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After being murdered and then brought back to life, Harry Dresden soon realizes that maybe death wasn’t all that bad. Because he is no longer Chicago’s only professional wizard.   He is now Winter Knight to Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness. Her word is his command. And her first command is the seemingly impossible: kill an immortal. Worse still, there is a growing threatAfter being murdered and then brought back to life, Harry Dresden soon realizes that maybe death wasn’t all that bad. Because he is no longer Chicago’s only professional wizard.   He is now Winter Knight to Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness. Her word is his command. And her first command is the seemingly impossible: kill an immortal. Worse still, there is a growing threat to an unfathomable source of magic that could mean the deaths of millions.   Beset by enemies new and old, Harry must gather his friends and allies, prevent an apocalypse, and find a way out of his eternal subservience before his newfound infinite powers claim the only thing he has left to call his own…   His soul.INCLUDES AN EXCERPT FROM THE NEXT DRESDEN FILES NOVEL...

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Cold Days Reviews

  • Patrick
    2019-06-17 14:45

    Did I mention that I got to read an early version of this a couple months ago?I did. I *so* did. Even in its rough form, it was awesome. Jim never ceases to amaze me.In closing, I know things that you do not. Wonderful things. Terrible things. For the rest of you, the book will be out in late November. patP.S. Muahahahahaha!

  • Nataliya
    2019-05-27 12:32

    Fourteen books in - and with the slight nostalgic sigh I realize how much the stakes have been raised as this series flew ahead, never losing its way. We are playing with the big kids now, aren't we? And things get real."Power corrupts - and the people being corrupted never seem to be aware that it's happening."And things stopped being simple somewhere along the way, and have begun to weave themselves into a complex tapestry, tucking in the loose ends throughout the series, and the storyline has really shifted from the adventures of a smartass wisecracking Chicago PI who also happens to be a wizard, a small fish in a big pond, a guy who, often on pure nerve and defiance and a fair share of dumb luck, and not to forget a little help from his friends, managed to take on things and powers that were lightyears out of his league, while emerging seemingly unscathed. Remember those times?No, now that is in the past. Harry, no longer just a wiseass small fish in a big pond, has become a power to be truly reckoned with, playing on almost equal footing with the biggest supernatural powers of Butcher's world (but still, true to his nature, remains a wiseass). "I was Harry Dresden, Wizard of the White Council, Knight of Winter. I had faced demons and monsters, fought off fallen angels and werewolves, slugged it out with sorcerers and cults and freakish things that had no names. I had fought upon land and sea, in the skies above my city, in ancient ruins and in realms of the spirit most of humanity did not know existed. I bore scars that I'd earned in dozens of battles, made enemies out of nightmares, and laid low a dark empire for the sake of one little girl."Fourteen books into this series - and I love Harry Dresden more than ever. Why? Because he, regardless of his ever-growing power and status, regardless of more than difficult and questionable choices that he has been making - the choices that have led to some unforeseen and often tragic consequences - firmly refuses to succumb to the temptations of power, firmly refuses to lose himself to it. And that is what this book, quite unsubtly but very satisfyingly, hammers into place."But you can't go around changing your definition of right and wrong (or smart and stupid) just because doing the wrong thing happens to be really convenient. Sometimes it isn't easy to be sane, smart, and responsible. Sometimes it sucks[...] But that doesn't turn wrong into right or stupid into smart."Harry has always been a romantic, believing in justice and honor and free will. And, hells bells, he is not just going to give up his beliefs now, even though he has roped himself into the role of a hired gun to Queen Mab, the enigmatic Baddie force of nature we have met before, in the quite chilly and scary circumstances. He made a deal, and he needs to live with the consequences of it. The Mantle of Winter Knight, while giving more power than one'd think possible, comes with repercussions - it seems to draw out the worst in Harry, that has always been there but until now remained mostly under control. And Harry deals with it - at the same time as he's trying to save his hide and save the world, while he's at it. (view spoiler)[Also - Mr. Kringle a.k.a. Santa is not necessarily what you think he is. Sorry, couldn't resist. (hide spoiler)]"See, that’s the tragedy of the human condition. No one wants to be corrupted by power when they set out to get it. They have good, even noble reasons for doing whatever it is they do. They don’t want to misuse it, they don’t want to abuse it, and they don’t want to become vicious monsters. Good people, decent people, set out to take the high road, to pick up power without letting it change them or push them away from their ideals.But it keeps happening anyway.History is full of it. As a rule, people aren’t good at handling power. And the second you start to think you’re better at controlling your power than anyone else, you’ve already taken the first step."Power and desire to use it is what tries to take over Harry now - in a manner of true White Knight, I guess. I expected that to happen given the ending of the previous book - but I also expected this book to be about Harry figuring out a way to get out of his debt and obligation to the forces of questionable morality and principles. Well, that did not quite go just as I thought it would. Harry may wear the Mantle for a bit longer - but now I wonder if that is such a bad thing after all. "I fell back on what I'd learned then. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths, reminding myself that the anger was just anger, that it was a sensation, like feeling hot or cold. It didn't mean anything by itself. It wasn't a reason to act. That's what thinking was for."Yes, there is price that comes with power - but more than ever I trust Harry's ability to retain just enough of his old self to be, well, himself. And he will need it, given how the unexpected ending (well, I expected some of it - but the implications of it were as unexpected as they could be! (view spoiler)[Molly!!!! (hide spoiler)]) sets things up to continue on a much grander scale than we have been accustomed to so far. Butcher once again shuffles the chess pieces on the chess board of his Dresden universe, and few pawns are left standing - it's the game for the big players now, as he shuffles the main conflicts into the realm of the Faerie, or so it seems.""Bad things kept happening to me. It was high fucking time *I* started happening to *them*."And yet despite the elevation in ranks, Harry remains the same annoyingly but endearingly wisecracking guy, thriving on the nerdy references ("I sagged in sudden, exhausted relief. The bad guys hardly ever quote 'Star Wars.'") and mouthing off to everyone, no matter how much ancient power they may possess, no matter how much they outclass him. And I love it, okay? Especially when Butcher goes ahead and references Terry Pratchett, thus making my happiness truly complete:-----All in all, an excellent entry into the Dresden books series, living up to all the expectations the previous books have set - and yet remembering the roots of this series, and throwing its fans a bone here and there. It finally makes the mostly stand-alone books feel a part of an overarching story - the one about power and love and choices and consequences (and, of course, the Fae and the monsters and magic and crazy amounts of lovely dorkiness!) I love it, and I'm holding my breath for the next installment in the series. 5 ice-cold Winter stars.-------------"It's better to know than not know," I said quietly."Why?" Mother Summer challenged."Because you can't truly make a choice without knowledge, ma'am.""Even if it may haunt you? Harm you? Isolate you?"I thought about it some more and then said, "Especially then. Show me."["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-06-02 11:40

