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New York Times bestselling author and former Delta Force commander Dalton Fury (Black Site and Kill Bin Laden) is back with an explosive new thriller. Former disgraced Delta Force commander Kolt "Racer" Raynor has earned his way back into The Unit after redeeming himself during an explosive operation at a black site in Pakistan. But he is about to face his deadliest challNew York Times bestselling author and former Delta Force commander Dalton Fury (Black Site and Kill Bin Laden) is back with an explosive new thriller.Former disgraced Delta Force commander Kolt "Racer" Raynor has earned his way back into The Unit after redeeming himself during an explosive operation at a black site in Pakistan. But he is about to face his deadliest challenge yet.The most wanted man in the world, American al Qaeda commander Daoud al Amriki, and his handpicked team of terrorist operatives, have acquired stores of Russian-built, shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles (SAM's) from ex-Libyan spies in Cairo. Their mission: infiltrate the United States and take down American aircraft. The country's best are tasked with stopping them. But when a SEAL Team Six mission to take down al Amriki goes wrong, Major Raynor and his Delta Force team find themselves front and center as Amriki and his terrorists work their way closer to America. And time is running out.Dramatic and revealing, Tier One Wild takes listeners on an international thrill ride from the black ops nerve center of JSOC to the bloody streets of Cairo in a story only a former Delta Force commander could tell....

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Tier One Wild Reviews

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-07-09 18:08

    Okay I thought about this and think I have to go 5 stars here. I say that because as I finished this one the first thing I did was check to see if the "next" was out.It's not by the way.So, Kolt "Racer" Raynor joins the ranks of exceptional action heroes. I liked the first book about this character but found it a bit more strained and "been there" as the Major had lost men and crawled into a bottle only to be called back.Here we stay with the character who finally got established and built an interesting story of a terrorist threat that could happen. The final climax stretches a little to include our protagonists but not too much for it to stay an excellent book.We don't get a "nothing but action book here by the way. Not that this would necessarily have been a problem. I've read many "break out of the gate at a run and never slow down" books and they can be good. Here we take our time. We open with an action sequence and then fade into a sort of "spy thriller" type story that again leads into a fast moving climactic close.It also ends in a "sort of"'ll see what I mean.If you like Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, Mark Greany etc. this may be what you're looking for. An involving and exciting read, recommended. Enjoy.(view spoiler)[ By the way. I find it interesting the way different agencies and/or services are portrayed by different writers. For example The (poor and sometimes hated) CIA comes off pretty fairly and positively portrayed by Clancy and mostly so with Flynn or Thor. Here the CIA is shown as loyal but some of the operatives are painted as a bit.....bumbling.It's interesting. I'm VERY conservative, even Libertarian in many of my views. I believe in small government and am concerned about things like the (so called) Patriot Act. All that being said even I have gotten tired over the years of seeing the CIA used as a "whipping boy". In books, TV programs, movies and so on there have been so many "rogue" CIA agents portrayed that there would be little but rogue agents.Now while I'm sure there are (as has been demonstrated by history) rogue employees of the CIA as there are rogue soldiers, rogue broadcasters, rogue fast food workers and rogue humans of every stripe it's a bit unfair to condemn them all. These are people who (on the whole) go into hostile areas first. They do I'm sure handle unpleasant jobs and they do I'm sure go wrong and break rules on occasion. But I think we need to change the national attitude about the people themselves a bit. Till things are proved otherwise I think we might give them the benefit of the doubt. Just me.As I said here they're not negatively portrayed so much as portrayed to be inept. Clancy used to do this with State Department personnel often. Just interesting to me who portrays who inj what way... Not a great spoiler, but interesting I thought.(hide spoiler)]

  • Alan
    2019-06-24 13:10

    Excellent! I will read his other books.

