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Delta Force operator Kolt Raynor must thwart a deadly terrorist plot in this globe-hopping special operations thriller in the New York Times bestselling series When SEAL Team Six killed Osama bin Laden, they pulled a treasure trove of intelligence on planned attacks on U.S. soil. Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda's new leader, is activating his most trusted (and deadliest) terrDelta Force operator Kolt Raynor must thwart a deadly terrorist plot in this globe-hopping special operations thriller in the New York Times bestselling seriesWhen SEAL Team Six killed Osama bin Laden, they pulled a treasure trove of intelligence on planned attacks on U.S. soil. Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda's new leader, is activating his most trusted (and deadliest) terrorists to carry out his newest plot: to detonate a bomb inside one of the sixty-four commercial nuclear power plants in the U.S. in an attack ten times worse than 9/11, causing radiological fallout that would kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans.The President wants answers quickly, and after Kolt Raynor saved his life a few months earlier, he knows Delta Force is fully capable. But Kolt is on the verge of getting forced out of JSOC for disobeying orders in Pakistan—and when he's offered a slot in Tungsten, an ultra-secret deep-cover organization, he jumps at the chance. Now his task is to infiltrate al Qaeda and prevent this deep-cover terror cell from making their plot a reality before it's too late.In Full Assault Mode, former Delta Force commander Dalton Fury takes readers inside the world of undercover special operations—where every wrong step costs lives, and one minute might just be one minute too late . . ....

Title : Full Assault Mode
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Full Assault Mode Reviews

