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When Allan's boyfriend leaves him for a younger man, Allan lets him go without a grudge. When his sister, Elsie, gets pregnant and ditched, he becomes her support system and father figure to his niece.Then Elsie becomes engaged to Dayton, and Allan meets Dayton's older brother, Davinder—a fierce and exceptionally gifted artist with a thousand secrets breathing in his eyes.When Allan's boyfriend leaves him for a younger man, Allan lets him go without a grudge. When his sister, Elsie, gets pregnant and ditched, he becomes her support system and father figure to his niece.Then Elsie becomes engaged to Dayton, and Allan meets Dayton's older brother, Davinder—a fierce and exceptionally gifted artist with a thousand secrets breathing in his eyes. But Davinder is a married man and father of two young boys.From the moment they meet, and for over four decades, Allan and Davinder will walk along the edge of their secret lives, never allowed to push open the gates. And though their love is a head-on collision, a meeting of the minds, a fusing of two lost souls, both men know that it is also, and above all...impossible....

Title : In His Secret Life
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ISBN : 9781602828759
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In His Secret Life Reviews

  • Lauraadriana
    2019-05-25 00:27

    5 +++++++++ StarsThree things:1. I LOVED this book. Completely. It’s NOT erotica, it’s not a romance, but it’s an amazing love story. 2. If you are someone that wants a warm and fuzzy romance with a little bit of drama, a little bit of cheesy and to feel ensconced in a warm blanket of butterfly kisses while you read…This is not the right book for you.3. If you have an issue with infidelity…(view spoiler)[One of the MC’s is married to a woman and has two kids for some time during the book (hide spoiler)] Also might be a bad choice in reading.I loved Mel Bossa’s book Split. It thought it was a beautiful story, with grit and that painted a romance that was touched by real life…With the messiness of life, this is book is in the same vein but even more raw. I like her style and I LOVE the stuff that she mixes into her stories, I loved this book. It’s one of those books that really distinguishes itself from the volumes of books that come out in this genre every year, this book is for sure in my list of remarkable books of 2013.Allan Waterhouse and Davinder Lamontagne…The house of water and the mountain. Even their names came together like poetry. You see…It was complicated between Davinder and Allan. Clearly they were meant for each other, from the instant they meet it’s clear. They were like minded, they had a passion for philosophy, reading, and thinking about society and it’s flawa, how awful consumerism had become…It was like they had found the other half of themselves that they didn’t even know that they had been missing. It wasn’t all sweet and schmoopiness either, it was powerful though, they couldn’t stay away. But it was complicated because Davinder had a wife and two young sons, and Allan’s sister was engaged to Davinder’s younger brother…Things couldn’t work. Davinder had obligations, Allan would probably detonate a bomb in the middle of her sister’s new family if he pursued anything with Davinder…They did anyways though. They couldn’t help it. They lied. They hid. They fought. They felt guilty. They took breaks. They ran back to each other. Davinder and Allan LOVED each other. More than they loved almost any other person in their lives…Except Davinder couldn’t ruin his kids, and Allan had to think about his sister and his niece, who would suffer from all of this…Someone had to be brave enough to end things and walk away, before the whole family was destroyed. This book is HARD, it’s a bruiser. It hurt to see those two men, struggle. Struggle so bad by being together, then by being apart. To see what it cost them and those they loved. These men were flawed, selfish and even callous, but that love. THAT LOVE. The voice of the book is Allan and we fall in love with Davinder with him, we despair with him, we hurt with him and ultimately we arrive at happiness with him… He NEVER stops loving Davinder, oh he’s bitter, and he’s sad, and he becomes jaded and desolate, but the love, it never stops. Never again could there be anyone that could replace that man in his heart.Allan and Danvinder’s love story. It isn’t pretty. It was hard fought and it cost them both dearly. They had to lose it all, to gain each other, they had to pay their penance, earn forgiveness from those they hurt, and finally, FINALLY when they had gotten to a place where life was finally able to grant them a second chance…THEY TOOK IT. It’s rare that a book affects me so much that I cry writing my review. I know I must be barely coherent writing this one.Loved it, loved it…and that ending. DAYUM…A fine fine story.