    Okay...takes deep breath...I'm feeling alright at this time so I better get this reviewed before the cravings and shakes start again. I got the latest volume in Jim Butcher's Dresden series, and finished it. Now the waiting begins, the continual search for some book that's remotely like the Dresden books, nearly as involving "brain candy" as Dresden, something to stave off withdrawal. Many of us who follow these books live in great fear for Mr. Butcher. Will he be safe? How's his health? Maybe he should be kept in isolation, locked away in protective custody. No more risky activities such as camping in the woods or...horrors "LARPING". Oh I know he's free, this is to him a livelihood (or should that be "lively hood"), a way to make a living an irk...job. At most, it's art. But YOU Mr. Butcher are the one who came up with smart ass err smart-alack wisecracking Harry Dresden. You wrote books that are so enthralling and well constructed, came up with the subtle hanging plot points, the other characters we care about, you're the one that has brought this about! Think of the plight of millions of readers who simply wait a year or a year and a half for the next book. Mr.'re a junky dealer!!!!!!!Alright sigh you, my fellow Goodread's member came here for a review of the book. I will attempt it, though that gnawing hunger in my gut, the one we all know so well has started already.This is a fantastic read. I will recommend without reservation that you read this novel. Yes even if you pick it up with no background in Harry at all I think most will enjoy it...but oh my would you be short changing yourself. I've loved the entire series, though as individual books there are some I'd rate a little better than others (though I leave them all at a 5 star rating). This one however may just have nudged it's way to the top...or at least to the top 2 or 3 of the series. Harry's life, already complicated seems to find ways to just continue spiraling away and Harry continues to try and bring order out of the swirling chaos that surrounds him. This time the maelstrom is no easier to navigate through...or survive (view spoiler)[ though survival at this point may have another totally different connotation, as Harry has already been dead or at least "mostly dead" (yeah we know you got the reference) once (hide spoiler)]. I won't give spoilers here (unmarked that is) and I'm even being careful to dance far back from the edge in case readers look at this who haven't read this far in the series or for that matter, even started it. I will say that a few more running questions get answered here and a couple get answered in ways that simply open new questions. Some of us spotted things early on and saw some of these coming (and we feel so smug when JB's ideas are the ones we figured out) others probably surprise us (those we smile at, enjoy and so on, but don't talk about as much. Embarrassment.) All these things, the cast of characters and of course Harry himself keep us reading.I do want to say this. If you haven't read this series...stop whatever you're doing right now, even reading this amazing, enthralling, insightful review, and GET Storm Front. Drive to you're nearest book store...get the E it from Audible, whatever you need to do. If you are a fan of fantasy, urban fantasy, action or even horror or noir/hard boiled detective fiction try these. The Dresden books or Dresden files books are almost unique in several ways. For one thing they can each be read as stand alone novels (the earlier ones more so than the last 2 or 3) yet in the "background" another story is building. The clues come a little at a time the pressure builds like a steam kettle on a stove with the heat set on low. It takes a while but it's going to happen. That's why even though each book can be enjoyed individually I strongly recommend, I beg you to start at the first novel and read them. Meet the people in and other characters in Harry's life. Follow the changing relationships enjoy the wiseass errr... wiseacre comments and humor. It's true that "I think"...that is it's my opinion...that the books really begin to hit their stride in book 3 or 4. BUT that could mislead. I still rate book "one" a 5 star read. I mean it's like excellent and getting better. I love these books. (By the way Mr. Butcher, Jim I'm 60 years old so don't take too long, okay?)Really, don't miss these. I give this book...I give these books my strongest, highest recommendation.UPDATE Jan. 27, 2015 This was written the night after the book came out...but an update is called for!Mr. Butcher...Jim....another book series?!?!?!?!?! Didn't I make myself clear??? I'm getting up there Jim, I'm 62! How much longer can I have? Jim, please....consider us, your older readers. What if we shuffle off, take the big sleep, move on...pass away before you finish the series?Think of all those ticked off ghosts haunting you.

  • Alex
    2019-06-08 17:28

    Updated 12/1/2012This is not really a proper review, but expanding on why I gave it 3 stars. It has spoilers, so don't bother reading if you haven't read the book.Honestly, I enjoyed the book because I am a huge fan of The Dresden Files, but that doesn't mean I am going to be biased and just rate everything 5 stars.I don't know if it's due to the different type of series I have been reading lately or not, but seeing Harry as the underdog yet again didn't sit well with me.I felt like he had to rely on his friends too often to save his butt in this book. There's nothing wrong with that, but Harry was already a very powerful wizard. By adding even more power with the winter mantle, I thought he was going to be a force to be reckon with.What happened was he ended up getting his butt kicked multiple times by individuals who should have been no match for him.The Little Folk? Ace the Changeling? Redcap? Being as strong as he should have been, I didn't expect these people to be obstacles in his way. Hell, the way he froze those fae at the beginning of the book only to shatter them into a million pieces was awesome. I had high hopes at that part.Another personal disappointment for me was the way he was reunited with everyone.The only reunion I really liked was with his brother, because it felt the most genuine to me. Thomas couldn't/wouldn't believe that his brother could still be alive. When he finally came to believe it was really him, it made me smile.We find out Molly already knew Harry was alive weeks ago, so their reunion felt really lackluster to me.Again the same thing happens with Murphy. Another lackluster reunion. This was the one I was really interested in too. She was grieving hard in Ghost Story and couldn't believe that the ghost was actually Harry. It wasn't until the end that she finally really accepted it was him, only to realize his ghost is now gone.In Cold Days, Harry is getting his butt kicked and Murphy pops out of no where to help him. After he's safe, they are chatting like him being alive is no big deal. "Oh I followed the explosions I heard about on the police scanner, I figured they had to be you."(paraphrasing). Really? I was really expecting much more than this. There was no shock on her part at all that he was alive.There were probably a few other parts of the book that bugged me, which is why I didn't give it 5 stars, but those ones stuck out for me.I really did enjoy it overall, but maybe I was just expecting the things above to happen exactly as I imagined they would.Learning about why the Gatekeeper is called the Gatekeeper was interesting. I completely forgot that there must be a reason for his name.There was more Toot in this book which I loved. His adoration for Lacuna(after realizing Hook was a female) was adorable. I believe he even gets her a jolly rancher, only to be sucker punched in the face. "Wow!"We learnt more about Mac in this book, even if it wasn't much. We know he's not just some bartender now. I guess he will play a much larger role in a future book.Everything to do with Demonreach I loved reading about. The spirit of the island, the Well that Harry is now Warden of, the monsters that are imprisoned there. I thought Jim Butcher did a great job with the imagery.Anyways there's probably more I could say, but I'm going to go read. -----------------------Wow, I am really looking forward to this book. The wait is dreadful. The last book 'Ghost Story' was one of my favs of the entire series. I can't wait to see Harry in his new role as the WK. I especially can't wait for when Molly, Murphy and the rest of his friends realize he is alive. I teared up a lot during the last book (not afraid to admit it,a lot of it was sad), so I am really, really looking forward to Harry reuniting with everyone (even if his new role will probably make him feel like he has to stay away).In every book so far (that I can remember), it starts months and months after the last one has finished. Granted, Ghost Story did sort of start off immediately where Changes left off, but that was only from Harry's point of view, in reality 6 months had past.I REALLY hope Cold Days starts off IMMEDIATELY where Ghost Story ended. With Harry now the new Winter Knight, and Mab taking him to Faerie to introduce him as such to the Unseelie Court. I think that would make for a really good read.I will be disappointed if the book starts off 6 months later and all Harry's friends already know he's alive and working with the Sidhe. I want to "be there" for when they actually find out that he's not dead, not read about how they found out months ago.Crossing my fingers Jim Butcher doesn't disappoint!

