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Corey Jones has always maintained he didn't want a mate. After falling for his college professor and having his heart broken, he vowed to never go there again. Now, his decision to remain single is put to the test when he meets his Alpha's new personal assistant, Ethan Davies, and discovers the man is his mate.After growing up in the foster care system all Ethan ever wanteCorey Jones has always maintained he didn't want a mate. After falling for his college professor and having his heart broken, he vowed to never go there again. Now, his decision to remain single is put to the test when he meets his Alpha's new personal assistant, Ethan Davies, and discovers the man is his mate.After growing up in the foster care system all Ethan ever wanted was a home and someone to love him. He's overjoyed that his recent move has brought him to his mate. Ethan's happiness soon turns to devastation when Corey walks away from him and their bond.Ethan is forced to walk a fine line between respecting his mate's wishes and refusing to give up on the one thing he's wanted his entire life. With Ethan's determination, an interfering bother, and pack members too interested in his personal life, Corey may not stand a chance....

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Corey Reviews

  • Serena Yates
    2019-03-14 12:04

    Although it doesn’t happen often, if the werewolf lore I have come across is to be believed, some wolves reject their mates. Some reasons seem to make more sense than others, but in this story, Corey thinks his reasoning is sound. After all, falling in love only to find out his human partner was cheating on him, was painful enough the first time. But when he meets his mate, there are a few things Corey overlooks and doesn’t count on, and watching him figure out what is different with Ethan is highly entertaining.After finding out that the college professor Corey thought he loved was cheating on him, Corey decides that love is overrated. One-night stands and hookups are all he is interested in and he intends to keep it that way. When he meets Ethan and it’s pretty clear the man is his mate, Corey is still not prepared to change his views. Fear of disappointment and pain, as well as not wanting to be vulnerable ever again drive Corey to run. But this situation is very different than the one with his human professor, and even though Corey’s wolf knows and it was pretty clear to me, Corey is in denial. It takes all of Ethan’s patience (which is considerable) and a lot of time for Corey to change his mind.Ethan has always wanted a mate. Orphaned at an early age and having grown up in foster care, Ethan never had anyone who loved him and there was nobody for him to love the way he imagines he will love his mate. Corey running away from him is a shock and a major disappointment, but Ethan is not one to give up easily. After all he wouldn’t have become a successful PA to the pack Alpha if he wasn’t persistent. Ethan sets out to woo Corey with single-minded determination and a ton of sensitivity that tells him when to back off.The other pack members all side with Fate and true love. Baker Declan and his mate Liam from book one are back, as are pack alpha Ben and his extremely pregnant mate Tommy from book two. Their support and meddling are a lot of fun – maybe not for Corey, but it’s the end result that counts, right?If you like werewolf stories focused on new mates who face a struggle before they get together, if a lonely man with infinite patience and a stubborn loner are your thing, and if you’re looking for a read that is entertaining, sometimes funny, and always emotional and hot, then you will probably like this novella.

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-03-15 11:51

    Getting caught back up in this series, and I'll admit that I'm a bit rusty on the first two books in the series since I haven't read them since they originally came out. I think I loved Tommy most of all! On to the next book!

  • Jenni Lea
    2019-02-24 06:07

    I didn’t enjoy this episode of the Atherton Pack series as much as I did her other books. Nothing much ever really happened. I think the best part out of the book was Tommy and he’s not even a main character. So 2.5 stars for me. I’ll still read the next book when it comes out though. I’m a loyal fan of Toni Griffin and won’t stop reading her work just because of one book.