  • Rob1109
    2019-06-15 16:19

    What the hell happened to Dalton Fury???I read his first novel, Black Site, and loved it. It was one of the best novels I read that year. As soon as I finished, I couldn't wait for the next one. The second novel, Tier One Wild, I think was a step-back. I enjoyed it but not as much as Black Site. Whereas Fury's first novel was non-stop action and edge of your seat thrills, his second novel I found to be a bit draggy. The first 80 pages were good. The last 80 pages were good. The middle part dragged.Still, I couldn't want to get all comfy in my favorite chair and start Full Assault Mode. I don't think I've ever been so disappointed in a book. I'm not even sure where to begin so if I skip around, I apologize. Then again, a review that skips around makes sense since Full Assault Mode skips around.Colt Raynor: He's a rebel. He's reckless. He doesn't go by the book. He's a risk taker who always is on the edge of insubordination. He hates bureaucracy and following orders. He's Mitch Rapp, Scot Harvath and John McClane all rolled into one. Then explain to me how he can be so reckless and wild and free-thinking in the field. Yet, always shows the utmost respect to his commanding officers.Is Colt Raynor gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that goes. Colt Raynor is a guy. I, too, am a guy. I know I'll sound like a `male pig' but GUYS notice WOMEN. Plain and simple. No matter what we are doing, if an attractive girl is around, you bet we'll notice her. We can be in the middle of a work out but if a good looking girl gets on the Stairmaster in front of us, we'll definitely notice. If we are walking our dog, bending over to scoop his poop and a girl in short-shorts walks by, yes, we'll notice. Okay, we're guys and yes, ladies, we're pigs. However, Colt Raynor never notices women. I understand he bleeds red, white and blue. He loves his country. He's a patriot. But he never notices a woman. True. There was only one woman in this book (Cindy Bird) but Raynor never notices what she's wearing, her hair, her eyes, her lips, her perfume. Guys notice that. The dialogue with Cindy also seems strained, forced and not natural. However, when Colt is BS-ing with his macho male buddies form delta Force, he has no problem communicating with them.What's up with Dalton Fury's excessive use of "Yes" and "No." It seemed like every few pages, he threw in something along these lines: Yes, Colt was angry. No, he wouldn't hold back. Yes, Abdul was ready to sacrifice himself to Allah. No, he'd have no regrets. Yes, Colt was running out of time. No, he wouldn't rush the mission. Yes, it was hot. No, it was not too hot. Yes, it was raining. No, it was not pouring. You get the idea.The govt learns that terrorists are likely to attack a nuclear power plant. Uh oh, serious stuff. Maybe, just maybe, they can put together a team--get the CIA, FBI ready. Use our military to protect nuclear power plants. But nope, they leave the entire safety and security of America in the hands of ONE man.Colt is EVERYWHERE. I've never seen one protagonist travel so much. He must accrue plenty of air miles. He's in Pakistan. Then he's in DC. Now he's back in Afghanistan. Now he's at Fort Bragg. Now Virginia. Now South Carolina. And yet, he never suffers jet lag.Mr. Fury, in this novel, seems to have an addiction to brand names. Over and over and over he'll overwhelm us with unnecessary facts. There are numerous examples but here is one from page 217:***Carlos nervously checked the gold cuff links on his Rolex-wrapped wrist and then straightened his plum-colored half Windsor before buttoning the top button on his Armani pinstripe, which had to have taken, easy, forty thousand silkworms to make***This was one example. There were plenty more.The plot itself was not only not at all believable but rather confusing 2/3 of the way through. SPOILER: Terrorists are planning to use an `insider,' a disgruntled American who works at a power plant, to help them carry out their attack. They spend several months communicating with him from the Middle East. However, they don't vet him. They never bother finding out what he looks like. Therefore, when Raynor `assumes' the identity of this individual, the terrorists are clueless that it's a different person. This would NEVER happen. Also, Raynor (in the role of Timothy, the power plant employee) meets with Cindy for lunch. The terrorists are following him (how a guy with Raynor's background is unaware he is being followed is beyond me but okay). The terrorists see Raynor/Timothy with a woman. They assume she is his wife, are surprised to learn he is married and then, for some reason, decide to kidnap her to make sure Raynor/Timothy follows through. Totally unbelievable yet again. Cindy apparently gets killed. Yet, Raynor seems to have no guilt about it. ***End spoiler***In one other scene, Raynor is having a conversation with the terrorists. The terrorists refer to the date of the attack (I don't recall the exact date) but they say, "Twenty April." WRONG. Only American military would refer to a date in that way.Another huge drawback to his novel is the overabundance of acronyms. I've never served in the military. But I have read many books that feature a military theme or storyline. My 2 favorite writers are Vince Flynn and Brad Thor. However, my lack of military service left me at a huge disadvantage. Yes, I know what basic acronyms stand for--NSA, JSOC, KIA, POTUS, SECDEF. However, there were so many others that were used and not explained, I was left in the dark.I never ever imagined I'd be rating a Dalton Fury book one star. But I have to. This story was so poorly written, the plot so unbelievable, the storyline so unbelievable and the jumps from one scene to another along with a storyline that kept skipping around so much it was hard to follow, I was unable to even finish this book. I got to page 240 of about 330 and simply couldn't take it anymore. Only one other time had I read that many pages of a novel and not completed it.Will I read the next Dalton Fury novel? I highly doubt it.

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-06-10 12:15

    Here we are again with Major Kolt Raynor the maverick operator of the Delta Force.Now, this is a digression, but I do wonder why the protagonists are always, "mavericks". I mean while the ability to think on your feet and fo0r yourself are prerequisites for spec. ops. operators, I've never really known one who was quite as rebellious as Kolt...Anyway, another good action read running down a key terrorist figure. Kolt here is (again) in trouble with Delta and about to be forced into schooling that will possibly/probably end his field service...He gets loaned out to another covert program (no more lest I give a spoiler). This (the third novel in the Delta Force series) is in some ways more "cloak and dagger" then the others but you still get a nice dollop of action. Enjoy.

  • Dan Smith
    2019-06-11 16:39

    Kolt Raynor takes care of a matter in the middle east and his superior officer does not like it and moves him from the unit. He goes to work for an independent contractor searching for a terrorist that is planning to hit a sight in the U.S. Outstanding work by Mr. Fury. This is a relatively new series and each of the books have been as exciting as they come. Cannot wait for the next installment.

