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Title : 美少女戦士セーラームーン新装版 11 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Shinsōban 11]
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ISBN : 9784063348859
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 235 Pages
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美少女戦士セーラームーン新装版 11 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Shinsōban 11] Reviews

  • Lau
    2019-03-21 16:41

    Qué final lleno de tensión! Ya casi ya se termina el manga... Me dio la nostalgia y me puse a escuchar Nagareboshi He de Three Lights, canción que escuché muchísimo en cassette XD. Me encantan esas Sailors tan diferentes, lástima que no haya más historia para seguir viéndolas más adelante.

  • Rita
    2019-03-03 15:55

    Wow! I am so intrigued.I've seen all of the anime episodes of Sailor Moon and I cannot remember that the anime was as intense as this Volume of the manga.I especially liked:- Three Lights/ Sailor Star Lights- Chibi-Chibi- Sailor Galactica- the tension and the action, particularly in this VolumeI am going straight for the next and last Volume. So excited!!

  • Jen • Just One More Page
    2019-03-09 10:03

    This review is also posted on my blog.(view spoiler)[Holy shit. WHO SAID THE GUARDIANS COULD ACTUALLY DIE. DID I SAY THEY COULD? NO I DON’T THINK I DID. WHAT THE EFF.There’s one more volume to go (!!!) to show whether or not they’re ACTUALLY dead so dahsilhuLIDUHASFHDF.The Star Lights!And Chibi-Chibi!!!And Galaxia and aaaaall the plot points left that I’ve known UTTERLY NOTHING ABOUT FOR YEARS!I’ve exactly one volume left until this series is finished (I just said that but !!!!!) AND I AM JUST SO EXCITED TO FINALLY KNOW IT ALL AND ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING I’VE BEEN SEEINGSOEXCITEDI have it waiting for me right here on my desk so AW YISS BRING IT(oh my god and there were several panels in this volume that just had me like almost LITERALLY SHRIEKING (“we have no need of menfolk, you have a problem with that?”) so SHIUHGHFJFDG)P.S. *whispering* As an aside yes I am still reading Grave Mercy, but I’m only halfway through and it’s taking a while to get through, and I wanted to get to a nice number of books read by the end of the year (75 is much nicer than 73), so WHAT BETTER WAY TO DO IT THAN TO FINISH SAILOR MOON(hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Mel
    2019-03-18 17:47

    It's time for Stars, hell yeah! Things get real almost immediately in this arc: three pages in and Mamoru is killed right in front of Usagi. Though I remembered that happening (and Usagi's subsequent breakdown) I had forgotten how quickly the inner senshi get taken out. The pacing - and death toll - is novel compared to the other arcs: things escalate quickly. Ultimately, I think the thinning of the ranks allows for more focus on Usagi, which is fantastic. Half of this volume is about her coming to grips with her denial and her guilty feelings about everyone's deaths.And, it has to be said: Sailor Galaxia is amazing. There's a real aura of menace to her that most of the other Sailor Moon enemies don't really get until the final battles. That she actually steps out into the fray herself first thing is what sets her apart, I think. Well, that and the fact that Takeuchi gave her the best sailor fuku.I'm surprised that they only used two volumes for this arc, but since it's so depressing it's probably better to get it over with as quickly as possible.

  • Michelle
    2019-02-19 11:04

    Wow this definitely was the most intense volume yet and I can't believe it ended that way and I can't believe what's happened T^T I'm so sad and I hope to God there's a happy ending in the next volume. Poor Usagi!!!

  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)
    2019-03-22 10:05

    I'm not a fan of the Star Lights and their enigmatic cross-dressing. Why is this stuff never explained? I think Chibi-Chibi is the cutest thing ever! She's so sweet and lovely to everyone. Adorable!I enjoyed the plot, and I like that the evil villains are progressively more powerful and more evil, so now we come to the biggest baddie of them all. And the Sailor Scouts gain knowledge of the solar system and the galaxy further and further from Earth, as their enemies come from farther away, so the world of the story expands too.

