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To impress Julius Caesar, Queen Cleopatra promises to build the Roman Emperor a magnificent palace in just three months. Of course, Asterix has to get involved. By the time his feisty group from Gaul have finished, they’ve outwitted the Roman army, too....

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asterix ja kleopatra Reviews

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-07-01 19:09

    Astérix et Cléopâtre = Asterix and Cleopatra (Asterix, #6), René Goscinny Asterix and Cleopatra is the sixth book in the Asterix comic book series by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. It was first published in serial form in Pilote magazine, issues 215-257, in 1963. The book begins with an argument between Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, and Julius Caesar, in which Caesar belittles the accomplishments of the Egyptian people. Infuriated, Cleopatra makes a wager with Caesar promising to build a new palace in Alexandria within three months. Cleopatra summons Edifis, who claims to be the best architect in Egypt. She promises Edifis that if he builds the palace on time he will be covered with gold; if he fails, he will be a meal for the sacred crocodiles. ...تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ششم ماه می سال 2004 میلادیعنوان: ماجراهای آستریکس و ابیلیکس کتاب 06 - آستریکس و کلئوپاترا؛ نویسنده: رنه گوسینی؛ مترجم: مهدی شاه خلیلی؛ تهران، لک لک، 1381؛ در 48 ص، شابک: 9646488528؛ چاپ دیگر: تهران، تاریخ فرهنگ، 1383؛ شابک: 9647135700؛ چاپ دیگر: تهران، کلام، 1385؛ از ماجراهای آستریکس و ابیلیکس کتاب 06؛ در 48 ص؛ مصور رنگی؛ گروه سنی ج د؛ شابک: 9649394834؛ موضوع: داستانهای فکاهی مصور از نویسندگان فرانسوی قرن 20 ممترجم: فریبزر افروزی، تهران، پرتو واقعه، 1381؛ در 48 ص، شابک: 9649394869؛ کلئوپاترا شرطی با سزار بسته است، که مصریان قصری را طی مدت سه ماه بنا خواهند نهاد. معماری به نام نومروبیس برای به فرجام رساندن کار گماشته میشود، که در صورت عدم انجام در زمان ضرب العجل مقرر خوراک تمساحها خواهد شد. از آنجایی که عملیات با خرابکارهای مغرضانه از جوانب مختلف به قصد کند کردن آهنگ کار روبروست، نومروبیس دوستان گالیایی خویش، آستریکس و اُبلیکس را به یاری میخواند تا به کمک معجون میراکولیس راه رسیدن به مقصود را هموار سازد. ا. شربیانی

  • Nandakishore Varma
    2019-07-02 18:50

    "You can't argue with Cleopatra. She may have a foul temper, but such a lovely nose!"- Getafix the DruidFor the first time, another historical character other than Caesar enters the Asterix universe. I salute Goscinny and Uderzo on their conception of Cleopatra as a tantrum-throwing terror, permanently stuck in teenage. Even though this may be a possible crime against her memory, their conception of the queen is somehow sweet and endearing.This is the first adventure where Dogmatix becomes an integral part of the Asterix universe. Having followed Asterix and Obelix in the hope of getting a bone in their previous adventure (Asterix and the Banquet), he has appropriated Obelix as his master, who is hopeful of teaching his "little dog" to fetch menhirs. Well, whether he learns that or not, Dogmatix is instrumental in saving the lives of the team in this adventure!The most enjoyable part of this book is the dialogue in hieroglyphics and its translation. I laughed myself to tears over it!

