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A girl may have to kiss some frogs before she finds her Prince Charming, but Marigold has found herself a real toad. On her way to becoming a prima ballerina, she is bent over backwards - literally - working her way to the top. But a painful fall sends her limping back home, where an old friend is ready to sweep her off her feet....

Title : A Girl's Guide To Kissing Frogs
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ISBN : 9780007219612
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 397 Pages
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A Girl's Guide To Kissing Frogs Reviews

  • Susie
    2019-03-14 07:23

    Misogyny! Incest! Dubious consent! Seriously, did I just read some GRRM fan fic?! Unfortunately, no – it was worse than that. It had an opening sequence that nearly led me to throw the book at the wall, with the young would-be ballerinas being near forced to sleep with their ballet company directors to further their careers. To be honest, such real-world activities, especially in the still surprisingly backward 80’s, shouldn’t surprise me. However, for a book I expected to read as a bit of fluff chick-lit, it seemed out of place.Afterwards, there was some fun and frolics, but not enough to make the book really enjoyable. Marigold lives in her own fantasy world, with a naïvety that probably shouldn’t be so surprising considering that her fantasy mind assists with her chosen career. Yet the obvious is pointed out to her far too often, most often by powerful men, or men taking advantage of her. Yet, for the most part, she just lets it all happen, as she doesn’t want to upset people, her good-hearted nature getting the better of her. But when she does stand up for herself, and tries to force her independence, it makes some of her other actions seem out of place. But, despite all this, I persevered onwards, through the short array of suitors, until she found her Prince Charming, who had spent the majority of the time right under her nose.How she found her apparent true love, well, even that’s rather strange, as he knew her first. Another one taking advantage of her? Some of his comments at the end are pretty strange, but I guess both of the characters are strange in themselves.Then the other characters – Isobel, who acts like a spoilt bitch most of the time, Rafe, who tries to be the Lord-in-Waiting that he is, that he disguises all of his secrets and weaknesses by putting a pretty girl in front of him.Then the sudden wham, bam, brush all the other characters and story out of the way, Marigold’s Prince has revealed himself, at the end… Crazy reveals, one of the mothers has run off, and, apparently, all other engagements are off?!This might seem a chaotic summary, which makes little sense, but, believe me, reading the book fully is no better. I can understand why some people enjoyed it, as there are a few good and comical moments, and Conrad does make things interesting. You can see most things well before Marigold can, but a shout-a-long book that reminds you of a pantomime, isn’t what I believed I was signing up for when I cracked open the spine.Well, it was a mostly slow time waster, that at least did occasionally provoke a reaction in myself, but in the end truly did feel like time wasted.Final rating: ★★☆☆☆ – Disliked