  • Randy Daugherty
    2019-07-06 15:10

    Kolt"Racer" Raynor former excommunicated Delta Force commander has earned his way back into the fold. Having completed a very dangerous and off the grid op in Pakistan Kolt has earned the right to enter the group again.His initiation back into Delta included a 30 day trial , one that had changed since Kolt was last in the saddle. Though suffering the extreme training, Kolt was advised that many did not think his reentering was such a great boon for Delta and many had not forgotten the mission that has ended up with Kolt almost dead and his men dead or captured."Racer's" luck seems to hold getting one mission after the other,each showing him to be the expert under fire that he always has been. Now Kolt has been handed one of the most explosive missions to date.Daoud al-Amriki the American born alQaeda commander, one of the top most wanted terrorist in the world.Daoud and his hand picked group of operatives have purchased 60 shoulder fired Russian made Sam's from ex-Libyan patriots have a mission in mind. Their mission to cripple first the economy and then to cut the head off of Government, the country in question, the USA.This was a excellent read and page turner from the beginning. We are once again reunited with Kolt "Racer" Raynor the head strong brash Delta Force Commander. In "Kolt" Dalton Fury has created a very memorable character and we look forward to more from Dalton Fury and "Kolt Raynor"and Delta Force.

  • Dan
    2019-07-17 13:00

    Just finished Fury's second part in the series, (although his high body count leaves you thinking anyone can get taken out) and when you get to last page your gut loosens up. It's been a long time since an author makes you feel the blood splatter! Bravo and can't wait for the next one!

  • Jeff Kempling
    2019-07-23 15:21

    I really enjoy the novel, but hate the fact the he keeps jumping back and fourth with the main characters names IE: first, call-sign, last, Kolt “Racer” Raynor. "As the attacker lunged forward to plunge the knife into the back of Raynor’s calf, Kolt kicked the thug’s left knee with all his strength, locking it straight and throwing the man off balance."

  • Am Gill
    2019-07-17 14:20

    Well, this certainly was a significant improvement over the first book. Multiple locations, a larger cast and some fascinating insight into Delta structures and procedures made for a great listen. Highly recommended

  • Cheryl
    2019-07-17 10:10

    This was sorta the sequel of Black Site with the same characters dealing with David The American and it plodded along literally until the last 2 pages when it reached in and grabbed my heart with his last breath.

  • MsEleanorMae
    2019-06-25 10:18

    This was excellent!

  • Robert Enzenauer
    2019-07-14 16:12

    WOW! I really like this author, and would compare Kolt Racer Raynor with the best action heroes of my other favorite authors, including Brad Thor, Tim Tigner, Vince Flynn, Lee Childs, and Brian Haig. I am happy to see that author himself Brad Thor thought highly of this book also. As a combat veteran myself, I certainly wouldn't describe this author as an FNG (per Mike C.) The good guy is REALLY, REALLY good, and the bad guys are really, really bad. And as alluded to by a couple reviewers, the plot could really be next months newspaper headlines. The author's personal experience as a Delta Force veteran, certainly lends significant "street cred" and really believable action scenes and descriptions of combat operations. But what a bummer. I just have been internet searching, and found that the REAL "Dalton Fury, retired SF veteran MAJOR Thomas Greer, died last year from prostate cancer at the age of 52, suffering a similar fate as another lost giant, Vince Flynn.

  • Charlene
    2019-07-07 11:12

    just okay

  • Garry Thompson
    2019-06-22 17:12

    Good series, looking forward to the next one.

  • Freda Malone
    2019-07-08 11:20


  • Dries
    2019-06-28 14:02

    apparently murphy's law only exists for the terrorists.the first book was ok, this one is retarded.

  • Bruce
    2019-07-15 12:14

    3.5 stars

  • Steve Schlutow
    2019-07-04 12:10

    This was a simple fun popcorn read, if you enjoy this genre. I think Fury is one of the better writers of the quick action military sorts.

