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If Hogwarts was more like Woodstock, and Voldemort was your childhood sweetheart turned abusive boyfriend...As long as Nora Sparrow can remember, Owen has protected her. He’s been there through years of miserable foster homes and snobby mean girls, always whispering to her that she doesn’t belong here. Telling her that this is the mundane world, and someday, he’ll get themIf Hogwarts was more like Woodstock, and Voldemort was your childhood sweetheart turned abusive boyfriend...As long as Nora Sparrow can remember, Owen has protected her. He’s been there through years of miserable foster homes and snobby mean girls, always whispering to her that she doesn’t belong here. Telling her that this is the mundane world, and someday, he’ll get them back to Helicon, the world of the muses. The world where they belong.But Nora’s fifteen years old, and she isn’t sure she quite believes it anymore. When he begs her to try another ritual to open the dimensions, she agrees mostly to humor him. Owen’s rituals never work.But this one does, and Nora is flung into the whimsical, bohemian land of Helicon, where she’s expected to do nothing more than create and inspire. With the help of her new muse friends, Nora sets out to discover who is creating holes in the fabric of Helicon and draining away the muses’ energy.Everything would be perfect, if only Owen’s protectiveness wasn’t starting to seem so...obsessive....

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dancing days Reviews

  • Joey Woolfardis
    2019-04-24 03:16

    It reads as if the author read a few facts about Greek Mythology and then decided to write a half-baked, very clichéd novel. From the beginning we are told, no less than seven times in about as many pages, that the protagonist's over-bearing "boyfriend" has blue eyes, which immediately make him irresistible to any dumb girl. Not to mention his irresistible super powers that make him irresistible. The writing style was terribly ineffective. There were words showing up in the middle of sentences that shouldn't have been anywhere near and often missing where they should. Everything screamed cliché, everything screamed obvious. There was little originality and not a lot of imagination. Dialogue is pitiful: very strained and robotic and doesn't read genuine at all. Characters clichés wrapped up in cotton wool, making them impervious to anything except their own thoughts and feelings.Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Shop | Etsy

  • Erin
    2019-04-13 00:55

    3.5 Stars(I read the omnibus version of this series, so my mid-read comments are over there) I really enjoyed the premise of this book and most of what happens; however, I definitely had a hard time with what felt like a character 180.In the mundane world (the world of humans), Owen seems like a nice guy who does things to protect Nora and try to find a way for them to get back to Helicon, the world of the muses. When they do get back to Helicon, he suddenly becomes this abusive, controlling ass who twists everything to make Nora feel like she's wrong and hurting Owen. He's manipulative and manages to make himself out as a victim in nearly every instance. I think what's astounding to me is that Nora stays with Owen for months despite cowering in his presence and not doing things (or doing things) specifically to keep him from getting mad. She realizes he's controlling her, but it takes her so long to actually call him on it, that it's a little frustrating.While I was frustrated with Owen acting like a complete douche and Nora not standing up for herself, the book finished strong. I ended up liking the characters and how things played out and was excited to read the next installment of the series.

  • Vicki Keire
    2019-04-21 03:12

    I really loved this book, and am looking forward to the whole series. The world Chambers creates is so vibrant and nuanced. It's every bit as complex and fun as the Harry Potter universe, except no one has to go to class, and is free to pursue whatever appeals to them. Definitely appealed to the free spirit in me! Particular favorites were her kitten/duck hybrids, and Sawyer, one of Nora's best friends. It's lighter than some of Chamber's usual fare, so it's appropriate for all ages, but it draws on a complex mythology that Chambers twists and claims as totally her own, which is a refreshing change from some of the run of the mill gods and goddesses stories out there now.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-23 01:16

    I read about 75% of this while skimming through the last 25% because I was growing tired of trying to read it. This book isn't that great. The writing's average, the characters are boring, and the storyline doesn't really do much. It really, really likes pointing out Sawyer's a boy who likes wearing skirts. Like almost every single time he showed up. The center of this story is an abusive relationship, and it was poorly written. Kind of eyeroll inducing at times. Either way, I don't really recommend this book.

  • Nicola Dorrington
    2019-04-05 00:51

    Sometimes you read a book that reminds you of all the good sides of Indie authors and self-publishing. Dancing Days was one of those books.It wasn't perfect, but it was imaginative, clever and engaging. I adore any kind of mythology so this was a really cool take on some aspects of Greek mythology. And it didn't feel like a rehash of a million other books like so many new books I read seem to be. I enjoyed this a lot. I'll definitely be seeking out the next few books in the series.

  • Gee(Fiera)
    2019-04-23 03:04

    Actual rating 4.5I need to rethink my life for a minute.Though this book is set in a fantastical, magical world, it deals with a very serious issue: abusive, controlling people. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who doesn't think they can deal with that. However, the abusive boyfriend, Owen, is not romanticized. In fact, he's the villain. I found this refreshing; in too many books out there, controlling men are heroes and to be adored. This is a lie. There is nothing sexy about being controlled, about being forced into things you don't want and afraid to do the littlest thing for yourself. And this is what the protagonist, Nora, experiences.I normally wouldn't recommend this to younger readers, but I feel this is important for girls especially to read, so they can recognize the signs.On the more technical side, holy crap did I love the world and the writing! The characters were believable, it was well-paced, and it was easy for me get drawn into. I did have an issue with transgender people being described as "being stuck in the wrong body", however. This is minimal, though, and only is mentioned once or twice.

