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Raamatu alguses leiab Merlin end joomas koos valge jänese, Bertrand Russelli meenutava lüheldase mehe, irvitava kassi ja vana sõbra Luke Raynardiga. Lisaks on seal suur lilla tõuk, kes hiiglasliku seene otsas vesipiipu suitsetab, ja heledalt säravad deemonid, kes posti külge seotud punapäist naist piinavad. Kõik on kaunis aga kuidagi rahutukstegev. Muidugi – jälle Luke, BrRaamatu alguses leiab Merlin end joomas koos valge jänese, Bertrand Russelli meenutava lüheldase mehe, irvitava kassi ja vana sõbra Luke Raynardiga. Lisaks on seal suur lilla tõuk, kes hiiglasliku seene otsas vesipiipu suitsetab, ja heledalt säravad deemonid, kes posti külge seotud punapäist naist piinavad. Kõik on kaunis aga kuidagi rahutukstegev. Muidugi – jälle Luke, Brandi poeg. Ühesõnaga, kogu möll käib täiel tuuril edasi. Täienduseks Luke'i üllatustele proovib Merlini poolvend Jurt teda muudkui tappa, ehkki see läheb tal nagu seni ikka – igas konfliktis jääb temast mõni tükk Merlinile mälestuseks maha. Lisaks muudele jamadele ilmub välja veel üks Oberoni järglane, kes läbib mustri ja läheb kaduma. Ja Merlini vaenlase Maski saladus saab väga ootamatu pöörde....

Title : Kaose märk
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Kaose märk Reviews

  • Dan Schwent
    2019-06-10 16:13

    Merlin continues on his quest to find out who has been trying to kill him for years and why. Along the way, we find out more of his backstory, in particular the bits involving his half brothers Jurt and Mandor. More illegitimate spawn of the Amber family pop up, as does Merlin's mysterious body-swapping aide. What do all of these things have to do with the Keep of Four Worlds?I'm over halfway through the second Chronicle of Amber and I have to say I'm not as captivated by it as I was the first five books. While I find aspects of Merlin's mystery as interesting or more intersting than Corwin's, such as the Ghostwheel and the pattern Corwin created, I feel like the first five books are getting watered down. Too many people are walking the Pattern and too many are able to create trumps.That's not to say Sign of Chaos is a bad book. It's full of the intrigue that makes the Amber books great. Merlin isn't a carbon copy of his father, which is refreshing. The Amberites are true to form in their double dealing. Despite some minor gripes, I'm ready to find out what happened to Corwin and what will happen to Merlin, Julian, Mandor, and the rest. On to book nine!

  • Kevin
    2019-05-31 10:23

    Some very surprising developments at the end of this volume, I'm hurrying on to the next book in the series. If you are a fantasy fan and haven't read this series you really should give it a try.

  • Joel
    2019-06-09 12:17

    These are getting a tad homogeneous at this point, but still extremely enjoyable. I'm a bit irked by the fact that anytime someone asks how something happens, they get a detailed, exact and completely true response, but it's minor details. I am excited to get closer to the end of the series, and see how it's going to end. Still nowhere near as awesome as the Corwin cycle, but good.

  • Fantasy Literature
    2019-05-25 09:17

  • Ken
    2019-05-21 10:10

    Sign of Chaos marks return to form for Zelazny and his Chronicles of Amber. Anyone who has come this far in the series (this is the eighth book) hardly needs a glowing review to continue reading, but after the somewhat tedious book that preceded it, this one is a welcome improvement.

  • Chris
    2019-05-24 10:05

    This is where the Merlin stories start to fizzle out, unfortunately.

  • Kimberley doruyter
    2019-05-26 15:15

    another damm cliffhanger.