  • Amanda
    2019-03-02 10:07

    Marigold is a principal dancer at the Lenoir Ballet Company, on her way to becoming a prima ballerina. She is willing to do anything - even sleep with the ballet director Sebastian - to ensure that she makes her way to the top. However, a painful fall sends her home to her parents for a lengthy recovery period in Northumberland. She is reacquainted with childhood friends Isobel and Rafe, and finds herself swept into a whirlwind of society parties. Rafe seems willing to have Marigold in his life in a more permanent fashion - but insists Marigold must give up the dancing for good. Just how willing to find love is Marigold? What is she prepared to sacrifice? And is there a handsome stranger waiting in the wings?You know sometimes you pick up a book on a whim and end up truly surprised and delighted? This is how I feel on closing the last page of A Girl's Guide to Kissing Frogs. I thought it would be an easy piece of fluffy chick lit to enjoy, but instead found an extremely amusing take on class and society.In Clayton's novel the romance is almost incidental to the gossipy tale of the doctor's daughter (and a ballet dancer, no less!) being engaged to the son of the local gentry. Clayton explores - with sometimes hilarious consequences - the collision of classes in this very entertaining novel.Marigold is a deliciously naive and fey girl, who has never really experienced love. Her character is written beautifully, so that you can sometimes marvel at her ditzy comments and be frustrated with her inability to confront *anyone*, and yet constantly find her very sweet and believable.The rest of the rather large cast are also wonderful, from Golly, the writer of quirky operas, to Fritz, a darling German who is trying to learn as much English slang as possible and cooks like an angel. Conrad is a very, very effective leading man - dark, saturnine and very intelligent!I felt the addition of details about ballerinas and dancing gave an extra facet to the novel - never did it feel as though Clayton was self-consciously including the information. Rather, it presented a realistic and well-researched look at the sometimes grimy world of ballet.The pacing of the novel was incredibly gentle - Clayton took her time to let the story and the characters unwind. It could be said that the novel was maybe too long for the actual story content within the pages, but I had no complaints with regards to this.As I said, this novel was a complete surprise - it felt almost like a modern-day Jane Austen, with the satirical commentary hidden behind a very lovely romance.My only real complaint was regarding the last minute reveal of some rather incestuous goings-on. Incest felt far too edgy for this novel - and the reactions to same rather disturbed me, as people accepted it with equanimity. Clayton seemed to revel in the idea of adding a darker element to the story, but it just felt very out of place.Apart from this misjudgement, A Girl's Guide to Kissing Frogs was truly lovely, one of my favourite reads so far this year. I loved the characters, the glimpse into the life of a prima ballerina, and the humour. I think I only need to say that, after reading this book, I've now added all of Victoria Clayton's novels to my wishlist.

  • Plum-crazy
    2019-03-07 09:14

    After reading the first few pages I nearly gave up on this book.Marigold's a ballet dancer & the opening chapter about her & her boss/lover Sebastian for some reason just didn't work for me! However I decided to persevere (& it's a long book at 598 pages!) & overall I did quite enjoy it. Although it was one of those books were nothing really happens!Marigold, after an injury means she can't dance, goes back to her family home in Northumberland where we meet the usual characters... Dimpsie, her mother (who is my age! Boy does that make me feel old!)an eccentric sweet woman who has the obligatory womanising husband...there's the posh friend Isabel & her brother Rafe, who Marigold has had a crush on for years & somehow finds herself, despite his mothers initial reservations, engaged to...then there's Isabel's mysterious, dark, handsome fiance Conrad to add to the mix. Apart from the engagements, Conrad buying a spooky old house & a few of the usual misunderstandings very little occurs. You can tell from the outset who is going to end up with who & I think the end is meant to be a bit of a shocker but isn't 'cos you can see it coming a mile off!A reasonably entertaining read at the time but forgettable...ask me next week about it & I probably won't recall any of it!(Just one thing that puzzled me about it...why did it need to be set in the 1980's? Apart from one reference to Charles & Diana's wedding & one other 1980's event mentioned that I can't remember, it could have been contemporary.)

  • Gineke
    2019-03-05 13:12

    I'm sorry to say I really didn't like it. It's just too much. Too many pages for one, but also too many storylines and too much drama. Seriously, so much drama. The basic premise for the book is good: a ballerina, stranded in a small town far from the life she's used to, and a love interest. But the chick-lit aspects are interspersed with a sort of gloomy victorian castle novel, and suspense/mystery mixed with chick-lit has never been my thing.

  • Kristin
    2019-03-16 10:15

    This wasn't bad - it passed the time on the trains anyway - but it was really long - especially for chicklit. Had I been the editor, I would have suggested some pretty significant cuts. There's a decent twist at the end which makes the last ~60 pages fairly interesting, but getting there just seems to take forever.

  • Vanessa
    2019-03-20 09:17

    AAAAH FANGIRLING! Wat een geweldig, fantastisch, romantisch, meeslepend boek! Sowieso de beste chicklit de ik OOIT las en zelfs één van de leukste boeken van het jaar, maybe EVER! <3 Treurig dat het uit is ... Het einde kon ik niet snel genoeg lezen! HARTJES VOOR DIT BOEK! (Geheel onverwacht want het was een random kringloopkoopje)

  • Eline
    2019-03-16 08:24

    It's a good book, really liked the ending.The difficulty was to get trough the first chapters, but once you get to the middle of the book it really starts to fascinate you.

