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PARIS - one of the most visited cities in the world. BUT do you know ... Which is the most romantic spot to say 'je't'aime'? And the sexiest?Where to see fantastic art, away from all the crowds?Why Parisian men feel compelled to pee in the street?How to choose a hotel room where you might actually get a good night's sleep? Stephen Clarke goes behind the scenes to revePARIS - one of the most visited cities in the world.BUT do you know ... Which is the most romantic spot to say 'je't'aime'? And the sexiest?Where to see fantastic art, away from all the crowds?Why Parisian men feel compelled to pee in the street?How to choose a hotel room where you might actually get a good night's sleep?Stephen Clarke goes behind the scenes to reveal everything Parisians know about their city - but don't want to tell you....

Title : Gebrauchsanweisung für Paris
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ISBN : 9783492275972
Format Type : Paperback
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Gebrauchsanweisung für Paris Reviews

  • Beáta
    2019-05-13 11:59

    It is an interesting and entertaining book on Paris. The author is an Englishman who has been living in Paris for years. In this book he shares his experience, point of view and opinion about different fields: the metro, culture, appartments, history, sex, food, romance, inhabitants in Paris etc. It is useful to read it when you want to visit Paris or spend a longer time there.

  • Khairul Hezry
    2019-05-08 10:02

    Everything you needed to know on how to live in Paris like a Parisian. From which metro line goes where to the proper etiquette at a cafe (don't order coffee and then sit a table that has been prepared for lunch) and how to rent an apartment in Paris without getting screwed. Lots of historical facts and anecdotes and while not as funny as his previous book, 1000 Years of Annoying the French, it is light hearted and interesting enough if you're looking for a good read on a rainy weekend. The opinions in the book were clearly Clarke's own but if I ever decide to visit Paris, I'll be sure to consult this book for guidance (well, actually I've been to Paris for one whole day in 2000 but that hardly counts).

  • Zen Nana
    2019-04-20 12:46

    Paris Revealed is a travel guide that makes you feel like an experienced ex-pat is telling you all the inside info when you first move to Paris. This is definitely not the usual tourist book and visitors to the city may never actually use a lot of the scoop during a typical vacation, but author Stephen Clarke offers what may prove to be the most interesting and entertaining tome you read on the long plane ride getting there. While Clarke’s tone sometimes seems a bit negative, offering his own judgments of the locals and their ways, it makes you feel like you know Paris better -- its history, where to buy groceries and what all the contradicting street signs might mean -- even if it doesn’t really relate to your vacation experience in any way. However, should you decide to join the legions of ex-pats and actually relocate to the CIty of Light, you may want to take a much closer look at this one.

  • Dwwebber
    2019-04-24 15:02

    I had to marvel at Clarke's genius in taking a few facts and then spinning off page after page of slightly droll blather and commonplace commentary. I'd say the ratio is about 1 to 10. His humorless, repeated citation to his other books in footnotes was quite tiresome. So annoying. And I never was sure I could trust him as a historian. Okay, I admit that as a result of reading this book I'll have to watch "The Tall Blond with One Black Shoe" again.

  • Carol Berkman
    2019-05-19 14:51

    Really fun guide to real life in ParisI am a frequent visitor to Paris but learned a lot about the city from this book. Aside from that, the book is a witty read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Emma Fisken
    2019-05-03 14:57

    Continuing with my book a month for 2014, February saw my literary senses being tingled by Stephen Clarke's Paris Revealed. After spotting the word Paris on the cover in a charity shop, I quickly snapped it up and skipped up the road to continue my love affair with the city of lights.Each chapter details a different element of Parisian life from the Metro to water before a discussion on sex and ending with some detail on the apartments of Paris! Basically if you want a little bit of insight into the social history and the day to day happenings of the city - this is your friend.Clarke has a dry sense of humour which I of course chuckled along too as well as his chatty nature which made you feel at ease and discussing the city with a friend assisting you in your move. Complete with photographs related to the chapter and a little bit of French thrown in here and there this book will make you want to up sticks and move to Paris, like I needed encouragement...Other titles by the author include the non-fiction books 'A 100 Years of Annoying the French' and 'Talk to the Snail' along with a host of fiction. After reading Paris Revealed and enjoying it thoroughly from cover to cover, I am 100% going to research Clarke's other titles. I obviously need more French based books...2/12 so far for my book every month in 2014. Good start I would say *pats self on the back* so Number 3 of this 12 part challenge is Daphne Du Maurier 'Jamaica Inn'. A book described by Mama erratic glamour as a page turner that is written so well you feel the eerie, unsettled atmosphere. I for one cannot wait for this.