  • Artemis
    2019-03-12 10:46

    "Everyone, no matter who, has a world within their heart.""Everything is always my fault. Everyone gets dragged into my messes because of the power I hold. And battles occur.""If the Silver Moon Crystal didn't exist, would I never have been born, either?"Whoa! ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 11’ begins and ends with a bang. A big bang, if you will. Though I'll knock off a star for the story starting off a bit uneven (the comedy bits are awkward as opposed to cathartic), the end of the volume makes up for it. On the whole, this narrative is so bleak and pessimistic.The stakes have never been higher. There's no holding back in the Sailor Stars arc, the fifth and final chapter in the shimmering, wonderful saga of the 'Sailor Moon' manga. Main characters die; and the depression and PTSD that Usagi/Sailor Moon goes through is depicted in grave and haunting imagery, reflecting real pain and suffering. As it turns out, the entire galaxy is dying around her as well!Epic here as epic comes: New mythologies and philosophies are introduced; multiple Sailor Guardians (possessing their own "Sailor Crystals") throughout the Milky Way exist; every living being in the 'Sailor Moon' universe has a soul equivalent of a "star seed"; and the symbolism in the story and themes are more overt than ever.All the Guardians of the Solar System go to school, join clubs and hold jobs at school (it's endearing to see the not-so-stoic Haruka and Michiru attempting to live as normal high school girls). Usagi gets lonely as more of her friends and loved ones leave her side for various reasons - reasons that come with the emotional baggage of growing up. For once, ever since becoming the Soldier of Love and Justice Sailor Moon, she will learn that she cannot be dependent on other people forever, and her friends ought to enjoy their young lives in high school while they still can...Fights, battles... the finale will definitely not be safe and conventional, and the heroes of this journey can't go on continuing like they typically did before, no matter how hard they try...New characters are the Three Lights, aka the Sailor Star Lights, who are Guardians from a planet named Kinmoku, searching for their missing princess Kakyu. The three disguise themselves as a male pop idol group on earth. Then there's Chibi-Chibi, the next mystery child after Chibiusa leaves for the 30th century, who brainwashes Usagi's mother into thinking she is family (which she actually is, but that's spoiler territory). Chibi-Chibi is also the most adorable, cheerful thing ever, more likable than Chibiusa was in her debut. It's nice that Usagi gets along with her right away, when the poor not-yet-woman needs the most comforting, and we'll see why later (at the moment, it’s only revealed that Chibi-Chibi is connected to Princess Kakyu in some way...) The final enemy is Sailor Galaxia of the empire called Shadow Galactica. She is a Sailor Guardian of destruction - destroying planets and killing Guardians and harvesting their Sailor Crystals all across the Milky Way. Galaxia’s design is unique for a 'Sailor Moon' villain - she is meant to be different from the foes of the past; ruthless, bloodthirsty, and doesn’t waste much time with the monster-of-the-week formula. She appears fully in action whenever she confronts Usagi - showing she is a true threat. Sailor Galaxia means business, and as the (sort-of) last nemesis of Sailor Moon, she could be the best.Nobody is left out in the final arc, either. Naru, Asanuma, Phobos and Deimos the crows, and Chibiusa in the 30th century; they all make appearances. The events of the past herald devastating havoc in the future of Crystal Tokyo. Luna, Artemis and Diana are as important as ever. They’re even given an origin story: They come from their own mother planet of Mau. The planetary castles of the Solar System are also shown and explained to the reader.As a side-note, I absolutely love the moment when Minako (Usagi calls her "Mina-P", how sweet) and Rei declare they don't need menfolk, for they have devoted their lives to one girl, Usagi, their princess and future queen of earth. As they say this, they are drawn together - literally and figuratively. They've never looked so serious, and I am officially a Minako/Rei shipper. It's also a tragedy, in light of everything that happens...Usagi, owner of the most powerful Sailor Crystal in the universe, and preyed upon by the most powerful monster in the universe, is also a human teenage girl. The eleventh volume of 'Sailor Moon' is the saddest, in my opinion, for it shows just how much she goes through - the loneliness, the heartache, the grief, the self-blame for bringing people in danger. No emotional and mental scars are untouched upon. No stone is left unturned. But I'm glad for it, because I want to see my heroes at their lowest point, and pushed to their limits. I want to cheer as they learn how to overcome the worst obstacles of their lives, to be ever stronger and emerge triumphant, their happy ending earned. In the end, Usagi won't give up still. She won't cry anymore, for hope may be fleeting, but a little of it is there nonetheless. Sailor Moon must save the galaxy, and she has new allies - new comrades she'll have to put her trust in.Where will this all lead her towards? The end of the universe.Find out to what end this will come to - a fairy tale? a tragedy? both? - in the twelfth and final volume of the journey of 'Sailor Moon'.Final Score: 4/5