  • Leon
    2019-05-28 12:32

    By Far the best Dresden Files book since Summer Knight. A great recovery over the disappointing Ghost Story. Lots of new revelations. Can't wait for book 15 tho as Nicodemus is expected to be backRead my full review Cold Days Review

  • Carol.
    2019-05-21 18:49

    I dream of an urban fantasy novel that celebrates humanity in its many shapes and backgrounds.I dream of an urban fantasy that integrates folklore, the myths of world cultures, the tricksters and thieves and intelligent life in many forms.I dream of kindness paying unexpected dividends.I dream of an urban fantasy that moves me, pushes my boundaries, questions my institutional beliefs as much as The Sparrow did, a book that left me an emotional wreck.I dream of an urban fantasy that doesn't make women out to be a collection of parts that inspire lasciviousness.I dream of an urban fantasy that passes the Bechdel test.In short, I dream of something besides the first eight chapters of Cold Days. Butcher isn't the only one, mind you. He's just the one that makes bestseller lists every time Dresden hiccups. *****Review thoughtsOrdinarily, I'm not one that usually pays much attention to the "show don't tell" school of writing advice, but I immediately noticed how much of the book consists of Butcher/Dresden telling the reader about everything. Dude--you know it is book fourteen in a series, right? You don't need to describe the Chicago skyline. (Or maybe you do--this could by Anycity, U.S.A.). You also don't need to tell us what your apartment looked like, about Bob the skull, Butters' job at the morgue, your creepy past feelings about Molly, your VW bug, how perfect Thomas' body is, your preference for fire magic, leather dusters and charm bracelets or your soulfire--give us the action, how it feels and we'll figure it out. I confess I've read the series with lackluster enthusiasm since book 8 or so, but never before have I been so convinced Dresden is an asshat. I wouldn't even friend him on Facebook, that's how much of an Equus posterior he is. Sure, some of that might be the Winter Knight persona showing through. But most of it is the same ol' that's troubled him since book one. Like Rachel Morgan in Kim Harrison's witch series, character growth is glacial. In his continued ode to chauvinism, he admits he can't hit a woman, even if she's a psychopathic, possessed female who wants to start Armageddon.Correlated to the character issues is the development of Dresden assuming mantle of the Winter Knight, one of the crucial points of this book. The power of the mantle causes intense feelings of rage and lust--at least, Dresden frequently attributes it to the 'mantle.' However, Butcher tells us a great deal about how 'calculating' Winter is, how the chief aspect is a focus on logic, reasoning, and elaborate plotting based on calculating the odds, even gauging for emotional response. So why is Dresden's Winter aspect so prone to irrational rage and sexual rapaciousness? It felt inconsistent, and since significant plot points have to do with characteristics of the avatars of Summer and Winter fae courts, it was bothersome.As usual, I most appreciated the supporting mythical characters. I enjoyed Demonreach, the island's personification, and discovering the innermost workings of the island. Loved Odin. I rather liked the vicious Cat Sith. Butcher does a nice job of remaining true to the early folklore spirit of fae, their tricksy motives and inhuman ethics (although not pronunciation, natch). I liked Thomas' brother relationship and calling Dresden out, although again, I felt like I had read that before. While I liked Molly's character change and confident maturity, it seemed a little sudden from the Molly I remembered. Granted Dresden's been gone at least 3 months during rehabilitation and somewhat longer during Ghost Story. But she seems like an entirely different person. I suspect her story is even more interesting... wish he could find someone to tell it.That said, I did find the storyline rather engaging, particularly in the last half of the book, when the expositionary hiccups were ironed out and it finally progressed into steady action. I will note that a couple of plot points annoyed me. One, and this is small but telling, Dresden spent an hour telling his friends about the varied ways blood can be used for tracking (because it's not like he hadn't already used it as a technique in other books--eyeroll). Conveniently, he still forgets this a few hours later. Two, the overall plot continues to be (view spoiler)[preventing Chicago from being wiped from the earth--as well as the earth from being wiped out by the Outsiders. This has been the penultimate threat in the last chunk of books (I can't be bothered to count how many, but definitely in Death Masks and White Knight), so it's a little repetitive.(hide spoiler)] Three, Dresden's internal conflict is pretty much a repetition of a number of other books in the series as well, especially in Death Masks, when he picks up the silver coin and is fighting to identify self versus non-self urges and thoughts. Writing remains uneven. Butcher continues his self-conscious writing, full of nudge-wink moments to the reader. There's a very out front moment where Harry admits he "jokes under pressure" that sounds a great deal like Butcher trying to answer critics' irritation with wise-cracking heroes in their moment of confrontation. Dresden misses a Firefly reference from Bob. Presumably the humor comes from the reader being in on the joke, but it did throw me out of the story long enough to consider why Dresden persistently quotes Star Wars and Princess Bride and yet remains challenged by more recent geek-culture phenomenona. There's also an extremely awkwardly inserted "Not That There's Anything Wrong With It" conversation on some (male) gay sexuality that occurs in the Magic Hedge (!!!). It's very strange, non-sequitur and generally smacks of half-assed defensiveness. More than anything else, that threw me out of the story (and necessitated a quick trip to the opthamologist for an eye repair). One last note: there's a scene with Molly that is seriously disturbing, and not in a good way. I think authorial intentions--whatever they were--were a giant fail! If you read it, you know which one I mean. Her response it was so entirely inappropriate that it was clear the scene was... actually, I don't know what was clear about it. Was Butcher trying to show how evil the mantle is making Harry? How absolutely psychologically screwed up Molly is? Giving in to sheer authorial lecherousness? Please, any fans--explain it to me. There's no excuse in this series for a violent rape fantasy and the female being okay with it, unless it's a Mab ploy for some sort of bizarre "turn-me-into-what-I hate," which honestly doesn't apply. That plus the "Not That There's Anything Wrong With It" homosexuality conversation make it a modern UF fail.Had Dresden not been so focused on his male organs, I might have considered 4 stars. However, his general obsession with "possessing" every female in sight (Mab, his physical therapist, Maeve, fae women, Molly, Murphy, Lily, etc), coupled with Butcher's general insistence of describing all females in the book in terms of sexual appeal (the two that weren't were clearly defined by their lack of appeal) makes this a library-only recommendation, and that mostly for Dresden fans. Two schwing! starsStar level decreased after re-evaluating the Molly scene I had tried to forget.Cross posted at with even more links!

  • Eric
    2019-05-22 11:31

    This was certainly a Dresden novel. It was entertaining, up to a point.I feel like Butcher has lost control of the Dresden Files. This latest novel was overburdened with self-reference and pop-culture references. It creaks under the weight of established continuity.It's been clear for a few books that Butcher is attempting a sort of sleight-of-hand stasis for Harry, and with this book it goes into the deep end. Harry is no longer the plucky underdog fighting the good fight. He's now one of the movers and shakers of the magical world. Rather than deal with this and have it result in actual character growth, the magnitude of the opposition has continued to increase. That way Harry gets to be more badass while still basically behaving the same way as he always has.There was a sweet spot of 2 or 3 books where it looked like there was going to be more to Dresden than that, but it passed. I kept with it afterward because, like a brainless popcorn movie, it was fun. It's not much fun anymore.

