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FINALLY--THE BOOK ON RELATIONSHIPS WOMEN HAVE BEEN WAITING TO READ--AND GIVE TO THE MAN THEY LOVE! You've seen her on TV. You've read her advice on relationships. Now, in her most powerful and provocative book yet, best-selling author and renowned human relations expert Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., reveals everything women want men to know about loving and understanding theFINALLY--THE BOOK ON RELATIONSHIPS WOMEN HAVE BEEN WAITING TO READ--AND GIVE TO THE MAN THEY LOVE! You've seen her on TV. You've read her advice on relationships. Now, in her most powerful and provocative book yet, best-selling author and renowned human relations expert Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., reveals everything women want men to know about loving and understanding the women in their life. This is the book women have always hoped someone would write--one that women will read to understand themselves better, and can give to their mate, confident that it will explain everything women feel about love, communication, sex, and intimacy that they've always wished men would know. WOMEN AND MEN WILL DISCOVER:The Three Secret Needs Every Woman Has Seven Myths Men Believe About Women and Why They Are Absolutely Wrong How to Avoid Turning a Perfectly Sane Woman into a Raving Maniac Women's Top Twenty Sexual Turn-offs--and Turn-ons The Ten Male Communication Habits that Drive Women Crazy Sexual Secrets About Women Men Need to Know How to Turn Power Struggles into Cooperation Techniques for Being the Perfect Lover In and Out of Bed and much more.IF YOU'RE A MAN: Read this book to learn what you can do to be a woman's dream come true. IF YOU'RE A WOMAN: Read this book to learn why you are the way you are, and give it to the man you love so you can have the relationship you've always wanted. Ever since Barbara De Angelis wrote the #1 New York Times bestseller Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know, her readers have been begging her to write its counterparts book for both sexes that explains what women want men to know about understanding and loving the woman in their life. Delivered in her signature frank, provocative and down-to-earth style, this new book does just that, and is an insightful guide that women will read to learn more about themselves, and that they will be excited to give to the man they love. HELPING MEN TO UNDERSTAND WOMENHave you ever wondered why it's so hard for your mate to figure out what you need when your female friends understand you perfectly? Learn about The Three Secret Needs Every Woman Has, and how to communicate them in a way men can really hear. Have you ever felt misunderstood, and wished you could explain to your partner how you really are? Read about The Seven Myths Men Believe About Women and Why They Are Absolutely Wrong.Barbara includes groundbreaking information on the nature of women that will make you feel better about yourself than ever before, and will help men understand the real you....

Title : What Women Want Men to Know: The Ultimate Book About Love, Sex, and Relationships for You and the Man You Love
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ISBN : 9780786866953
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 374 Pages
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What Women Want Men to Know: The Ultimate Book About Love, Sex, and Relationships for You and the Man You Love Reviews

  • Foad
    2019-06-24 12:40

    توصيه ى دوستانه از طرف يك خواننده ى عادى به نويسنده ی محترم:با سلاملطفاً هر وقت مى خواهيد به كسى پندى بدهيد، برايش كمى احترام هم قائل شويد. درست ترين اندرز دنيا را هم با توهين و تحقير بدهيد، جز دل چركين كردن مخاطب فايده اى ندارد. بنا بر اين، وقتى مى خواهيد به مردان بگوييد كه به زنان احترام بگذارند، در همين اندرز به مردان احترام بگذاريد. و وقتى مى خواهيد به زنان بگوييد با تندى از مردان عيبجويى نكنند، در همين اندرز با تندى از زنان عيبجويى نكنيد.با تشكر

  • Kianosh Kalantari
    2019-07-21 10:37

    کتاب خوبی بود خیلی از این مطالب اگر از دوران مدرسه آموزش داده بشند آمار طلاق عاطفی هم دیگه سر به آسمان نمیکشد !!! بعضی از صفحات تکرار مکررات بود ولی کتاب بسیار شیرین و خوبیه حداقل برای جوون ها شاید بزرگتر ها غرورشون اجازه نده این کتاب ها رو بخونند !!

  • Hamid
    2019-07-10 10:54

    بالاخره تموم شد :) نکات جالبی یاد گرفتم ازش ولی به نظرم لاااقل نصف کتاب اضافه بود، کلی توضیح و تکرار مکررات داشت.