  • Meags
    2019-02-25 09:04

    3 StarsThis instalment was not quite as enjoyable as the first two books in the series. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that Corey was in denial for most of the story and refused to accept Ethan as his mate for way longer than I was willing to deal with. Even though I liked that Griffin went against the grain here and wrote a shifter couple and a storyline that didn’t involve insta-love and super quick sexual gratification, I think I still prefer my shifter stories to have a bit more passion and yearning and that immediate spark, regardless of whether it’s instantly realised or not.I liked both characters well enough, but Corey’s reasoning for denying the mating bond (at least initially) didn’t work for me. He’d been left broken hearted a decade earlier by his douche of a (human) professor who had cheated on him, and sure, that’s sad and all, but as a shifter he’s well aware of what it means to have an actual destined mate and how that surpasses any normal relationship, so he should have left his past hurts at the door and embraced Ethan’s presence immediately. Plus, his wolf didn’t even like the Professor but it absolutely hungered for Ethan. It annoyed me that Corey denied his wolf’s instincts for so long. I just saw all of this as slightly contrived, because Corey should have been over the moon (like his wolf) to find his mate, so I viewed this as an implemented complication aimed at drawing out the potential romance, which bothered me. Either way, I still liked the book overall and I loved the background storyline following Tommy’s pregnancy and birth (he stole every scene he was in). I also liked the drama that unfolded at the end, particularly because it led to the introduction of Detective Damon Kelly, Kieran’s future mate.

  • Phaney
    2019-03-11 05:01

    Yawn.This was way too short and it feels incomplete. More time is spent on people showering (by themselves) than on having the main couple interact. And even when they’re together it’s mostly a list of things they do (for example press the play button, eat, watch a movie, change the DVD, etc). No interaction, not even dialogue.Characters as such are paper-thin. I liked no one. People either annoyed me or were nondescript.“No, I won’t contact Corey today; he needs time.” A few hours later Ethan calls Corey. And is being really pushy and obnoxious. How on earth is this likely to win someone over? Oh and sexualize it, why dontcha, when you know the guy has been cheated on by someone who apparently couldn’t keep it in his pants for more than the length of a lecture.I also don’t get why (view spoiler)[Ethan thought Corey would never want to see him again after that “disastrous” date when clearly it ended very happily (hide spoiler)]. Huh.And other things. I am nitpicky, I know, but “the half-empty bottle of lube that he used this morning” is blatantly incorrect since we know he slept in until noon and was woken by the arrival of his brother who stayed with him until the evening. It seems a small thing but it makes my brain hurt.As for the writing? Verbal clichés all over the place; bad editing as well.In the end this was boring and felt rather pointless. I did not expect terribly much from this but certainly more than I found.

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-02-25 09:54

    These books are light, easy-to-read fluff, and their plots are just interesting enough to keep you going, but they ultimately suffer the same fate as every other serial shifter saga: they're essentially the same book over and over again, so you lose interest. This one was extra annoying thanks to Corey's ridiculously over the top wangsting about his first twu wuv.

  • Hc Lynn
    2019-03-10 13:11

    Gaaaa.. I feel like I've already read this! It feels really familiar. I also know that I've been behind on reading new releases since August or September 2013.Ok so.. Corey is a dumbass. Kind of stupid reasoning to deny your mate and Ethan.. well I liked him. Go getter won't take no for answer etc. But the reaction to being blown off after meeting was too mild. Then after all this take charge attitude, after their disastrous date, he loses that and gives up simple because circumstances beyond his control with several accidents throughout dinner. Of course this endears Corey to stop resisting his mate. Unfortunately I had trouble feeling the connection between them at this point. By the time they actually finish the mate bond, even that didn't feel like there was enough...substance.. to me. Ok read for me but not over the top.

  • Shannon
    2019-03-10 05:17

    These little shifter stories are like my not so secret addiction and Toni Griffin's are my favs. The mating knot, the mpreg, the "gotta have you"'s like m/m crack. Nothing deep in the story just a fun read.

  • Pete W
    2019-03-12 08:06

    2.5 stars round up.Corey's reasoning felt weak and somewhat childish for me. That lead to the whole avoidance felt silly and not really compelling to read. Some parts were fun to read. I liked that there weren't rushing although the reasoning was weak for me.The cameos were all very enjoyable and funny to read. The secret was a bit of a let down after the built up in the blurb.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-26 12:50

    I was a little disappointed with this book, compared to the previous ones which I really enjoyed this one just seemed to miss something to the storyline. I was expecting a drama of some sort but it never happened. The best was where Tommy gave birth the their baby. maybe the next book will be better.