  • forestsprite
    2019-06-16 10:37

    First off, since when did "training bra" become one of Molly's tags? Because eww, gross, stop it. I get that this is supposed to convey how Harry still sees Molly as the child he first knew her as, but could we vary how he expresses this sentiment a little, please? And maybe stop dragging Molly through the mud while we're at it.This novel was okay. I wouldn't say this series jumped the shark yet, but it's veering precipitously on the edge. Here is everything I found wrong with this book. Spoilers galore. And this review ended up being kind of long. I have a lot of feelings, okay?(view spoiler)[Actually, maybe my first thought kind of sums a lot of it up. This novel got a lot more sleazy, with a lot of "women as objects" narrative throughout the book. I get that Harry is well into his own personal downward spiral and parts of this books were trying to show that, but it just didn't work for me.Twice we have women pretty well throwing themselves at Harry, and neither in a flattering way. Harry is alone with them, he starts thinking rape-y thoughts at them (which is a whole 'nother thing I'll get to in a sec), and instead of being alarmed or afraid or assuming some kind of defense or calling him out on it, we have both Sarissa and Molly, in pretty much the same manner, being okay with it. Sarissa doesn't necessarily want it, but she's passively accepted that it's her lot to get raped on occasion. Molly, on the other hand, basically tells him that hey, it's okay, it's not rape if I want you to. She actually says that he can think of it as a gift she's offering him. HE WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT RAPING HER. Without consent or logic, or any kind of concern for her safety or volition, let alone her pleasure. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.Many, many times throughout the book Harry has a thought process that goes something like: "if I wanted to, I could totally rape Sarissa/Andi/Lily/Molly/random Sidhe right now and NOTHING THEY COULD DO WOULD STOP ME." With Karrin it's violence, and he rather casually considers how easy it'd be to kill her after slamming his hand into the door six inches from her face (she doesn't flinch at all, and is totally cool knowing that Dresden is thinking violent thoughts toward her and loves him anyway). When he doesn't start raping and killing women, we're supposed to think what, exactly? That Harry is such a good person? What control he has? And is this supposed to apply to all men - that the only reason they don't go around raping all the women is because it's not politically correct? It's almost like Nice Guy Syndrome™ gone mad - Harry has been so good and suffered so much, surely he deserves to go raping all the women as payback for everything he's gone through, but of course he's such a good martyr he won't do it, though he'd really like to.You could go and blame all this on the mantle of Winter, except that Harry goes to greats pains to say it's not just the mantle of Winter: that every person has both good and bad in their hearts, and what matters is how you act on those notions. I'll grant that thinking about raping someone is not the same as raping them. Thoughts are not actions, nor do they bear the same weight as actions. But it was so gratuitous throughout the book and treated in such a blasé fashion that it was really nearly a deal-breaker for me, especially given the reactions of the recipients of these sorts of thoughts.The treatment of Molly. Good god. As if she needed another reason for Harry not to fuck her. And that's really all that comes down to. It's gotten to the point where I wonder if in the author's past there was a girl that he really wanted that he couldn't have and now he's punishing Molly for it. And I know, usually the point in the review where the reviewer starts attacking the author's character is where I stop reading, but it's become so blatant for me that it really does take me out of the book. It does seem really overly explicit by this point that the only thing Molly has going for her is her ability to be humiliated for wanting so badly to be with Harry and his refusing her, over and over, while everyone else knows it. Give the girl a break. I'm not exactly a Harry/Molly shipper either, but the book goes out of its way to show how theoretically compatible they'd be if not for Harry being such a good person or whatever (because he very clearly is attracted to her, training bra or not, and they have a ridiculous amount in common now). Making her the Winter Lady to his Winter Knight knowing he's still going to refuse her is just another slap in the face.Issues I had with this book not relating specifically to its treatment of women: a) Everyone glossing over not only Harry's death, but his suicide. Coming back from the dead should be a pretty big deal, but when Harry shows up and there's hardly any fall-out - the only person that has any kind of reaction is Thomas, but that only lasts a few pages and then he's pretty much over it. He's also the only one who explicitly figured out that it was suicide in the first place. Molly knows, obviously, as well as Kincaid since he was the one who shot him, but I'm not sure if everyone else has pieced that together and how that would affect their relationship with Dresden. And what the hell is going on with Murphy, anyway? That was totally a cop-out (har har), and none of it rang true with me at all. Her reaction on his being alive (there wasn't really one), them again not dealing with anything, and having them not hook up after all that? I've been waiting since the massive cock-block at the end of Changes, and I'm not even a huge Harry/Karrin shipper. As much as I'm against all the rape-y aspects of this book (of which there were many), I don't think sex is inherently bad or evil, and I think it could have been used as a means of healing for both these characters, something to restore them back to some semblance of normal rather than something to damage them further with (though I'd need both Karrin and Harry to acknowledge/resolve his violence issues and know that she could and would freely kick his ass if it was required).b) Harry as an underdog. How is this still happening with all his massive powers as we sit here at book 14? He should be taking ass and kicking names by this point, but he's still made out to be this underdog at the whims of beings greater than he when in fact he really is a power player by now. And yet, he gets his ass kicked multiple times by people that he shouldn't be. Ace is a prime example. He was a bit player way back in "Summer Knight", and I'll grant that if Harry can level up over the series so can his enemies, but Ace is ultimately the same guy he was back then whose rage has just been simmering a really long time. That does not power make. Harry should have been able to take him out. Same goes for the Redcap, really. At Harry's party we got this first taste of Harry really flexing his new muscle when he obliterates an ogre and then a random Sidhe, and then we don't see that for the rest of the book.c) Too much exposition. This has always been a problem with the Dresden books, with Harry breaking up a scene for several pages to explain the metaphysics of how magic works or how love conquers all or blah blah blah. It slows down the place like whoa and is majorly boring. These areas need more red pen. The pacing of this book was awkward in general.d) This may be a small thing, but I hated all the swearing in this book. I always thought it was kind of cute how all the swearing in the other books was alluded to rather than explicitly stated. It was part of how Harry operated, to a point, his world-view, and now he's dropping f-bombs and waving his middle finger all over the place. I know he died and more or less sold his soul and has enough baggage to pack the Titanic, but I'm not sure that this change really makes sense to me. And I have no issue with swearing in general, but it doesn't fit the previous books or with Harry's character in general. But then, neither do all the rape thoughts. Maybe that's the point, but if you want Harry to become this horrible person so that he can redeem himself later I can't help feeling it could have been done better. (hide spoiler)]Now, there were things I did like about this book (Toot, Lacuna, Cat Sith, Thomas in general), but I'll leave this here. Will still be reading the next one.

  • David Monroe
    2019-05-24 14:34

    ::EDIT:: 12/01/12 -- NAILED IT!!! WowWowWowWow! Yeah, yeah. I didn't like book #13 (Ghost Story), but I love this series and its characters. I'll give it a chance. I got some push-back that I just didn't like change. I like change. That's been one of the great things about this series. It plays out over time. It's been 12 years since the first book and it's been 12 years since those events have happened to Harry. He and most all of the main supporting cast have changed and grown. Not always for the best, but they have changed. I just felt that it was kind of a cheap trick and cheap way to shake up the series and boost its sales. I thought it insulted me as a fan and Butcher's characters. I don't mind big events happening, I don't even mind when a book [email protected]@ks me, as long as it serves a logical and greater purpose. As long as it makes sense. I can still like the series and still enjoy the books after it. I just didn't like what the author did with that installment. I don't think it caused Mr. Butcher any sleepless nights. ;)

  • Ginger
    2019-05-22 14:31

    Another great book in the Dresden series! Harry Dresden and his gang of misfits just keep getting better with each book!All of the plot twists with Winter and Summer made this book fantastic. The last 30% of the book was nonstop action and I just kept frantically turning the pages. There are so many unanswered questions with the way this book ends and of course I'll be reading the next one in the series. Butcher does it again!