  • David Sarkies
    2019-07-05 19:08

    Asterix comes to save Egytian nationalism22 July 2012 This album was somewhat more entertaining that the last one that I read though I am not really sure why. While Ceaser has always been portrayed as the villain in the Asterix albums, we begin to see more of his scheming and manipulative nature in this one. Cleopatra and Ceaser are having an argument as to whether Egypt is in decline or not, and Cleopatra decides to make a bet with him to build a palace for Ceaser in three months, however the only architect that she has is really bad, so he visits Amorica to see his old friend Getafix and as a result Asterix, Obelix, Dogmatix, and Getafix all go on a trip to Egypt to help Cleopatra win the bet. One thing that you cannot say about Asterix comics is that they are historically accurate: they are not. While there are a number of jokes that relate to the period in which it is set (and the more you understand the ancient world the more the jokes make sense) they are not attempting to accurately recreate the period. Though I will discuss this more below, one thing that was difficult in those days was travelling long distances, and the voyage from Rome to Alexandria was not an easy one. Egypt was not strictly the Egypt of the Pharoahs anymore, and had not been since the Assyrian invasion. In fact since the Egyptians lost the battle of Carcamesh to the Assyrians the once great Pharonic empire was in decline. Things changed when Alexander marched into the country and established the city of Alexandria and Egypt once again rose out of the ashes, but this time as a hybrid Greek-Egyptian culture. This new country was ruled by the Ptolemies for about two hundred years until this particular period. Cleopatra was the last of the Ptolemies to sit on an Egyptian throne, and with her death, Egypt became another province of Rome. At this particular period Ceaser was in Egypt simply because Pompey had been murdered after he fled there at the end of the civil war. Ceaser travelled to Egypt not so much to bring Pompey's body home, but to seek out his murderers and punish them accordingly. However while he was there Ceaser decided that he would leave a Roman garrison in Egypt and thus incorporating it into Rome as a protectorate. This lead to a brief skirmish between Ceaser's and Cleopatra's troops which resulted in the burning down of the Great Library (it was subsequently rebuilt and restocked and remained so until it was ultimately destroyed when the Muslims invaded). The other thing that I wanted to comment on with this album is the impossibility of being able to complete the task at hand. Even without having to travel to Amorica to pick up Asterix and Obelix, it would have been impossible to build a temple in three months. In fact, having to travel to Amorica and back again would probably have taken three months (if they were lucky). Travel back then was very slow, and sea travel was incredibly unpredictable. However, as mentioned above, Asterix is not about realism but rather about using the ancient world to satirise modernism, and in many ways the setting and the stories have a nature of their own.

  • Chris
    2019-07-16 19:50

    It's amazing what a pretty nose will get you.Old ReviewGo read Asterix, any of them. Honestly. Even if you're an adult. I read them first when I was around 8-10, and I return to them periodically. There is one level of humor for adults, another for children. Adults will crack up over every name. Honestly, what isn't funny about a druid named Getafix? This edition to the series is great. Though there is no pun on Cleopatra's name, there are pretty of comments about her nose. A nice and amusing use of Cleopatra. I enjoyed how the Sphinx lost its nose.

  • Laura
    2019-07-12 14:05

    Nous sommes en 50 avant Jésus-Christ. Toute la Gaule est occupée par les Romains... Toute ? Non ! Un village peuplé d'irréductibles Gaulois résiste encore et toujours à l'envahisseur...

  • Damian Dubois
    2019-06-29 16:19

    Ah yes, a lovely nose indeed. As cartoony as this Cleopatra happens to be she sort of reminds me of a girl I once had a crush on back when I was around the age of 19 or 20. Similar features, Italian rather than Egyptian, a lovely lass indeed. A mad thought crossed my mind, send the girl a big bunch of flowers, yeah, she might like that. Yeah, that didn't go so well... lovely nose though.It's been a long time indeed since I read an Asterix comic, possibly as far back as me being a wee lad under the age of 12 but I can still say now at the age of 38 I still enjoy them. Last week I had taken my daughter to the local library and while she was loading up her book bag with all of her stuff, I've sneakily slipped in Asterix and Cleopatra while she wasn't looking. When we got to the counter to scan them all in she has come across the book and turned to look at me as if to say, "What's this then?" I've just shrugged my shoulders and said, "I have no idea how that got in there but scan it anyway as you'll like it." Needless to say it's only I that has read it so far ;)I'll have to remember to borrow a few more next time we go. 4 stars.PS: While searching for my comic Cleopatra I also stumbled across this little beauty. The stunningly beautiful Monica Bellucci has apparently played Cleopatra in a live action Asterix movie! I have no idea if the movie is any good or not and I seriously don't care. How good does she look?!?!?! ;)