  • Claudia
    2019-04-14 01:10

    I'm conflicted about this one... I liked the concept of the muses but felt like some of the mythology was sort of thrown together without any real research or explanation. I also don't know how I felt about the characters... We're supposed to hate Owen (or at least I gather we are) yet I felt his was the only complex character. (view spoiler)[ I hated how it took nora essentially half a book to realise there was something wrong despite everyone saying there was, yes I get she was enthralled but I mean... C'mon. Though I did find myself at the end enjoying Owens possessive character, wouldn't want him as a boyfriend but found him to be the most intriguing".(hide spoiler)]The author touched on gender identity and philosophical ideas that felt out of place or forced and added in elements that I didn't feel really meshed well with the setting of the story. For example; the names the muses had. Some of them related to their "creative" such as Techna and science, but I didn't understand the purpose of last names. I would've liked more Information in some areas especially as the muses creativity and Hellicon were such a unique idea. 2.75 stars

  • Jenika Ioffreda
    2019-03-26 22:51

    1.5 stars. It was going to be only one star rating as I had to force myself to read until the end... (None of the characters really took my interest) but the world building was quite interesting so I add one half star...I am not going to continue the series

  • Jessica
    2019-04-02 01:01

    I had absolutely no idea what this book was about when I picked it up. I saw that it had Greek mythology and figured it would be a retelling of some Greek myth. It started off a little shaky. I was not impressed by the prologue. It felt rushed to me and did absolutely nothing to draw me in or keep me interested. I didn’t really connect with this book until about three chapters in. I’m glad that I kept reading it because I ended up enjoying this book immensely. This book is about Helicon, a land where the muses reside, and two teenagers named Owen and Nora. Owen is the son of a God and Nora is a muse. When they were children, they were kidnapped and taken to the mundane world that humans inhabit. Because Nora is a muse, she was forbidden from being creative in the mundane world. I can't explain why cause it's a spoiler. Owen protected Nora as they were filtered through the foster care system for over 11 years. They repeatedly tried to get back to Helicon by doing rituals in an attempt to open up a portal. I am terrible at summarizing but eventually Owen finds a ritual that gets them back to Helicon. That’s when their relationship changes. This book is not perfect but it has a lot of shining points such as: 1) No love triangle. This book doesn’t follow the love triangle trope that has become incredibly common in YA literature. 2) Friendship between a female and male character with 0 romantic interest.3) Actual character growth and development.4) POC characters. 5) Gay and transgender characters.The main character Nora is not some chosen girl with some rare unknown ability that nobody else has. She’s not there to save the world. I feel like over the last 5 years YA fiction -especially dystopian and high fantasy- has abused this theme. This book doesn’t do that. Nora’s a 15 year old girl discovering who she in a world she was ripped away from at a very young age. Another thing this book does is tackle emotional abuse. I have a real problem with YA literature that seems to romanticize abuse. That has become common theme in YA literature over the years and I was glad to see the author show that emotional abuse is not romantic. It is damaging, and the author shows how it can just utterly destroy a person. Anyway I think this book deserves a try.

  • Nicole
    2019-04-19 02:53

    Manipulation and Mythology Note: My reviews on this book may contain spoilers. My reviews are my opinions based on how I feel about the book. I do not answer questions or respond to comments made in regards to my reviews. ****************************************The books starts with two kids, Owen and Nora that are in foster care. Nora is bounced from home to home while Owen tries to find them a way back to their world of Helicon. Nora is a muse and Owen is the son of a God. He uses his powers to manipulate Nora but she doesn't realize it until it's too late. Owen is verbally, emotionally, and psychically abusive mostly towards Nora from the moment they enter Helicon, he tries to control even moment. It took catching him having sex with a fairy for her to open her here's to his abuse. Until that part, I really wanted to shake some sense in her because she was seriously lacking some. He nearly killed her by threatening to throw her over the cliff!! The abuse dragged on SO much throughout this book that it made it hard to enjoy most times. I gave it three stars for the good part but 75% of the book made me deduct two stars for constantly dragging on about Nora and Owen's unhealthy relationship.

  • Amy McK
    2019-03-31 00:52

    While I knew there was going to be an abusive relationship involved from the beginning, it was painful to read. Painful in a sense that it wasn't written well. Anyone who has been in any kind of abusive relationship has inner thoughts and doubts, but Nora really didn't. Sure, it might take a while for them to realize what's happening, but even before then people might have those thoughts and feel guilt over them and possibly fear for having them. Aside from that, we visit Helicon, a muse community that I did not care about. I have a terrible feeling that Owen is going to be the only villain in this series and that is just not going to work for me.Here's what kept it from getting a lower rating: editing. Here's what kept it from a higher rating: read above, poor writing, and I think I'm just too old for what the author was trying to do.