  • Aerin
    2019-03-13 05:06

    2.5 starsMy least favorite. It still has editing errors and Ethan came across as a stalker. If it was done differently maybe I would've liked it more. As it was, I wanted to punch Ethan in the face a few times. And Corey as well for going on and on and ON about his broken heart years ago.

  • ~SexyBookWorm~
    2019-03-03 04:48

    Total Dejavu!!! I just know I have read this book before! I actually really liked the story tho...Corey is resistant to his mating with Ethan. Ethan is determined to prove that he and corey are meant to be. ..Very cute story and it was even a bit funny at times.

  • Nikko
    2019-03-02 13:17

    Not bad but just dun like the fact that Corey siunds like a slut b4 knowing Ethan was his mate. Me just dun like sluts..

  • Jaime
    2019-03-06 10:05

    Second Time through...first time written. SECOND in audio. Enjoyed more in Audio.3 stars

  • Tori Thompson
    2019-03-21 07:54

    Loved it! I liked that Corey fought against the mate bond, but fate still won!

  • Kerrysullivan
    2019-03-08 09:54

    I do love these hot little books.

  • John-TorleifHarris
    2019-03-07 05:00

    Possibly the weakest in the seriesI had one big issue with this story: how could Corey think that his affair with his professor could have ever worked out? His wolf disliked the professor and the longer he tried to be with him, the wolf was getting more and more aggressive against it. Added to that, how did the teacher hide his infidelity from Corey and his wolf? Wouldn't you expect that they could smell others on him?Because of this, I felt that the conflict in the book felt forced. But I liked Ethan and his determination to not be shut out by Corey. I also loved the date scene - it was deliciously ridiculous.

  • Keris Shay
    2019-03-23 04:52

    2.5 stars...Corey irked me. I get that he had his heart broken by a human when he was in college. However we are told repeatedly that werewolf mates are insta love and forever no matter what. So his excuse of saying he can't be with Ethan bc he is afraid something will go wrong doesn't make much sense. The whole lead up to them was just dragging. However, this new story line with the hacking has caught my attention.

  • T.M. Smith
    2019-03-05 09:02

    "Fated mates aren't always perfect."What made the experience of listening to Corey the most enjoyable?The way Corey so valiantly tried to ignore the mating bond, only to realize that Ethan truly was the right path for him. Also, I loved how patient Ethan was with Corey, fully understanding the reasons behind his mate's hesitation.Who was your favorite character and why?Oh, hard one. Can't I pick both Corey and Ethan?What about Nick Flint’s performance did you like?Everything. I've said in an earlier book in this series that this is my first audiobook with an Australian accent and it's like sitting and listening to Hugh Jackman which is amazing.Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?It was and I did. I have been devouring this series book by book and I cannot wait to start book 4.

  • Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews
    2019-03-06 07:06

    3 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsThis story is part of a series and is best read in order. Ethan has been in the Atherton pack for only a short time, he has hopes of finding his dream in the future but is happy for the time being and then his dream walks through the door. Corey has had his heart broken in the past and has no intention of falling in love again but fighting the mating pull is harder than he thought especially when his mate is pulling out all the stops to woo him. Ethan knows that they can be blissfully happy together but first he has to convince Corey to give him a chance, even when it seems that fate is putting obstacles in their path. So we meet two head strong shifters who are both determined to have their own way, it makes for an interesting story with some heart searching but with little angst. Ethan has been alone for many years and has only ever wanted his own family, he looks forward to the day he will meet his mate and is so happy when he finds him in his new pack. Corey doesn't want to find love again, his last attempt left him heartbroken and he knows he wouldn't survive another failed relationship, so when he meets his mate he does everything in his power to ignore the man even as his wolf strains his control. When the two men come to an agreement it is with hope on one side and doubt on the other. I did enjoy this story and loved the dance between Corey and Ethan as they both try to get their own way, the story really is mainly about their relationship dance and the gaining of trust, but, it also has Tommy and Ben as they come to the end of their pregnancy. While I liked both Corey and Ethan I found Ethan to be too confident and aggressive in his pursuit of Corey, yes they were mates and Corey was trying to deny their bond but Ethan overrode what Corey wanted and, to me, became creepy in his pursuit. Corey is heart sore and doesn't trust that he won't be hurt again so you can understand him being wary even with his fated mate, there should a been a gentle courtship (yes Ethan did know why Corey was wary) to suit the situation. There's lots of sexual tension and some humorous situations, we also see some diva action from Tommy and Ben losing it, the threat that comes to the pack doesn't seem to be that bad in the grand scheme of things but carelessness could bring deep trouble. I recommend this if you enjoy shifters finding their true mates and having to work for it, learning to be patient and accepting what you can get, accepting love and opening your heart, and giving the man you come to love a chance.