  • Rimsha Salam
    2019-06-18 15:58

    Check out my blogs for more reviews and book stuff: http://ramblingsofabookworm3.blogspot...http://ramblings-of-a-bookworm.tumblr...During Reading:How does Jim Butcher do it how HOW !!this book is so goooooood!!Pre-Reading:Cover's out, cover's out, COVER'S OUT!!!(Composing my self) it just me or does Harry look like Tony Stark in this?i think Jim is trying to send us a message maybe Harry is also "IRON MAN"but he can't be Iron Man because he can't go near machinery but maybeee... that's what he want's us to think ..Don't mind me i am just rambling here..Edit:Sample chapters of coldays 1 and 2 are out! is out too

  • Armenda
    2019-05-30 10:33

    This series is probably my most treasured set of books. I love these books, every single one of them, but my favorites were Dead Beat and Changes.I'm not going to hope that Jim Butcher hurries. I want him to take his time and write it how he wants. But there are times I do wish I could skip ahead to when the book is released and start reading it already! :)

  • Lauren Stoolfire
    2019-05-28 18:44

    The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher is one of my all time favorite series. I have no clue why I put off reading Cold Days for so long because it was an absolutely fantastic return to Harry's Chicago (and the Nevernever) - I actually had to give myself a bit of a refresher. Anyway, Harry and company have gone through some pretty major changes, but they're all in top form even if they've changed a bit along the way. As awesome as all the action, magic, sense of humor, and mystery are, the characters are totally what make this series and that's no different here - it's a pleasure to see how much everyone, especially Harry, has grown over the course of the series. In this case, Harry's taken on the mantle of the Winter Knight and the stakes have never been higher. After that gut-punch of an ending, it's time to jump into Skin Game! Here's to hoping Michael Carpenter will be back for the next round, and we'll get to see Maggie.

  • Rob
    2019-05-23 12:30

    Executive Summary: If you read The Dresden Files and haven't read/started this book, why not? If you're on earlier book..hurry up!If you don't read the Dresden Files? Why are you reading this? Go get Storm Front right now, so you can start catching up!Seriously, I'm just amazed at the way Mr. Butcher has evolved this series over the years, still going incredibly strong with the 14th book in the series. This has easily been my favorite series since I discovered it a few years ago.Audio Book: I'm so glad to have James Marsters back for this book. He puts so much emotion into his reading. When Harry casts a fire spell Mr. Marsters snarls Fuego rather than just reading it. I also really enjoyed his voices for the new characters as well.Full ReviewI've eagerly been awaiting this book since finishing Ghost Story last summer. I found that book to be a little bit of a fall of from Changes, but I just credited that to just how great Changes. I really thought it was going to be hard for Mr. Butcher to top it, but somehow he did.I found myself deep into the book wondering how Harry/Mr. Butcher was going to work things out. Of the course of the 14 books thing have evolved in a way I never expected.This books answers many questions I had, including things I had hoped would have been in Ghost Story but weren't.I don't like to include spoilers in my reviews but there are a few minor things I'll hit on (while leaving all the really HUGE developments unsaid).I really loved some of the new characters introduced in this novel in particular Kringle and Lacuna. I hope to see them return in the next novel. And without giving any details, it was awesome to learn more about Demonreach.I'm torn on the idea of Mr. Butcher taking time away from Harry to write a new Steampunk series. On the one hand I'm not really excited by the idea of steampunk as others seem to be. On the other hand, I've been hoping for another series ever since he put out First Lord's Fury finishing up Codex Alera. Not to mention as I joked with my friends, I'd read Twilight Fan Fiction if Jim Butcher was writing it.Either way I hope Mr. Butcher doesn't make us wait too long for book 15, as each of the last few books has taken longer than the year between the year or less timeframe he spoiled us all with for awhile.

  • Emma
    2019-05-24 11:45

    Normally when I read a story, they follow a sort of pattern: second half gets more action than first half; between 75 -85 %, the peak of the action and then a slow descent to the conclusion. But it appears no-one told Jim Butcher!This book was fantastic and the action was non stop. This series seems to be getting better and better!This story opens the world of Harry Dresden even wider and he, again as the under dog, back again with his friends around him, struggle to complete a seemingly impossible task.Interestingly too, we see the further struggle for Harry between what it means to be good or evil when you have so much power.I'm so sad I only have Skin Games to go before I've caught up- then I'll be in the waiting game like everyone else!Recommended as a superlative urban fantasy. But start at the beginning!

  • Kirsty
    2019-06-10 15:55

    Hanging out for this one. I don't want JB to speed up his writing and reduce the wonder that is Harry, but really, I could read a new one every week (I'd say every day but I need to work to pay for books...).

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-06-16 12:36

    *********Gushing review alert**********So good, so very good. I honestly don't even have the words.Whenever I lose my faith in books, whenever I think there are no original stories left to tell, all I have to do is look to The Dresden Files. These books are everything. I'm not exaggerating when I say that these audiobooks have changed my life. I dream of these characters. I hear their voices in my head. I find myself grumbling, "EMPTY NIGHT!" when I'm mad. James Marsters has changed my life. Jim Butcher has changed me. There is no point discussing plot or pros and cons this far into the series. Either you are in it or your not. The plot is way too complex to describe now. Let's just say a lot of people die, a lot of people get hurt, and all hell breaks loose. I always think that there is NO WAY that Harry can save the day, and Jim Butcher figures out a way to make it all come together in a manner that makes sense. Jim Butcher is simply brilliant. I will continue to shell out the big bucks for this series because it is worth every stinking penny.

  • Jet
    2019-05-30 17:57

    Dresden has jumped the shark. It's fallen into the trap that so many supernatural procedurals do - progressively and exponentially overpowered characters, steadily expanding retinue into a cast of thousands, and increasingly ludicrous enemies and plots in order for the overpowered character to have a "believable" adversary. It's no longer a loner-solves-a-case series, it's an EPIC BATTLE FOR ALL OF EXISTENCE! EVERY BOOK! series. Which is not inherently bad, but it's a very different beast and it handles differently. I felt like the jokes were very forced in this one, as well. And then there was what really pissed me off about this book. (view spoiler)[Suddenly, Harry - who I will admit has never been brilliant about not being a sexist dick, but was not so bad after the first couple of books - is suddenly all, "A woman! Rape rape rape! I could totally rape you! Right now! I'd love to! But I won't because I am a Good Guy, and you should give me many cookies for that." It happened every single time a woman is on the page, with the exception of Lacuna (who still has a paragraph devoted to her hotness) and Murphy, who he'd rather kill, apparently. Oh, and Mab, but he's already slept with her, so. It was extremely off putting, as was the fact that the first thing Harry says about every single female character is how hot she is. ALL OF THEM. AAAAARRRRG. Dude is seriously disturbing. I'm making someone else read the next one first so I know how much skeeve I have to brace for. I predict that things with Molly go from "iiiiick, creepy" to "oh no you didn't".(hide spoiler)]

