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Title : so material a change
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ISBN : 17840855
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Number of Pages : 263 Pages
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so material a change Reviews

  • Debbie Brown
    2019-06-08 20:23

    This is truly awesome JAFF and ought to be published so the author can profit from it. It has a unique, well-constructed plot, well defined characters that change and grow over the course of the book, great dialogue and beautiful writing. It's a long one, and be prepared to put some time in when you start reading because it will be hard to put down.It starts with Caroline Bingley sneaking into Darcy's room at Netherfield in order to compromise him. He thinks as quickly as possible under the circumstances and tells her and Bingley that he can't marry her because he's already engaged to Elizabeth, who is currently there to tend her sister Jane. As true Pride and Prejudice enthusiasts know, this is before Elizabeth has encountered Wickham with his sob story, although she already dislikes Darcy anyway. When Darcy has a chance to speak with her, his "proposal" is even worse than in canon; he never even really asks her but assumes her acceptance. Naturally, she swats him down, but he becomes desperate and finally explains the real circumstances to her. She agrees to have a pretend engagement out of sympathy for his situation with the understanding that they'll continue to work on another solution so he won't have to marry Caroline. When she and Jane return to Longbourn, it's not long before Mr. Collins makes his unwelcome marriage proposal. Unlike canon, Mr. Bennet sides with his wife and insists that Elizabeth accept him. Her engagement to Darcy now becomes a convenient reason to decline Mr. Collins and get her parents off her back. And the stage is set!Darcy quickly realizes that he really does want to marry Elizabeth and hopes to convince her not to call off. She becomes more and more distressed at her lack of choices and Darcy's high-handedness but does her best to play the happy fiancee. She does get the earful from Wickham, but Darcy refuses to discuss the subject with her, nor does he tell her anything about Georgiana, who is in a deep suicidal depression since events the previous summer. Darcy only orders Elizabeth to stay away from Wickham and she does her best to comply, but despite her efforts she winds up in a potentially compromising situation with Wickham. Darcy's family isn't exactly pleased with his engagement news, but they all agree to help Elizabeth's entry into the bon ton, and she goes to spend a few months with Lady Matlock learning the correct etiquette, going to the modiste, visiting (mostly Darcy cast-offs and their mothers, unfortunately), and attending social events. It's a difficult time for Elizabeth, since this family is pretty buttoned-up and stiff compared to hers. Lady Catherine does her best to break them up, as usual, but Darcy stands firm when she tries to interfere. I love the eldest Fitzwilliam son, Saye, who at first comes across as shallow and fighty but turns out to be much deeper than expected. Georgiana's storyline tugged at me too, especially when she finally spills exactly what happened to her- lots of surprises there that make it easy for modern teenagers to relate. As for the other characters, Mr. Collins becomes engaged but not to Charlotte, and THAT storyline evolves much differently than you might guess. Caroline Bingley's villainy affects several aspects of the plot, so make sure you keep an eye on what she's doing. Even Wickham's character has unexpected facets and he turns out not to be such a bad guy in the end after all.And Darcy and Elizabeth? *dreamy sigh* Okay, probably too much miscommunication with these two. Really, Darcy should tell her he loves her much sooner and a lot of heartache would be avoided. But that's rarely the way with a Pride and Prejudice variation, and none of their communication issues are particularly far-fetched. You'll find plenty of sweet romantic moments as well as plenty of angst that keeps them separated during a couple of stretches, but you know it's all going to turn out fine, right? The payoff- resolutions of all the problems with everyone agreeing they've changed for the better as a result of their difficulties- makes it a hugely satisfying story.

  • Claudine DiMuzio / Just Jane 1813
    2019-06-25 01:46

    What can I say? Amy D'Orazio wrote another story that melted my heart. Does that surprise anyone? I wasn't sure I'd love this story, but then again, that was just silly. I am sure if it's ever published, the editing process will make it an even better read. Viscount Saye winds up being almost as swoon-worthy for me as Darcy. Amy, if any of your books are made into a movie, can I cast him? I have someone I LOVE for this role.