  • Ali
    2019-03-25 05:48

    A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Review An Alisa Audiobook Review:Rating: 4 stars out of 5This is a wonderful addition to the Atherton Pack series. Corey has a nice life working for his best friend and alpha, while he keeps himself away from relationships he lives a mostly happy life. Ethan grew up in foster care and hasn’t had the connection of a pack and family (blood or otherwise) and jumps at the chance to get that when he comes to work for Ben.Corey was devastated when his heart was broken in college and he walks away from Ethan at first, despite what his wolf wants. Ethan is determined to win Corey over and is willing to take as long as needed for it to happen. Throughout this story I could feel for both of these characters. The story is told from both of their views so it is easier to know what the characters are thinking. As with the other books in the series I love that these two work towards a future instead of jumping into bed together.Nick Flint did a wonderful job narrating this story. I was able to understand the characters through the voices and emotions he portrayed. Even though this is a book I have read it felt new to me listening to him tell it.Cover art looks great and follows the pattern for the series.

  • Liza Kay
    2019-02-27 07:13

    I liked this book--although Tommy's adorable temper tantrums nearly stole the Mc's show ;)Corey was such a stubborn little shit and I just wanted to smack him upside the head for pushing sweet Ethan away again and again. On the other hand, it was nice to have a fated wolf who's not all over his mate and sucking his ...*caughs* ...after five minutes of knowing him. Ehtan, in his quiet and calm persistance, surprised me. I thought he'd have a stronger, maybe bitchier reaction to Corey's brush-off. But no, aside from his little panic after the disastrous date, he acted all grown-up and shit we're not accustomed to when dealing with hormone-driven shifters chasing their mates ;) Very nice, Ms. Griffin! I just love her books, and I love that she added some more content to the book before republishing it. So, this cute morsel of a book gets five stars.Keep going, Toni! I want to read more Atherton Pack and I'm dying of curiosity who'll be the sexy detective's mate. Is it really Kiernan? Or maybe Corey's presumably straight brother? Love GFY and enjoyed Marcus Holland's struggle when he met cute Brian.

  • Kelly H. (Maybedog)
    2019-02-28 13:06

    Ewww... Professor cones on to kid he's helping at the end of class. Supposed to be hot but I think it's just gross. Too creepy. Mpreg. Ick. Of course. Evil foster parents. All of them. I like this line about pulling up the blankets over them after sex (when the other guy is already asleep) without too much drama. It's so hard to pull up blankets over an already prone on top of them body. Is a sway in a man's hips sexy? This is a common thing in M/M books and I don't get it. A swagger, yes. But a sway? Maybe it's just me. Weird that they don't move in together right after they've claimed each other. It's not like they'd be moving too fast or that they'd need another apartment in case the relationship didn't work out. Besides, it wasn't even his own place but a room at the alpha's. What happened to the feeling someone was watching him? There was the promise of peril on top of the angst but no delivery. This author is so inconsistent. This was really good for a shifter book.