  • Chris
    2019-06-18 18:54

    Hells Bells count: 35Sometimes I wonder how much Jim Butcher had planned in advance. I mean, this is book number fourteen of a series that's been going for twelve years. Whether he's got a giant, intricate plot map pinned up along the walls of his writing office or he's making things up as they go along, I'm impressed. As we get further into the exciting life and times of Harry Dresden, one thing that is clear is that the series has always been moving in a very clear direction, and that the things that came before are what inform the things that come later. Jim Butcher is not a wasteful author, and that gives him the ability to do a lot of really impressive things.As we open this story, Harry Dresden is no longer dead. He was, sort of, and had all kinds of grand fun as a ghost, but now he's alive and it's time for him to start paying off the debts that he incurred in the process of dying. The first of these debts is to Mab, the great and terrible queen of the Winter Faerie.Many, many books ago, Mab offered Harry the position of the Winter Knight - a mortal who would be the strong arm of the queen. He would be her sword, to strike where she pointed. Harry refused until he could refuse no longer, taking on that mantle in exchange for the power that would allow him to rid the world of the Red Court of vampires. And as much fun as vampire genocide is, that's not really his job anymore. Now that he's alive again and under no other obligations, Mab has a purpose for him. At its face, it is a terrible purpose, one that makes no sense and yet which Harry is obligated to fulfill.On the other hand, there is Demonreach. Mab's partner in keeping Harry Dresden's body... let's say viable while he was away as a ghost, Demonreach is the spirit of an island in the middle of Lake Michigan. This island isn't on any maps, and it's devilishly hard to find, but it represents a huge well of magical and spiritual power. This island needs Harry Dresden in order to do its duty. Demonreach is not just an obscure Brigadoon that enjoys hiding from the eyes of the unworthy - it is a guardian against powers that would ravage the world. If it is going to maintain its control and keep the peace, it needs Harry Dresden.While all this is going on, we learn of a new force that is at play in the world. This is rather in keeping with the way the Dresden Files books have worked thus far. Every so often, our point of view is changed, and our field of vision is expanded. Way back in Storm Front, Harry Dresden was a small-time wizard investigator, not well-loved in the wizarding community but good at what he did, and that was pretty much all we saw. As the series progressed, we discovered more about the White Council of Wizards, the three Courts of Vampires, about the ever-feuding faerie realms of Winter and Summer. We went on to discover angels and demons and things that walked between them, ghosts and goblins and creatures that were just barely understandable by our mortal minds.Now we take another step back, out beyond the borders of our reality as we know it. Outside our universe, there are... things. And those things want in. Why they want in is not really understood. Maybe this universe is more hospitable, maybe they're just bored. All we know is that to let them in is to let reality as we know it die. That's bad enough, but what is worse is the knowledge that some of them are already here. They've snuck under the walls, so to speak, and are carefully and busily undermining our defenses. In a game that is so intricate and dangerous, these things use great powers as pawns - including Harry Dresden - and look forward to their inevitable victory.As with so many of the other Dresden Files books, this is a solid read, and you'll fly right through it. Despite being vast in scope, encompassing the fate of the world as we know it, the book is still very personal, letting us follow Harry along the strange, winding path he has to walk whether he likes it or not. Harry has always been a dangerous guy to know, but now that he's the Winter Knight, that danger is even greater. There are forces arrayed against him that he wouldn't be able to understand even if he knew what they were, and simply being the Winter Knight is a challenge unto itself. Taking up that position doesn't just come with awesome new powers and a direct line to some of the most powerful creatures in creation – not without a price. There are obligations as well. Rules and requirements. And, of course, dangers.When he's done, he'll have more answers, and he'll have more problems. Whatever comes next, we can be sure it will be even bigger and scarier than what has come before, and it'll be a treat to see how he manages to beat it.------"I kept a straight face while my inner Neanderthal spluttered and then went on a mental rampage through a hypothetical produce section, knocking over shelves and spattering fruit everywhere in sheer frustration, screaming, 'JUST TELL ME WHOSE SKULL TO CRACK WITH MY CLUB, DAMMIT!'"- Harry Dresden

  • Tim The Enchanter
    2019-06-07 13:39

    Brain Overload....3.5 StarsWhat is going on with this series??? While I appreciate that the author has begun a new story arc, he has done it by taking away from Harry Dresden much of what made him who he was. The change in Harry's life is so drastic that that I feel disappointed with the lack of familiarity. Plot summary Harry Dresden is the now the official "Winter Knight". The great and terrible Mab, after nursing him back to health and strengthening his body, resolve and magic, sends him on his first mission. Of course, the mission is all but impossible. As he works to determine how he will accomplish the deed, he must save the City he loves, protect his mind and free will and defend himself from legions of those who wish to destroy him. The GoodButcher is Still Butcher Despite my misgivings about the direction of the series, Butcher still writes an excellent story. At its core, the story is about a man fighting the pressures of his environment and striving to be decent when those before him could not. Overall, the story is engaging and you keep rooting for the guys. The BadI Think my Brain Just Short Circuited The stories in the Dresden files often follow similar patterns. Harry has a mission, multiple factions are vying to keep him from fulfilling the mission, he is outwitted, he says screw it and blows everything up. It is not quite as need and tidy as I have stated it, but it generally holds true. In this installment, it is as if every available bad guy within a thousand miles is out for Harry's head. While there are usually 2 or 3 parallel stories lines revolving around factions trying to stop Harry, this book had so many that I lost count. At every turn someone new was trying to stop Harry. At one point I just stop and screamed "WHAT IS GOING ON!!!" In the end, the story was lengthened by adding obstacle after obstacle to the point of absurdity. It was too much. It was as if Butcher had run out of clever ideas so every time he didn't know what to do next, he had another faction try and kill Harry. Final Thoughts This is not the Dresden files of the first 12 books. Yes, this is a new story arc. Because of this, I will withhold final judgment for a few more books. The new arc is currently lacking a sense of cohesion. Were this only the second book of a series, I would give it a pass as the author was still building the world. In this case, it is the 14th book and it disconcerting.Audiobook Notes Content AdvisoriesIt is difficult to find commentary on the sex/violence/language content of book if you are interested. I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading. *Disclaimer* I do not take note or count the occurrences of adult language as I read. I am simply giving approximations.Scale 1 - Lowest 5 - Highest Sex-4 This is probably the highest sex rating I have given for this series. This is not because there are any graphic descriptions of sex but rather the pervasive themes of sexual desire. It runs quite strongly through the book and sex is occasionally coupled with violence.Language-3.5 The language was generally the same and the previous few novels. The language has seemingly increased later in the series with low to moderate use of the f-word and moderate use of mild obscenities.Violence-4 As usual, violence is prevalent. It is generally "fantasy violence" with the death of beasts and otherworldly creatures. The novel is basically one scene of Harry running for assassination attempts. The violence is not gory or disturbing but it is pervasive.

