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Grabbed, Book TwoMenace’s plan to catch a docile woman is shot to hell when he’s tackled by a dark-haired beauty who wants to save her friend from being Grabbed. Refusing to leave the planet’s surface empty-handed, Menace claims the spitfire with his collar.Naya clawed her way off the streets of Connor’s Run and vowed to never let any man control her. She plans to make MenGrabbed, Book TwoMenace’s plan to catch a docile woman is shot to hell when he’s tackled by a dark-haired beauty who wants to save her friend from being Grabbed. Refusing to leave the planet’s surface empty-handed, Menace claims the spitfire with his collar.Naya clawed her way off the streets of Connor’s Run and vowed to never let any man control her. She plans to make Menace so miserable he’ll set her free, but the ruggedly sexy warrior disarms her with his unexpected patience and kindness.Against her better judgment, Naya surrenders to Menace’s masterful hands and mouth. Submitting to her new husband brings more pleasure and happiness than she’d ever imagined possible. For the first time in her life, she willingly trusts a man to protect her.But when past misdeeds catch up with her, Naya puts the depth and strength of that love to the test. Determined to prove he’s worthy of her trust, Menace will stop at nothing to save her.Inside Scoop: Our heroine learns to love every decadent delight the hero offers, including BDSM play and a sizzling M/F/M ménage. A Romantica® sci-fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave...

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Caught by Menace Reviews

  • Crystal~BIG book addict~
    2019-06-15 00:40

    I was pleasantly surprised by this read. I didn't really have any expectations when I started this book but it turned out to be pretty good. There was love, conflict, a sweet, hot alpha male, what else do you need? Oh, did I mention on the spaceship they have an "officer's club" which here on Earth we call a BDSM club? Naya has had a rough life. Her mother and brother both deserted her and she was left to her own devices as a 13-year-old girl. She stole food when she got hungry and was arrested a few times for her efforts. She has no faith in anyone because they have all turned their backs on her.Menace is a big, dominant male who has come down to the surface for the Grab. The Grab is where officers with enough points get to go down and basically chase down their future wife. The women get chosen by a lottery system. At first, Menace was more interested in Naya's friend but decided the little hellion would suit him fine as the chase began. It doesn't take long for Menace to break down Naya's shields and submit to him. She finds she loves the playroom and all of the ways that Menace makes her feel."I want a wife and a family. I want you to be here when I some home in the evenings, Naya."But of course there has to be conflict and Menace has to prove that Naya can trust him and that he will do everything he can to be the one person who will never walk away from her. "I love you, Naya. I love you. Just focus on that."Menace, you definitely make me look up in the sky wondering if some hot, dominant alpha male is going to come and Grab me (I wish!). You are definitely a big old softie on the inside of that huge muscled body of yours. This was a very pleasant read. I didn't read the first book, but I will definitely go back and read it. There was a great m-f-m scene that is...well...*A copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-06-15 05:59

    DNF at ratingI think the premise is promising, and that's what initially grabbed me about the book. It's a futuristic sci fi story about humans living on another planet. The government forces a percentage of it's women (Hunger Games style) to be entered in the which the large and in charge human like alien men come and chase them down, collar the woman of their choice, and carry them off to their ship, never to bee heard from again. It is said that unspeakable sexual things are done to these women, and the Grab is considered barbaric and lunacy by the general public, but the women cannot escape it.Sounds intense, right? But the execution was really very different. As soon as this heroine, Naya, is grabbed, our seven foot tall hero, Menace, begins to basically pat her on the head and reassure her that he is not a brute, not going to hurt her. WHich is fine, I guess. But then he throws her over his shoulder, cave man style....and I think "Now THIS is more what I was wanting!" Alas, that only lasts until they are on the ship. Menace once again reverts to this hulking placating conversationalist who spends the next pages...and pages...comforting his new wife. He also manages to chastise her...gently, that...for cursing too much. All the while, they are standing in his BDSM playroom and Naya plays the complete innocent yet strong willed heroine. More than one orgasm? Gasp!Add in some obvious political agenda, which is a pet peeve of mine, and I was done. I don't want a lecture on religious freedom or corporal punishment in my smutty romance book about alien BDSM. What I wanted, expected, and failed to get, was a huge, tough alpha alien human dude who comes down to the human planet to forcefully take a wife...willing or no. Then he steals back to his ship where he then proceeds to seduce the ever living crap out of her and occasionally gives her some punishment when she makes up excuses to try to escape. It's possible, I think,that this sort of thing could have taken place later on in the book, but I was losing interest very quickly. I think this could possibly work for women who like the more beta side of a hero...not the cave man variety that does it for me.ARC received from publisher via Net Galley