  • Nicki Markus
    2019-04-26 14:39

    This is a delightful, witty book that will help even the most muddled tourist survive Paris. This is not a standard travel guide by any means, but if you are looking for some more insight into the wonderful world of Paris this may be the book for you.The author has divided this text into section, considering such things as the metro lines, romance and buying an apartment. There are plenty of amusing anecdotes and I frequently felt compelled to read sections aloud to my husband. I adore Paris and this is a book that manages to poke fun at the city and its people while also showing reverence and love for them and their little ways. It's been a few years since I last had chance to visit France and this book made me deeply nostalgic and longing to revisit my own favourite Parisian haunts.If you are looking for a guide book to tell you what to see, what times museums open etc. this is not what you are looking for. But if you already know and love Paris, this is a great read to learn a few new facts and reminisce.I actually saw Clarke's A Year in the Merde in a bookshop once. I was interested, but wasn't looking to buy anything at the time. Now I've read this book, I will definitely be keen to add his other books to my wish list.

  • khveronika
    2019-04-28 13:52

    Having read two books by Stephen Clarke about the Parisian adventures of a fictitious character, "Paris revealed" sounded like a light & fun read, while I didn't have any expectations towards it at all.Though it did have a few entertaining passages and it is successful at introducing the Parisian way of life, starting from the inhabitants of the city going onto the actual surroundings, it just becomes too repetitive, not even a quarter into it. This book seems like the author tried to make his living off of stripping off the storyline of his first two books and putting together a new one, supposedly consisting of fun facts and real life stories.Reading about seemingly endless descriptions of the different arrondissements of the city on 11 ongoing pages or pretty much everything there is to know about the métro system and its different lines on 17 ongoing pages, just seems plain unnecessary to me. Though if you've got some free time to spare, it's a light read which will make you chuckle a few times and be helpful in letting time pass by quicker.

  • Martin Mostek
    2019-04-29 15:36

    Very readable, witty and fun little book. Mixing odd bits of history, personal recollections and informed, yet easily laid out introduction into various aspect of Paris and life of the city. It is of course as much different from typical tourist guide as possible, but thats exactly what reader expect from this sort of book: its a difference between talk with someone from travel agency and somebody, who lives in Paris and enjoy talk about it. Slight downside: some parts, mostly in second half of book seems and read as if written in "journalist on assigment" mode. They are still interesting, skillfully told, but yet it seems that they are there because "it ought to be in that book". This being my first book by Stephen Clarke, I cannot comment on how it compares with his (in)famous "Merde" fictions, but they are looking even more tempting to read now. And 1000 years of annoying French perhpas even more.

  • JDK1962
    2019-05-13 09:49

    As someone who does not live in Paris but loves the city, I really enjoyed Clarke's book. It has provided at least a week or three of ideas for exploring Paris the next time I go. While nothing beats a visit, reading this book (with Google Street View to hand) is the next best thing to being there.My favorite aspect of the book is that it goes beyond the tour guide lists of "must see" spots, and gives you an idea of what it is like to live there. It would be incredibly useful for those who are going to be in Paris on an extended basis, rather than those blowing in and out for a few days (for them, a basic Fodor/Frommer/Lonely Planet guide will suffice).Perhaps a few too many references to his other books (1000 Years of Annoying the French, and Dial M for Merde), but very engaging, and often amusing.

  • Wsclai
    2019-05-10 12:03

    I would give it 3.5 stars. It provides plenty of interesting facts about different aspects of life in Paris and the author has a sense of humour but there is a bit too much history sometimes.Personally, I like the parts about art, movie and apartment the most. The author introduces some very special but less-known museums (e.g. Foundation Arp, Musée Marmottan Monet), which I promise myself to visit next time when I go to Paris. I also like the short film "C'était un Rendez-vous" very much and have watched it many times on YouTube. For those who adore Paris, reading this book will certainly give you more insights to Parisiens' way of life and the reasons why this city is so charming.

  • Malachy
    2019-05-04 13:00

    This is the first Stephen Clarke book I've picked up. Without having read the others which were evidently commercial triumphs that played off on the historical enmity between perfidious Albion and the French, this book has the feel of something that has been hacked together purely to piggy-back on the success of the others. That said, it did rekindle my fondness for Paris and 'les petits plaisirs parisiens' that make the city so special. Functionally useful, literarily disappointing, so to speak.

  • Ulmiel
    2019-05-20 13:02

    Kar v redu knjiga, nekajkrat so se mi zdeli heci zelo posrečeni. Sicer me ni blazno pritegnila, kljub temu, da sem jo prebrala predvsem zaradi potovanja v Pariz. Morda sem pričakovala več - nisem je brala kot turistični vodnik, ampak na koncu je morda izpadla za moj okus malce preveč kot zelo subjektiven in pomanjkljiv vodnik po Parizu, pa tega nisem želela od knjige. Ampak nič ne rečem, nekatera poglavja so prav zabavna.

  • Lori Siska
    2019-05-20 11:37

    I read this book before I went to Paris this summer, and despite my miserable visit there due to a theft, I decided to re-read it when I came back. It is witty, sarcastic and jam-packed with historical facts. I would suggest it be a must-read when visiting the City of Lights. I'm certainly going to search out his other called "1,000 Years of Annoying the French" for more tongue and cheek reading. Great writer!