  • Tessa
    2019-07-15 12:00

    Yeah, I couldn't find myself in all the chit-chat about how women are some love desperate creatures and man are not. I really don't think women are that simple. Couldn't finish this book, way too boring and unappealing.

  • Helia Ashourizadeh
    2019-07-04 17:44

    A lot of chit chatting, with a lot more of exaggeration! Also repeating the staff too much, which I think it tended to be more impressive, made reading it too boring. Also, I didn't find the book pleasant for men to read. Me, as a woman, after reading the book, found myself exhausted of knowing women! What about a man? And also it didn't talk about high-ranked women or women with serious jobs or careers, just and ordinary woman, with ordinary expectations. No cover for different personality types, made it hard for me to come along with the suggestions. At the final point, I didn't get a good or positive picture of men. Every chapter, I was wondering that how bad could men be? How hard dealing with men could be?Finally, I would suggest a very short and tidy summary for whom want to read it, not the whole of it!

  • Shahram
    2019-07-06 09:44

    رازهایی دربارهٔ زنانترجمه‌ای که من خواندنم از سمیه موحدی‌فرد بود و مطابق معمول این قبیل کتاب‌ها دارای اشکالات متعدد تایپی و ویرایشی.ءدر بین انبوهی از مطالب و مثال‌هایی که به عنوان رازهای زنان در این کتاب آمده، نکات مفیدی دربارهٔ ویژگی‌های روحی زنان می‌توان یافت و از این رو کتاب می‌تواند به شناخت و فهم رفتارها و انتظارات زنان و احتمالاً بهبود روابط خانوادگی کمک کند. اما به نظرم این کتاب اشکالاتی دارد که تأثیربخشی‌اش را کم می‌کند:ءنویسنده ــ شاید چون خود زن است ــ از موضع راهنما سخن نمی‌گوید، بلکه از جایگاه یک‌طرفِ اختلاف سخن می‌گوید و لحن سخنانش گاه به آنچه در دعواهای زناشویی دیده می‌شود شبیه است.ءگاهی به نظر می‌رسد نویسنده هر رفتار یا ویژگی زنان را طبیعی و تغییرناپذیر می‌داند ولی در مقابل رفتارها یا ویژگی‌های مردان را غیرطبیعی می‌پندارد و تغییرش را لازم. هیچ‌گاه به زنان توصیه نمی‌کند که رفتاری را ــ هر قدر هم اسباب آزار مرد باشد ــ تغیر دهند یا تعدیل کنند.ءنهایتاً به نظر من کتاب برای کسی که نه از موضع مخالفت و لجاج آن را بخواند و نه یکسره گوش‌به‌فرمان نویسنده باشد آموزنده است و نکاتی دارد که شاید هیچ جای دیگری پیدا نشود (چرا انکارکنیم؟). باید این‌ها را از لابه‌لای سخنانی دیگر که همه مفید نیستند یافت و گزید.ء

  • Azhin
    2019-07-09 15:54

    I realy enjoy reading this book. good for those who love their female mates and want to behave them in a perfect way! برای همه کسانی که میخوان برخورد درست با خانم مورد علاقه شون رو بدونن ، تا که زندگشون متحول بشه ،عالیه!

  • Amir
    2019-07-20 16:07

    general must-know ideas are included in this book that makes the book worth being read once. the most unpleasant thing though, is the poorly scientific support for the ideas and so called secrets that are inside the book.

  • Hamideh Mohammadi
    2019-07-19 09:54

    It certainly was amazing although I'm a woman myself. I was never aware of my own sectrets, with which my life could change dramatically!

  • Zendegy
    2019-07-11 14:42

    be hameye aghayoon tosiye mikonam bekhoonan...

  • Mohammadbnn bandezadegan
    2019-07-22 15:06

    يكي از بهترين كتابها درباره شناخت زنان هست، من خودم بسياري از مسائلش عينا اتفاق افتاده كه با كمك همين كتاب در زندگيم حل شد و براي اينده هم خيلي مفيد بود اين كتاب .