  • Patrick
    2019-06-14 14:40

    After the leading pair of novels I was very excited for the next one. But, within a few pages, it became apparent that the usual energy and snappy dialogue wasn't there. While I enjoy the small details in books, this time it felt overdone. After it has already been mentioned three times I don't need to be frequently reminded that Crye Precision made the Kolt's knee pads. I get it, operators love their Cryes and other kit, but at a certain point the story becomes catalog for H&K and Opscore. It made the book feel long on details and short on everything else. The characters all just stiff, without any well written bits to make them seem real; and that should have been a no-brainer given the previous books. Every time a character started talking I gritted my teeth at how dumb they sounded, like in a bad action movie. The plot itself was decent, but more time should have been taken to polish the many rough spots and really bring the story to life.

  • Seanna
    2019-06-15 11:21

    Good stuff.

  • Brad
    2019-06-10 10:40

    I have been on the fence with this series, the first one I gave 3 stars, second 4... But this book turns nonsensical about half way through. These holes in the plot combined with the insane product placement (if he isn't getting paid to put this stuff in here he should be) means I'm a lot less likely to go into the 4th book :(

  • Jim Samas
    2019-06-10 10:15

    Let's say this... Dalton Fury really knows his craft.Great story line, but it was a bit of "Hollywood" in the final climactic scene.I would like to rate it 4 stars, but it fell just short.Don't let that deter you though, this guy writes awesome novels.

  • John Treanor
    2019-06-05 11:43

    The first Dalton Fury book was great, 2nd OK, and in this one he really jumps the shark. Had to DNF it (did not finish). Silly and unbelievable.

  • Garry Thompson
    2019-05-24 16:24

    After reading the first two books in the series, I was disappointed in this novel. Tomorrow, I plan to start the fourth story in the series. I am hoping for better results.

  • Alan
    2019-06-04 16:44

    Good but not his best work. Should have been 200 pages less, at a minimum.Original content, storyline and characters developed well.

  • Robert Enzenauer
    2019-06-02 10:36

    Wow! I am really glad that my wife introduced me to this author. This is the second Dalton Fury book that I have read, and the authenticity and believability of the actions of the main character are truly incredible. The Special Operations background of the author is clearly evident in the very active and detailed descriptions of planning and military action. Kolt Raynor is an amazing complex character, certainly equal to the likes created by Tim Tigner, Vince Flynn, and BRad Thor. The plot of the book moves very fast, and it is very hard to put down. No plot spoilers, except to say that a terrorist plan to attack "critical infrastructure" is very scary and totally plausible. The combat action scenes are very exciting to read. Strong work Dalton Fury. I look forward to the next Kolt Raynor book.

  • Tom Donaghey
    2019-05-27 11:39

    FULL ASSAULT MODE is the third in the Kolt Raynor series and it is a fast paced, exciting ride, as one would expect of a tale about Delta Force and terrorism. The book builds up the team relationship within Delta before having our hero, Major “Racer” Raynor getting in trouble with his direct superior officer when Raynor disobeys an order but manages to complete a dangerous mission, extracting his undercover team mate from a dicey situation deep in hostile territory within Pakistan while capturing the bad guy. Later, out of Delta but now deep with a quasi military/civilian shadow organization called Tangent, Raynor is called to do much of what he did in the service, but now he is racing against time within the U.S. to stop an attack against several nuclear facilities. Raynor is the type of character you have to root for. No matter the situation, he acts in the manner you hope you would, but inside yourself you know you would not. It is something of a miracle that there are real, flesh, blood and bone men and women out there who not only are prepared to go the distance for us, but know they may never come back from that far edge. The author, who writes under the name Dalton Fury, is one such and brings his years of experience both within and leading these units with him every time he starts to write. His use of acronyms and military slang comes natural, and I understood 98% of it, but other, non-military, might have used a glossary at the end of the book to help translate. The book speeds by you, the pages seem to draw you forward and the hours race past, the mark of both a good writer and an equally good editor. The scenes based in and around the nuclear facilities are hair raising making this reader wonder just how safe from attack they are. There is just enough depth to the characters to make them more than cardboard cutouts, but not so much as to make me get out my hanky. There is one curious thing I fond while reading this. It felt that, at select points throughout the story, chunks of manuscript were lopped out, the boring parts no doubt, and what was left behind was just the excitement. Fans of Dick Marcinko, the storied former commander of SEAL Team Six and author of a string of best selling Rogue Warrior novels, will be sure to have a fun time drawing the natural comparisons between this book and those that lead the way. I found the device of having Raynor having an antagonist, not an advocate, for a boss, and one that hounds him no matter where Raynor goes, very, very reminiscent of Marcinko’s work. I won this book through the Goodreads web site.