  • Barbara Voulgari
    2019-03-05 17:39

    It seems a bit redundant to start a new story in the second to last book,but the author made it work.Everything is bigger,enemies,powers,stakes because this isn't only a battle of good versus evil,but of principles and loyalties.When Usagi loses those closest to her how does she move on?What does she do to fight her enemies?We see a lot of new characters that are interesting but only a few are noteworthy,such as Sailor Galaxia and Sailor Star Lights.

  • Jade
    2019-03-06 10:59

    “You were always all aglow, little planet that made me smile; you were precious to me; that I could not protect you, that day vexes me. Though I have endured, the pain remains.”The eleventh volume of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series marks the start of the Stars arc, which focuses mostly on Usagi herself as well as setting her up against her biggest and final enemy of the series, Sailor Galaxia.The story starts off with Mamoru leaving for the US, promising to write Usagi and assuring her that he won’t be gone for long. After sending him off under slightly mysterious circumstances, a few new people enter the scene of our Sailor Guardian’s Tokyo – a famous idol trio of handsome men called Three Lights who attend the same school as our Guardians, and a cute little girl with pink hair who looks quite similar to both Usagi and Chibi-Usa.Usagi and the Sailor Guardians quickly dub her Chibi Chibi because of her likeness to the Tsukino girls and the fact that she won’t speak – only to say the words ‘chibi, chibi’. Though her origins are mysterious, the girl is very friendly and supportive, especially towards Usagi herself, and is quickly accepted into the family. She also appears to be quite powerful in her own right, and the power emanating from her is quite similar to that of an actual Sailor Guardian.And the three guys of Three Lights show up everywhere where there are minions of Sailor Galaxia; oftentimes to save Usagi and her friends. Their hit single is a mysterious song full of power that truly touches the Sailors’ hearts, though they don’t really know why.This volume also expands upon the lore and mythology surrounding the concepts of what a Sailor Guardian actually is; a powerful spirit or person born to protect (a certain part of) the galaxy. What makes a Guardian a Guardian is actually their inner crystal, of which the Legendary Silver Crystal is an example. These crystals or soulpieces cannot be destroyed, and will return again and again through time to be reborn into fully-fledged Guardians. This part neatly explains the death, rebirth, and reincarnation cycles we have seen the Guardians go through so far – all the way back to the destruction of the Moon Kingdom until during moments in the different arcs (Sailor Saturn’s death and rebirth, and Sailor Pluto’s reincarnation/rebirth).Some devastating things happen during this volume – props toNaoko Takeuchi for going all the way – that leave Usagi isolated, alone, and helpless. This is a first for her in the series; starting off as somewhat of a crybaby, she relied most of her strength on the power of her friends and loved ones. Inherently, Usagi is sweet and forgiving, and just wishes to enjoy life with her friends – so what remains of her when all of her support would suddenly vanish?As mentioned earlier in this review, this arc’s focus is on Usagi and what she decides to do with her power and the responsibility that comes with it. In that sense, it is the start of the most mature, satisfying, and philosophically interesting arcs of the entire series, leaving us with a devastating cliffhanger. Will Usagi be able to defeat Sailor Galaxia, who’s been hunting Sailor crystals all across the galaxy…?