  • Книжни Криле
    2019-05-18 15:18

    За трети пореден път поемаме към истинския свят Амбър! Очакват ни трите финални романа от едно истинско фентъзи от майстора Роджър Зелазни! „Знакът на Хаоса”, „Рицар на сенките” и „Принц на Хаоса”, обединени под една корица в том 3 от „Хрониките на Амбър”, неминуема част от колекцията „Велики майстори на фентъзи и фантастика” на издателство „Бард”. Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле":

  • Bryan
    2019-05-21 12:09

    Merlin is still a bit of a putz.There were a number of times in this novel where I was thinking "No, you idiot, don't trust that person and tell them all your plans...oh, great, you already did it. And they took advantage of you. Way to go." But in a way, it's pretty cool that, despite the similarities due to the first-person narrative, Merlin is quite a different character than his father was/is(I'm convinced Corwin is still alive out there). He acts quite a bit differently, and reacts to things differently. Corwin was more of a badass conniving Amberite, whereas Merlin... is a bit of a hippie... magician/shapeshifter/Chaos Lord.I also have to take a moment to praise Zelazny's action sequences. This man is a master of writing combat. As someone who has trained in several different martial arts and also with the sword, I can say definitively that this man knows what he's writing about when it comes to fighting. There is a school of thought that says that you shouldn't write combat in too much detail, that the detail obscures the flow of the scene. Bollocks. The only time I don't mind an author skimping on combat detail is when the POV character who is witnessing the battle knows nothing about combat. If the character is a fighter, however, then narrative of the fights need to contain the level of understanding of combat that a fighter would have. Zelazny, obviously well-versed in swordplay and unarmed combat himself, does this perfectly.Looking forward to the next one!

  • Michael
    2019-05-19 08:27

    The story of Merlin, son of Corwin from the first 5 Amber novels, continues. I really should just cut-and-paste one of my three previous reviews of the Amber novels here and be done with it. Most characters carry over from the previous novel and that left me completely baffled at the end of this one. I'll try not to give away any spoilers, but stop now if you don't want to hear anything. At the end there is a huge climatic scene where a certain individual's identity is revealed. The character says, "I can't believe it's blank." My first thought is "Who is blank?" I had no idea! I did take a bit longer to read this one than previous books, but still. I thought about it, still no idea. I looked it up. No idea. Luckily I had the next book in the series to go to, because I knew the next one would start where this one left off. I think this character was mentioned once or twice in this book. Once I realized who it was then it made sense, but there are so many characters, situations and scenes that I was like "huh?"

  • Eloise Sunshine
    2019-05-21 11:09

    Selle raamatu huvitavamaid mõtteid võiks olla ehk:"Kui teil oleks võimalik valida kahe võime, vale märkamise ja tõe avastamise vahel, siis kumma te võtaksite? Kunagi ma uskusin, et need on erinevad sõnastused sama asja kohta, aga nüüd ma enam nii ei arva. Näiteks on suurem osa mu sugulastest ühtviisi osavad nii ettekäänete läbinägemises kui nende esitamises. Ma ei ole aga üldse kindel, et nad tõest eriti hooliksid. Teisalt aga on mulle alati tundunud, et tõe otsimises on midagi õilsat, erilist ja auväärset - ning seda püüdsin ma saavutada ka oma Tondirattaga." (lk 34)

  • Pante
    2019-06-06 09:10

    3.5 / 5. ავტორი ისევ ცდილობს კორვინს დაამსგავსოს მერლინი, მაგრამ რაღაც აკლია მაინც. რამდენიმე კარგი პერსონაჟი დაემატა. ელისმა და LSD-ს ეპიზოდმაც მოიტანა.ვკითხულობ და ვფიქრობ, რომ მანდორი მერლინისთვის დაახლოებით იგივე სტილის პერსონაჟია როგორც რენდომი კორვინისთვის. მერე დავფიქრდი და Mandor და Random არც თუ ისე რენდომ ანაგრამებია. I see what you did there Roger.

  • Chris
    2019-06-10 08:32

    The craziness and extreme imagination of Zelazny continues to shine. The story gets deeper, weirder and cooler. New and interesting characters are introduced in this book. We continue deep down the rabbit hole (inside joke) and the mysteries continue to mount. This series is absolutely phenomenal.