  • Joseph R.
    2019-06-25 19:51

    Julius Caesar, while hanging out with Cleopatra, makes fun of Egypt's has-been status as a great empire. Sure, they built the pyramids, but that was thousands of years ago...what have they done lately? Cleopatra defiantly claims they can build a palace to Caesar in Alexandria in three months. Caesar will acknowledge Egpyt's greatness if she can pull it off. She summons the best architect of Alexandria, Edifis, for the job. He knows he'll need magical powers to pull it off, but he knows this druid in Gaul. After a quick visit to Asterix's village, Edifis recruits village druid and potion mixer extraordinaire Getafix to help out. Naturally, Asterix and Obelix tag along for the adventure. Will they be able to build a palace or will they be fed to the Nile crocodiles?This is another fun adventure. They hit all the highlights of Egypt--the pyramids, slaves building things, the Sphinx, mummies, and the immortal beauty of Cleopatra's nose. Recommended.

  • Bart
    2019-07-05 20:04

    Actual rating: 3.75

  • Copotronic Rifat
    2019-06-28 14:50

    Amazing, always throws me back in my childhood.

  • Marcos Kopschitz
    2019-07-09 12:04

    A receita de humor de Goscinnny e Uderzo continuava em seu sexto álbum: nomes engraçados cheios de trocadilhos, críticas a problemas contemporâneos, transposição de fatos da época para o mundo romano, gozação com os franceses e outros povos etc. E já começava logo na capa de Asterix e Cleópatra, em que os gauleses vão obviamente ao Egito! Justamente, a capa original era outra. Acontece que a história é de 1963, ano em que também estreou a superprodução “Cleópatra”, com Elizabeth Taylor no papel da rainha, e Richard Burton como Marco Antonio. Mais uma vez, a dupla de criadores de Asterix brinca com um filme (então recentíssimo) de enorme sucesso mundial. Assim, a capa mais parece um cartaz de cinema, justamente porque já é uma brincadeira com o cartaz do filme, desde as letras até a redação, passando pela imagem, uma paródia proposital. Naquele ano, devia ser só ver a capa para começar a rir! Essas piadas de época tendem a se perder, e talvez por isso a capa tenha sido refeita. Parte da brincadeira ficou registrada e está em uma página interna na edição atual. Mas o melhor mesmo é achar na Internet tanto a capa antiga quanto o cartaz do filme!Assim também muitas das outras piadas fáceis e referências imediatas da época vão ficando incompreensíveis para leitores de mais de cinquenta anos depois. Mas nem por isso os álbuns deixaram de ser engraçados e um grande sucesso. Porém, para apreciar todo o humor, é preciso saber muita coisa – ou veja desta forma: tornaram-se uma oportunidade para descobrir muita coisa, também!Algumas dicas para captar detalhes interessantes:1. As cenas com Cleópatra quase sempre se referem ao filme ou a situações ligadas a ele, como o temperamento da rainha (quebrando vasos, por exemplo), alusão ao da atriz Liz Taylor.2. Asterix e Panoramix jogam dados e Panoramix faz a combinação 4-2-1, a mais valiosa no jogo que tem justamente com este nome, “421”, popular na França, ao contrário do que pensa Obelix, que diz que o jogo “nunca vai pegar aqui”.3. Continua a brincadeira de cada povo ter nomes com a mesma terminação: gauleses, “ix”, godos, “ic”, etc. Os nomes egípcios terminam em 'is”, para brincar com Ísis, Osíris, etc. O primeiro egípcio a aparecer é o arquiteto real, Numerobis – trocadilho que dá certo tanto em francês quanto em português. Seu rival, cujo nome no original francês era Amonbofis, é bem reinventadíssimo na tradução como Timetamon! Amon, claro, é também o nome de uma divindade egípcia! E ainda temos Ifiuplis (if you please), Ginfis (gin fizz), Pedibis etc.4. Misamplis, o escriba, é uma referência a “O escriba sentado”, famosa estatueta egípcia de cerca de 2500 a.C. que se encontra no Museu do Louvre, em Paris.5. Assim como a língua dos godos era representada por letras góticas, a dos egípcios é por desenhos que brincam com os hieróglifos, os antigos caracteres egípcios, decifrados, por sinal, por um francês, Champollion.6. Panoramix se refere ao farol de Alexandria como “uma das maravilhas do mundo”, o que era, de fato, no mundo antigo.7. Panoramix diz a Obelix que, “do alto destas pirâmides, vinte séculos nos contemplam”, alusão à frase célebre de outro francês, Napoleão, que disse, vinte séculos depois: “do alto destas pirâmides, quarenta séculos nos contemplam”.8. Timetamon lê um jornal, no original, o Pharaon-Soir, brincando com Le Soir, francês. Na primeira edição brasileira, foi o “Jornal do Egypto”, possivelmente com relação ao “Jornal do Brasil”, importante jornal de então. Agora, é a “Folha do Egito”, adaptação necessária, o JB não existe mais. E as tirinhas que aparecem também faziam brincadeiras com nomes conhecidos. Aqui, uma foi intitulada “O direito de nassêr”, com duas referências: a uma novela brasileira de grande sucesso na época, “O direito de nascer”, e ao fato de que o presidente do Egito então se chamava Gamal Abdel Nasser. Muito bom! Mas manter esta brincadeira na edição atual não ficou tão bom, ninguém mais sabe da novela nem de Nasser. Já a segunda tirinha foi atualizada para “A escrava Ísis”, alusão a outra novela de sucesso na TV, “A escrava Isaura”. Boa tentativa, bastante engraçada, mas a novela também já ficou antiga demais para que a graça seja percebida pelos mais jovens. 