  • Chelsea
    2019-06-12 10:55

    Just assembling some thoughts:There was something missing from these later books that I had trouble putting my finger on until I went back and listened to some of the earlier ones. The qualities about Harry that really made me love him as a character aren't present anymore. I agree with some critics of the latest books that he's too over-powered. He almost doesn't even need to think before he destroys something. Even though he was careless, he at least had to brain himself out of more than a few tight spots in the earlier books. The noir detective feel has evaporated as Harry's power has grown. The pop culture references are getting too numerous. They went from being Butcher's nod to his fans, to something I feel hurts the plot and tension. Those random little comic episodes undercut the tension in a few key spots, and those scenes would have been better without them. (view spoiler)[I was really looking forward to Harry's reunion with Karrin, and Butcher really under-delivered on that. I know the series is so tremendously popular that there's no way Butcher could ever possibly make everyone happy, but come on. Those two have the single closest relationship in the story, Harry agonizes a little over what he's going to do with her, and she picks him up on the police scanner?!?! Really? Really. Butcher does deliver on a couple of emotional moments later, once the pace of the story slowed down, and these mollified the part of me who wants Harry and Karrin to hump for days. (hide spoiler)]The pace was dizzying with its intensity. Remember, all of this happens in about twelve hours. Do any of these people sleep, pee, or go to the grocery store? Thomas' life seems the most normal compared to the rest of these people, and he's a vampire. The little side quest when (view spoiler)[Redcap steals Mac, Andie, Butters, and Justine (aka, the secondary sidekick club) was resolved in about twenty minutes, all for putting a dart in Harry's leg that didn't really end up having real significance. I felt it was really unnecessary when all was said and done. (hide spoiler)]Nevertheless, the world Butcher created continues to expand and complicate in new and interesting ways. I'm too invested in this series to ever stop reading the books or loving the characters.

  • Rizwan
    2019-06-08 11:35

    টানা তিন দিন কাজকর্ম সব শিকেয় তুলে দিনরাত কম্বল মুড়ি দিয়ে হাতে ট্যাব নিয়ে গড়াগড়ি খেতে খেতে হিম শীতের মধ্যে একদম মানানসই নামের একটা ইবুক ধুমিয়ে পড়ে শেষ করলাম গতকালঃ দ্য ড্রেসডেন ফাইলস সিরিজের ১৪ নম্বর উপন্যাস "কোল্ড ডেইজ"। নতুন করে অতিমাত্রিক বিশেষণে বিশেষায়িত করার মত আমার স্টকে আর কিছু নাই, শুধু বলতে পারি বইটা নিঃসন্দেহে সিরিজের অন্যতম শ্রেষ্ঠ কাহিনী (মন্তব্যটা মনে হয় রিসেন্টলি শেষ করা সিরিজের অন্যান্য বইগুলোর ব্যাপারেও করতে হয়েছে)। যেমন টানটান উত্তেজনার শ্বাসরুদ্ধকর রোমাঞ্চ, তেমনি মাইন্ডব্লোয়িং অ্যাকশন-প্যাকড, প্লটের চতুর্দিকে জমজমাট রহস্য আর চক্রান্তের বিভ্রান্তিকর জাল, সেই সাথে নিখাঁদ এপিকনেসের দিক থেকে যেন মাত্রাই ছাড়িয়ে গেছে, ড্রেসডেনের ভাষায় যাকে বলে "Hells bells!!" ...এবং অবশেষে, অ-ব-শে-ষে মনে হয় সিরিজের প্রকৃত ভিলেন ও তাদের মূল পরিকল্পনা নিয়ে একটা মোটামুটি ধারণা পাওয়া গেল, বিগ পিকচারটা আসলে ঠিক কী রকম সেটার। একটা সিরিজের ১৪ নম্বর (!) বইতে এসে যদি বলতে হয় ভিলেন ও তাদের আল্টিমেট প্ল্যান কি সেটা জানা তো দূর, মাত্রই শুধুই একটা আইডিয়া পেলাম কী হতে পারে, তখন সবাই বুঝতেই পারছেন লেখক জিম বুচার কোন লেভেলের হরলিক্স খাওয়া সাইকো-জিনিয়াস! সিরিজের এত দূর এসেও বুঝতে পারছি কেবলই অর্ধেক পথটুকু পাড়ি দিলাম, এখনো অ-নে-ক যাওয়া বাকি (বুচার আগেই বলে রেখেছেন টোটাল ২৩-২৪টা বইয়ে কাহিনী শেষ হতে পারে, যার মধ্যে ২০-২১টা হবে ড্রেসডেন কেইস ফাইলস, এবং শেষের ৩টা হবে ফাইনাল অ্যাপোক্যালিপ্টিক ট্রিলজি)। অবশ্য এতে বরং আমি কিছু আশান্বিত হচ্ছি যে একবছরের উপর ড্রেসডেনের জাদুকরী জগতে মোহমুগ্ধের মত ডুবে থেকেও এখনো সময় শেষ হয়ে যায়নি, বরং আগত বছরগুলোতে সিরিজের নতুন নতুন সব দূর্ধর্ষ থেকে দূর্ধর্ষতর ম্যাজিক্যাল থ্রিলার বুচারের কাছ থেকে উপহার পাব। যেহেতু সিরিজটা পুরোপুরি কন্টিনুয়াস কাহিনীর, আর বিভিন্ন প্লট ও ঘটনাবলীর সামান্যতম উল্লেখও আগের বইগুলো না পড়া পাঠকদের জন্য ভয়াবহ স্পয়লার হিসেবে কাজ করবে, তাই আমি বইয়ের কোন কিছু নিয়ে একেবারেই আলোচনা করছি না। শুধু এতটুকু গ্যারান্টি দিয়ে বলতে পারিঃ রহস্য-রোমাঞ্চ ও ম্যাজিক-ফ্যান্টাসিপ্রিয় যে কারও এই অতুলনীয় অসাধারণ সিরিজটা পড়ে আশাহত হবার সম্ভাবনা নেই বললেই চলে। ইংরেজিও অতি সহজ, তাই যা থাকে কপালে ভেবে যেকোন রহস্য-রোমাঞ্চ-ফ্যান্টাসি ভক্ত সিরিজের প্রথম বই স্টর্ম ফ্রন্ট আজকেই হাতে তুলে নিতে পারেন।

  • Dawn
    2019-06-10 10:42

    I honestly didn't think anything would be able to top Changes. It was just so emotional and... Full of change (yep, I went there). But damn. Just damn. Cold Days didn't just top it for me, it blew it out of the park. All of those little things in the previous books that didn't make sense? The things I just kind of went with assuming I had missed something? Those questions are all starting to be answered, and on a totally epic scale. I feel like this entry in the series just took Dresden from and bunch of semi-related stand alone Urban Fantasy novels to one huge Epic Urban Fantasy tapestry. Yeah, tapestry, I know. I squeezed reading this into a Wheel of Time re-read, deal with it.I love Butcher's sense of humor. I love how I can go from tense and on the edge of my seat, to laughing out loud, and then to getting a little misty eyed all in one page. I love that he teases my stupid squishy romantic side a little, without the story turning into a another lame paranormal romance (sorry PNR fans, it's just not my thing). I just plain love this series.What else can I say? If you're considering picking this book up, I'm hoping you've read the other thirteen books in the series first. And if you've read all thirteen, I'm guessing you're enough of a fan to want to continue. And if you're a fan, you won't be disappointed.No doubt about it, five stars. Hell, make it six for that matter. Loved it!Damn it... Now I have to wait a whole year to find out what happens next.

  • Kevin Xu
    2019-06-05 16:57

    The best Dresden book even. This book has so many plot twists and turns.