  • Shelly Donaghey
    2019-05-18 16:29

    I found FULL ASSAULT MODE to be pretty standard stuff from what I have read in the genre. Everybody is really tough and dedicated, very smart and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. With action scenes in Pakistan, the U.S. and GitoMo, with stops in between, this tale moves right along, at times feeling a little jumpy in its narrative, skipping over parts that, upon reflection, wouldn't have helped the story as the author, Dalton Fury, made sure to simple explain away any missing pages with a brief but complete explanation of the action that was missing. Major Raynor is a bit one dimensional, having no family life, no real home besides the Delta unit he commanded, and when that is torn away he was dropped into his next assignment almost too quickly. But it is a modern world, characters do not have to be fleshed out if it is the action you are looking for, but it would have been nice to have both. There is an onslaught of terms I didn't know, many things I had to look up, but that is what the internet is for and the additional reading did help me get a greater grasp on not only what was happening in the story but what our soldiers are asked to deal with all the time. Hair-raising to say the least and I know I could not do even a tenth of what some of the people in this story go through. This is a fight against terrorists and, I should add, some of it centers around our Atomic Power systems. This is a fight to the finish, to use an old but true saying. This was a Goodreads winner.

  • Larry
    2019-05-22 12:25

    I really enjoy these Kolt Raynor novels. (BTW, only an author named Dalton Fury could get away with naming his hero Kolt Raynor.)For me, the series puts a lifelike eye on US military. Gosh knows we need the “kick ass and take names” SEALS. Fury sheds light on the “do anything for the team” mindset of Delta. It makes me feel good.While I liked this book, I wasn’t always as captivated as with the prior ones. It went kind-of-like…Love that Delta Kolt!/Yikes. There sure is a lot of rationalization of conscience/What? No Delta – but a secret agent/The old Kolt is back – and even more like Mitch Rapp (my hero)!/Schmaltzy last few pages – but they’re cool.As any good thrill writer, Fury also scares me. With the modern world’s dependence upon computers, are we more at risk then ever? (It would appear that having an inside saboteur, while preferable, is no longer necessary. Attacks on nuclear power plants could make the Twin Towers small potatoes.)Just as I liked Rapp, I like Raynor. I guess the author has to give him “special” status in Delta to keep the series exciting – and I hope to see a dozen more books! Yet, I enjoy the influence of Delta – the brilliant team work. Without that Delta influence, Fury would just produce a hero very similar to Ben Coes’ “Dewey Andreas”, or Mark Greaney’s “Gray Man”. (Although, I guess I would read them all.)

  • Glen
    2019-06-08 16:23

    The only issue I have with the author, Dalton Fury, is how long I have to wait until his next book comes out. Man, can this guy write a story!! From the moment I turned the first page, I couldn't put it down. Great story, non-stop action and a fantastic read from beginning to end! I always follow a few of my favorite authors, Brad Thor, James Rollins, Brad Taylor, Steve Berry and Vince Flynn. I just added Dalton Fury to my list and will be looking forward to reading each of the books he puts out in the future. His main character, Kolt Raynor, is a no-nonsense, ass kicking, terrorist hunter, who will go to any lengths to track down anyone who would do harm to this great Nation. Raynor and his team of warriors travel from country to country, in the shadows, to eliminate terrorists and their cells by any means necessary. Whether that means disobeying orders, or laws, they continously risk their own lives everyday in their mission to take out all terrorist threats. If you like action thrillers, then I highly recommend this book! You won't be disappointed!