  • Nemo (The Moonlight Library)
    2019-06-16 06:59

    I don’t normally review erotica so I’ll keep this brief.This was fantastic. Although it still had elements of BDSM, it was nothing this BDSM-hatin’ gal couldn’t handle (triggers, yo!). The heroine Naya had real, genuine problems and abandonment issues. Menace was a fuckin’ hottie. I don’t say that very much because too often male leads are written to be jerks, brooding bad boys, and all-around manipulative assholes. Menace was none of these. This hulking 7 foot tall warrior was respectful, required consent at every moment, genuinely loved Naya, and even though he was alpha there was none of this rape fantasy caveman crap going on. That, I tell you, is incredibly sexy. I get that some women are so repressed they get off on rape fantasies but this is not one. Menace was sweet and dedicated and courteous, never rude or demeaning or condescending even in his alpha role. That’s totally fucking hot.In comparison to Grabbed by Vicious, Menace knew how to treat a lady from the get go and never pushed her beyond what she was ready for. Naya was a more well-rounded character than Hallie. The plot was way better developed. I love seeing all the boys pop up and am looking forward to reading Venom’s story next. Terror? Not so much. I’m not so into the cocky assholes, although I do believe he simply needs the love of a good woman. I’m a softie at heart, just like Menace. I’ll be for sure re-reading this, and maybe skipping over the BDSM and MMF. Their vanilla sex was hot enough.Reread in 2016.Upon reflection Menace still pushed Naya into things she might not have been ready for. I'm not into the whole 'I want sex I don't care how you feel' attitude he showed towards her. Hazard was really sexy. I really wish Lolita Lopez would get better so she could write the rest of this series. I really love these guys and their amazing wives and I want to see each of them tamed and happy.

  • Jill
    2019-05-24 07:44

    3.5 starsThis book was a creeper. You know one of those books that just gets better as you read it. It started off as just an erotic book to me and I was surprised after the sexytimes had happened that we weren't that far into the book. What I ended up getting was sort of a dystopian erotic book/ sci fi. It was really good. As the storyline went on and things developed, I started to get really into it, like REALLY into. When the drama unfolded I couldn't put it down. Mark of a good book, yes! I have not read the first book in this series, but this did not slow me down or stop me enjoying any part. I would say for those of you who like Lauran Dohnner's Cyborg series or her other alien books the name alludes me at the moment, you would like this book.Give it ago!

  • Hayat
    2019-05-27 03:59

    2.5 starsI liked the premise here and the pairing of the hero and heroine is my favourite yet.

  • Future Slayer Girl
    2019-05-31 02:07

    THANK YOU! Lolita Lopez for restoring my faith in the BDSM genre! I mean all that seems to be out there is these books with human sex trafficking in them. Yeah, that's not really a fantasy. To some--eh, Ok, but Lolita managed to give is a pseudo kidnapping tail that spins into the really well constructed romance, which some of the HOTTEST BDSM scenes I have ever read in my entire life! OH EM GEE!If I had been Naya--and I was taking my hulking Menace--and he showed me his playroom, and he said, "Oh, come here I will show you how good it can be, trust me?" I would be on my knees FOREVER TO HIM! Ms. Lopez managed to give me a wicked taste of BDSM writing that I had lost all faith in. It was beautifully written, I got turned on, my whole body caught fire, and I demanded hot lovin' from my husband! To top off the cake?Menace is kind of a hot humanoid alien man! That's like my ultimate nerd girl fantasy right there! I mean, hot alien AND he's a Master on top of that. He is an oh so yummy one also!The only thing that sort of jarred me from the story was hot quickly Naya accepted the lifestyle. I expected a bit more fight out of her--while at the same time giving him some benefit of the doubt, it was all very easy. Yes, ok, if it were me, I would have been SO EASY! But I didn't come from the harsh background that Naya did. She was borderline abused all her life and left on the streets to survive. I thought Menace was written fantastic! He was just enough Dominant male to make me lick my lips and he was also uber caring and careful with how far he pushed Naya's limits. I thought Lopez did an amazing job with the world building! By gods I believed this planet existed! I was like, "Yes, Please, I shall go there!" All in all this was a great BDSM Sc-fi romance read and I will be eating up the rest of Lolita's books! **I received a copy of this book from Smith Publicity--Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc. via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