9. Ao se despedir, Asterix sugere que, se os egípcios resolverem abrir um canal entre o Mediterrâneo e o Mar Vermelho, chamem alguém de sua terra. Outra brincadeira: foram os franceses que construíram o Canal de Suez.10. Entre outras referências e críticas a aspectos do mundo atual:i. Relações de trabalho, com horas extras e grevesii Vendedores de lembranças em pontos turísticosiii. Obelix encontrando um obelisco e sugerindo um “no meio da praça de nossa aldeia, o que Asterix acha “ridículo”.iv. A melhor de todas, dados os tempos brasileiros atuais: Numerobis diz que a obra do palácio ficou pronta e que “o prazo foi respeitado”. Uma nota “esclarece” que na época, isso era “muito raro no setor de construção”!E outros destaques do álbum:1. Ideiafix recebe este nome e tem participação ativa na história, salvando os três heróis.2. Pela primeira vez deixam Obelix tomar a poção mágica, mesmo assim, somente três gotas!3. Fica solucionado um mistério histórico: o motivo de a esfinge não ter nariz!No Brasil, os álbuns de Asterix começaram a ser publicados pela Editorial Bruguera, em capa dura, como na Europa, o que ocorreu até o nono álbum. A partir do décimo lançamento, passaram a ser publicados pela Cedibra (Companhia Editora Brasileira), em brochura. O meu é o antigo, com a capa original!No início, os álbuns não foram lançados na mesma ordem dos originais franceses, o que resultou em diferentes numerações dos 36 álbuns. Este álbum, Asterix e Cleópatracuriosamente, foi o sexto a ser lançado tanto no original quanto no Brasil. Assim, não mudou de posição na série, como outros.Mas a Editora Record já resolveu o problema, quando as edições passaram a ser as da chamada série remasterizada. A tecnologia de impressão e produção de quadrinhos, é claro, avançou muito em mais de cinquenta anos. A editora francesa produziu ótimos novos originais, sob orientação de Uderzo, que estão sendo publicados também no Brasil. A nova colorização é excelente, há ganhos enormes em todo o álbum.Uma nota sobre a versão atual: aparece uma frase de Cleópatra: “Fui injusta com vós, gauleses.” Doeu. O correto seria “Fui injusta convosco, gauleses”. A primeira edição brasileira também tinha lá suas mancadas, mas depois de mais cinquenta anos de indústria editorial, parece razoável cobrar boa revisão e respeito ao nosso idioma.Referências para este álbum1. Site oficial de AsterixQuantidade enorme de informações históricas, sobre cada álbum, os autores, personagens, edições, etc., além de papéis de parede e mais.Em francês e inglês, com algumas partes em outras línguas incluindo o português de Portugal.Em www.asterix.com2. Veja a relação entre a capa original do álbum e o cartaz do filme> Imagem com uma das capas antigas (da Editora Record, provavelmente de 1985)No site oficial, em> Um dos cartazes do filme> Autores: René Goscinny (1926 – 1977), roteiro, e Albert Uderzo (1927), desenhos> Lançamento original na França – Em formato seriado: na revista Pilote, em 05/12/1963– Em álbum: 1965> Lançamento no Brasil – final dos anos 60 ou início dos anos 70, pela Editorial Bruguera, em capa dura – tradução de Jorge Alexandre Faure Pontual> Edição atual remasterizada: Hachette Livre, 1999. Editora Record, décima terceira edição em 2015 (primeira edição em 1985)> Tradução: Paulo Madeira RodriguesA série remasterizada de Asterix(Volumes de 1 a 10)número de ordem original na França e atual no Brasil, (ano de publicação original), título em português, (título original em francês)1. (1961) Asterix, o gaulês (Astérix le Gaulois) *** R2. (1962) A foice de ouro (La Serpe d'or) *** R3. (1963) Asterix e os godos (Astérix et les Goths) *** R4. (1964) Asterix gladiador(Astérix Gladiateur) *** R5. (1965) Uma volta pela Gália com Asterix (Le Tour de Gaule d'Astérix) *** R6. (1965) Asterix e Cleópatra (Astérix et Cléopâtre) *** R7. (1966) O combate dos chefes (Le Combat des chefs)8. (1966) Asterix entre os bretões (Astérix chez les Bretons)9. (1967) Asterix e os normandos (Astérix et les Normands) *** R10. (1967) Asterix legionário (Astérix légionnaire) *** RVeja os dez volumes seguintes na resenha de12. (1968) Asterix nos Jogos Olímpicos (Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques) *** R *** R – Álbuns já resenhados por mim