  • Corrina
    2019-02-24 12:58

    Read my full review at!(Note: this review is for volumes 11 & 12)In these last two volumes we venture beyond the Solar System and learn that there are Sailor Guardians everywhere, and that the Sailor Guardians we know are only a small drop in a very large sisterhood, although even among many Sailor Moon stands out as a Guardian of great power. Eternal Sailor Moon will one day become Sailor Cosmos, who balances the entire universe. The Sailor Guardians return even from death, since their love and friendship is stronger than anything. The final book ends with the wedding of Usagi and Mamoru, and the knowledge that their daughter will be born soon, and they can finally begin to recreate the Moon Kingdom of the Silver Millennium.It’s been nice finally being able to read the whole story through in the original version for myself. I’d only seen the English dubbed anime before, and the storyline is similar but there are differing details (for example, making Sailors Uranus and Neptune ‘cousins’, the usual American excuse when they don’t want to include a gay relationship (also see Achilles and Patroclus in Troy and Alexander and Hephaestion in Alexander)). Also, the Starsarc was never included in the English anime, so I’d never seen it before. I’ve had friends who liked anime, so I’ve seen images of some of the characters such as Chibiusa as the Dark Lady, but I didn’t know what happened. And the very worst thing you can do to a reader is not tell them the whole story.Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a wonderful story filled with that dreaded phrase, strong female characters. All of them have their own strengths and their own flaws, and their own dreams. What binds them together is their love and loyalty to one another and to Usagi, their Princess Serenity, a love that even defies death. Mamoru as Usagi’s love interest never tries to stop her from fighting, only promises to fight with her at her side. In fact, he needs rescuing much more often that Usagi does, without merely becoming a dude in distress.I’m sure that there are some details in the story that I missed, even with the help of the translation notes, due to my unfamiliarity with Japanese culture. I got used to turning the pages backwards, but I still sometimes have trouble reading the speech bubbles in order. However, the art is lovely, even though it is mostly printed in black and white, though there are a few of the coloured prints that I wouldn’t mind having blown up and framed. All in all, a great story with great art and characters. Now when are the volumes of Sailor Moon short stories due out again?…

  • Austin Gullett
    2019-03-18 13:04

    The start of the final story arc of Sailor Moon! The Stars arc of the anime never saw an English release, so funs of the dub may be coming into this completely unsuspecting. This arc has higher stakes than the previous arcs--it expands the Sailor/Crystal cosmology to include the entire Milky Way Galaxia, for starters, and the villain of the arc is the most powerful Sailor. Yes, the villains of this arc are also Sailor Senshi! The first villain to NOT be an other-worldly monarch is a Sailor Senshi. This arc has a lot to do with self-reflection, meaning, and fate, so I think it would make thematic sense that, in a way, the Senshi are fighting themselves. Also, both the fact that enemies have been, like, dying and that Senshi can potentially to die in battle are addressed for the first time. In the anime, the Senshi die every season before every Boss Fight, but this volume contains the first deaths in the manga. And, to say the least, take a pretty significant tole on Usagi. Moving on from theme, the Sailor Starlights and Chibi-Chibi debut in this volume. There are some polarized fan opinions, but I personally like them all. Again, Sailor Moon loves to play with gender and sexuality and, again, it's great. Another thing I really liked about this volume was its sense of strong continuity--there is a reference to a comment Saphir made way back in the Black Moon Clan arc about how the Silver Crystal warps time and invites catastrophe. (It reminded me of a comment the Vision made in Captain America: Civil War about how strength invites challenge.) Usagi's memory of Saphir is trigged by a conversation with the Starlights about the concept of "star seeds"--the crystalline cores of every star, planet, and life in the galaxy. This is a reference to the scene in the Dream arc wherein Queen Serenity explains to Princess Serenity that every person has a "star" inside their chest and that it's her duty as princes to shine no matter what. The fact that this was meant to be taken literally probably went over her head, but we as readers get to enjoy that bit of foreshadowing. Anyway, I love that the Crystal cosmology has come full circle and that we see them as a primordial source of energy and progenitor of life. That's neat. Excited to read the final volume! I've no experience with the manga version of this arc, so I'm unsure as to what to expect.