  • Sheila Majczan
    2019-06-18 17:28

    “I cannot say I find it amusing so much as I find it ironic. Both of us placed into very similar situations where we were forced to choose between an unwanted suitor, or each other, and only days apart. One could see the hand of Providence, or Fate in the matter.” Thus Darcy sums up what has happened in the first 10% of the story. Debbie Brown gives the readers an excellent description of what to expect in her review on GR. And as she says, this is a long story which you will be loath to put down so clear your calendar! Plus, if you don’t particularly care for angst in your books: don’t even pick this one up.As we are informed by the other reviews the book (which is told from various POVs) begins with Caroline in possession of the housekeeper’s keys, letting herself into Darcy’s bedroom at Netherfield late one night. Darcy, being a sound sleeper, doesn’t stir until the scantily dressed Caroline climbs into his bed and interrupts his dream of Lizzy. Caroline is not deterred by hearing him call out that name during caresses but shrieks to gain notice…and to force her brother to demand a marriage. Yes, Darcy comes up with the excuse that he is already engaged to Elizabeth and, boy, if you think that at Hunsford he steps all over his tongue, read how he delivers this…Not a proposal, but a demand, a statement, that they must be engaged! He does succeed in gaining her compliance but only after finally informing she of what has actually happened and Lizzy only agrees to act this role until they can come up with a different solution. But THEN soon after she and Jane, who has been nursed by E. at Netherfield, return home Elizabeth finds herself in circumstances much like what Darcy experienced. She is being forced by BOTH parents to accept Mr. Collins’ proposal. Her father actually thinks that she will find herself in comfortable surroundings and neighborhood and up to the challenge of amending the person and personality of Mr. Collins. (Does he bathe?) As she now has to explain to Darcy her reasons for accepting that this “proposal” will now in fact lead to a marriage, he replies with the quote above. They need each other.There are villains and then there are mistaken villains. We find Georgiana self-mutilating and with suicidal thoughts but as we read on and on there is a basis to this that is realistic but also a surprise. Caroline is part and parcel of this narrative and just cannot accept how things have turned out. Like the proverbial “bad penny” she finds ways to be on the scene BUT you might find delight in the irony of what she discovers when she does, finally, find herself forced to wed.The author is quite creative in another thwarted romance – that of Jane and Bingley and then the story of Mr. Collins and his position as “heir” to Longbourn. Well done. Lady Catherine does take her bow. Lord and Lady Matlock find themselves coming to not only find delight in but also respect for Elizabeth and then their oldest, Saye, adds his own learned wisdom as he is related the motivation behind the engagement ODC find themselves in.One aspect I found different in the story is that as we follow Lizzy’s thoughts we read of her internal debate about Darcy’s reticence, about his motivation for acts and about his demand for obedience without any discussion. She, in contrast to canon, does attempt to find an opposing view for why he does so and for why he wants her to avoid Wickham, and to not go out on walks alone. She also tries to reason with herself about his attitude towards her family and her neighbors in Meryton. Of course, that is until the straw that breaks the camel’s back in laid in place! Darcy would have solved a lot of the struggle in this novel if he had been open while Elizabeth would have done her part if she forced him to answer questions about what his history was with Wickham, with Bingley and with Georgiana, etc. But where would all that delicious angst be in a much shortened tale then?I highly recommend this story: another one which deserves to be published.