  • Deborah Markus
    2019-05-22 17:49

    In a huge improvement on my usual behavior, this library book is merely due rather than actually overdue.(Bows modestly; pretends to be overwhelmed by applause. Catches thrown rose and tucks it fetchingly behind her ear.)Anyway. Harry Dresden – and so far as I'm concerned, Jim Butcher – have got their groove back. After a couple of dire, big-fat-bummer books in a row, this one's lots of fun and I've got the quotes to prove it. None of which I'm going to incorporate here, since I already wore out my poor little fingers typing them out as updates or into the GR database for posterity.I'm also not even going to try to sum up the plot. This is like the eleventy-millionth Dresden Files book, so if you haven't read the previous ones you won't know what's going on anyway; and if you have, you'll want to read this one no matter what it's about because you're desperate to find out what the heck happened after the very end of the last book, when (view spoiler)[Harry totally comes back from the dead (hide spoiler)].I'll just add that if you like the audio versions of these books you'll be glad to hear that James Marsters is back to narrating, and in my humble opinion he sounds especially hot when he does Thomas' voice. Maybe he always has, or maybe Thomas just has a lot of really good lines in Cold Days. I don't know. I just know: (insert catlike purr-growl of naughty-type approval here).So, you know. Read this. Unless you don't want to. In which case don't.(Runs out door to drop book off at the library before closing time, having learned from sad experience that they will ding me for the extra day if I don't.)

  • Maggie K
    2019-06-14 12:48

    ok, so maybe my expectations were too high. I mean, a lot of people whose opinions I respect have been rating this 5 stars and gushing how it's the best Dresden yet.So I am reading along, happy to be back in Dresden world but not seeing anything TOO awesome, and am thinking this will be a 4, as usual.Then all of a sudden Harry is fighting Kris Kringle. Seriously??? Santa Claus??? I admittedly passed judgment, rolled my eyes and downgraded it to a 3. I mean, Green's Darkside has the monopoly on throwing all sorts of cliche like things in the mix just for fun. Butcher should know better!But like true Dresdenite I stayed up all nite reading it...and guess what? It started clicking together...I don't think I have ever said so many "Ah-has" out loud since I read and yes, it does all come together, and yes, there was a good explanation for Santa, and yes, I am admittedly eating crow and giving this a 5 and proclaiming it the best Dresden ever.And I need to apologize to Butcher for ever doubting it, and congratulating him on acheiving scope as worthy as Malazan...Fabulous!

  • Donna
    2019-05-22 12:32

    I'm not sure what I can say about this series that I haven't already said. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. It has been a fun and entertaining series. The audio performance by Jame Marsters just adds to the enjoyment. Sometimes, things just all line up and it is almost pure perfection. I'm going to be sad when I finish the series and I will actually have to wait for the next one with all the others that have gone before me. I'll be in good company......right Sonja?

  • Ryan Mueller
    2019-05-24 16:34

    Another amazing entry in one of my favorite series. At times, I couldn't believe just how high the stakes became in this one. There were so many problems facing Harry Dresden in this one, and yet Butcher somehow managed to bring it all together in the end.Rating: 9.5/10

  • Tracey
    2019-05-23 15:58

    "Okay, come on," I said. "You're going to buy me a lawsuit, Bob.""Hush, Harry. Or you'll go to the special hell."I blinked at that, confused. I'm not supposed to be the guy who doesn't get the reference joke, dammit.I find it … yes, inconceivable that Harry Dresden has not seen Firefly.That's terrible. Someone get him a shielded DVD player, stat.Somehow I seem to read the Dresden Files at just the times when they'll hit me hardest....I could almost pretend I was there again. That I was home.But they'd burned down my home. I had repaid them for it, with interest, but I still felt oddly hollow in my guts when I thought about how I would never see it again. I missed Mister, my cat. I missed my dog. I missed the familiarity of having a place that I knew, that was a shelter. I missed my life. I'd been away from home for what felt like a very long time.I didn't get to repay anyone for losing my home and my dog. It just happened. This was not the first time I had to put aside a Harry Dresden novel and … well, anyway. (Changing the subject rapidly) Gosh, I think there were more f–bombs dropped in this one; I haven't done a count or anything, but they seemed more frequent. Of course, Harry more than had reason.I went into this one with a little reluctance. I didn't want to hear about Harry Dresden, Winter Knight. I wanted his old life back almost as much as he did. I wanted the Scooby Gang. But the reunions made it all worthwhile. My note at 20%: "That is, and probably always will be, the only time a heartfelt "Asshole" has made me curl up and cry like a little girl."Warning: embarrassing levels of FanGirl ahead I always loved these books, always. But I may never read one again – not when I can have James Marsters read them to me. Are they perfect narrations? Not one hundred percent, really; there's an occasional missed accentuation that tweaks the meaning of a sentence – but a lot of narrators do that. And what he lacks in the occasional mundane accent, he more than makes up in dialogue, both standard and Harry's internal dialogue. Why would I go back to reading these books off paper or pixel when the "Oh" in my head wouldn't carry half the meaning that the single syllable can bring off when voiced by James Marsters? That man, my God... I want to lock him in a room and make him read me all my favorite books. (Hush about any other things that might come to mind, this is a family show.) I don't like using cliches; "Dream Team" is a cliche. But nothing else comes to mind that so perfectly describes these books: Jim Butcher providing the universe, Harry Dresden living in it, and ... just reading the books is like the first scenes of The Wizard of Oz. There's nothing wrong with that – black and white can be lovely and perfectly sufficient, and after all "Over the Rainbow" comes during that part – but for some things you just can't beat fully saturated technicolor. James Marsters's narration is wide–screen, HD technicolor. Practically 3–D. I always did crush a bit on Spike. It's nice to still be in love with James Marsters. It's a perfect marriage, this; Butcher's geekiness makes mine look like I'm not trying, and the wisecrackery with which he imbues Harry Dresden is PHD level. JM's Spike was part of one of the geekiest of geeky shows, and the wise Spike cracked was always among the sharpest and most fun (and quotable). Long may it wave.

  • Mr. Matt
    2019-06-07 14:52

    I was both pleased and disappointed when I reached the end of Cold Days. I was pleased because I was done, and disappointed because one of my favorite series is definitely taking a turn that I dislike. I've ripped through each of the Dresden books. I've enjoyed following the characters in the living, breathing, plausible world that the author created. I think that is over now.In Cold Days Harry yet again assumes the mantle of "The One" - this time while also donning the mantle of the Winter Knight. He is reborn and has to save both the mortal and fairy worlds from a brand new sinister force - the Outsiders. These baddies want to dissolve reality itself and are only held back by the might of the Winter Court. Of course, the show down revolves around the city of Chicago. And, of course, Harry saves the day against impossible odds. I preferred the stories when they were smaller and more ordinary. Give me a good haunting or werewolves or a troll. Something like that.The other angle that irritated me about this story were some of the character developments. Part of what Jim does so well is make you like his characters. Without giving away anything, something significant happens to one of the major side characters that takes away their humanity. For that matter, Harry has more or less lost his humanity as well on becoming the Winter Knight. I really didn't enjoy that as I think what makes the stories so great is Harry's constant struggle to retain his human despite supernatural powers. What's fun about Harry is how he - a mere mortal - can use his noggin and pluck (and magical ability) to overcome his foes. Now? Well, now he has a supernatural reservoir of power to call on in his epic struggle as "The One."I'm sad to say that this may be the last Dresden book that I read, which is disappointing because I truly enjoyed visiting his world.Long story short, if you enjoy the direction of the series set into motion with Changes, you may very well enjoy this book. If you felt Changes was kind of a bad turn, then you will probably continue to be disappointed.