  • Virginia Mejia
    2019-06-08 18:34

    I received this book for free from the Goodreads Giveaway contest. Wow, I'm glad I was given the opportunity to read this book. The author, Dalton Fury, can really keep a reader turning the pages. Not only does he deliver a great story line, but the action and suspense never stops from beginning to end. The main character, Kolt Raynor, a Delta Force operator, takes hunting down terrorist cells to a new level. He travels from country to country following clues to a very deep cover terrorist cell that threatens to unleash, never before seen, destuction to our great country. Kolt is thought of by some of his superiors as a loose cannon since he does whatever it takes to eliminate the terrorists. Whether that means disobeying orders, or breaking protocol, Kolt and his members do what normal people would fear to do just to make sure the bad guys are terminated and the threats are eliminated. I highly recommend, "Full Assault Mode", to anyone who wants to read a non-stop action thriller about Special Operations and the men who risk their live every day to keep our Country safe!

  • Tom Tischler
    2019-05-29 16:36

    Seal Team Six killed Osama bin Laden and uncovered a troveof intelligence on planned attacks in the U.S. Ayman al Zawahiri al Qaeda's new leader is sending his most trustedand best terrorists to accomplish this. They plan to detonatea nuclear bomb inside one of the sixty four commercial powerplants in the U.S. The President wants quick answers and he summons Major Kolt Raynor of Delta Force after he had savedhis life a few months earlier. Kolt though is on the verge ofgetting thrown out of Delta Force after disobeying a directorder in Pakistan. Meanwhile he is offered a slot in Tungsten an ultra ultra secret deep cover organization. Kolt jumps atthe chance and his new task is to infiltrate al Qaeda and prevent the deep cell from making their plot a reality. This is another Delta Force tale and this is exactly what theydo and how they do it. Never asking for anything in return.An excellent page turner which I'm sure you will enjoy.

  • Jerome
    2019-05-23 16:14

    A readable and mostly well-paced novel. Fury does a particularly good job showing how these operations could theoretically work, and from all kinds of different angles. The action is pretty good and mostly makes up for the deficiencies.A bit monotonous, muddled or convoluted at times, though. Some parts seem like a stretch: known terrorists easily infiltrate the US with no hurdles, SEALs take a video game console and TV to a Yemeni safe house, and some guns seems to change calibers randomly. When the terrorists recruit a disgruntled American at a nuclear plant, Raynor assumes the man’s identity, but the terrorists have inexplicably never bothered to vet their asset or even find out what he looks like. At times the plot jumps from scene to scene in a rough, choppy way, with only a rough transition. Also, what exactly is a “sunken chest wound?”Still, the action is always good and the book never gets dull.

  • Ray Chilensky
    2019-06-10 12:25

    I've read all three books in this series and enjoyed them all thoroughly. "Full Assault Mode" was no exception. However, while I did enjoy this book, I have to say it is the weakest of the three in the series. I found that the flow of the narrative was choppy. There are large time-jumps in the story where major events occur and the reader is left going back to previous pages to determine if he has missed something. While reading this book I came to wonder if the author, perhaps, tried to do too much in one novel and ended up rushing it to completion.That said, Full Assault Mode was still a very entertaining read full of the interesting technical details and insights into the special operations sub-culture that make his work stand out in the action genre. Definitely worth reading and very entertaining.

  • Adam
    2019-06-14 10:24

    I am extremely grateful to have won this great book for free from Goodreads Book Giveaway contest!What a ride this book turned out to be! Having never read anything by Dalton, I wasn't sure what to expect but this book was so full of action and suspense, I loved it! I enjoyed the hard-charging Raynor as he strove to defeat our "dedicated" terrorist enemies from decimating a nuclear plant but what I enjoyed most was Raynor trying to gain access to these terrorists, infiltrating them, and convincing them he hated America. Mix in a fair amount of typical a$$-hat military "leadership" that couldn't find their own butt with a road map, and you've got the making of one daunting journey. Absolutely great how this whole story played out!!

