac is not a bad person, he had made some stupid decisions in his life but they have all led to this. This is a story about redemption, acceptance and growth. He has the potential to do something great with his life and show just how wrong and judgemental some people in his life have been. He has something to prove and he does just that.I loved this. Zac definitely has redeemed himself in my eyes and I just knew he had it in him!

  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    2019-05-01 01:43

    Bad Son Rising by Julie A Richman3 stars!!“Please don’t fall in love with me, Zac silently warned. Please fall in love with me, Zac silently prayed.”I am a huge fan of the Moore Family series and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into Bad Son Rising. As much as we knew Zac Moore was the “bad boy” I knew that with a family like his that there must be some redeeming qualities in him somewhere, they just needed to be unearthed.Zac Moore did have a lot of redeeming qualities, it took his new family and the love of a beautiful woman to make him finally see the error of his ways, but falling in love was something that Zac had never contemplated or even thought possible.Zac had not had the best start in life with regards to his emotional wellbeing, his mother (if you can call her that!!) was not the best and had let things happen to him that no mother should have ever ever, yet she seemingly encouraged it or at least turned a blind eye. It is this start that left a profound mark on Zac’s abilities to form relationships, seemingly thinking that being “used” was the way that life was meant to be, hence the eternal playboy being born.Zac had met Liliana before and was completely taken by her then, but she just didn’t seem to give him the time of day. This was something that Zac Moore was certainly unaccustomed too; usually women threw themselves at him. To say his confidence took a bit of a battering is an understatement. However, fate had other ideas and their paths were destined to cross again and now was Zac’s time to make an impression. He was a man on a mission.I desperately wanted to love this book as I have loved this family with a passion but I have to be honest and say that I could not connect with either character which unfortunately took away some of my enjoyment. It was still a good read and I was glad to see Zac in a new light and that finally he could prove to himself and to his family that there was a good guy underneath all that false bravado. He does open up a bit in which we get to see an emotional side of Zac but he does do a complete one-eighty with his attitude and the way he lives his life. Schooner Moore’s fine attributes finally show through in his

  • Michele Welch
    2019-05-06 21:37

    After reading a loving Julie's first three books the Needing Moore Series I couldn't wait to read this. We first encountered Zac Moore in the previous series as a handsome teen who's his fathers double in looks but unfortunately his mothers son in more ways than one. Zac Moore wasn't nice but can a bad boy change his ways? We pick up with Zac just after his father Schooner's wedding to Mia Silver whilst at the wedding one Liliana Castillo the daughter of a friend of his fathers catches his eye. After a dance she ignores him and a surprised Zac isn't used to women behaving in this manor towards him. Zac Moore is used to having any woman he wants, They throw themselves at him and he uses them for his own needs then disguards them aside like used toys. He's the ultimate bad boy in college he and his close friends Liz and Brian get up to all kinds of stunts but they are the only people Zac feels he can trust. He has an understanding with Liz they bounce off each other and often to the outsider they appear to be a couple! But Liz knows things about Zac that very few know.But Zac has never forgotten Liliana Castillo, Two years down the line he can still smell her Pina Colada scent, Why does this girl still have this affect on him? He hasn't set eyes on her yet she still holds a small piece of him.Fate intervenes and Zac finds himself spending time in Africa just as his own father Schooner did all those years previously only this time someone else is there! The African experience brings about life changing experiences for the selfish, cocky bad boy Zac. But can the bad Zac ever redeem himself, Will Liliana ever accept him or will she turn her back on him once again as she did at the wedding.This book will give you a roller coaster ride of emotions, We get to catch up with a few characters from the previous books as they pop up in cameo roles throughout. Will the bad boy finally grow up and become a man? Your have to read and find out but rest assured you will not be disappointed Zac will leave you fighting his corner at all costs.Thank You Julie for Zac's story for allowing us the chance to love and understand this once troubled bad boy. The only disappointment for me is that we've come to the end of the Moore family.

  • Reanell Tisdale
    2019-04-25 22:36

    This was my first book of Julie's that I read, I've heard great things about the Moore series so when I saw she was doing a spin-off I had to read it. And did you see that cover?! I imagined that face the entire time I was reading about Zac Moore!!I am really impressed with the way Julie sucked me into the bad boy Zac Moore. We are introduced to him as he is being sucked off and is bored. I was quite surprised he wasn't into it more. But, we soon find out that he was used for sex at a young age and that's all he associates sex as; being used.Until he meets that one girl who sets his heart into overdrive. Liliana Castillo is set to stay away from Zac because she knows his bad boy type. One dance with him and she knows she has to stay away. Until fate steps in and pushes them in a situation where they will be working together in Africa. I really enjoyed reading about how the camps concentrated on bringing water back to the villages who needed it most. It showed a softer side to Zac and I was glad to see that side of him. Zac has a plan to make "Lils" as he calls her, fall for him. And it works. But what happens when life throws them a curveball they didn't expect and have to put somebody else's life before their own? Will Zac and Liliana's love be enough?I loved this story. I loved seeing Zac's character develop into something deeper than just a typically playboy. Even without me reading the Moore series, Julie made sure to include parts so I was kept up on what happened in the past. It was the perfect blend so I knew the score on Zac as a teenager. I am so impressed that I will be going back and reading the entire series now!

  • Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews
    2019-05-14 22:42

    Misunderstood, without a relationship compass, drifting to find his purpose in life is Zac Moore. He is at that "crossroads" of life where the big decisions he makes now will alter the path of his life.He has grown up without a true sense of family. Now that he is in college, he is older,smarter and able to recognize what a true and loving family looks like. Schooner and Mia have blended a family that exudes the magic of true love. Zac is now part of that family but still seeking to anchor himself.Meeting Lilly at Schooner's and Mia's wedding was a wake up call for Zac. No one had ever made such a strong impression on him. His experience growing up with women prowling to seduce him has left him without a foundation or guidelines on how to seek a normal relationship. Approaching and courting Lilly is not something he is equipped to handle. Lilly was the girl he would not soon forget. When life once again places Lilly and Zac together again, Zac uses all his wits to attract Lilly to him. Reading this part in the book reminded me of a general strategizing his moves. In the end, Zac and Lilly must realize loving each other does not necessarily guarantee staying together.Are we doomed to repeat the sins of our parents?This is a well written heartfelt story of growth, maturity, and finding your passion for life. With this passion comes the resolution to fight for our future and the things we love. It is a hard road full of experiences that will leave a mark on our souls. Through these experiences, our characters learn to appreciate the gifts of love. This young couple is one we will not soon forget.

  • Samantha Campos
    2019-05-15 21:33

    When first meeting Zac Moore in Julie A. Richmans Needing Moore trilogy I have to admit I wasn't a fan. With that being said, from the first page of Bad Son Rising I started to have a change of heart and by the end of the book, I had fallen in love with his character.We all have a story to tell, and I wasn't expecting the story I got, but I'm blown away at the events and feelings this story brought to me.Throughout Zac's story I found myself laughing, crying and cursing. There were times I believed my heart was going to beat out of my chest from the angst and just when I thought no more tears could be shed, I found myself reaching for the box of kleenex.It was great getting to meet new characters, catching up with the familiar and learning a bit more about them. All of which I will carry in my heart forever.Simply put, Zac Moore took me on a ride that I'll never forget. His character is so much more than meets the eye, and while he's swoon worthy with his looks alone, it was his compassion and love for those around him that captivated me.Julie's writing has a way of pulling me in and making me feel as if I'm living inside the book along with the wonderfully created characters she's put onto the screen of my tablet. She's a force to be reckoned with when it comes to details. I'm forever a fan, and look forward to reading what her talented mind brings us next.

  • Romance
    2019-05-14 21:24

    Zac Moore...GOOD LORD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!This man had me talking to him, crying with him and wanting to jump in the book and hug him until he was alright.If you loved Schooner then you will fall in love with Zac. Yeah, yeah, I know we wanted to kill him when we first met him. But we were too quick to judge him. In Bad Son Rising we get to KNOW Zac. We walk through life in his shoes and let me tell you my Jordan's are freaking comfy but they get dirty at times.This man is freaking intelligent and knows exactly how to use his smarts to get what he wants. But, guess what, he's also human. He has skeletons that he needs to air out and set himself free. Sadly, he doesn't quite know how to do that. He feels, and will learn how to express his feelings. Dare I say when he liberates himself from the weight of the burden he is carrying the world is a beautiful place where people are HAPPY!!! Where people fall LOVE!!!!The book will freaking blow you away. Julie Richman caught me with Searching for Moore and I am a FAN! I can't wait to see what journey she takes me on next.AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ!!!! THE RIDE IS FANTASTIC!

  • The Book Fairy Reviews
    2019-05-20 19:37

    An amazing story about how we grow up and learn from our mistakes. Yeah this is the story of Zac Moore and how he was a total F~up. That is until he learned that all he needed was the love of a woman to show him that he is worth everything he thought was beyond his reach. Not just any woman though, no the one that rejected him. The one that ignored him. The one and only Liliana Castillo.Inspiring, beautifully heart breaking and extremely hot. Zac is the ultimate playboy alpha. Playing with girls hearts and bodies for that matter, but also protective of those he loves. Do we love Zac? Yes, yes we do.Powerful emotions are brought about in this book as we learn why Zac is the way he is and why he perceives himself as a total F~up. I loved how when Liliana finally gives him his shot he promises to change and he does. I love that she manages to bring about the best in him weather together or apart he strives to make himself worthy of her...Swoon....Well written, well paced, and well Everything this book was simply Amazing!