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Bank Holiday weekend. Sunrise on a secluded Welsh beach and Beatrice Stubbs takes some innocent snaps. The scene contains more than just cliffs and seagulls, and someone wants those pictures destroyed. But Beatrice’s mind is on other things.Assigned to the London Transport Police, she’s pursuing the Finsbury Park Flasher, trying to pre-empt a serious sexual offence. WhileBank Holiday weekend. Sunrise on a secluded Welsh beach and Beatrice Stubbs takes some innocent snaps. The scene contains more than just cliffs and seagulls, and someone wants those pictures destroyed. But Beatrice’s mind is on other things.Assigned to the London Transport Police, she’s pursuing the Finsbury Park Flasher, trying to pre-empt a serious sexual offence. While Beatrice is distracted, neighbour Adrian and companion Matthew decide to play Poirot, and investigate the mystery of the disappearing photographs. Amateur detectives and professional criminals are a dangerous mix.From deserted Pembrokeshire beaches, through the shadowy underpasses of North London, to the remote Irish countryside, Beatrice discovers the darker side of human nature....

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Raw Material Reviews

  • Gillian Hamer
    2019-05-10 17:29

    Through my writing I know the author, JJ Marsh, but as an avid crime reader, my views here are honest and genuine.There's nothing more satisfying than opening the first page of a book and sighing with contentment as you settle back into a world where you've previously been entertained and enthralled. And so it is for me and DI Beatrice Stubbs. She's become an old friend whom I have, at odd times, thought about consulting on a case I'm working on in my own writing. But then remember I can't as she's only a character in a novel.But what a character. And what a novel. This book in professional in every aspect - from the pacing to the story arc to the wonderful characterisation. In the first book of the series, Behind Closed Doors, we were introduced to Beatrice and quickly got to grasp with her strengths and weaknesses which helped us form a bond and empathy with her. Here, in Raw Material, it's her inner strength that shines through. Despite tough times at work coupled with a difficult case, Beatrice acts with effortless control to solve a nasty crime that points back towards her own profession and forces her to put her own preconceptions aside. And in a worrying turn of events, her partner, Matthew and neighbour, Adrian, find themselves dragged from amateur detective to the darker side of human nature, leaving Beatrice to take control in her customary manner.As ever, there's twists and turns, hidden layers, subliminal messages and intelligent banter a plenty. If you loved Beatrice Stubbs in the first novel of the series, you will seriously fall at her feet when you reach the end of Raw Material. Now, where's book three ..?u

  • Liza Perrat
    2019-05-19 15:48

    A Thrilling Sequel to Behind Closed Doors.As in her first novel, Behind Closed Doors, JJ Marsh had me hooked right from the beginning of Raw Material.The story opens with Detective Beatrice Stubbs and her partner, Matthew, taking photographs on a beach holiday in Wales. When their cottage is burgled and Beatrice's camera is stolen, it is evident this is no meaningless petty theft. However, when she returns to London, Beatrice must turn her attentions to the sinister Finsbury Park Flasher, who is becoming more dangerous as each day passes.Reading about Detective Beatrice Stubbs once again felt like meeting up with an old friend; we know her strengths, her weaknesses, her foibles. We empathize with her as we accompany her in the battles of her personal and professional life. Amateur detective Adrian also shines again, he and Matthew becoming entangled in a bleak and horrific crime. I would highly recommend Raw Material to readers who enjoy excellently-written, intelligent crime novels with fast-paced, original plots. I’m impatient for the next book in the Beatrice Stubbs series!