  • Shannon Thompson
    2019-02-19 13:36

    UGHHH. The last two books in this manga mess me up. The Sailor Star Lights are just so damn sad. This book in particular is mainly tragedy after tragedy after tragedy. But Chibi Chibi finally appears! And we also get to see Chibi Usa in the future, along with her family, actually just living it up, which I think is pretty neat. Neptune cracks me up. Saturn brings me joy. (Ironically, too.) And Usagi—sniffles everywhere. As much as I enjoy Stars, it’s such a quick arc that it can feel rushed and a bit insane (but I also think that has a lot to do with Usagi’s state of mind). For the first half of the volume though, it’s really neat to see how every character has settled into a calm lifestyle, but as usual, that never lasts for long. A new enemy appears…and then the Sailor Star Lights come in. Seiya is a fan favorite, but I really think this volume doesn’t cover enough of Seiya for me to love her just yet. (The next volume is a different story.) In fact, I really love Seiya in this volume just because of Haruka’s reactions. (Uranus.) Haruka in particular is a lot like Seiya, which makes sense considering they are all guardians but in separate sections of the Milky Way. This volume really makes you want to dream up of all the other guardians and possibilities out there…which brings me to my next point. I LOVE that the guardians are the enemies in the final arc of Sailor Moon. I love reading about how all the “lesser” guardians are jealous and want their own planet. I love the idea of these “protectors” finally snapping and wanting to be the ones that are protected. It adds a flawed dynamic to the series I wish Takeuchi could’ve explored for ten volumes. But alas, we have two. Two great ones. (And one left.) I’m going to cry. Onto the last volume!~SATRecommended to: Sailor Moon fans (must read first 10 to understand this one), but you might enjoy Sailor Moon if you love female superheroes, galaxy-themed villains and mythology, and cheesy romance. This volume in particular also deals with severe denial and delusions. Favorite panel: Seiya and Usagi: “I’m sorry. I didn’t…intend to hurt you…” Not only is it emotionally tense but it’s a moment of awakening for Usagi to face her trauma and fears. It’s the breaking point of the arc.

  • Miss
    2019-03-19 16:41

    man i really really want to read epic fic about the silver milleniumbecause the more i see of it the more it looks like takeuchi's writing about an empirelike she framed it as a utopia but she keeps putting in these moments of dissonance. chibiusa feeling like she can't touch her mother. (view spoiler)[the way phobos, deimos, luna, and artemis are all from other planets but have dedicated their lives to the queen serenity (i couldn't help thinking of rome as soon as that was revealed). the fact that luna & co are paralleled with the sailor anima. the way serenity tells chibiusa she can't go back, no explanation or negotiation offered. (hide spoiler)] i don't think the silver millenium is a secret dystopia but i do think it's more complicated than the vision of perfection it's introduced as. i'd love it if someone talented picked up on that and used it for like a 50k exploration of empire building. i'd sing their praises all across the wilds of the interneton another note wow, i am really digging all the devotion thrown usagi's way this volume. they all love her so much! i think i warmed up to the sailor stars way more quickly than i might have otherwise because ugh that is some quality usagi pining seiya's putting out. keep that up and i will totally suppress any suspicions i have about how shadily your princess was initially drawn. people who love usagi get automatic benefit of doubt from mealso chibiusa and hotaru were being super cute and shippy at the start of this volume. a++++++ would read and coo over again. 3.5 stars

  • Stewart Tame
    2019-03-16 11:55

    I don't know. On the one hand, I'm not enjoying this series as much as I was reading the first few volumes. Takeuchi's character designs start to blur together with such a large cast, and it can sometimes be difficult to tell them apart. And the art seems to have gotten more stylized, with tonal effects getting almost out of control. Some pages appear to have been vomited up by someone who ate one too many volumes of shojo. The writing is lackluster, lapsing into cliché and still relying heavily on people--particularly Usagi--repeating part of what was just said in the form of a question to pad things out. On the other hand, in terms of anime fandom in the USA, Sailor Moon is one of the Ur-texts. It's one of the series that helped shape anime fandom in the English-speaking world. And although everything is being painted with broad strokes, Takeuchi is still capable of coming up with some impressively mind-blowing concepts. The hyper-stylization of the artwork, the crude power of the writing, the association with the birth of modern fandom ... Naoko Takeuchi is the Jack Kirby of the manga world! Okay, maybe that comparison doesn't work so well if you examine it more closely. But there's a certain parallel to Jack's 80's work and the latter chapters of Sailor Moon. Next volume is the final one, so I may as well stick it out. Things do seem to be heading toward an apocalyptic finale.