  • Rachel
    2019-02-25 12:19

    I'm reading this currently and it reminds me a lot of the early Jilly Cooper novels like Imogen, Octavia et al. Story rolls along and you don't need to concentrate much!

  • Bella Blanka
    2019-03-22 08:23

    Boy oh boy. (Kivételesen magyarul olvastam el - tudom, hogy az teljesen más, mint az angol, de no.)Sajnos én csalódtam ebben a könyvben. Elég szabad szóhasználata volt, de nem is ez volt a probléma. Egy cuki romi reményt vártam, és ez nem éppen nevezhető cukinak, de egyszer kifejezetten szórakoztató volt.-SPOILER következik-A probléma a könyv felénél kezdődött, amikor egy addig szerethető karakter átment egy manipulatív, csak-magával-törödő, önsajnáltató mocsadékba, és szegény főhősnőnek (Marigold, olyan szép név, nem? ) ezt el kellett tűrnie. Ugyanis a férfiú eljegyezte hősnőnket, egy baromi rosszul leírt etye-petye után szinte azonnal (ami egy "szerelmi vallomást" követett). Szerencsétlen Marigold köbö végig sütikről ábrándozott! Persze ezek után valamiért automatikusan a család többi tagja már úgy tekintett a jánykára, mintha máris a felesége lenne, és szépen elvártak tőle minden baromságot. Marigold pedig volt akkora idióta, hogy köbö a könyv 3/4-éig nem szólalt fel magáért. Említettem az és önsajnálatot? Rafe - említett férfiú - konkrétan képes volt közölni , amikor Marigold végre-valahára felbontotta az eljegyzést (amibe mellesleg beleszólása nem volt, a pasi döntötte el ), hogy neki most vége. Így. Tudnék még sokat példálózni, de hanyagolom. A másik nagyon irritáló karakter a hugica volt, akinek a legtöbbször emlegetett mondata az volt, hogy "katonaságból jött vissza, valami baleset érte, depressziós, ugye nem akarod megbántani? Azt nem élné túl ", vagyis valami hasonló. Azért magát Marigoldot is nagyon fel tudtam volna képelni néha (hogy térjen magához, egy tünemény a jány), ugyanis ő meg folyton magát hibáztatja mindenért, amikor ordít a helyzetről, hogy nem ő a hibás, hanem egy másik , aki szépen megpróbálja őt rossz színben feltüntetni. Sokszor megálltam, és elkezdtem fejmosást tartani a karaktereknek, mert annyira felhúztak. De a vége! Az utolsó pár fejezet kifejezetten fantasztikus volt. A legvégén volt egy alapos csavar, ami baromira tetszett (tudod, hogy túl sok GoT-ot olvastál, ha incestre az a reakciód, hogy "this is getting interesting"). Sőt, Marigold a végén egy másik emberkével melegedett össze , (itt tényleg megvoltak a cozy vibe-ok, haláli egy pofa volt az ember) egy idő után baromira elkezdtem szurkolni nekik. All in all, szórakoztató volt, sőt egy kicsit a balett kőkemény világába is betekintést engedett, úgyhogy még tanulságosnak is mondható.

  • Tracey
    2019-03-08 13:16

    a fun , quirky read. really liked Conrad . he was a pleasant surprise in the dramatically behaved characters in the book.

  • Iloon84
    2019-03-11 06:29

    Marigold irriteerde me vaak met haar onwetendheid en onnozele domme acties. Daardoor vond ik het geen goed boek. Het verhaal boeide me desondanks wel, vandaar toch 3 sterren.