  • Julie
    2019-04-28 16:34

    I met Beatrice some time ago in Behind Closed Doors. As I got to know her, I admired her resilience and courage battling her personal beasties alongside those in her professional life.In Raw Material I feel I’m hooking up with an old acquaintance, and very happy I am to be in her world again. The story opens with Beatrice and her companion, Matthew, enjoying a break in South Wales. After an early morning jaunt taking photographs on the beach, Beatrice’s bag is snatched and the following morning someone breaks into their holiday cottage and steals the camera. On her return to London, Beatrice has a far more sinister crime to solve. Or that’s what you think. What starts out as a somewhat insignificant petty theft turns into to something far more cold-hearted, cruel and chilling? At the same time, the Finsbury Park Flasher is stepping up his activity and becoming more dangerous.Beatrice is on form and although she retains her vaguely scatty old bird persona, JJ Marsh effortlessly gives Beatrice a character who is feisty, proficient and insightful whilst still being the slightly paranoid DI we know and love . This time she has help from some beautifully crafted characters, both professionals and amateurs. As with the BCD, you can see each character clearly. You share their fears and fortunes. The story is fast paced and the images daunting and harrowing in equal measure. Beatrice and Matthew are the only two characters familiar to both books, and it was interesting getting to know Matthew better. However Beatrice’s meddlesome but good-hearted neighbour nearly steals the limelight. I hope we get to meet him again.Another brilliant outing for Beatrice and friends. Outstanding story, original idea, descriptively beautiful, authentic characters. Loved it and want more please.

  • Sarah Buchmann
    2019-05-18 15:30

    JJ Marsh once more hooks you with a multilayer title: Raw Material might be about any kind of matter. The title might even hint at the state of the writing, so no reason to complain if you find the book crude, because you’ve been told in friendly letters on the cover. But I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed for it is the story that gets more and more barbarous in contrast to the fine writing. And by the time you understand the meaning of the title, you would very probably prefer not to know that detailed. But you’ll stick around to find out if the good guys are fine and the bad guys locked away.Back and forth between scenic countryside and busy city life more than one crime needs to be solved. Detective Inspector Beatrice Stubbs is pushed to the limit. Full of surprises the story winds itself through the landscapes showing facets of its true-to-life characters. You will read faster and faster and finally frown when your train stop is announced. And when you think about feigning a bad stomach to back out of dinner with your friends to get back to bed with Beatrice Stubbs; just do it. It will be worthwhile.And last but not least, chapter eleven begins with a most helpful reference value: if your therapist doesn’t do for you what James does for Beatrice Stubbs – move on.

  • Chris Curran
    2019-05-06 21:47

    I loved JJ Marsh’s debut novel Behind Closed Doors, but her second,Raw Material, is even better. Beatrice Stubbs is back in the UK, reluctantly dealing with the case of a flasher who seems likely to become something more dangerous. To her embarrassment she recently became a victim of crime herself when her bag was stolen during a holiday in Wales with partner, Matthew. It isn’t long before this second crime also turns out to be far more sinister than a mere mugging. While Beatrice is fully occupied with the London crime, Matthew, and Beatrice’s neighbour, Adrian, decide to investigate in Wales and what starts out as a light-hearted caper turns into something horribly grim. The truth is more terrible than Matthew, Adrian, or even Beatrice, could ever have imagined and the final chapters are heart-stoppingly moving and exciting. JJ Marsh has a real talent for creating secondary characters. Beatrice’s fellow cop, Virginia, a flirt and home wrecker with hidden depths, is fascinating. It’s Adrian, however, who proves to be the star of this novel. And it would be wrong to call him a secondary character. Despite his references to Sherlock Holmes, he reminds me of gentlemen detectives, like Lord Peter Wimsey, from the golden age of crime. I, for one, would love to see Adrian develop into a series character.

  • Catriona Troth
    2019-04-24 20:22

    Second in a series by my Triskele stablemate, J.J. Marsh. Raw Materials sees Marsh’s detective, DI Beatrice Stubbs, back in London. It also introduces two of the best sidekicks in detective fiction since Bunter and Lugg hung up their hats.Through Beatrice’s long-time partner Matthew, we see that rare thing in fiction – a well worn relationship that is comfortable in its own skin. As for her flamboyant neighbour, Adrian, I fell in love with him from the first moment he appeared on the page. Left to their own devices, the two men turn themselves into a pair of ageing Hardy Boys – much to Beatrice’s irritation.Raw Materials displays the same wit, intelligence and compassion as the first book in the series, Behind Closed Doors.

  • Helle
    2019-05-16 17:29

    Raw material is an excellent crime novel full of humour and horrors. I was hooked from start to finish by the plot, the rising tension and looming menace, and the many-faceted personalities—even minor characters leap off the page.Beatrice Stubbs is my new favourite detective, but amateur Adrian is a close second. Can’t wait for the next book in the series.

  • Teresa Lavender
    2019-04-25 21:37

    Won this on goodreads. Loved this story. Great characters - I now find that I have to get the first book to see what I have missed. Love a good thriller and this definitely qualifies.