  • Amalie
    2019-07-08 13:58

    The series of Asterix is absolutely hilarious, and there's nothing like it! The main setting for the series is an unnamed coastal village in Armorica, a province of Gaul (modern France), in the year 50 BC. Julius Caesar has conquered nearly all of Gaul for the Roman Empire. The little Armorican village, however, has held out because the villagers can gain temporary superhuman strength by drinking a magic potion brewed by the local village druid, Getafix.The main protagonist and hero of the village is Asterix, who, because of his shrewdness, is usually entrusted with the most important affairs of the village. He is aided in his adventures by his rather fat and unintelligent friend, Obelix, who, because he fell into the druid's cauldron of the potion as a baby, has permanent superhuman strength. Obelix is usually accompanied by Dogmatix, his little dog.Asterix and Obelix (and sometimes other members of the village) go on various adventures both within the village and in far away lands. Places visited in the series include parts of Gaul (Lutetia, Corsica etc.), neighbouring nations (Belgium, Spain, Britain, Germany etc.), and far away lands (North America, Middle East, India etc.). The series employs science-fiction and fantasy elements in the more recent books; for instance, the use of extraterrestrials in Asterix and the Falling Sky and the city of Atlantis in Asterix and Obelix All at Sea."Asterix and Cleopatra" begins with an argument between Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, and Julius Caesar, in which Caesar belittles the accomplishments of the Egyptian people. Infuriated, Cleopatra makes a wager with Caesar promising to build a new palace in Alexandria within three months. Cleopatra summons Edifis, who claims to be the best architect in Egypt. She promises Edifis that if he builds the palace on time he will be covered with gold; if he fails, he will be a meal for the sacred crocodiles.A worried Edifis enlists the help of the Gauls, Asterix, Obelix, Getafix, and Dogmatix. Thanks to Getafix and his magic potion, the work goes forward on schedule, despite multiple attempts by Edifis's arch rival, Artifis, to sabotage the construction...(Wikipedia)