  • Cathy
    2019-06-05 16:23

    Interesting ending. Not entirely unexpected but the timing and method was a surprise. I also enjoy that the reader never really knows who the good guys and bad guys are with these books, there is always doubt and suspense.

  • Charles
    2019-06-07 08:30

    This book is where the 2nd Amber series begins to pick up steam and starts to carry the reader along on the ride, after the first two books tended to plod a bit.

  • Andrew
    2019-06-04 15:24

    After the disappointing start to the Merlin cycle of the Chronicles of Amber [1970-91] (#6-10) in Trumps Of Doom [1985] (#6), and the significant improvement in Blood of Amber [1986] (#7), not of the story arc, but in the introduction of the intriguing new character of Vinta Bayle, this not only consolidates his allies and his enemies in readiness for the culminating battle of sourcery, without expending too protracted a deferment, but adds a couple of new interesting secondary characters. Zelazny is now up to speed with the pace he established in the Corwin cycle quite early on, yet it has taken 3 books to achieve this. However, in the initial cycle, were we absorbed in his world building, the development of a vast cast of characters, and the lore behind the events around Shadow, Amber, Chaos, and a handful of other worlds, including our Earth. Here, much of this is familiar, so any revisiting of the earlier themes becomes less compelling.But he achieves a balance in this book which the two predecessors in this cycle lacked: he has balanced out his forces - enemies and allies - returned a couple of wicked women, and even made some switches; he has advanced the goal of the central Keep; but perhaps most importantly, solved or partially so some of the several mysteries so far accrued. Sign Of Chaos [1987] (Amber #8; Merlin cycle #3) is a far more complete novel than the two previous; yet, because of the development of those two, still cannot be read as a standalone novel, because of the need for prior knowledge. But if you had just picked this up at a bookshop, not knowing anything of the series or cycle beforehand, would it make you want to read the series from the start? Probably. Why? Largely because of the characters, new and revived.

  • Jim Razinha
    2019-06-07 12:30

    Finishing this series is taking an effort. Zelazny was all over the place...incoherent, stream of consciousness (my favorite style...yeah, no), vague...and then painful overly detailed minor scenes, like a wrestling match (not exactly...but I don't like to spoil fiction), or his shadow shifts...and throwing in new characters, which shouldn't be a problem in a lengthy series but kind of is with this one. I think I need to take a break before trying the penultimate, but I don't know if I'll come back...on one hand, I would like to see how this mess ends; on the's a mess.

  • Matt
    2019-06-03 15:20

    Wow!Finally we are back to the greatness of Corwins stories. The first books behind the eyes of Merlin were a bit of a disappointment but I feel like this fully redeemed him and was a wholly enjoyable read. Tons of magic lots of intrigue, suspense... etc etc!! Merlin seems to really come into his own in this book and it was great to finally see him use all this poser we knew he had.

  • Matthew Bane
    2019-05-29 15:26

    3.5 out of 5I think I may have liked this Amber book more than most of the others. I really disliked the last few books and wasn't going to read this one...but work is boring so I listened to this book. I thought it was well done for the series. I still don't think the series is that great, but at least I liked this book.

  • David
    2019-05-18 16:30

    Why does merlin keep behaving the way he does. He is naive in the extreme but will doubtless be proven right at the end. Nice twist at the denouement and some intriguing machinations along the way. Two books to go.

  • fantasy fiction is everything
    2019-06-13 10:32

    4.5 stars.

  • Sean
    2019-06-15 12:31

    Very good, but not as awesome as some of the others.

  • Peter Kalin
    2019-06-13 14:02

    The best of the Merlin series so far, still inferior to the Corwin story.