  • Shannon
    2019-05-06 15:58

    Amusing insight into Parisian lifestyle, culture, and geography. Highly recommended to anyone travelling to Paris for the first time. This is not your typical guide book with lists of hotels, restaurants, and museums; rather, it is an exploration of neighbourhoods and Paris quirks that will allow you to better plan your trip and better understand things that you encounter in the city. Well written and engaging, this is light-hearted and easy to read.

  • Lela
    2019-04-25 15:57

    Stephen Clarke is one of my favourite writers. In this book, he writes about Paris(obviously) and spouts helpful advice about maneuvering around the city. The great thing about his writing is, even with a guide book of sorts, he still makes the reading entertaining and humourous. As well as educational.

  • B.atz
    2019-04-30 10:47

    Some interesting bits. He made the city museum of paris, for example, come to life. I almost want to now visit it again. But there were to many chapters that just followed his own personal experience. Buying baggettes, hunting for an apartment, watching a peep show, picking a restaurant based on a salad ... a waste of publishing effort.

  • Ralph Lavelle
    2019-05-18 12:52

    Light stuff, easy to read and satisfyingly personal and down to earth although it's tongue-in-cheek mostly, the endless stereotyping of Paris and its denizens gets a passé very quick. Still some good film and book recommendations, and nice peripheral vignettes of Parisian life. Wooopa! Oh sorry, that's Greek.

  • Nao
    2019-05-05 11:37

    i hate to put anything other than a positive review, but all of his books are about living in paris. on the one hand, it's admirable that he has built a career doing so; on the other hand, i'm not sure if i'll read this book as i'm not sure what else he could possibly write about the city (though it does seem a bit promising).

  • Linda
    2019-05-16 16:34

    Fun, quick read. Especially fun since I started reading it after a visit to Paris (I actually bought the book at Gare du Nord!), so a lot of the places were familiar to me. Kind of wish it wasn't as personal, though - half of the chapter on Apartments were more like a memoir. Still, some fun tidbits. :)

  • Vera Tjahyono
    2019-05-02 14:36

    It's really nice to have a true insight about Parisian before i move out there. ;)And among all the books i have read about Paris, i guess this one is the most honest and blunt about it. Many books usually only telling the good side of Paris, but this one will make us see the good and the bad side of Paris and Parisian and of course how to blend well with them.That was quite fun, actually.

  • Ariella
    2019-05-12 09:48

    More tour guide and historical review than a collection of secrets, it was a fun look at what it might be like living in Paris from someone who has done that for years and has written many books on the subject.You can also use this book as a tourist guide since it inventories interesting metro stops, restaurants, summer activities and art galleries.

  • Christiane
    2019-05-08 16:00

    Annoyingly self-satisfiedI had not read any of Stephen Clarke's other books (and I definitely won't now). Apart from the fact that the author doesn't really reveal anything much and just reenforces the common stereotypes, the way he portrays himself as practically the first foreigner ever to have discovered the quirks of Paris and the Parisians is simply insufferable.

  • Justyna
    2019-04-28 11:42

    Jeśli jesteście miłośnikami Paryża lub wkrótce wybieracie się tam na wycieczkę / na romantyczny weekend / podróż służbową - ta książka jest dla Was idealna. W innym wypadku możecie zasnąć z nudów lub popaść w lekki stan narkoleptyczny. Trzy gwiazdki naciągnięte ze względu na garść fajnych ciekawostek i anegdot.

  • Selene
    2019-04-23 15:44

    This was ok, not amazing but quite interesting. It won't help us went we travel to Paris on Thursday, but some of it makes you pause for thought. I particularly liked the last chapter, buying an apartment (not that I'm going too!) as I thought it probably the most day-to-day Parisian part of the book - which is really what I expected the book to be more like.

  • Nicole
    2019-05-09 15:56

    The beginning of this book was interesting but it became a little boring towards the end. I may pick it back up and flick through the remaining chapters at some point, probably later in the year before I visit Paris.

  • Nancy
    2019-05-13 14:43

    Just a fun, breezy, but informative book. I picked this up while traveling in Paris, and learned some "secrets" the other readings I'd done in preparation hadn't mentioned. Great book to read on the plane or at a cafe.

    2019-05-04 13:35

    After living in Paris for two years, we get asked what books we recommend about the city. I recommend everyone get Rick Steve's Paris and this book. This one is a treasure trove of hidden gems in one of my favorite cities.

  • Peter Jordan
    2019-05-14 17:02

    Stephen Clarke grows on me. His novels are a light read that are amusing and where anyone who knows France will recognise some truths.Paris Revealed is at another level. Still an amusing read, but full of insights about life in Paris and how to get to know the city as a visitor.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-03 11:01

    I found this book a very interesting read. It presents the city with geographically bound quirks. As I read the book after a couple of trips to the city, I could reflect in retrospect and enjoy the humor within. Extrapolate the system to every other city and you've got a series!