  • ☆ Sammy ☆彡
    2019-05-26 01:03

    3.75 StarsNaya lives on a planet that employs a group of sky warriors to police their solar system. In exchange for this protection, the planet offers up a certain number of its women to participate in an annual ritual known as the Grab. Basically during the Grab, the participating sky warriors chase the women and try to catch them. When a sky warrior catches a woman, he collars her to claim her as his own and takes her back to his ship to be his wife. Menace is one of the sky warriors participating in the Grab. While in pursuit of who he thinks will be the perfect, docile woman; he is tackled by Naya, who is attempting to help her friend avoid capture. Instead of leaving the planet empty-handed, Menace collars Naya and takes her home.Caught by Menace is the story of Menace and Naya attempting to make a relationship work despite all the obstacles against them. Menace will have to come to terms with the fact that he ended up with a spitfire with trust issues rather than the perfect, docile woman he was hoping for. Will he be able to earn Naya's trust, despite the fact that he basically forced her to become his wife? Naya's colorful past also presents problems that the couple will need to overcome as well, if they want to make their marriage work. My ThoughtsThis was actually the first book I have read in the series. After I read the blurb, I was completely intrigued by the idea of a dominant sky warrior grabbing his mate and taking her back to his ship. And for the most part, I wasn't disappointed. I definitely enjoyed Menace & Naya's characters, the light BDSM theme, and there is a pretty memorable menage scene (m/m/f) with role play ;)The were a few small details that are holding me back from giving this book four stars (hence the 3.75 star rating). One thing that I really didn't understand is the fact that the women taken in the grab are able to file for divorce from their sky warrior. Normally, something like this wouldn't bother me but I questioned the point of having a ritual like the Grab if the women are given an out? Especially considering there are plenty of women who would be willing to become the sky warrior's wives to escape the horrid living conditions on their planets? Another aspect of this book that was a little disappointing was Menace's character. When I started reading this book, I wanted a hero that was dominant, possessive, bossy, and the type that always get what he wants. At first, I thought this was exactly what I was getting. I loved reading about caveman Menace capturing Naya, collaring her, and taking her back to his ship (despite what she wanted). Once the Grab was over, caveman Menace basically disappeared :(**ARC courtesy of Smith Publicity -- Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

  • Lee Anne - OMG! It's TOOOOO Cold!
    2019-06-07 06:03

    So, this is the second in the series. Once again, we start off with a bang and it just gets better!Menace decides to enter the Grab. He spots Naya, which he’s run into before, and they recognize each other. Naya is the grab along with her friend Jennie. Naya bribed her way in so she could stay with Jennie. Instead Naya ends up being grabbed by Menace.Naya is anything but sweet and docile. She can blister a hardened soldier’s ears all while plotting her escape. She fast, she’s smart, and she’s not giving up!Menace is determined to make things work with Naya. He plots out a mission plan to win her over, and Menace never fails at a mission!In the first book, we learned a little bit about the cultural difference between the Sky Warriors and the women they’ve grabbed. In this one, we get even more explanation of those differences and how it affects their relationships. We learn why the Sky Warriors are so into the BDSM scene. We learn why the women are more inhibited sexually. We learn why the Sky Warrior have such terrifying names. We learn so many wonderful things in this one, it actually enhances the first book as well. I happened to read these back to back so it impacted me more.We also get into a sub-plot that seems like it may be an underlying plot through the series. At least I hope it does. It really added something to this story. Both Naya and Hallie, from the first one, had things to hide. Things they thought their Sky Warriors wouldn’t understand. Things they thought the Warriors would shun them for. These were amazing men who took care of their women.Now, while Menace is similar to Vicious in what he was expecting from his mate he grabbed, his story was not the same a Vicious. They were both kind, patient and understanding with their women. However, how they handled that and how they went about winning the trust of their women was a little different. Also, what Menace and Vicious expected in the bedroom was different. What Hallie and Naya wanted was different. This was great because we don’t end up with the same story being told slightly different.We were introduced to some characters in these books. They are secondary in these books but I’m hoping they’ll be getting their own stories soon. There’s on in particular I can’t wait for. Who’s story you ask? Terror’s! Why you ask? Because he is one grade A asshole and I can’t wait to watch him fall! LOL! It will be sweet when he does! Especially after what he did to both Hallie and Naya. It’s a wonder that neither Vicious or Menace has killed him yet!I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