  • Willem van den Oever
    2019-07-19 18:03

    Outraged by the comments of Julius Ceasar that the Egyptians are a spend civilization, queen Cleopatra assures the Roman leader she’ll build him a glorious palace in just three months to prove her empire hasn’t lost its glory. Struggling architect Edifis is assigned to complete the task and – shocked by the workload and the slim amount of time he has for it – he quickly travels to the Gaul village of Asterix, Obelix and Getafix, begging the trio to assist him with his work. With the help of Getafix’s magic potion, the construction should be a problem no more.But the aid of the Gauls might not be enough, what with competing architects, Roman emperors and some very hungry crocodiles actively preventing the construction to be finished on time.‘Asterix and Cleopatra’’s plot is deceptively simply, centering around a simple bet that goes horribly wrong. But under the main story, Goscinny is able to add layers that make this book interesting for readers of all ages. Younger readers will be cheering for Asterix´s victories, while mature readers will discover the jokes regarding trade unions, dead languages, Modernism and pop culture references. Uderzo’s work, likewise, shows the man is a master at what he does. There’s the greatest attention paid to details and his characters are all wonderfully drawn. First published only a year after the Elizabeth Taylor movie, Uderzo doesn’t miss the opportunity to turn the cover of this book into a parody of the Hollywood movie, with Asterix taking over the role of Rex Harrison and Obelix posing as Richard Burton. It shows his ability to give his work always that little something extra, making it worthwhile to pay attention to his pencil work. With so many things happening in the background, the jokes quickly multiply.Like the Egyptian culture, the adventures of Asterix prove to have stood the test of time, having lost none of their splendor and beautiful since their original publication.

  • Maninee
    2019-06-22 14:05

    far far away from the village of gaul; in the heart of the land of the pharaohs the pretty cleopatra, exquisite nose and all, is engaged in a furious battle of words with none other than julius caesar, the very head of the roman empire. dear old julius has said that the egyptians are not what they used to be... the days of the great pharaohs are over. and had it not been for her graciousness' sporting spirit, i'm afraid his day would be over too. the queen on hearing caesar's comment challenged him to a bet. she would build him a palace in alexandria in threes months' time and if she failed would admit that the egyptans are not what they used to be. poor edifis, the chief architect of egypt, is now in a right pickle, should he succeed, he shall be covered in gold, but should he fail he shall be thrown to the crcodiles. and the odds are immnensely in favour of the crocodiles. plus, there's his rival architect artifis to be taken into account, whose great number of slaves and talents(egyptian money) are more than edifis could possibly ever hve. so who should he go to in these times of stress than the the magician, the druid, the gaul getafix? and thus starts another adventure of our good old friends, the gauls who truly are rady to drop everything on hand(alive or not) and set off to the aid of another.this is one off the best in the series so far. the word play is as good as it gets, the characters of edifis and his assistant are hilarious. the plot tends to drag a bit at times, especially with the building of the palace, but ther than that it is truly a book worth recommending.

  • Coenraad
    2019-06-20 13:54

    ASTERIX EN CLEOPATRA tel sekerlik as een van die heel beste Asterix-verhale. Die reis na Egipte, die spanning oor die oprig van die paleis en die vindingrykheid van die Galliërs skep 'n klassieke avontuur. Dit skep ook die kans vir vele grappies en woordspelings. Soos in die vorige vertalings van Sonya van Schalkwyk-Barrois is die Afrikaans vol wonderlike vindings. Let op na die een strokiesprent in die koerant wat die argitek Akkedis lees: Adonis-hulle. Lekker! Maar op een belangrike punt, een van die mees klassieke grappies in die hele reeks, stel sy teleur: tensy ek baie dom lees (en ek sal dit erken as ek deur iemand anders oortuig word dat ek verkeerd is), werk die aleksandryn nie. Haar skitterende name vir die spioen (Uitvis) en die sekretaris (Opsyjis) verhoed amper daarvoor: ek moes eers ophou lees om te lag!ASTERIX AND CLEOPATRA must count as one of the classics in this hilarious cartoon series. The narrative is exciting and the jokes come thick and fast. The Afrikaans translation is excellent and captures most of the jokes very well. However, the famous alexandrine (unless I'm making a stupid mistake) does not scan correctly. The choice of names for the characters almost make up for this lost opportunity: I had to close the book and finish laughing before I could proceed.

  • Helmut
    2019-06-29 14:07

    Architektur interkulturellNa, da soll mal einer sagen, Asterix und Obelix seien nicht aktuell. In einer Szene diskutieren sie darüber, wie sich so ein ägyptischer Obelisk mitten im gallischen Dorf machen würde, parallel erscheint passend dieser Artikel bei Spiegel-Online. So pompöse Architektur muss man aber mögen, zumindest Abraracourcix, der Häuptling des Dorfs, ist da wie ich eher konservativ-gallisch veranlagt.Neben diesen Anspielungen auf die französische Geschichte finden sich auch erneut zuhauf viel Slapstick und Humor, den man Kindern ebenso wie Erwachsenen vorsetzen kann, ohne was falsch zu machen. Mir, als erwachsener Leser, fallen mir dann halt auch die wunderbaren Stellen auf, die ich als kindlicher Leser, und dann noch auf deutsch, völlig übersehen habe: Wie Numerobis, der Ägypter aus Alexandria, im gallischen Dorf den Druiden in Versform anspricht, und dieser sich zu seinen gallischen Freunden umdreht und sagt: "C'est un Alexandrin!" Herrlich.