  • Erika
    2019-05-27 02:22

    Intense. Inexorable. Tough. Fiery. Those are all adjectives I'd use to describe this book. I didn't cry but I did shake my head a lot and at times my jaw dropped, especially at the end. The writing is superb. I didn't love the characters but I did feel every excruciating emotion that they felt.Not recommended to people that want warm and fluffy. Reccomended to anyone that loves a great story.

  • Izengabe
    2019-05-27 00:12

    Me rindo a la evidencia, tengo un cuernos-kink muy serio xD Y es que los amores ilícitos son mi kriptonita, lo que puedo gozar... Si conocen de algún libro con el componente "Uy que nos pillan" soy toda oídos.Este me ha gustado mucho. A pesar de que hay algunas cosas que para mí fallan y otras que me han resultado un tanto WTF, es una lectura que, en definitiva, me ha tenido enganchada y me ha hecho disfrutar mucho.Mel Bossa escribe muy bien y sabe construir buenos personajes. Allan y Davinder me han caído mal y me han fascinado a partes iguales. Sobre todo Davinder, a ratos me parecía medio gilipollas y a ratos... Quién es ese hombreeeee... *se desmaya* Pero creo que era la intención de la autora presentarlo así, un tanto cretinillo pretencioso, y que el nombre que le ha puesto es muestra de ello. Yo y mis teorías, ya me dirás, Mel xDUn MM muy bien escrito y que se sale de lo acostumbrado y además ambientado en Montreal, lo cual es un plus. ¿Lo recomiendo? Pues no, no creo que sea para todo el mundo y tengo mis reparos sobre algunas cosas (los cuernos no son una de ellas, LOL) pero lo cierto es que me ha gustado mucho.

  • vLadimiR
    2019-06-19 02:28

    Kindly turn back now if cheating is a subject matter that offends you.As for me, the topic of infidelity couldn't stop me from raving. The blurb definitely had me from the start.Awsome Factor #1 Great writingStraight forward, real and painfully honest. The style of writing in this book is what I like the best. I mean, I could imagine overhearing two real people talking the way the characters did in this story. Each dialogue was simple yet distinct which really gave me an insight to each character's personality because I could easily distinguish their voices from one another. Davinder was the best example of this because in emotional moments, he struggled with what he wanted to say as if expressing his feelings in words just made it more confusing (I know I can relate to that). This definitely made the story more fluid and a page turner. I also loved that the last sentence in every chapter was so melancholic that is seemed like I've reached the end of the book. It was so heartbreaking to readAwsome Factor #2 No StereotypesI think what sets this story apart from other books is the way it handled character relationships. It was honest in highlighting the flaws between siblings, partners and even parents. (view spoiler)[Allan was selfish enough to cheat with Davinder even though he knew it would hurt his sister; Elsie was selfish enough to threaten Allan to end his affair so she preserve her new family even though it would deeply hurt her own brother; Davinder was selfish enough to consider ending his marriage to be with Allan even though he knew it would hurt his children and his brothers. It was also revealed that everyone in Davinder's family suspected of their affair but didn't do anything about it (hide spoiler)] Everyone had their selfish reasons; No one had the moral high ground and no one, not even Davinder's wife, was painted as the antagonist. Even the children here weren't all that adorable. They threw tantrums and were very much like real children are who can be difficult and self-involved at times.Awsome Factor #3 PlotSome may avoid this book like the plague but it really just captivated me with the way it portrayed the pinnacle of forbidden love. The story was able to focus on the harsh reality that people cheat out of selfishness even if they're aware of the consequences it will bring. But having it told in the eyes of the person committing the affair allowed me to understand the reason behind it. Allan and Davinder knew what they were doing was wrong and they didn't try to justify or defend it, but they wanted to be Happy instead of being Right. It's so easy to judge that from an outsider's perspective but how many times have we all done the selfish thing because we're so tired of being lonely or putting other people's welfare over ours? I don't condone what the main characters did but I could definitely understand their reason.Awsome Factor #4 Character NamesAllan Waterhouse, Davinder Lamontagne, Dayton, Dali, Elsie, Fay, Vassilios? I mean, how creative are these names? The character sketches were wonderfully written but these names just made them all the more memorable to me.This book definitely hit the right notes for me. Although I was a bit disappointed with the ending (view spoiler)[ because I was really hoping that Allan and Davinder won't end up together, not because I hate them, but because it would've made the story more compelling and a departure from the norm(hide spoiler)], the writing more than made up for it. I'll definitely be looking out for more works from this author.