  • Elias Alexander
    2019-03-02 15:48

    The last volume left me with happy feelings. This has left me with a lot of sad feelings. It was so powerful. And it ends with a huge cliffhanger. I got so confused at the last part. And I have so many theories. I'm scared and excited for the last volume.

  • Sandra
    2019-03-01 10:42

    - Too many new characters, but I do like these Sailor Starlights (especially Seiya - he seems tragic and somehow I like that?). - Finally an appearance from Chibi Chibi!! I've been wanting a backstory on her since forever (I always loved her design, but somehow never really looked into the character). Said backstory didn't appear in this volume yet, but I'm hopeful.- The Starlights' princess looks so prettyyyy.- Naoko's drawing style for Usagi has really become so gorgeous that it makes me want to cry with happiness when reading these volumes.- I must say the battles are kinda monotone, though? There seems to be no strategy or whatever, the only way to win battles is new moves or new sailors. Little progress on that part, though I don't actually care.- NO WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT TO MAMORU THOUGH- AND HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT ALL THE SAILOR FIGHTERS ARE DEAD- *sobs*

  • Sarah Giffen
    2019-03-12 17:43

    Universe expanding! The beginning to the final arc of Sailor Moon, where we find out that there are far more Sailor Guardians in the universe than just those we have known so far. Sailor Galaxia leads Shadow Galactica, and invades to steal Sailor Crystals. Now I'm a sucker for lore, so universe expansion like this is an awesome idea to me. I never got to see much beyond the second arc of the original Sailor Moon anime, so finally being able to see it to completions excites me. Galaxia is ruthless, and I want to see what happens.

  • Alaa Abdel-Rahman
    2019-02-24 10:00

    I've always been a fan of Sailor Moon every since I was young. What I admired most was the colours, the drawings, the mystery shrouding this 14 year old girl who shouts "Moon Prism Power Make Up!" and transforms into a soldier of justice. But now, going on my 26th spring on this Earth, I came to appreciate Naoko Takeuchi's carefully crafted story line. Character development may have been a bit lacking compared to other aspects of the comics but all in all, I do not regret even in the slightest spending one whole working day reading all of Sailor Moon's volumes.

  • Sara
    2019-02-26 11:44

    Not since Volume 3 has an installment in the Sailor Moon series ripped my heart to shreds like this one. Usagi's struggle to reconcile her purpose on Earth with the destruction it causes around her is a perfect metaphor for teenage identity grappling. Additionally, the expansion upon the origin of Sailor Guardians adds much-needed context to the overall mythology of the series. I can't believe I have to wait a month before I know how this all ends!

  • Lissibith
    2019-03-16 10:53

    Most of the volumes in this series have at the very least been solid - good characterization, good plotting, sometimes fuzzy pacing but overall enjoyable reads. But this book - this one really hit it out of the park. The stakes have never felt so high, the danger feels much more present and real than before, and I find myself anxious for the next volume in a way I never have before. Despite not being a fan of Chibi-Chibi, I even enjoyed her sections, adn the whole thing just felt so intense.

  • Vicky Marie
    2019-02-24 11:59

    In my opinion this is the weakest arc of the series. It moves too fast that I can't get a good understanding of what or why things are happening. Villains are introduced and within a few pages are killed. The new sailor guardians barely have any time for me to get to know them. The manga was already fast paced compared to its anime counterpart, but this arc is ridiculous. It's very rushed. For a final arc it's sadly underwhelming.

  • Maggie BB
    2019-02-25 18:01

    Shit is getting super real and super confusing. I don't even know what to say without spoilers, but in the Stars arc there are absolutely no punches pulled. Wam. Bam. Things have never looked worse for Sailor Moon.(and it's great. But also super confusing and even when things are explained it is a bit wtf-y ... so only 4 stars.)