  • Vivian
    2019-03-30 21:55

    YA fantasy that started off with great potential. Nora is a 15 year old muse who is trapped in the mundane (i.e. Muggles) world with her foster-brother-turned-boyfriend Owen. Nora and Owen finally make it back to Helicon, world of muses, and we learn about the magical world and Nora makes some cool friends. In the end, there was something lacking for me that would have made this book really great but I couldn't tell you what it is, maybe more depth? I enjoyed it and might read the rest of the series one day but I'm in no rush. (view spoiler)[This book does have an abusive relationship and the people around Nora seemed to know it was an unhealthy relationship and didn't try and step in at all, which was odd and a little off-putting. (hide spoiler)]

  • Ken
    2019-03-30 23:57

    Tweener Angst Could've Been BetterUgh. I certainly wasted a couple of hours reading this boring, predictive novel of teenage angst it's basically a story we've all read before . A bad, bad, boy manipulating a sweet girl. The girl doesn't know what to do, that is until he mind-raped her friends. Don't bother with this one as its quite predictable, and it's been done before with much better success. Gee, I didn't like any of the characters in this one Most were caricatures of characters in other novels. This I officially label as a "Bad Read". Go elsewhere, and delete this one before you begin reading it ...Sigh, what a clunker!

  • Chelsea Hickman
    2019-04-04 20:56

    I loved the book. It was a supernatural with a bit of mystery. The twist of a controlling and abusive boyfriend just adds a little something extra to the plot. There were plenty of plot twists that had me biting my nails and kept me guessing at who the culprit would be in the end. I also loved how the author painted the mythological world of the muses as being carefree and playful. And I loved the characters. Although I realize that this book is about Owen and Nora, I would love to get to know all the characters a little better in future books. I can't wait for the next one to see what'll happen.

  • Christina
    2019-04-18 04:57

    I really enjoyed this read! the 3.5 stars is right on. it has a new and twisted idea of greek mythology and the consequences of special abilities vs normallity. I liked the twist with the half blood children of gods. the author is good at evoking empathy and disgust for things simultaneously, allowing the reader to see and fel through the main character, nora. this is a series, which I think is interesting since the book easily stands on its own. I plan to read more to discover how it stands up as a series novel.

  • Alysa H.
    2019-04-16 02:13

    This was an amusing enough read, though very breezy. An interesting take on the mythology of muses. However, it didn't have much nuance, and I didn't feel invested in any of the characters. I mostly did not like the idea that an abusive boyfriend's actions are simply in his nature, and therefore not in his control. Also, while I think the author was going for a theme of acceptance when it comes to gender identity and performance, it was undermined by how big a deal was made of one boy's stereotypical femininity.

  • Echo
    2019-04-26 02:00

    This story raises awareness of domestic abuse - unusual in a teen romance fantasy but makes a change from the run-of-the-mill love triangle to deal with an important issue. Congratulations to the author on tackling it.The concept was interesting, of the worlds of 'mundane' and 'creative', but I'm not sure how well they would stand up to close inspection. Luckily, the first book does not require a close view of the differences between the worlds, instead concentrating on the relationships between the character's.

  • Sontrail Baker
    2019-04-21 20:55

    A Great ReadI love this book it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. There was a lot of suspense that had you holding your breath and wondering what would happen next. I loved the way the story started off and built drama along with suspense that had you holding your breath waiting to see what would happen next. I recommend this book to anyone whole loves a good suspense fiction book and I can't wait till I can get my hands on the next books in this series.

  • Andréa
    2019-03-27 01:05

    This book was different from things I usually read but it was good! Owen is a sociopathic killer who demands to be cared for by his now ex girlfriend, even if that means forcing her into the relationship with extreme measures. It was a very different angle on a story and it was interesting but frustrating to watch Nora struggle with forgiving herself and giving herself enough strength to get out of the abusive relationship that's spanned her whole life

  • Whitney Bunker
    2019-04-09 21:13

    This book went into intimate detail about how an abuse victim justifies his/her abusers actions. For me this was an eye opener I've never been in that situation and I think it will help me be more sympathetic to people who have been abused in the future. The story was addicting as well I enjoyed the world that the author created with the Muses and their interaction with the mundane world.

  • Sherry
    2019-04-25 23:55

    a fun young adult book about muses and the world they create

  • Edna
    2019-04-15 23:13

    Great teen fiction but I am in my 20's and enjoyed it.

  • Inanda
    2019-04-09 02:58

    Not my cup of tea

  • Prismseven
    2019-03-31 04:07

    Great action packed story! I love the magical powers and creative personalities that the characters have. The ending has a nice twist that i'm sure will unfold in the next book.

  • Patricia Burleson
    2019-04-23 03:47

    GoodVery good preteen or teen book. Lots of great characters and of course you pull for the heroine. So grab it and enjoy reading.