  • Tyler Grant
    2019-07-17 13:59

    I picked this up on impulse last summer. It has been in print for 10 years so I figured it had some lasting value and when browsing through it seemed to have valuable advice. Basically it just spells on each page in large letters: YOU ARE AN IDIOT. For 496 pages. Just kidding. The author is a marital therapist and worked with many, many couples. Probably the main theme of the book can be condensed down to communication. Women need to communicate. Take care of their feelings, don't dismiss or make light of how they feel. When they need to communicate, make sure it happens. Angelis is good at pointing out why women act like they do, which is generally because they want to improve the relationship or perceive a danger to the relationship, and communicating will provide the benefits to the relationship the women is trying to bring. It may seem like a cliche to say communication is the answer to most problems, but that's why it's a cliche. The organization of the book into lists and convenient categories is super helpful. Part 1: What Women What Men to Know About Us: Women put love first, Women are creators, Women have a sacred relationship with time, Women need to feel safe, Women need to feel connected, Women need to feel valued, Seven myths men believe about women and why they are absolutely wrong. Part 2: How to avoid turning a perfectly sane woman into a raving maniac, How to be the perfect lover outside the bedroom, Five secrets about how women communicate, The top ten male communication habits that drive women crazy, What women hate to hear men say and what women love to hear men say. Part 3: What Women Want Men to Know About Sex: Sexual secrets about women, Top 20 turn offs, Top 20 turn ons. In a sex-obsessed culture and hook-up culture, Angelis focus on creating deep, emotionally intimate relationships is needed more than ever. Maybe it's because men don't take care of their significant others emotionally that so many relationships fail these days. Women have to do their part and I'm sure books can be written on what women do wrong (Angelis has written one called What Men Want Women to Know) but I am focusing here on what men can do. The effort a man puts into a relationship in the ways Angelis talks about - "learning how to feed your partners heart is one of the most important skills you can master in a relationship" - reaps rewards 10-100 fold. So men shouldn't complain about doing the little things that mean so much to women. It's easy for men to fail to understand that some things are very important to a women, because they aren't necessarily as important to us. But if you dismiss that, or fail to take care of your partners feelings, love wilts and resentment festers. Finally, this book is about love, not sex. Angelis puts sex in its proper context as inseparable from love, particularly for women. Men have a naturally different take on sex, but if they understand a women's perspective on sex, they will have a much more satisfying marriage and sex life. Any other sex is just a relationship dead before it has even started. Men, "Bridle your passions, that ye may be filled with love." Maybe there's nothing in this book I would never have learned if I listened closely to significant others, but it helps to get a jump start.

  • Chrischris
    2019-07-02 17:47

    It probably has some value for the average corporate couple and teenagers but not for the spiritually mature crowd. Even though she borrows some vocabulary from popular spiritual texts it wont be of much help to her target audience aside from making the author seem enlightened and more intelligent than the readers. Its very annoying to hear her constantly refer to the male listeners as "guys". If your a "guy" than this would suit you. More like the "guy" who met his mate a bar, or similar venue, got physically hooked onto each other, spent no time befriending one another, or any time learning about themselves to know what they wanted, then found themselves with a trophy wife or sexual all star who they couldn't carry on an intimately personal conversation with and so they can't stand each other after the stage curtains inevitably come down on the actors while the shows in progress due to the incredible amount of energy required to keep this facade up, so they're left believing that a relationship requires "work" to work out. Terribly incorrect. A relationship only requires "Love". If its not their then the reason it feels like work is because the heart is trying to run away or the brain is trying to persuade the heart into "feeling" the way it 'should'. Forcing a gear to go in reverse of its designed function 'is' hard work. Its also a great way to grind it down and burn it out. Then what, time to write more and more scripts to keep the act up each day. If a person feels compelled to stay even though they don't feel loved than they might want to consider doing some self enrichment, some self counseling with focus on co-dependency and how to become emotionally independent before getting involved with a partner. A relationship should not be managed like a corporation (unless thats what both of you prefer) Only a fifth of the way thru so far so we will see how it plays out. I suppose I will finish it to see if there is anything of value in here. This book should not be the first or only book a person reads for help with their relationship. Yes there are lessons to be extracted from here but DO seek out more.