  • J. W. Garrett
    2019-06-17 21:31“there are a million things we survive every day without recognizing we were ever at risk. Then we have a close call, and we become acutely aware of what that fraction of an inch or that split second means.” ― Aron Ralston, Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceI have always enjoyed Amy’s writing and this was no different. This work consisted of 30-chapters and an epilogue. Rating: MA: Mature Audience with adult themes: sensual discussions and sexual scenes. We open with Jane recovering at Netherfield while Lizzy cared for her. Caroline and Louisa were concerned with Darcy’s increased infatuation with Miss Eliza and began plotting to compromise him. Talk about a rock and a hard place… Darcy found himself at the mercy of a conniving and creative Caroline and a Charles he wasn't sure he could depend on. She had finally forced his hand and to get out of her compromise… he declared that he was already engaged to Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Now he just needed to convince Miss Elizabeth to go along with him. Little did Elizabeth know that her cousin Collins had arrived at Longbourn and her mother was pledging her hand in marriage to him [without Mr. Bennet’s knowledge], in order to secure the estate. When Lizzy and Jane arrived back home, her cousin delighted in telling her of their betrothal. Suddenly faced with the prospects of marriage with Mr. Darcy or Mr. Collins… [Mr. Bennet had not raised a stupid daughter], Elizabeth was able to refuse Mr. Collins by telling him that she was already betrothed. Let the mayhem begin. Lawd! This nearly killed me as Lizzy raised her hackles on more than one occasion and rebelled against societal restrictions on women. It became tiresome to the point Jane had to shake some sense into her. Now it has to be bad if Jane is the voice of reason. “dum spiro, spero-Part of the official state motto of South Carolina. Literally, "While I breathe, I hope" Or more loosely, "Where there is life, there is hope.” ― Aron Ralston, 127 Hours Movie Tie- In: Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceWe then have the usual battle between Lizzy and Darcy, complete with misunderstandings, separations, recriminations, harsh words as they berated each other, repressed feelings and emotions as they struggled thinking all was lost. That HEA was hard won and I thought it would never come about. There were several characters that I just loved. The Matlock family grew on Elizabeth and the reader. Their sons, Darcy’s cousins the viscount and our dear Colonel, played a big part in smoothing the bumpy road to his happy conclusion. I did feel for Georgiana as she dealt with teenage depression.There were many secrets… OMG!! Several were a complete surprise and shock. I can’t even mention who it involved as it would give it away. And then… Oh Jane, what have you done?The greatest shock of all was Wickham. I won’t spoil it… but man… I’ve never seen it played this way. You know… I sort of liked it. It was different and it played well. Way to go, Amy!! That was a brave move. The epilogue was delightful and Caroline was… Caroline. Man… that was surprise and I’ve not seen that play out before. It gave me a gasp and a chuckle. I loved it.

  • Charlene
    2019-06-05 01:31

    First off I have to say that I've read every story written by Alex9903 on the darcy and lizzy web site and have not had a bad story ever. This story starts out with Caroline feeling desperate about getting Darcy and she decides that the best thing to do would be to comprimise him. "This way that chit Eliza will not tempt him." Well this back fires and Darcy blurts out that he is engaged to Elizabeth Bennet so as not to be ensnared into marrying Miss Bingley. Now this is a problem since he is not engaged. He figures that being the most sought after gentleman that she will go along with the sceme and marry him. Well as WE would know that doesn't mean anything and he has to convince her to marry him. And even than the road to success is rocky. The journey to there mutual love was wonderful and very diverting. I also loved getting to know Col Fitzwilliam's older brother Saye. This story is wonderful written and anytime I see a new story by this author I imediately start reading.

  • JMarcy
    2019-06-12 00:25

    I loved this start to finish! Very well written, presenting a familiar idea in JAFF with a unique solution. Caroline tries to compromise Darcy at Netherfield while the Bennet sisters are there, and as an "out" tells Bingley he is already betrothed to Elizabeth. After a typical fumbling conversation on Darcy's part, she agrees in principle once hearing that Bingley only agreed not to force the issue due to the preexisting agreement. Enter Collins, with both Mr and Mrs Bennet behind him, and Elizabeth finds herself agreeing to a brothel to Darcy in fact to escape the "heir" of Longbourn.The story continues with the typical misunderstandings, more attempted machinations by Caroline, and some new twists and turns. Some quotes from the original appear scattered throughout but at different times, or delivered by different characters. I also found the characters were both in canon and out of character, if that makes sense, and very believably so.