  • Mare SLiTsReaD Reviews
    2019-06-07 00:32

    4 IS MY HEART STILL BEATING? STARSIt has been confirmed, I am a ANGST JUNKIE. If I have the option between self inflicted torture and pain vs sleep I choose option A EACH AND EVERY TIME!Why sleep when my heart can bleed every time Davinder touched Allan’s forehead with his? my heart could weep a little bit more…Why sleep when 2 people who love each other hurt and rip each other apart on every other page? Sleep is severely overrated. This book made me question so many things! Every other page made me wonder, question, seek motives, seek solutions, absolution, solace.It made me question, is cheating right???? Hell’s to the NO I know this BUT I still freaking questioned it! I did, I really truly did.Can you stop a collision that is bound to happen? Head on? Can you??? Can you stop love?? Is love real? How do you know its love? How can you distinguish between love VS possession, obsession and control? How do you know ITS REAL?????How can your heart hurt, and shatter and crumble for 224 pages? How?Cause it can, I can attest! I lived it for 18 hours. 18 hours of my life I spent in despair, with glimpses of hope, of love, of happiness. GLIMPSES! ONLY GLIMPSES!“I’ll be fine Davinder. I’m happy we had tonight, it was wonderful.”“Please don’t say it like that. It sounds so tragic.”“Yah I know.” 4 decades of a love story DENIED! Denied by many. Denied by choices, right, wrong, should I stay, should I go. Him and him, and family, and marriage vows and children. Choices made out of fear, out of desire, out of love.Is the testament all is fair in love and war true??? This book will make you question EVERYTHING. “Everything that happened, happened for a reason, and even in my darkest hours, I believed it. I needed to go through those years alone. I had to touch the bottom to kick back up.” Davinder“We’ve all got our path to travel, and I’ve traveled down mine alone for a long time. What I mean is, you’ve got so much ahead of you, and if you choose to survive your past, no matter how much hurt is buried there, you can break free.” AllanAnd after 10 years of being separate and alone on a path to no where, they will come to be again. ‘“No, our story couldn’t be written. It had only just begun.” Was it a HEA? YES.Did I die a little bit on page 224? YES.Mel Bossa~ I probably could have lived without that epilogue. But this angst junkie thanks you from the bottom of her heart for the knife that you stuck in there! Page 224 killed me slowly.I travelled through 4 decades with a cast of characters that will stay with me for a really long timeMare~Slitsread

  • Edina Rose
    2019-06-01 03:06

    I'm speechless. Love is a malady, but who wants to be cured? This is love with all the mess it can bring, but it's worth it. The writing style is not my fav, but the characters (OMG the characters!) and the PLOT are consuming, overwhelming.

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-06-05 00:20

    Thanks, Diane, for the gift!

  • YullSanna
    2019-06-04 23:27

    Этот автор точно заслуживает внимания. Удивительно, что у книг так мало читателей! Я пока прочла только две, но уже точно могу сказать, что они особенные. Авторский стиль - это что-то! Написано очень красиво, романтично и трогательно, но при этом меня не мутит от передозировки эмоций. Именно эта история плотно завязана на одном из сюжетов, которые я терпеть не могу. К концу второй части думала бросить... Как же хорошо, что я этого не сделала! Книга очень взрослая, с настоящими проблемами и непростыми (и не всегда верными) решениями. Запутанная. Сложная. И чего я снова ставлю 4?.. эта историч вообще из другой вселенной, попсовые романчики из топов даже рядом не валялись... а я вдруг так строго сужу. Единственное, чем могу обьяснить - желание сделать и без того прекрасную вещь идеальной. Лучшей.Я под глубоким впечатлением!