  • ✿
    2019-05-22 07:06

    *Wheew!! I was so excited to read this, I read this in one sitting!! :D*While I did enjoy "Caught By Menace" immensely I still liked "Grabbed By Vicious" a lot more.In the beginning, Naya rescues her friend from being grabbed by Menace and gets caught and taken in her friend's place instead.Naya, who's been been self-sufficient since she was young, is literally shocked that a warrior like Menace could actually genuinely care for her and want her for her and not just her body. She begins developing feelings for him but when her past mideeds start to surface what will become of their budding relationship?...............Like I mentioned at the beginning, while I did enjoy this second installment a lot I still preferred the first. While I will admit that there is more of a story line as well as an emotional attachment to the characters, notably Naya, there was something about the first book that caught my attention and made me giddy. Naya and Menace's relationship does have more depth but Hallie and Vicious are still my bias. :DThere was one part though, in the story where my heart actually broke for Naya and made me want to clunk Menace on the head for being gullible and believing the lies. I almost teared up reading that part. ;(Also, on a side note: I ABSOLUTELY HATED TERROR IN THIS BOOK!! HE PISSED ME OFF SO BAD!! ESPECIALLY HOW HE TREATED NAYA AND SHE ALMOST DIED BECAUSE OF HIM!! I KNOW HE DID WHAT HE DID FOR THE BETTER GOOD, BUT HE WAS SO CRUEL AND HEARTLESS WHILE TRYING TO ATTAIN HIS GOAL. I'M NOT GOING TO FORGIVE HIM.I hope the next book is on Flare, the warrior that tried to grab Naya but got injured and had to make a deal with Menace to find a bride willing to be with him since he is now disabled.ORHazard. Hazard looks like he really wants a bride and wants to enter the Grab but had most of his points taken away.So yes, Flare or Hazard for book three please!!

  • Victoria
    2019-06-07 04:06

    3.75 Stars!

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-05-19 03:49

    Mine is the second review.A secret rebel is in the list of women for another Grab. The Grab is where Sky Warriors descend to a planet and chase women through the woods to capture them. If the woman is caught, they become the wife of these warriors. Women are picked through a lotto system. This time, it's a bit different.Naya didn't win the lotto. She bribed her way into the list. Her reasons are noble. Her goal is not to be captured. The plan is to make it to the end for freedom with her friend, who did get picked for the lotto. Plans seem to go awry for every rebel female. Menace, one of the Sky Warriors participating in the Grab, eyes Naya's friend. He ends up with Naya, a feisty handful.This second story in the series is just as steamy as the first one. Menace's initial handling of Naya is all sorts of wrong. This causes a few conflicts which makes for a bumpy honeymoon. Menace did learn a few lessons from his friend, Vicious. Naya and Menace overcome their disagreement through an intense interrogation scene as well as some gentle loving.This story cranks up the kinkiness with a prison scene that is hot and punishing. Menace's invitation of a second man to help chain Naya and explore her every hole is smoking. Each of the different sex scenes between Naya and Menace are a treat. This tale is more than titillating relationships between a husband and a wife. There is a conflict which is tied to Naya's past and her ability to get something done.Ms. Lopez does a good job with a meatier plot in this book. She incorporates the supporting cast of characters from the first book which ties the series together better. Seeing another side of Terror this time around is interesting. He's more ruthless. Instead of a hero, he is more of a villain. He is quite mysterious. His tight friendship with Menace comes into question.Menace is a sweet character. He doesn't exactly live up to his name. He's more of a protective German Shepard. He's similar to Vicious from the first book. It's just a slight variation of the tarnished white knight. Naya is the more interesting between the two. She's the survivor. She's lived through betrayal since a young age. She consistently pulls the short straw in friends and family. She's a classic example of why it's best to only depend on oneself. It's amazing how she still cares and gives her loyalty. She's admirable.What was missing for me in this story is more of a connection between Menace and Naya. There isn't the same graceful submission as the previous book. What is also missing is the chemistry between Menace and Naya. Yes, the sex is arousing. Yes, Naya does tentatively trust Menace, but Menace just seems to be a bit more lacking in the connection to Naya. It isn't ‘til near the end of the story when the connection finally sparks and catches hold. It would be interesting to see the two of them a couple of years from now.The character who stole the book is Terror and his inexplicable behaviour. One can only hope he gets his own book. This futuristic space traveling romance is recommended to readers who enjoy a bit of dubious con kink.