  • Ariel Hudnall
    2019-06-05 08:09

    The Sign of Chaos, the third book in the Cycle of Merlin, and the eighth of ten on the Book of Amber, begins with Merle trapped in a Wonderland Bar with Luke (Rinaldo), the Cheshire Cat, Humpty Dumpty, and a very pissed off Fire Angel from Chaos. Discovering his predicament to be the result of a drugs Luke has been exposed to, Merle conjures pharmaceuticals from the shadow and leaves him to sober up.Defeating the angel is no easy feat, the creature being conjured from Chaos and having three hearts, but Merle manages it, somehow, hardly worse for wear. Unfortunately, that isn't the end of his troubles. Women, sorcerers, siblings, and old enemies converge upon him, to the point he hardly has time to take his boots off or get a bite of food. Sign of Chaos capitalizes on the set-up from the two previous books with constant action and intrigue, and with lots of previously peripheral characters coming forward for interesting developments in the complex politics within the family of Amber. Vialle and Llewella, in particular, play interesting roles, and I was happy to see a host of other female characters receiving equal treatment (without sleeping with our progressively sympathetic and intriguing main character, Merlin).It was clear from page one that when Zelazny sat down to write this book, he was inspired. Interestingly, this was also the point (halfway through the cycle), that he caught his second wind in the Cycle of Corwin, with Sign of the Unicorn, so I am feeling optimistic about the final two books in the series. In fact, I had a very hard time putting this one down, and if I hadn't of already stayed up until 4am for two consecutive nights before, I would have stayed up late finishing this one last night, too. The writing is powerful, the characters compelling, and there is a general charm to the narrative that is hard to ignore. I love that Merle got a healthy dose of character development and self-awareness, and there were little touches of intrigue all throughout that made me giddy and excited (I won't spoil them here).It's been a while since Zelazny's books inspired quote-grabbing, but I have a couple that really stood out to me. If there is one thing that I can say about Zelazny, is that when he finds the moment, he can pull off first person beautifully, in the way I feel it should always be done––retrospective, intimate, and questioning:"If you had a choice between the ability to detect falsehood and the ability to discover truth, which one would you take? There was a time when I thought they were different ways of saying the same thing, but I no longer believe that. Most of my relatives, for example, are almost as good at seeing through subterfuge as they are at perpetrating it. I'm not all that sure, though, that they care much about truth. On the other hand, I'd always felt that there was something noble, special, and honorable about seeking truth––a thing I'd attempted with Ghostwheel. Mandor had made me wonder, though. Had this made me a sucker for truth's opposite?"And, after Merlin speaks with his brother Mandor, upon escaping Luke's acid trip:"Someone with a high-powered subconscious might have had a brilliantly revelatory dream following as much crap as I'd been through recently, and then have awakened with a wonderful series of insights and answers detailing appropriate courses of action. I didn't. I woke once, in a small panic, not knowing where I was. But I opened my eyes and satisfied myself on that count and went back to sleep. Later––much later, it seemed––I returned by degrees, like some piece of flotsam being pulled higher and higher onto a beach by wave following wave, until finally I was there. I saw no reason for going any further until I realized that my feet hurt. Then I sat up and pulled my boots off, which might have been one of the six greatest pleasures in my life."Among other little pearls that say so much about the characters:"I passed Luke his weapons belt and he buckled it on. I knew that she knew that I just wanted to talk to him alone for a few minutes. And she was certainly aware that I knew it. And we both knew she trusted me, which brightens my existence, as well as complicating it."In short, I really enjoyed this one, which makes four of eight, so far, that have really compelled me as a reader (those being Nine Princes in Amber, Sign of the Unicorn, The Hand of Oberon, and now Sign of Chaos). Two more novels to go (those being Knight of Shadows and Prince of Chaos) before I make an overall review (including a few complaints I have about the physical omnibus).