  • Leslie
    2019-06-21 19:31

    There aren't enough stars to fully praise this book. After some 'published' books of questionable quality that I have paid good money for this unpublished treasure makes me sad. This is a high quality story from a talented and inventive author.Beginning during the Bennet sisters stay at Netherfield this book opens with a bang and takes you on a Regency roller coaster to HEA for ODC. The book begins with Caroline Bingley attempting to compromise Darcy so that he will be made to marry her. He avoids that by insisting he is engaged to Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Needless to say that Miss Elizabeth is unaware; and once informed, displeased with this turn of events. However her compassion for even odious Mr. Darcy's plight - a wedding to Miss Bingley - she agrees to pretend to be his betrothed. No sooner than she and Jane escape to Longbourn than she is cashing in on the story to prevent her parents (yes BOTH parents) from marrying her off to Mr. Collins. And now their engagement is for real and a wedding is planned for March 14th. And they all live happily ever after....Oh hell no! Our author isn't letting anyone off the hook. There are pages of angst, stress, panic, fights, craziness, inappropriate behavior, lies, fraud and just out and out insanity to absorb before we get to the end. Among the subplots we have a severely depressed and cutting Georgiana, an heir who is not what he seems, Lizzy making herself miserable, Jane getting betrothed to the last man on earth you, dear reader, would want to unite her with, the truth of what happened at Ramsgate, Mr. Bennet allowing Lady Catherine to abuse Lizzy for his own amusement and Lizzy releasing Darcy from the betrothal.There are few books where you really believe that this won't end with a wedding for Darcy and Lizzy but this is that story. It is just so filled with Drama but expertly so. I love this author and hope she /he decides to publish these amazing stories.

  • Madenna U
    2019-06-03 20:45

    In this story Darcy and Elizabeth each find themselves in need of a betrothal in order to get out of an uncomfortable situation. Luckily they find the answer in each other. They must overcome their pride, selfishness, etc while engaged. Elizabeth charms his family and he learns hers is better beyond first impressions. The characters are well done, the dialogue is wonderful, and the secondary characters have some unique drama/twists from cannon.

  • Susan
    2019-06-16 20:26

    In this Pride and Prejudice variation, while staying at Netherfield Park during Jane's illness Darcy is compromised by Caroline Bingley. How can he get himself out of this predicament... Thoroughly enjoyable story and characters

  • Allison
    2019-06-19 19:33

    If I could give 4.5 stars I would. So very well done.

  • Tamra
    2019-06-26 23:20

    This book needs to be published! What an enjoyable P&P variation!

  • Talia
    2019-06-15 23:46

    A very sweet love story. Darcy bungles his "proposal" in the first part of the book so much that I had a lot of laughs. The Georgiana story was original and refreshing. There were many surprises and I found it hard to put down. Also of note, Saye!

  • Vaarin
    2019-06-19 00:43

    FMS (forced marriage scenario), tension-filled page turner. I absolutely loved it!Miss Bingley enters Mr Darcy's bedchamber one night at Netherfield and a panicking Mr Darcy avoids the trap by stating he is already engage to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is not impressed when Darcy states they need to be wed. The proposal she receives from Mr Collins the next day does render Mr Darcy's proposal more palatable as her father does not support her decision to decline. Bingley leaves Netherfield as in canon but for another reason... It is safe to say that Caroline has some evil streaks in this story.Jane is left destitute as Elizabeth is off to the Matlock's in London to receive some training/introduction to the ton before her marriage. Georgiana is currently residing there as well.Her story alters significantly from canon and so does Wickham's story although you will recognise something's as well.Misunderstanding each other results in a breach. The slow burning journey to understanding was lovely to follow.Heartily recommend this book!