  • Maggie Simms
    2019-06-17 03:24

    Wow. Mother of Wow. 10 out of 5.No other book has touched me so deeply since reading Special Forces. I can't say enough good things about this book. The author seduces you through her writing into a world in which nothing is black and white, where good people make mistakes; and you can't stop rooting for them. I never claim to be reading a story about soulmates but if there were ever a pair, this was it. I loved Allan and Davinder. What an awesome story. Once I started reading I could not put it down. I felt like I was right there with them through all their ups and downs. This story hurts so good throughout the book. I cried, I laughed, I felt elated and heartbroken. The story is told from Allan's point of view. The pacing is just right. At no point does the story feel predictable. No cookie cutter characters here either. The angst was done right. The sexual tension was AMAZING. Their love was poetry, all 40 years of it. I absolutely loved this book and could not recommend it enough to those that want an original story, with two MCs that need to go through plenty of ups and downs before achieving their happily ever after. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

  • Snowtulip
    2019-05-24 05:33

    4.5This book is definitely not for everyone.There is frustration, there is drama, there is heartbreak...but damn, the love is absolutely oozing off the page!Trapped in a life that you aren't meant to live, but trying to do right by your family can take its toll on everyone. The struggles were deep and the love could turn explosive because of this, but the book didn't shirk from the hard emotions. And yes, it did make my cry :)

  • Ery
    2019-05-28 03:16

    Yay! Now I just need to find time to read it! ;)