  • Oleksandra Orlova
    2019-06-05 15:30

    Розплітання інтриг навколо Мерліна прямо пропорційне збільшенню кількості його родичів. Герой і далі намагається розібратися, хто і що до нього має, вирішує нагальні проблеми, бігає Лабіринтом і Тінями (Відображеннями). Виявляється, Хаос не такий уже і безликий, як мені здавалося. Два брати Мерліна - тому доказ. Юрт, звичайно, ще той психопат, але Мандор... О, він зачаровує!Нестача сильних жіночих образів виправляється із подвійною, де там, потрійною силою. Віала/Найда, Ясра, Корал і, гм, Маска (хто вона, я мала цілком точний здогад, але не писатиму тут про нього, бо він підтвердився лише у фіналі книжки).Взагалі усе п'ятикнижжя Мерліна мені чимось збігається з сюжетом Доктора Стренджа - навіть візуальний прояв магії схожий. Чи надихався Желязни коміксами Стена Лі, чи це, як казав Гете "ідеї літають у повітрі"? Цікаво...Але, що там, я уже взялася за продовження. Цікавезне!

  • Newton Nitro
    2019-05-21 12:09

    Mais um episódio do ciclo de Merlin terminado em um gancho tremendo, no melhor estilo pulp-literário do Zelazny.A criatividade de Zelazny é invejável, a narrativa fica bem bizarra nesse episódio da saga, com novos personagens surgindo e reviravoltas inesperadas na trama.Como é tradição na saga de Amber, novos mistérios surgem à medida que Merlin se envolve cada vez mais nas intrigas das Cortes do Caos e da Corte de Âmbar. Uma coisa legal da saga de Merlin é o seu ponto de vista de mago, dentro do universo da narrativa. O modo como ele lida com as situações é radicalmente diferente da maneira que seu pai Corwin, um guerreiro, lidava nos primeiros 5 livros da saga.O tema do idealismo versus cinismo tende cada vez mais para o cinismo à medida que a saga continua, apesar do modo como Zelazny quebra as expectativas com as alianças constantemente feitas entre antagonistas e protagonistas em suas histórias.Até aqui, notei os seguintes tropos (estruturas e convenções narrativas) na saga:Seres imortais que não envelhecem, histórias alternativas e dimensões paralelasSempre Existe um Adversário Mais Poderoso,Artefato Ampliador de PoderesQuase Apocalipse, Avatar do Autor (em algumas partes Zelazny aparece dentro da história),Momento de Coroação Doidimais, Irmão MalvadoHeróis Moralmente AmbíguosFamília DegeneradaTrio de personagens femininas composto de Loira, Morena e Ruiva (só faltou a de cabelo castanho!), Moralidade Pervertida, Incesto Real, O Casanova (protagonistas masculinos com tendência a promiscuidade)Imortais ImaturosMultiversoOrdem contra o Caos, Ordem contra a Ordem e Caos contra o CaosNossos Demônios São DiferentesDeuses com mentes humanas (os Imortais de Amber)Personagens de Domínio Público (muitos personagens da literatura universal fazem uma aparição na saga)Arquétipos do Tarot (através das cartas ou Trumps, que faz parte do sistema de magia da série)Cidade SubmarinaNarrador não confiávelCom Grandes Poderes vem Grande InsanidadeReviravolta Dramática que Muda Tudo que Aconteceu Antes (o Zelazny é um mestre dessa técnica)E é isso aí, e vamos para o livro 9!!!!