  • Duc
    2019-07-04 11:48

    I've been reading and reading books but no body addresses this problem of the Silent Treatment that women sometimes give us. 'What women want men to know' is a book by Babara De Angelis seems to say that the problem is to prevent the silent treatment. I think it is a very good practical book. She mentions the problem of Time. How men and women perceive time differently. Women's nature is to be creative not controlling. Men interpret these as controlling. Women think about their love ones 24/7, men 7/24 if wish i read it sooner. the author has a devoted following. She is the angel of love that the universe has sent to give us sage advice for those who are open to receive the message before it's too late. The book is good for those who are in a relationship or will be going into the relationship in the near future. Also it's a book for men who have sister or mother, so for every men and also women too.Anam Cara is also a very good book.

  • Wes Larson
    2019-07-04 15:46

    Momen are no longer quite so mysterious. Complex, yes. Mysterious, no. This book has helped me to understand a lot of the "incomprehensible" things that my first wife said and did. And I now understand why she reacted to some of my behaviors the way she did.It also gives me a basis for understanding my current wife. It's amazing how much more I can understand her behaviors because of the information in this book.The author repeatedly states that not all of the information applies to all women, bit enough of it applies to the women I've known that I heartily recommended this book to men trying to understand why women behave the way they do.

  • Hamidreza Mozhdeh
    2019-07-17 17:01

    با نظر بقیه آقایون موافقم، احساس کردم نسبت به مردها کینه داره؛ ولی در کل اطلاعات خوب و مفیدی در اختیار خوانندگان قرار میده و چیزهای زیاد و خوبی یاد گرفتم اما (و شاید متاسفانه) نکاتی در مورد شروع رابطه با یک خانوم رو ذکر نکرد.مخاطب نویسنده و تصور نویسنده از مردها، مرهای بی احساس و خشن و کلا منفی بود. متاسفانه اطلاعات کمی در مورد مرهایی که برعکس تصور نویسنده حساس و مهربون هستند، داده. البته باید در نظر گرفت سال نوشتن این کتاب همچنان مرد سالاری تو اوج بوده. در کل جمع بندیم مثبت بوده چون خیلی چیزها یاد گرفتم

  • Mahdi
    2019-07-11 13:48

    دو ستاره فقط به خاطر اینکه بعضی جاهاش اطلاعات خوبی میده وگرنه حالم از نگاه از بالا، خود بزرگ بین و تحقیر آمیز باربارا دی آنجلس نسبت به مردان در تمام این کتاب به هم خوردمن نمی‌فهمم چطور کسی که خودش ۵ تا ازدواج ناموفق داشته تبدیل میشه به یکی از پرفروش ترین نویسنده‌ها در مورد راهنمای روابط زن و مرد در جهان!اولین و آخرین کتابی بود که ازش خوندم

  • Amir
    2019-07-15 13:37

    general must-know ideas are included in this book that makes the book worth being read once. the most unpleasant thing though, is the poorly scientific support for the ideas and so called secrets that are inside the book.

  • Kimball
    2019-07-21 13:50

    I liked how this book was written for the intent that both genders can learn and apply the teachings in it. The author also has an entertaining voice. I read this while working on an easy project for the City.

  • محمدرضا ملایی
    2019-07-15 10:58

    به اون هایی که می خوای برای روابط زناشویی سرمایه گذاری کنن توصیه می کنم , ایرادش اینه که از دیدگاه اومانیستی نوشته شده

  • عاطفه ابراهیمی
    2019-07-05 14:06

    واسه خانوم ها و آقایون متاهل خوندن این کتاب از نون شب واجب تره! خیلی چیزا میگه که زندگیتون رو عوض میکنه!