  • Ran ♠
    2019-06-20 21:14

    4.5 starsWow, what a way to end a beautifully crafted story. I could have cried but I didn't. Not because it wasn't tear-worthy but because I choked down every sob that would surface and held back the tears that threatened to come.I have stalled reading this book for a while now because I knew from the moment I saw this story, it would bring so much pain in my heart. And it really did. While cheating as a main plot might not be a read a lot of people like, the blurb of this book was interesting enough to make me want to read it. And it was indeed interesting and a very good read.I love the writing of this book. I felt the emotions in the words I read and they hit me deep. This book brought every emotions of the characters, specially Allan, into me, made me feel their pain, their fear, their doubts and also their love. Allan's love towards Davinder. I could feel the weight of each words spoken, of his raging feelings, his thoughts and his heart. The author's writing made them all possible.Relationship is a scary thing. Allan's past made him realize this and made him wary of going through another one. One moment it led you to believe it's meant to be but then the thing you'd know, you're crying over a broken one. This book is divided in three parts. The first part tells the story of how Allan met Davinder and how then he knew his life wouldn't be the same again. At some point in this part, I wondered if Allan were a masochist. It was torture, how they'd have to be friends with someone they're attracted to yet couldn't even touch him even tho both knew what they were for each other. At this point, temptation and morality battled with each other, of which both characters knew was a losing war.Part one of this book gave enough to make me interested. It was slow yet painful as I witness how the feelings of these two characters grow. Each character showed enough, to keep me aching and wanting for more. To know what would happen next even though it would just make my heart ache because deep in me I knew it wouldn't go well. Theirs was the kind of relationship where they get to appreciate crumbs of time he can take from his lover. It was where every minute counts and maybe that's what made it endearing.Yet despite all this, what was eating them alive? For Allan it was the guilt. The feeling that what they were doing was wrong yet they couldn't get themselves to stop.To covet another person’s lover, and with such easiness.It was despicable.When the next part of Allan's life started, I was sad for him. Yet I realized he was strong enough to go through with life. However, not that strong to forget. I could feel his pain and longing in his every thought. I guess this was one of the reasons why I liked the writing, because I was able to read what was happening in Allan's heart and mind. He did the right thing, by means of morality, and at the same time by Davinder's wishes even though it cost him another broken heart.  No, (view spoiler)[Vassilios (hide spoiler)] only needed to put his hands on me, and I would pretend for a few hours that I was happy. “I know what you need,” he said, moving over me.Maybe he did. Maybe he had the cure.But really, how could he give me so much pleasure when I was in such pain?(view spoiler)[ I tried to like Vassilios. I really wanted to but it was hard when you only want Allan to be happy and he wasn't his happiness. But at the end, I'm glad I didn't because even though I knew he was hurt after all that happened, I didn't like what he was doing to Allan after it. But the thing is, it was funny how I wanted Davender and Allan together but when Vassilios left, I felt upset. Maybe it was because it was too easy for Davinder after everything. After he caused Allan so much grief. But at that point, maybe it was because I didn't believe in Davinder's feelings enough for me to think of him worthy of Allan. (hide spoiler)]Yes, he might have been right about Davinder. Most likely, I’d be used and lied to, and my mind would be tampered with.But sadly, I didn’t care.This line almost brought me to tears. Because how sad is that? But the next thing I'd read Allan thinking…I wished I could go back and change the course of my life.And a lot people know this phrase deeply.Yes, it's an overused phrase and Allan thought of it. Did it mean it wasn't worth being with Davinder?At some point, I just wished Davinder would leave Allan the fuck alone because he was hurting. They both were hurting and soon would be hurting the oblivious people they love if they were to find out about their secret affair. And then what happened next? Part three was a leap of time. And time was all Allan had to become a different person. It was really painful to witness his life full of sadness and pain. I preferred lying here, like this, in perfect communion with the darkness around me. Safe. Unmolested by the truth. Not everyone was built to fight. Some of us didn’t have the stamina for it.At this part of the book I think Allan was just tired. Tired of everything in his life. Life had been fine with him but he was emotionally drained and it was like watching a torch slowly fade its fire. Not all the time in life you should fight. Fighting isn't always the best choice but if I were to think about it, I would have loved it if Allan had decided to think of himself at least. The decision he made was not just because of his sister and his niece but because he was scared. But what would have been the outcome had he thought about his own happiness?I think Davinder's letter fucked me up. It pierced through me. It was really hard witnessing Allan's hurt but Davinder's last letter just made me want to cry my eyes out. "But my beautiful man, my half, my heart, my soul…"Despite everything else I think I was relieved. I was glad and pleased when it all slowly move to getting better for Allan because I think he had suffered enough and deserved to be happy. Almost all throughout the book, I thought a lot about Davinde but not as much as I thought of Allan. My heart broke for them both and I wanted them to be happy. But at their circumstances, was it bad of me to want them together even from the start? Then I realized, people would think of them wrong because they were immoral. They were wrong for doing it to their family. They were the devils and the grief of their loved ones. But they were also just people who fell in love maybe in the wrong place at the wrong time. They felt different emotions like any other. Yes they were hateful in the eyes of society, but in my eyes all throughout the book, they were men in love and suffering and at the same time happy because of it. And I chose to see them as that. I have a thing for forbidden love. I've read a lot and this is one of my favorites. Davinder and Allan's story up to the end was bittersweet. I didn't know if the epilogue was something I expected or not. It made me happy yet it made me sad at the same time. It was really sweet to know that both were able to share a long lasting love after all they've gone through yet it was painful to read the end. I love to know that they were happy but I think it would have been better for to leave the memory of them in my heart as old men satisfied with life together.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Niki
    2019-05-27 04:05

    I have read Mel Bossa's Split and love it. As I finished "In his secret life", I was crying my eyes out. Yes, they are together in the end but their journey is so tough, raw, heartaching, heartwrenching and heartbreaking. Such a beautiful, powerful love story filled with conviction and feelings. Love these two guys so much. Please do not let the infidelity thing bother you. Yes they should not have loved each other or started their affair because of the families members they will hurt. But how could they resist their love when it is meant to be right from the very beginning. They need each other to be complete. No two humans could be so right for the other. Allan and Davinder are soul mates, their love all consuming. No other writer could have expressed their love so well, which is wrong and yet so right.Both characters are so well fleshed out. They are flawed because they embarked on their forbidden love, knowing it will hurt their loved ones. During that one year of their affair, they hid, fought, cried, dwelt in guilt yet they never stop loving. But Allan did end it even as it killed him because he is a good, decent, caring man. For the 10 years they are apart, Allan lived a shadow life, which is heartbreaking to read. What about Davinder. The story is told through Allan's powerful and stirring narration but I get to know and love Davinder just as much. Davinder is such a complex character struggling to do what is right, even as his very soul cried to be free. I thought Davinder would not survive when they were apart but he did and was a better man as a result. For 10 years these guys suffered and paid their dues. Whatever hurt they caused, they had paid their penance and redeemed themselves. I could only cheered with teary eyes when they are finally reunited because they finally deserve their love which never stop or fade. Then the ending which left me speechless. I have to reread it a few times. I get it but is such an unforgettable and powerful ending which left me all choked up.The writing is just exquisite and superb, the emotions so deep and compelling that it is almost choking. Infidelity in love story is not easy to manage as the story could turned out irritating and pathetic but Mel Bossa's super writing skills makes the story works, overriding the melodramas and transforming the story into an all consuming love which transcends. This is such a breathtaking, exquisite and unforgettable love story. And I am not shy to say I am feeling all teary eyed as I finished this review as their love story continues to resonates deeply with me. This is easily the best gay romance I have read these last few years. Such a beautiful beautiful book.