  • Alfred Haplo
    2019-06-01 09:29

    As mentioned in my previous review of the Xth book in COA, the ending of one leads right into the next. The 8th book, Sign of Chaos, is no exception. The beginning two sentences for all my COA reviews should be structured thus - “The end of the Xth book leads immediately into the (X+1)th book. The end of the (X+1)th book leads immediately into the (X+2)th book.” And so forth. Certainly, I am being facetious. So is the unconscious tone and attitude adopted by Merle/Merlin throughout his half of the series so far. Our hero with nine lives, eighteen aunts and uncles (or thereabouts, as some die and new ones crop up), three half-siblings, an ever-growing number of cousins and half-cousins (combination of bastards and dastards), two realms, three Patterns, one Logrus and infinite Shadows, has the uncanny ability to survive every direct and indirect attempt to kill him while making wisecrack remarks like “farting hot fire” and performing crude pranks like dumping manure on The Enemy. There is a certain homogeneity running through all 8 books, so far. The plot twists and turns, for sure, but the thematic aspects, dialogues, narratives and even characters feel familiar going from one to other. Merle, the protagonist from books 6 to 8 (so far), is like a younger version of his father, Corwin, the protagonist from books 1 to 5. If Corwin is the end-product, then Merle is the product in development. They share fundamental character attributes - frivolity, cockiness, magics, confidence, charisma, lady’s man. Looking forward to the (X+2)th book where Corwin version 2.0 may eventually collide with Corwin 1.0. On the 3-star rating: the story is frolicking fun but it is incomplete since it reads like 12 chapters within a bigger tome.

  • Gabriel C.
    2019-06-06 09:04

    They just get worse and worse and worse. The only explanation I can come up with is that Zelazny fancied himself a storyteller rather than an author, so that it makes sense to:-Introduce new major characters for no reason-Slow down for stupid detail every single wrong time-Make up stupid rationales for everything so that he can have stupid stuff happen the way he imagines it would be cool to have happen even though nothing makes sense-Always have everyone refuse to explain to anyone else what is going on no matter what, including the readers. This is supposed to create tension but instead creates boredom and revulsion.-Bring back dead characters all the fucking time, so that death doesn't ever mean anything.The third is the worst.There was one part where his newfound brother yelled at him and told him he was stupid. That part was great. Then for the rest of the book he and everyone else did really stupid irresponsible things over and over and over again. Also all the characters will fuck anyone any time, take a nap, or eat a huge meal and drink a shit ton of wine no matter what else they're supposed to be doing, but they won't, say, tell each other about what's going on or even return a Trump call. Man I kind of liked Zelazny when I read that Hindu/Buddhist one, but boy, this is some shit. It's like the stupid shit that Stephenson pulled, getting all self-indulgent and idiotic. The things that you think are cool aren't the things that are cool and your confidence is alienating.

  • William Gerke
    2019-06-16 09:16

    Not as strong as it's predecessor, but still a cut above most current fantasy adventure. Why can't people write like this anymore? Lovely prose, stories that rocket along, mysteries, magic, adventure, and all under 300 pages. If Zelazny wrote this now, they would have published the whole series as one 1000 page book or a trilogy at least. The shorter format keeps things tight, events swarm on events, and economy (and beauty) of prose is the watchword. Two excellent sequences here--Luke and Dalt's fight in the dark and snow between two armies and the wizardly battle for the Keep at Four Worlds (fast-paced action with magic that isn't whole world destroying; reminds me of some of Cook's stuff). I'd love to see both of them filmed for different reasons (the first, moody and artistically shot violence of a "Bourne Identity" style, intimate, grainy; the second, more like the scenes at the end of the "The Avengers" with Cap, Hawkeye, and Widow on the ground, lots of movement, action, energy and flow), but I'm content with the versions in my head.

  • Anita
    2019-05-27 11:06

    Merlin has been a man of action so far, and that continues here. We get to see more of the sorcerer side of him in this book, and that is interesting. In the Zelazny universe, good sorcery isn't something you can make up as you go along. You have to take time to prepare your spells and once one has been used, it is gone until you can take time to prepare it again. While Merlin doesn't spell out his plans to us, his audience, ahead of time, he goes into an epic confrontation at the end of the book with a plan. The book ends with a big surprise.Live continues to move at a fast pace as Merlin learns more about who is actually threatening him and why within the complicated politics of Amber and the Courts of Chaos, where alliances shift suddenly and few people are either true friends or forever enemies. We meet a most charming half-brother from Chaos, the relationship with Luke continues to evolve, and Ghostwheel makes an appearance.