  • Javad.Ebadi.1990
    2019-07-05 12:06

    برای من خیلی کتاب خوبی بود. ولی خوب برای کسی که یک مقدار زن‌ها رو بیش‌تر می‌شناسه نباشه. کلی چیز یاد گرفتم. به عنوان مثال نحوه‌ی نگاه به موفقیت که برای مرد و زن متفاوت است.یک مرد اگر در کار و موقعیت شغلی آن چیزی که می‌خواهد را به دست نیاورده باشد‌ حتی اگر بهترین رابطه‌ی عشقی و خانوادگی را هم داشته باشد، احساس شکست می‌کند. این چیزی بود که در این کتاب نوشته بود، که به عنوان یک مرد می‌تونم بگم درست گفته با تنظیمات دیفالت یک مرد. در این کتاب گفته بود ولی زن‌ها مهم نیست که در کار و شغل چه قدر موفق باشند، اگر یک رابطه‌ی عشقی و خانوادگی خوبی با همسر و فرزندانشان نداشته باشند، احساس خوبی به زندگی شان ندارند. چون زن نیستم نمی‌تونم تایید کنم ولی با مثال‌هایی که در کتاب زده بود، سعی کرده بود این ایده رو حمایت کنه.یک بدی و شاید هم خوبیش این بود که مثال‌هاش در اصل خیلی شبیه بودند فقط یک مقدار موقعیت مثال تغییر کرده بود که شاید به خاطر ماهیت مسایل که بیشتر بر یک سری مشکلات یکسان استوار است، اجتناب ناپذیر بوداگر اطلاعات‌تان در مورد زنان صفر است مثل من، فکر کنم مفید باشه براتون. به خصوص اگر بعدش چیزهایی که گفته رو سعی کنید در زنهای اطرافتون شناسایی کنید.

  • Mike
    2019-07-13 17:06

    A Must Read Book!

  • Farzad Yaghoobi
    2019-07-15 15:44

    ترجمه ای که خوندم یه مقدار خلاصه شده بود با این وجود زیاد یاد گرفتم.

  • Matin the Wandering Seeker
    2019-07-08 13:59

    Apparently, I am [also] a woman all along and I didn't know that!Anyway, there are many factors left unsaid, such as: background, life experience, mindset, etc.Of course, it's impossible to write about those since everyone's unique in one's own existence, but at least she could have tried involving and counting them as well.Since the book is about how to see a woman, one should be aware that the book assumes a woman to be perfectly honest, loyal, loving creature. Not all women are like that, same goes with men. so even the tips, tricks, "secrets", techniques, methods and such, didn't give you any answer, don't feel frustrated nor being a failure. You did your best.A good heart you have is already what you need; no books can teach you further than your heart.

  • Eric Tracy
    2019-07-18 11:46

    What this book conveyed to me, more than anything else, was that men are jerks. In fact I got into an e-mail discussion with Barbara De Angelis about this because I honestly couldn't believe that men were like this. A real eye-opener! I kept identifying with the woman's viewpoint and found it hard to accept that other men are the way she says they are in the book. I remember it being mildly disturbing, even as I knew how callous some men could be. I honestly thought that the average guy was better than that.He is not.That disturbed (and disturbs) me.

  • Amjad Al Taleb
    2019-06-22 10:40

    The book is based on the cheapest pop psychology I have come by in ages, it has absolutely nothing true, it's a mere generalization of what she believe she is on all women, and clearly some of the stories in the book were made up!This made me google this lady who adds "Dr." or "PhD" to her name and found that she has received her Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia Pacific University, a now-defunct and non-accredited university according to Wikipedia.

  • Hosein
    2019-07-08 10:04

    A great book. I really enjoyed reading it.There are main principles about getting to know women and how to behave them. maybe your wife doesn't follow its rules but its useful altogether.I recommend this to all MEN around the world because its necessary to know women in all ages of your life.Every point in the book is exemplified and discussed so that you can get them fast and remember all those points

  • Chris
    2019-07-09 15:38

    Not so sure about this book; traded heavily on gender stereotypes. Apparently, I am a woman.But, that is probably to be expected. No, the issue with the book is that it has no real insights, but instead seems to focus on "secrets" which have more to do with common sense than with anything else. There are a few ideas that bear reiteration in this book, but on the whole it is lack-luster.

  • Ned
    2019-07-21 16:57

    The book describes the different patterns males and females use to communicate and interact with their partners. Sometimes people are unaware of these patterns and the book provides the perspective on how they are received and interpreted. There are suggestions on how the patterns can be broken and the relationship to be more fulfilling for both partners.