  • Lupita Rodriguez
    2019-02-23 16:40

    Un tomo muy interesante lleno de acción y misterios (aunque por momentos me confundía Jiji) ¿como saldra de esta Sailor Moon? ( porque está vez con la desaparición de Mamoru parece que su energía también se fue ...ver a Serena tan impotente fue desesperante )

  • Lina
    2019-03-19 18:02

    Re reading the Sailor Moon series as an adult has really improved my love for the series. When I finish the series I will be doing a long review, but I have to say that I love this manga and I'm so glad these re-releases have come out so I could experience it anew.

  • Adam
    2019-03-20 09:57

    It seems like everyone is turning out to be Sailor Guardians. Am I a Sailor Guardian? I knew it.

  • Drew Perron
    2019-03-11 14:00

    This is the first volume of the final arc of the Sailor Moon manga. It came out twenty years ago, and with two decades of context and interpretation at hand, I can confidently say: This is *amazingly* weird stuff.The Sailor Moon manga was always powerfully strange. The phrase "magical girls" meant something entirely different before the first chapter of Sailor V, and the style of the series, while similar to both shoujo manga and Super Sentai, feels in terms of pacing and content more like a breathlessly frantic Golden Age superhero comic mashed up with a dreamy abstract romance novel. It's full of evocative concepts, gestured at but never quite nailed down, which the various adaptations have had a lot of fun exploring.But Stars, the final act, has Naoko Takeuchi going further than ever before, aggressively interrogating the basis of her own series and upending its basic assumptions. Simply: (view spoiler)[The bad guys faced by our redoubtable heroes, the Sailor Senshi (translated in the Kodansha version as "Sailor Guardians") are, in fact, Sailor Senshi themselves!In a lot of series, this would be a simple visual gimmick layered over the standard bad guys. Here, not only do they look like the protagonists, they have protagonist-level weight within the narrative - including the ability to straight-up blow their enemies to dust!Yes, this volume features every Sailor from Mercury to Pluto, other than Moon herself, dying at the hands of Shadow Galactica. But this isn't just a cynical anyone-can-die exercise a la far too many comic book crossovers. Here, it's a test of both Sailor Moon and the other Senshi's spirits, their will to fight, and the philosophy of why they fight, as their world crashes down around them.And there's a catch - while the Sailors' human bodies are gone, their lives exist as Sailor Crystals - in the hands of the enemy! Thus, the plot drives Sailor Moon and her allies - the Sailor Senshi of a distant star system, and the mysterious and adorable Sailor ChibiChibi - to pursue Sailor Galaxia to the seat of her power - Sagittarius Zero Star, the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy!But that is to come in Volume 12... (hide spoiler)]

  • Rachel
    2019-03-18 16:42

    SO MANY SAILOR SCOUTS. This set kinda felt all over the place and lots of scenes would just end without coming back to it leaving me somewhat confused. What really irked me is that I am unsure if the Sailor Scouts understand that our solar system is part of the Milky Way because they keep meeting new Sailor Scouts and are like y'all are from the Milky Way? Overall it was a good setup and I can't wait to read the next one and finish the series up!

  • Kat (the_bookish_kat)
    2019-03-21 15:58

    This book is probably my least favorite out of the 11 volumes I've read so far. There was a lot of info dumping. I mean, A LOT. (view spoiler)[ Plus Tuxedo Mask and Chibi Sailor Moon were missing, which immediately made the book less enjoyable for me. (hide spoiler)] But nonetheless, I still really enjoyed this volume!

  • Rosalynd
    2019-03-21 13:46

    Precioso, lo veo y quiero volver al anime y llorar, Seiya y Serena estaban destinados, aparte es bastante extraño el comportamiento de Serena del futuro, se les está cayendo el changarro y no quiere que Rini vuelva al pasado, creo que sabe que es esa época en la que Darien estuvo lejos y probó la libertad, y le gustó.

  • Khrystyna
    2019-03-03 17:05

    SPOILERS:::::: Sailor Galaxia is super evil. I wonder how Sailor Moon will save her friends :/ Did they really die? I was confused. Someone explain this to me please. Sailor Chibi Chibi is adorable, I honestly thought she was another one of Sailor Moon's kids or something at first. I'm glad the manga explained it to me. Since google wasn't very helpful.