  • William
    2019-06-10 12:18

    Dalton Fury was a Delta Force Commander during Tora Bora and he brings all that knowledge to his novels.What's so awesome is the expertise in how operations like these are run, and the jargon that goes with it.He created a great character in Kolt"Racer"Raynor a Major that does things his own way,and with believable characters and suspense you will not be able to put it down.This is his third book in this series along with Black Site and Tier One Wild are all full of awesome action.

  • Bob
    2019-05-18 17:18

    I almost didn't read this as a few commenters's reviews were pretty harsh. Yes, the action takes place and bounces around from chapter to chapter, but it's nothing new. Perhaps the negative comments stemmed from the fact that some plot arcs/action arcs are quickly wrapped up so the author can move on to the next parts of the story. I agree that some fleshing out of the scenes would make a more fulfilling novel, but this read was nothing different from others in this genre.

  • Wayne
    2019-06-18 14:23

    Full Assault Mode is Dalton Fury's 3rd Delta Force novel and my second read. It is a realistic, gritty account of an ISIS attempt to destroy American nuclear plants. If I were to guess, the main character Kolt Raynor could be (in real life) the author Fury. Although some of the exciting events seem almost staged for this book, I accept Fury's accounts and descriptions as close to fact due to his background in the war on terror. An exciting read.

  • Robert Ringler
    2019-06-07 13:20

    Definitely the least readable and choppiest of the series so far. The brash, rebellious hero act is getting a bit worn, and the author has begun to employ the device of skipping big chunks of time without explanation if the transition is too tough to make. Good technical details and action scenes, but the overall quality is dropping fast. Next installment may be a make or break point for my interest in continuing this series.

  • Hills
    2019-06-07 14:37

    It is boring and generic. I know that I have read a story like this, if not pretty much exactly with only a few differences, before. The story jumps around with scenes missing that would explain some details. The first two were better developed. This just seemed rushed and incomplete. To be honest, I could not even finish it. Got to page 310 of 350 and just could not read the last forty pages. The climax of the story is just lacking.

  • Ryan
    2019-05-21 16:32

    Recommended but...I didn't like this one as much as the previous two in the series for a few reasons. 1. It seemed a little far fetched how the assumptions were made and how they seemed to always work out.2. I did not like how a certain Admiral shows up again out of the blue. The character just stinks.It's definitely a good read, and one I would recommend, but behind the first two of the series for sure.

  • Ty Owen
    2019-05-23 12:19

    Medals for the dead................this is really becoming one of my favorite series. I really like Kolt and I really like his attitude. This book was not my favorite in the series, but I still give it a 5 star rating. If you want action, the truth, and a kick butt operator...this is your series.

  • Bobbie
    2019-05-19 13:18

    I had a couple of problems with this book. First, Kolt Raynor has a friend who is seriously injured. While she is talking to him he suddenly decides to check for a pulse somehow not realizing that a person who is talking certainly has a pulse. Second, he twice referenced a sunken chest wound rather than a sucking chest wound. Those kinds of things can ruin a book for me.

  • RJ
    2019-06-13 18:20

    Kolt may have screwed up being a cowboy for the last time. Short of getting thrown out of SoF by a vindictive general, Kolt is offered a job as an operator in the secret organization Tungsten. This is not entirely new to Kolt, but quite different operating on U.S. soil. He's still fighting terrorists, but now with his wits undercover by stopping al Qaeda from blowing up a nuclear power plant.

  • Robin
    2019-05-19 18:34

    An entertaining read, but a bit too technical and detailed for my taste. I did enjoy the story, however, and found the plot engaging. I just had trouble wading through all the details sometimes and it took me much longer to read this book than it should have.