  • Linda Sims
    2019-06-13 08:03

    MENACESecond story in this series features Menace a sky warrior, who is going to enter the grab and get himself a wife. He's looking for a nice docile girl, but the one he has picked out is in love with another. Naya is determined to help her friend succeed in not getting grabbed so she can escape with her lover. So instead of the docile beauty he planned on, Menace ends up with Naya a dark beauty who can curse with the best of them, and she has no intentions of giving in to Menace. But after a rocky start to their relationship, Naya realises that Menace isn't all bad. He likes his toys and domineering his woman. But he has a good heart. I personally did not mind the ménage scene as he was fulfilling one of Naya's fantasies. He did it for her even though he was not too keen.Naya has a past which eventually gets used against her. So this story is rather more dramatic than the first book. I would have liked to see Menace be a bit stronger and not act as he did. But he did pay the price for his lack of faith. I was a bit disappointed in one of the other sky warriors as I was hoping he would get his own story, but that doesn't look likely at the moment. Unless of course the author plans to redeem him. I'm hoping she will!I enjoyed this addition to the series, it's hot and sexy. I look forward to the next, lets hope we don't have to wait too long.

  • Nemo (The Moonlight Library)
    2019-05-29 02:04

    Goodreads is crap at counting re-reads. I read this in 2013 and again in 2016. So, different editions will have to do.

  • Netanella
    2019-06-12 04:05

    I was fully prepared not to really enjoy this book, since I didn't really get in to the characters of Vicious and Hallie from the first book. However, as a previous and very apt reviewer wrote, this book is a creeper. It moves along with a similar storyline as the first book - young girl on backwards planet enters the Grab, a weird bride hunt lottery, and allows herself to get captured to save friend. Interspecies mating rituals occur, including communication, compassionate understanding, and lots of luxurious sex on a space ship. I think what turned me into a Lolita Lopez believer for this one is that I really liked the character of Naya. She's a rough and tough fighter from the streets, but she's also sweet and caring and does not come across as a walking, talking bitch, as so many supposed 'strong heroines' are incorrectly portrayed. Yay, Lolita! And Menace is just a walking contradiction himself - rough and tough on the outside, but a marshmallow for Naya on the inside. Good times! I also really enjoyed the external conflict towards the end of the book - I was so mad at Terror and thought he got off waaay too easily. I'm hoping for a comeuppance in another book!

  • Dana aka ♥Belladonna♥
    2019-06-08 06:49

    3 "Hot Sex with Aliens" StarsWhat is a hot alpha sky warrior to do when he is ready to settle down? "Grab" a wife and drag her back to his spaceship kicking and screaming - that's what.Naya is an intelligent, spunky, foul-mouthed woman with serious trust issues. Menace, despite his name, is sweet - albeit in a chest beating, He-Man sort of way. Together, they make sense and it was fun to see them find their way to love.The beginning was a bit slow and Naya's acceptance of her new circumstances was rushed, but the book picked up as I kept reading. It was the last 20%, though, that hooked me and made this book worth while. Oh... and of course, the sex was smoking throughout! Now if only she would write a book for Terror... Did you hear that Ms. Lopez? ;-)

  • MarieBrown (Marie's Tempting Reads)
    2019-05-26 05:47

    I have been intrigued with this Series since book 1. I was enraptured with Menace and Naya's story and thought that Menace was a sweet, kind, sometimes a big tease of sexiness. Naya is a strong, hard trusting, beautiful, spirited young woman who had it VERY rough growing up. I thought this was a fantastic second book filled with wonderful characters, very wet-your-panties and make you pant sex, secrets and a strong storyline that just kept me glued to my Kindle. I sincerely enjoyed this story and cant wait for more in this series. And I also hope Terror gets whats coming to him after what he did to INNOCENT Naya.

  • Ladymcbeth
    2019-06-05 04:50

    wow ... ok there was a MFM scene, quite good i would say, but not my thing if it's not all the time. I'm not in BDSM either, but there's not much here.The guy is a bit bossy and the girl let him do that too fast. but i cried my heart reading it. So now i want to read the next book and read Terror story too (i wanted to hit him so much at a time) !

  • namericanwordcat
    2019-05-25 05:41

    The first time I tried to read this book, I couldn't. The second time I breezed right through. I like the hero and I like the heroine. There could be better communication and the BDSM elements are a bit tacked on. The world building is decent and it is a fun sexy read overall. I was given this book for my honest review. So, there you have it.

  • Tracey
    2019-05-21 08:07

    Another well written erotic, SciFi/fantasy from this author. The characters and dialogue again, are beyond reproach and the storyline was intriguing and action packed. Mild BDSM/Manege romance scenes with overall D/s undertones.I enjoyed this tale even more than the first.

  • Christine
    2019-06-12 00:56

    BDSM + MENACE = HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT!!!Seriously get the book while it is HAWT!