  • Ray Akerboom
    2019-02-25 09:13

    A perfect holiday book. It's an easily written and readable story with a lot, some might think too much, storylines. The characters are very flat and the whole is rather inbelievable here and there, with a lot of coincidences. But if you read it like a fairytale, or even better a libretto of a ballet, it is perfectly understandable and logical. Within that context ofcourse. Still, it's amusing and it has an all's well that ends well. Don't take it too seriously and you have something nice to read about in the Sunshine.

  • Jennifer Annoh
    2019-02-20 09:07

    I loved the heroine's whole-hearted, sincerely lovable, if sometimes slightly silly character, and the way she was always so sincere with herself and her surroundings. I believe the novel beautifully portrayed this world, where smiles and generous presents are often just tools of persuasion, and the struggle of this pure soul among all the intricacies. The beautifully and very insightfully portrayed world of ballet simply took my breath away. I would have loved it, even without the hero, but his presence made it a truly wonderful read I'll always hold dear.

  • Kirsten
    2019-03-14 05:10

    Terrible book. Predictable plot with an obvious (and revolting) twist. Stereotyped characters, most of whom are completely unlikeable. Poor writing, metaphors crow-barred in, with stilted, mannered, laboured dialogue. The book is far too long for the flimsiness of the story - a good editor would have cut out at least a quarter of the guff. I read quite a bit of women's fiction so it's not that I just don't like the genre - this is just a bad book.

  • Betti
    2019-03-19 05:22

    I've always liked reading books about ballerinas because I was heavily interested in their lifestyle.This book didn't just give me that. It gave me endless excitement, briliant characters, enchanting (or repulsive..) personalities...I really liked the way Marigold narrated the whole story. She was this bright, hopeful, talented, naive girl who was impossible not to love.Five amazing stars from me.

  • Amy
    2019-02-23 11:05

    I really like Victoria Clayton. The stories are light and funny but have a lot of truth to them. They have to otherwise they wouldn't be so funny! This one is about a dancer and her disastrous love life, and the little she expects of it. Look, the story of her Mum is a bit poorly set out, but once it gets going its funny and has good flow. Unusual enough to be interesting, and with a great ending.

  • Lily S.
    2019-02-27 08:26

    I didn't expect any big surprises from a chick-lit book like this but this left me stunned and surprised. I think the author is a very talented writer, easy to read yet nice with interesting characters. Definitely worth reading.

  • Malèk Aouadi
    2019-03-06 06:31

    It was far too long but it was worth it after all! The ending kept me grinning for hours. This is one of those books that give you the satisfaction of pouring yourself fully into them and forgetting the world. I liked it very much!

  • Diane
    2019-03-12 06:08

    This was quite hard going. Over long but I soldiered on because I don't like giving up easily and I have enjoyed Victoria Clayton in the past. There was a 'twist' at the end but it really didn't come as a surprise.

  • Carlie Lee
    2019-03-11 08:29

    Love every single thing I've read from Victoria Clayton. Wish she'd write more!

  • Sunshine
    2019-03-11 07:21

    hilarious,unexpected and a different chick lit!!

  • Nienke
    2019-03-08 10:18


  • Clare
    2019-03-20 05:28

    Very much a Shelf of Shame novel. Also, what's up with the Astrakhan coat obsession?

  • Verna
    2019-03-03 06:30


  • Caroline
    2019-02-26 06:15

    Love this author! Wish her latest two kindle books were avail on paper. Until then I will keep re-reading the ones i have.

  • Adri
    2019-03-01 13:07

    Even though the plot is predictable I quite enjoyed reading this book. Some beautifully descriptive passages. Lovely sense of humour.

  • Sanne
    2019-02-24 07:31

    it was a good book to start reading again.because you didn't have to force yourself to keep reading.

  • Priyanka
    2019-03-09 05:05

    Excellently written! When I read this book I was instantly hooked. It depicts how a girl needs to kiss the wrong frogs in order to find the right one!

  • Jackie
    2019-03-14 13:21

    Charming. Loved the behind-the-scenes look at the ballet world.

  • Femke
    2019-03-11 08:35

    Een mooi boek, leest lekker weg, verassend! Soms ietwat langdradig....