  • Diana
    2019-05-16 15:46

    I thoroughly enjoyed my ‘boxed set’ of 3 titles by JJ Marsh. The ‘set’ consisted of the first 3 books in Ms. Marsh’s Beatrice Stubbs mystery series: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - RAW MATERIAL - TREAD SOFTLY.The lead characters were very flawed; very likable; very detailed. Beatrice - bipolar with hints of a prior suicide attempt, Detective Inspector for the Metropolitan Police; her husband Matthew and neighbor Adrian.The plots were edgy, suspenseful and detailed; very character-driven.The ‘sense of place’ (which first attracted me to the series) was extremely well-done. I really felt a part of the locations.BEHIND CLOSED DOORS took place mainly in Zurich, Switzerland. I liked the back and forth of the murder scenes and the current investigations. It helped set the tone and especially the personalities of the victims. I quite liked the development of the team’s characters and Herr Karl Kalin.RAW MATERIAL was set in UK locations. A seemingly innocent set of photographs from a beach holiday turn into the basis for a major investigation. Adrian and Matthew ‘help out’ on the case.TREAD SOFTLY was my favorite title mainly because of its northern Spain location. The descriptions - of foods, wines, vineyards, wineries, Spanish cities and towns, people - were superb. The plot was very well-paced which I liked.I liked these mysteries so much that I ordered the next 3 titles in the Beatrice Stubbs series.**I do want to note that I didn’t order the ‘boxed set’ - I ordered 3 individual books. The digital ‘set’ titles were awkward to read. There was no access to each title’s table of contents. I like to move around in a book and often reread passages or confirm details. While I could bookmark, I couldn’t maneuver well in the books. This is nothing to do with the writing, but a glitch or problem with the format.

  • MeWriter
    2019-04-29 19:45

    Thoroughly enjoying this series! Wonderful writing, lots of action with twists and turns to an excellent ending.

  • Dawn Gill
    2019-05-15 20:47

    A really well written police procedural/whodunnit/thriller. All the characters are convincing and well rounded. This is the first JJMarsh novel I have read, but it won't be the last. Two lines of enquiry, both gripping. I wanted to stop everything else to keep reading. Particularly joyful to have a novel filled with strong and realistic womenNB - I downloaded this as part of a package, in the hope of discovering a new author I could read all the back catalogue of. Happy to say that was a result!

  • C.P. Lesley
    2019-04-26 16:36

    One sunrise, Beatrice Stubbs is taking a break from her high-stress job on the Metropolitan Police by frolicking on a deserted beach near Cardiff with her long-time love, Matthew. Within minutes, Beatrice's bag is snatched, and by the end of the day someone has broken into her house, yet the local police see nothing beyond a heedless lad kicking over the traces. Beatrice suspects more, but she can't stay to investigate, because her boss summons her back to London to deal with the disturbing case of a flasher who stalks young, vulnerable women. But behind Beatrice's back, Matthew and Adrian, her downstairs neighbor, decide to help out with the investigation in Wales. Too bad they have just enough sense of what cops do to get them into serious trouble. Now Beatrice has to find a way to keep them safe at the same time as she stops the flasher before he turns to rape....Another smart, twisty mystery from a writer to watch.

  • Jessica Bell
    2019-05-09 15:52

    Fabulous sequel to Behind Closed Doors. A little less punchy in pace than the first book, but still equally as brilliant in style. One thing I just noticed in this book (which was probably done in the first book too, but I was too stupid to not pick it up) was that Beatrice always gets her idioms wrong, for example, "mutton dressed as ham" instead of "mutton dressed as lamb." Such a fabulous quirk for someone who is clearly very intelligent and switched on. Loved it.I was going to read a book by another author before diving into book 3, Tread Softly, but I don't think I can help myself. Especially after the unexpected ending!

  • Beth
    2019-04-27 16:46

    I won this book for free from a Goodreads giveaway.I love mysteries and this was a good one. Sometimes the subplots can bog down a story, but in this case both mysteries worked. I thought the book was well-written, and entertaining. Left me wondering if I missed a previous book though?Thanks for the opportunity to read this book.

  • Jo Barton
    2019-05-17 20:45

    Review to follow