  • Laura Elizabeth
    2019-06-03 05:59

    Liked this one even better than the first. This one even more on the kinky side but actually had a real storyline as well.

  • Literary George (For Your Literary Pleasure Blog)
    2019-06-15 04:45

    We meet Naya trying to enter a "Grab" in order to save her friend Jenny? Juliet? I forget because this friend is irrelevant after Naya enters the Grab. Naya is a single, independent woman who runs a pawnshop and has contacts in high places. It is these contacts that allow her to enter the dreaded "Grab" to save J-girl. This novel is based on a planet called Calyx and has a human settlement called Connor's Run which is where our leading lady Naya lives. Don't worry if you can't quite figure this out, all you really need to know is that this isn't Earth, there is some kind of intergalactic war going on and there are these smoking hot warriors who fight called the Harcos. One such Harcos is Menace, yep that's his name.Menace is a battle-hardened warrior with a heart of frickin' gold. All Menace wants is to settle down, reproduce and live happily ever after. In order to do this he must have a lovely lady and Harcos warriors have an agreement that they run these "Grabs" to catch a wife. Naya is of course caught by Menace in an interesting turn of events. Menace claims her as his wife but Naya has other ideas. You see Naya has believed that Harcos are evil, thieving woman en slavers and she's not actually wrong except for the evil part. Menace realizing that his wife has a bit of a warped view of him and quite afraid of becoming in anyway intimate with him puts on his heart of gold pants. He is understanding, sweet and absolutely wicked. He puts Naya at ease while pushing her boundaries with intimacy. It's a sweet seduction and I was definitely rooting for Menace! My slight issue with this part is that despite Naya's reservations they bond very quickly which doesn't seem to mesh well with Naya's hard ass character.Anyway, they continue to build trust and Menace takes Naya to the mens club which is a super hot raunchy scene. But there is a shadow over their possible happiness, some asshole named Terror and Naya's dumb ass family. Terror confused the heck out of me, I wasn't sure if he was friend or foe or just general dickhead. I have not read the first book but he doesn't seem to have very good rapport with those characters either. Regardless, shit hits the fan, Naya gets stuck in the middle and Menace goes to save the day. A happy ending and an entertaining read.This book is not very Dom/sub, it has smidgens of it throughout but Menace and Naya are not a hardcore Dom/sub couple so if you are looking for that this book is not it. There is some kind of story line surrounding the political drama of the planet Calyx but I didn't really follow it. It may be important in future books but in this is just seemed like a way to insert conflict for Naya. I thought Menace was a sweetheart which I did not expect and overall the story was interesting but not riveting. I would read the next book if it were about Terror because he was such a stand out character otherwise I'd let this series lie. Lolita Lopez, despite this book, comes across as a solid fantasy erotica author and I am definitely going to have a fossick on the internet for other works by her.3/5xxxGeorgeShout out to NetGalley, Lolita Lopez and Smith Publicity -- Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. for the copy!

  • Lori
    2019-05-25 02:38

    Lolita Lopez hits another home run with Caught by Menace, the second installment of her science fiction romance series Grabbed.Menace, a weapons specialist, decides it is time to settle down and find a wife through the Grab. Heeding the advice of his friend Vicious, Menace follows his instincts about which woman to chase during the Grab. I enjoyed meeting Menace’s character in the first story. Even though domesticated bliss would have repulsed Menace months ago, it was fun to see his character grow from a bed-hopping bachelor into a relationship-seeking man, all the while trying to not make the same mistakes Vicious did. Once Menace realizes that he didn’t handle Naya’s transition from the Grab to the ship well, he completely changes tactics to make the beginning of their relationship better for Naya. On her world, Naya was without family and committed crimes in order to feed herself. She and her best friend planned for years to escape the Grab and flee to another planet. But, sometimes the best-laid plans don’t work out, and instead, Naya is Grabbed by Menace. Uncertain about her future because of rumors that the Harcos men beat their women, Naya shares her fears with Menace and to his credit he alleviates them, which made me like both of these characters even more. Their sexual chemistry is electric from the start, and their bedroom scenes are steamy and passionate. As Menace figures out some of Naya’s sexual fantasies, he prepares a role-playing ménage with his friend that is so hot it will scorch your e-reader. Throughout this story, the author expands her plot of moles, gunrunners, and terrorists, adding depth to this story and to the overall series.Building on Lopez’s absorbing world with an entertaining couple and engaging plot, Caught by Menace is a well-crafted addition to the Grabbed series. As much as I enjoyed Grabbed by Vicious, and I really loved the first book, I was completely captivated by Caught by Menace and read it in one sitting. I can’t wait until the next book in this series—actually, it can’t get to my e-reader fast enough.I received an eBook copy from the publisher for purpose of an honest review for The Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