  • MorganSkye
    2019-03-01 11:56

    Poor Corey has had a bad experience with love in the past so he’s reluctant to let Ethan in, even though they are fated mates. Ethan is not one to be dissuaded so easily, so the challenge is on!There is more to be done with Corey’s skills as a hacker and some brushes with the law, but most of this is focused on Corey and Ethan finding their way into one another’s arms.It’s also great seeing the other couples, especially Tommy, dealing with their matings and pregnancies.This is best listened to/read in order as a series as there are a lot of overlapping characters and a single overarching story arc.AudioNick Flint is a great Australian narrator who does another fantastic job with this story. He doesn’t differentiate between the different characters with any significantly different voices, but it’s always easy to know who is speaking. It’s lovely to listen to this very Aussie story told by someone with a good accent.Highly enjoyable and recommended to fans of the series.4 of 5 stars

  • 315
    2019-03-07 13:09

    DNF stopped @ 40% - Was skimming because it was only so-so and I have other books calling to me.I never really warmed to this series completely and by the time I got to Corey's story I just became completely disengaged. Corey as a char really got on my last nerve and I didn't see him as the fun loving guy I expected in the previous books... you can't always force angst on a char that you've built up to be something else in the previous books.For me I felt the author left the reader with a lot of assumptions that I needed to made and too much wasn't explained. I think this is a spin off series and that you really need to read whatever that series is because it holds a lot of answers to bits that the author didn't go into any detail with these books. It was jarring to the point it kept knocking me out of the story.

  • Andrea Goodell
    2019-03-09 12:57

    This is book three and really should read in order.Corey and Ethan are a interesting pair. Both have been hurt by there pasts, one wants to stay away from anything to do with love and relationships. And the other never had love growing up and now wants it forever.I think what really confused me in the beginning was the we get Corey’s back story and then starts with Ethan, but nothing to suggest we’ve jumped time. So for a few pages/chapters I’m confused on who’s older, where are we.I what I did really enjoy was the slow date process, they both had a lot to work through and it was nice to see that happening. Instead of ‘were mates, get over your issues.’I also liked the continuation of everyone else’s story and the baby/pup being born. We are not left with a cliffy as such, but this was not wrapped up. I’m guessing we have a book four coming or is out and I haven’t seen.

  • Jess
    2019-02-26 06:04

    Aussie shifter hotness. I am reviewing all three books as one.I enjoyed this series and hope the author adds another 4th book. This book doesnt have an actual mpreg...just references the second book which does have a pregnancy and the third book has the birth happening.In general this is a fun loving and simple plot. It was a step up from the normal 'simple fluff' that you see in many books (like siren publishing authors). The other awesome thing is this book has be editing - I know - exciting right !!!If you like aussie books, if you like shifter book and you like mpregs then YOU will enjoy this one. There is not a huge amount of world building but it is enjoyable

  • Virginia Lee
    2019-03-05 11:56

    Ethan become the assistant to the Alpha. Corey is the Beta of the pack. When the 2 meet at the poker night game. Corey could not run fast enough to get away from Ethan, Corey has had he heart broken in the past and will not let it happen again. Ethan see that Corey is in pain and wants to help him to get over the pain. He gets help from Tommy who has everyone in the pack interested. Tommy is a character with being the Alpha mate and pregnant. This is part of a series and should be read in order.OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK: A good read, I will say that it was missing some heat that the previous stories had.MY RATING: 4 Hearts *****

  • AyoDollFace
    2019-03-23 07:16

    This is my second time reading it, but this is the expanded and re-edited version. 3.5 stars rounded up because I really liked Corey. Ethan and Corey's friends were another story. I felt they were a little too pushy with Corey, they could have given the guy more time. Especially Tommy, I understand hormonal emotions but he took it to far. Corey isn't even Tommy's mate and he went all alpha bitch on him which was way out of line!! All in all, still a good read.

  • ILoveMyAudibleKindle
    2019-03-20 07:03

    (This review applies to the Holland series and its spinoff Atherton pack)I enjoyed this series. Good plots, action, drama, family and mates. Each story moved a steady place and each relationship seemed to be fairly developed. While there was the typical fated mated pull, it was not insta-love, which is good. They still had to work towards the love. All the characters were likeable and each story emphasized the importance of family and trust