  • Adrianamae, Marco's fan
    2019-06-02 05:19

    Okay, enough, I'm sobbing like a baby and I can't stop thinking about this book. I can't stop thinking about the characters and about how sincere or truthful it is. We are such flawed human beings, and yet we expect perfection from those we love. When they disappoint or betray us, we punish them, and make whatever was the issue about us instead of the people that were involved in the equation because we see it through the filter of what affects us. I loved that this book gave us those different perspectives, the pettiness, the selfishness, the need of finding a guilty party, demanding a sacrifice that probably we wouldn't demand of ourselves, followed by more punishment and guilt until the guilty parties are consumed by unhappiness and stagnation. Oh those years of stagnation - years of being afraid of being hurt or destroyed again, years of not believing in ourselves, years of waiting to see if we have finally paid enough to be worthy of a happily-ever-after to finally realize that at the end, the only thing they truly needed was to believe in themselves because some loves are just meant to be. (gag) Shoot me! I just became a romantic...

  • Hilcia
    2019-06-05 23:27

    In His Secret Life is a fantastic romance with forbidden love, sexual tension, intense yearning, and angst. It's one of those all-encompassing, sweeping, lasting romantic love stories between two men who are also selfish enough to cheat and lie to be together. They pay a high price, but in the end find their way back to love. The execution in this romance is fantastic, as Bossa follows through with all the characters, the choices, consequences, life and love. My favorite LGBT romance of the year to date... I highly recommend it. Complete review at Impressions of a Reader

  • Carlos
    2019-05-24 02:24

    One Saturday it was raining in NYC. I stayed home and read this book. I sat on the couch and curiously turn the pages. This is my first book by Mel Bossa I read. I'm a sucker for love stories, whether it'll be books, movies/TV shows, or real time stories. I liked this book because it had family drama and identity crisis. The fact the book had three parts, over 40 years period, did not bother me. It actually added to the book's appeal. I'll admit, it had a soap-opera drama feel to the book. Again, I didn't mind that. It is okay to read an easy good that doesn't require much contemplation or evoking intense emotions. I wanted more at times but I'd imagine the author left it up to our imagination. Would I read another book by Bossa? Absolutely.

  • wesley
    2019-05-21 23:24

    I have to admit, this was a fast read. But god, that was too much angst in one sitting. Selfishness, unnecessary martyrdom, family drama, and two souls who found each other at the wrong place and time. Add all these up and what have you got? One giant mess! Ha. But I have to say though, Mel Bossa has the ability to make you crave for more despite the turmoil. That was one solid piece of work. And any writer who can make you lose track of time deserve to be commended so I'll give this 4 stars.

  • Gigi
    2019-05-28 03:24

    I'm not going to second guess myself on this one. The angst sounds soul shattering. Not gonna go there.I hope it's good for those that like that heavy emotion!