  • Cozen
    2019-06-17 02:00

    I just started this one and from the first few chapters, it seemed to be a good read. But as I furthered my interest in it, I bought it, I began feeling that lingering anxiety building up in my shoulders that intensifies the more I read. This never was a good sign for books I elected to take up. Shortly after that, I knew I had to give up forcing my self to read page after page, and just recognize it for what it was not. So, I find myself sullen over this newest attempt to find that wonderful release you get when you are so immersed in a book, you forget your own husband's name. And thus my reasons for it.1. I loved the strong female lead, but hated the docile actions of this so called male warrior. I just don't swing in the femdom way and even though this book has none of that, it sure feels like that, big time.2. I loath stories where will power is over written with stupidity. She doesn't want to be there and is flighty, but on the first meeting, so to speak, she doesn't argue or puts up a reasonable amount of a fight. She just decides to let him have sex with her. I really wonder if people can not make decision, about anything, while they're horney. I mean, is there always this assumed loss of control that no one will ever, be able to think at all. I don't know, but it started reading a bit more amateurish as I progressed on. I just decided to spare the agony and just close the book on this one. In essence, I did not make it far into this story because the guy was too quick to become ever so sad and agreeable. It was both pathetic and sad watching him turn into begging, and she, despite earlier annoyances with stories being only a tease, gave into him/it way too easy. There is no real push to make this story move forward.Maybe it will be different for someone else, but it definitely isn't one for me. I was looking for something closer to "The Starlight Rite" but what I seemed to have is more like a fluffier version of a DBSM story.

  • Kristin
    2019-06-15 02:05

    This book is perfectly fine being read as a stand alone. I say that because that's exactly what I did, and I wasn't lost. Of course the characters from the first book make appearances in this book, you don't need to know what happened in the last book to enjoy this story. In fact, reading it as a stand alone allowed me to live in the moment with Naya. Naya is a human who lives a rough life on her home planet. She gotten by as best as she could since she was abandoned as a young teen by her family. When her best friend's number is pulled for the grabbing, she pays her way onto the list. During a grabbing, aliens from a ship in space come to the planet in hopes of grabbing a bride. The women get a few minutes head start and soon the aliens follow. If they are able to grab a woman before she reaches the safe zone, they get to keep her and take her back to their ship. Which of course is where Naya finds herself, grabbed by an alien. I liked the story and the sci-fi element of aliens and humans but I didn't feel like it was sci-fi enough. The aliens were described as being really tall with pale hair and eyes. So of course I picture a blond haired, green eyed NBA star. I'm not saying that the aliens need to have tentacles or eyeballs on their biceps but at least give them horns, insane body colors or something to make it more sci-fi. I just felt like I was reading a futuristic novel about two humans. Aside from that, I did find the story enjoyable. I liked the suspense of the grabbing and the fact that some people look at being on the grab list as a blessing because of the horrid conditions that they live in while others are terrified of having their number drawn. The erotic parts were nicely written and evenly spaced out to where they didn't overrun the story but complimented it with appropriate scenarios. I think this will be a series that I will keep up with.

  • Marta Cox
    2019-05-21 07:51

    My first book by this author and probably should have read the previous book in series first (grabbed by Vicious) before picking this one up! Having said that I found it could stand alone and I easily followed the plot.A planet somewhere in the distant future that is protected by an alien race who receive tributes that include young single females. Enter Naya a young woman who doesn't want to be captured but who plans to help her friend escape to be with the man she loves. Naya is successful at aiding her friends escape but finds herself captured by one of the big bad sky warriors that she's fleeing from. Menace is from the outset determined to dominate his female and show her the delights of being his but he has to convince Naya that life with him isn't just about slavery. Their voyage of discovery has only just begun and those around them are not always to be trusted.This is an erotic story but Manace has got to be the most gentle alpha male I have ever come across. Yes there is plenty of sex and its definitely not vanilla! He has what he refers to as a playroom but personally I'd call it a torture chamber! If toys or ménage offend then maybe not the book for you but I thought the ménage scene was hot and in keeping with the storyline. It wasnt a free for all with Naya being used or abused in any way.Would definitely recommend this authors work as her writing is clear and easy to follow. The storyline flowed really well and I will be buying more by her. Just hope that the character Terror can be given a book of his own at some point!Remember this is fantasy to be enjoyed!5 stars from me