  • Книжни Криле
    2019-07-13 12:01

    Наздраве... с глътка магическа отвара! А вместо фойерверки - всеки римски легионер ще види звезди посред бял ден! Да посрещнем Новата Година с едни любими герои от 50 години пр. Хр., които със сигурност ще продължават да векуват! :) Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле":

  • Guguk
    2019-06-29 12:11

    Asterix memang cocok disebut sebagai komik "historical fiction" (^,,^)Suka sama Cleopatra & Julius di sini...Aku suka banget, Ayah juga suka baca Asterix ini, si Beruk (adek) juga suka~Sampe sekarang kalo nemu yang bekas pun masih berusaha ngoleksi (^ ^)

  • Zebardast Zebardast
    2019-07-10 17:08

    man asheghe in nazarm tanha ketabie ke a zin seri be farsi tajome shode:)

  • Kirsty Cabot
    2019-06-29 15:14

    Not an awful lot to say... Great fun with Asterix and Obelix, Getafix and Dogamatix as they help build a palace for Julius Caesar in Egypt on behalf of Cleopatra and her lovely nose.

  • Jacques le fataliste et son maître
    2019-06-27 19:57

    Bella storia con bei personaggi (anche minori). Brillante l’uso umoristico dei geroglifici nei balloon.

  • Tapani Aulu
    2019-07-10 12:20

    Selkeästi jo erilainen tarina saatiin aikaan kun lähetettiin Asterix, Obelix, Idefix ja Akvavitix Egyptiin rakentamaan Kleopatran arkkitehdille upea kaupunki. Tämä liittyi taas vedonlyöntiin, kuten edellisessäkin kirjassa. Tällä kerralla Kleopatra (jolla muuten on hyvin sievä nenä) lyö vetoa itse Julius "Julle" Caesarin kanssa. Muistan että tämä oli pikkujunnuna suosikki Asterixeista, ja olihan tämä tähänastisista selvästi paras.

  • Shirley (stampartiste)
    2019-06-30 15:59

    I hadn't read this book since I was a kid. I had forgotten how much fun it is, and the play on words is hilarious! I enjoyed it so much. I read my French version and wondered how successful the English translation is, but it seems from the other reviews that wordplay is also the key humor in these books.

  • Felix
    2019-07-14 15:56

    Numérobis, un architecte alexandrin cherche son ami Panoramix le druide gaulois pour l'aider à réaliser un défi dont il est chargé entre la reine Cléopatre et César: construire à César son plus beau palais en Egypte.Avec l'aide de ses amis Astérix et Obélix, Panoramix réussira-t-il le projet?Pour les 5-12 ans

  • Marion
    2019-06-30 16:18

    Ça y est, Idéfix est enfin là.J'adore le film qui a été fait à partir de cette BD. C'est assez curieux d'ailleurs de se rendre compte que certaines images du film sont des cases de la BD. Et puis les dessins sont identiques, ainsi que certaines répliques (on s'y attend un minimum mais tout de même).

  • Gillian
    2019-06-19 13:16

    Can Cleopatra build a temple to rival those of Caesar? Will Caesar's wily attenpts at sabotage win the bet for him? Asterix and Obelix bring a different work ethic to the Egyptian construction site with the help of the druid's magic potion, of course.

  • Kurtis
    2019-07-14 20:08

    A great comic book and time killer. I'v read it over and over again but if your looking for a more advance book, this is not what you want.

  • Ivan
    2019-06-26 12:02

    Une de mes séries BD préférées de l'enfance!

  • Sha
    2019-07-02 14:10

    *3.5 stars*

  • Inga
    2019-07-11 18:19

    "Aber sie hat ja so eine schöne Nase..." :)

  • Lupo
    2019-07-17 20:20

    Il migliore di tutti gli Asterix.