  • Antony Simpson
    2019-06-05 22:12

    From His Secret Life is Mel Bossa‘s latest book. Allan has taken care of his sister Elise and her daughter Fay ever since Elise was dumped by Fay’s father. But when Elise meets Dayton, Allan knows things are going to change. It’s not long until Elise & Dayton get engaged and Allan gets to meet Dayton’s family.Allan meets Davinder, one of Dayton’s brothers who is married with two kids. Something about Davinder captivates Allan and he’s about to break his one and only rule: never fall for a straight guy.In His Secret Life is a love story about a seemingly impossible relationship, which is told over decades. It gives the reader a moral dilemma. On the one hand Davinder is a married man, but on the other it’s clear that he’s unhappily married and that he loves Allan.The story is written in three parts. In the first part the characters are introduced and Allan & Davinder meet. The second part is about Allan & Davinder’s affair and the duality of their double lives. The third and final part is about Allan & Davinder’s journey on separate paths back to one another.There’s something magical about Mel Bossa‘s writing that hypnotises the reader from the first word. All of the characters are likeable and the story is written from Allan’s perspective. The reader empathises with Allan’s loneliness, as well as the highs and lows of love – that he likens to drug addiction. The use of perspective and these emotions – that everybody has experienced at sometime in their life, creates a connection between Allan and the reader.Allan & Davinder’s sexual relationship develops a bit too quickly in the beginning and their was a scene that gave the impression that Allan had drunkenly drove home. But apart from these minor details the plot is perfectly paced, well thought out and exceptionally well written.Mel Bossa‘s use letters and emails to show other characters perspectives was a really clever idea. The description ignites the readers imagination, giving a flawless image of the characters, settings and events. The end this book made me cry (with happiness) and was heartwarming.In His Secret Life is Mel Bossa‘s best book to date and is one of those incredibly rare books that comes into your life and leaves you feeling changed somehow.If you want a book about impossible love made possible, that will make you question yourself, leave you feeling satisfied and joyous then I recommend In His Secret Life by Mel Bossa.

  • Hannah
    2019-05-31 04:08

    For the first half of this book I wasn't sure if I would be able to give this anything higher than a 3 star rating. I liked the characters a lot and the premise of the novel was amazing but the writing style and the amount of conflict there was just bugged me. I felt as if the sentences were too short and dropped off before the full idea could be presented. Also, when it came to the conflict, I felt as if Allan and Davinder never really tried to talk through everything. Any little misstep in a conversation could lead to a fight but the fight never led to discussion it just led to making up, leaving, and then repeating. Those felt like serious problems for me and although I never thought about putting the book down, I was much too invested in the relationship from the first moment they made contact for that, those problems made me a bit frustrated and left me feeling as if nothing would ever be fixed.When I got to the second half of the novel and saw how invested I was, I knew I could not just give this a 3 and feel happy with it. I thought the spacing, the years passed over in time jumps, would hinder my experience with this novel in ways that it had with others that I had read, but it didn't. I don't know why I enjoyed them this time but I did and I think without them it wouldn't have seemed real. I loved the characters so much more, and became so much more invested with Allan and longed for Davinder to make another appearance, and enjoyed hearing just how time had affected each and every one of the characters. It was truly enjoyable.Everything about the ending to this book was so amazing. Reading the entire thing, hoping that Allan and Davinder would end up together even though their lives had put them through some serious problems, left me just wanting to make sure they were happy after everything. And they were, their something special gave the book a very special ending and I couldn't have been happier. I might have even cried a few times when the two of them were being especially gooey.The very ending of the epilogue though, that didn't need to happen. Not that I didn't like it, the epilogue was wonderful, but for my emotional stability I did not need those last few pages. It was a wonderful book anyway and my emotional stability will just have to deal.

  • Diane
    2019-05-27 04:10

    This is the first book I've read by Mel Bossa and I'm so glad I discovered her!The plot is believable, the men unforgettable and the outcome encouraging.I cannot imagine the struggle it was to write this book. I know it was painful to read at times.There were so many times I had to go back and read certain passages, because they caught at my heart: 'I'd chosen to read Burroughs again because I loved the way he murdered language and resurrected it in the next sentence.''I've broken every beautiful things I've ever touched.''There was a story I wanted to write, and in the last days, it had been creeping into my soul.''I'd twist the blade in the wound.''But if you came...if you moved through the borders of our secret lives, and if I saw your face again, not in my mind, but with my eyes...I'd know that art can transcend life and love can survive it.''Wake up from the dream and experience it.'Thanks you for a beautiful experience.