  • Carin
    2019-06-16 05:43

    Love me a good sci-fi romance series with hot alpha aliens! Caught by Menace is the second book in the Grabbed series that takes place in a dystopian future that takes place on an Earth like planet called Calyx, a very anti-technology/advancement place, and the aliens that protect the planet and grab the brides once a quarter are the Harcos, a very large race who have some interesting mating tendencies.Naya has worked to survive from the time she was a very small child and works with a renegade organization to get medical supplies in and people out. She has promised her friend Jenny she would help her get away from the grab by participating herself. How was she to know that getting grabbed, her worst nightmare, would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her.Menace is envious of his friends who have brides and families he is ready for that. He wants a quiet, obedient woman what he gets instead is Naya, who is just who he needs.Working together to overcome trust issues and fear of the BDSM that dominates the bonding of the Harco's men Naya and Menace are working toward a happy and loving relationship, until Naya's past bites them in the butt.I really enjoyed this book I would read the first one before this one but you don't have to. The sex is hot and steamy, there is an element of suspense and tension as well as some surprises. We get to find out how Vicious and Hallie are doing and we are set up for a third installment. I can't wait :O) I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

  • Daria
    2019-06-03 06:38

    First lets just say I want to skin Terror alive, then dip His bodily repeatedly in a brine bath. Now still want to smack Naya, she prolly could have avoided the danger had she been upfront. Menace well just because One is a Dom doesn't mean they are infallible. A lot of the sky warrior's views are skewed, leaving the on planet women to adjust their thinking. A world that has a low rate of population, another world insufficient to provide substantial care and protection. Leaves both inhabitants to form a alliance of sorts. The grab - a contest where a warrior runs down a female, as if she was prey then puts a collar on her and calls her wife. I loved how the characters just flowed along with the story line. Urbanish post war like, with some dangerous situations. Toss in some BDSM elements with stubborn love and you have something awesome to read. The heated sex scenes are enough to make you squirm, even though they are a bit tame but they work. Again as I always do in the BDSM scenes the care that is shown is so important. Showing how they make the safeword clear, they gage the sub for body language, the monitors in the play area. Most important communication, and the fact that the lifestyle is safe, sane and consensual. I cant wait to read about the others in Vicious and Menace's crew. :) enjoy.

  • Nickcole
    2019-05-26 06:53

    Stars: 4Overall: What a wide adventure, with a beautiful and intense romance. I loved Naya character right from the beginning. You could tell that she was a strong woman and was going to give whoever Grabbed her one hell of a ride. I also really loved that it was Menace, because after his part the first book ( which i couldn't stop laughing BTW ), it made me eager to read his story. The sex was still as good as the first book, you'll be blushing a beautiful color of read. lol My one and only problem with the book : Terror. It really wasn't a problem with the plot, but what a "friend" could do to another friend's mate. I started to kind of like him in the first book and was looking forward to reading his story, but if one comes out i think i might have to pass, but that guy was a complete douche. Than at the end when Naya figures out her mother was in The City the whole time, i found the strange and probably a little unlikely. The town and cities they describe to sound overly big or far from one another, so i would think that would would've at least heard something. But i really shouldn't complain because it made for an amazing and heartfelt ending. I really love this series and i can't wait till the next book is released. Characters: Menace & NayaPage Turner: I didn't put the book down!!Series Cont: I hope so!! Keep writing Ms Lopez!Recommend: Yes!

  • Karen
    2019-05-20 03:49

    3.5 stars. I LOVED book one of this series and waited on pins and needles for the second installment. Sadly, Menace & Naya's story just didn't pack the same punch that Vicious & Hallie's did. By the time we got to the good stuff the suspense action scene took up the remainder of the book. We never felt that solid connection between Menace and Naya until the last 2% and then it was over. The last chapters felt rushed and I was a bit worried it was heading towards a cliffhanger. I would have liked to have learned more about Naya adjusting to life on Valliant before the closing (as we were rewarded with in book one). Menace had a lot of trust to make up for and I was frustrated we didn't get to see him prove his feelings for Naya. I know we will most likely get more from Menace & Naya in the next book but I felt a bit cheated. Because of this, I just did not feel as invested in this couple as I did with Hallie & Vicious (they were pretty spectacular so maybe this is unfair). That said, still loving this series and cannot wait to find out who is up next. I was hoping for Terror's story but now I am thinking it is going to take a bit of time before the author works him up to that point. I am hoping his book is really powerful and moving. His character has so much potential for depth and evolution. But at this point, I will happily read about anyone of them!