  • thelastaerie
    2019-06-07 03:23

    Writing "all-consuming" love in a romance isn't easy - it's easy to become pretentious, or even, pathetic. But what Allan and Davinder had - the meet of souls and minds - was the kind of all-consuming love that captivated readers. A love story that, from the beginning, you know it's gonna end in tears (at least for the time being!) Allan was in love with a married man with children. Yes, it had all the melodrama, the tears and the broken "I will divorce her" promises. It takes great skills to make such storyline went above the dramas. Davinder's convictions in his beliefs showed he's not a typical selfish cheating spouse, despite his inability to come clean. Allan was not a home wrecker, but simply a man in an impossible love affair. Talk about obstacles in great romance and sacrifice, there were plenty here to sob over with.

  • *Jessica
    2019-06-16 04:18

    4 stars!Oh, this book hurt! Allen and Davinder have the kind of love that's intense and inevitable, but they have quite the obstacles in their being that Davinder is married with two kids!This book put me through the wringer. I felt like their story was doomed from the beginning...cause really, how could they ever get their HEA? It seemed impossible. Sometimes, I didn't like them...sometimes they were selfish and I wanted to beat there heads in...especially Davinder, but I found it impossible not to root for their love. Because even though what they had was SUCH bad timing,it was RIGHT in its own way. Quite a dramatic book that definitely left an impression on me.

  • Momshell
    2019-05-21 22:21

    4.5 starsI read this book in one day, and it felt very real and like any good book it made me feel every emotion the characters went through: The passion, the angst and the heartbreak.I loved Allan with the same intensity that I wanted to smack Davinder, but as the story progressed I started to understand him as well. There is very little happiness in this story, but I've got to say that even when bittersweet; the epilogue is one of the best I've read.There are small details that didn't add up for me, but against great writing it became nothing.

  • Nicole
    2019-05-21 22:20

    I am just simply exhausted after the journey this book led me on and I will remember this story for a time to come. It's angst-filled, heart wrenching, and bittersweet. The romance between Allan and Davinder did not endear me at first but I came to feel their passion, pain and my heart broke. I didn't like the reactions of some people towards Allan and the epilogue blindsided me in such a somber way. Overall I'm not sure what I feel about this book but I do think the story itself was written great.

  • Amber
    2019-06-02 03:07

    This is a book that I couldn't decide whether it was a 3 or 4 sta. This book takes a very harsh look at adultery. Instead of blurring the edges, focusing on the good times, or shunting the less pleasant aspect to the side that are in the forefront of this book. In someways this makes this book a harder one to read. It is heart breaking at times and I think in some ways an over exaggeration on the time spent apart/strengths of feelings ratio. But Allen's character really catches my attention and pulled me in.

  • Anna
    2019-06-17 05:21

    This book was amazing!! Wow. It made me cry and made me think.. Think about love. It would be nice to find something like that in life, No matter how late. The synopsis is misleading. It technically spanned over the period of one decade then it fast forward to 30 years later hence why it "spanned over 4 decades. I originally didn't read the book because I hate those ungoing romances but this wasn't the case. I would love to read more form this author.

  • Lily
    2019-06-20 02:21

    There is a lot of angst in this story and when you add in the infidelity it became almost too hard to read but the ending to this love story made it seem all worthwhile. For me personally the way Elsie treated Allan was the worst part of this story. I know why she felt she had to do what she did but I hated her for it. I may have been emotionally drained at the end but I was also happy to have read Allan and Davinder's story.

  • Vicki Easom Johnson
    2019-06-10 00:17

    If I could give this more than five stars I would! Oh gosh my heart is broke in two and hurts so bad right now and I can quit crying. Davinder and Allan were so beautiful. I don't condone cheating. I am however glad that I read this book. This was a beautiful story of love. Really beautiful. I could not put this down all day. Wonderful writing.

  • justanya
    2019-06-12 02:24

    3.5 rounded upReview to come