  • Linda Munro
    2019-07-05 12:09

    I found this book while enteringcontests on, again, I didn't win but, my local library had it. This is a Delta Force Novel, with satirical overtones regarding Seal Team Six (who get all of the glory).The action centers around the team led by Kolt Raynor, codename 'Racer' a man the book cover calls "former disgraced Delta Force commander who has earned his way back into the unit." What it should have said was former commander who never followed instructions and was finally drummed out of the unit. Raynor is now forced to take a breath and realize what the old Kolt would do, and do the opposite. While the team thwarts highjackers, etc., the most wanted man in the world, extremist Daoud al-Amriki (David the American) is hatching a plan to take down America. While the team stumbles onto weapons that they fear are headed towards a massive attack, al-Amriki is making his way towards America. The military must stop al-Amriki from crossing the border into America, for once that occurs, the military can no longer attempt to stop the terrorist, it becomes the job of the FBI and homeland security; if al-Amriki gets caught in America, all he needs to do is surrender as an American citizen and all of his rights will be aforded him. Will al-Amriki make it onto American soil? If he does, will the old Kolt take over before the FBI can locate al-Amriki?

  • Terry Vaughan
    2019-07-16 16:59

    As a former soldier I'm a little biased in wanting to read any and all books with military themes...I can't help myself! This particular series of books is one of my all-time favorites. The pace of the stories never lets up! It is written with enough authenticity and understanding of military procedure and life, that the reader is never left wondering whether the author knows his stuff. It provides just the right amount of back-story (or is that back-stabbing) politics inherent in any military action, and delivers an accurate portrayal of the emotions and frustrations experienced by nearly all soldiers at this elite level. The main character, Kolt Raynor, is constantly second guessed by those that should keep their noses out of military actions once the decision has been made to 'go'. You can't fight a war by tying the hands of those at the head of the spear; they should be unchained and released to do what they were trained to do. More often than not, that is exactly what Raynor does, ignoring the politics and pushing on regardless of the personal consequences! That is what makes this series of books so enjoyable! Raynor is the type of fictional character we all hope is really leading our boys wherever their duties take them. A thoroughly enjoyable series of books!!

  • Wilson Mui
    2019-07-20 15:24

    This was a recommendation by a friend of mine who serves in the armed forces. This book reads like a Dan Brown novel. I don't like Dan Brown novels. Dalton Fury, like many authors in this genre (the little I've gleamed of them), love using acronyms and peppering the explanations after it's use. It doesn't make the story feel so much like an insider's look at Delta, as it makes me feel like I'm talking to a consultant trying to spin some bureaucratic verbage.This book also has dashes of what seem like right-wing talking points, and shallow stereotypes of the nerdy, useless CIA officers, who never listen to the much savvier (field-tested) soldiers, only to regret it later on, the nerdy computer analyst, the hot girl who is also a helluva shot. Characters come into the story with little purpose and just as quickly leave. Overall it feels like a lazy book. The middle section feels well sorted out, but the last 5th feels like a rush job, and some deus ex machina-lite is used to setup the last seens, all of which is very anti-climactic.I'm glad I read it just so I can see what I'm missing, but it is exactly as I presumed - nothing much.

  • Larry
    2019-06-23 17:11

    Delta is about the “team” and these guys are good! And so is the author, Dalton Fury. (He’s a former Delta Operator – and even his name sounds like an action hero.)“Tier One Wild” is a page-turner. I found it really exciting. Fury’s second work of fiction again follows Kolt "Racer" Raynor as he tries not to be his old arrogant self (but talk about self-confidence!).If this book is even close to accurately portraying Delta Force…OMG! Overall, it’s the “team’ (as opposed to Mitch Rapp’s individual exploits). I also found the other characters very interesting…A one-legged Operator (just like Clive Cussler’s Juan Cabrillo), a female Operator (unlike Brad Thor – a believable scenario/character)… I wonder if this really happens.Raynor depends upon the team’s precision to get the job done and the split second decisions that the Delta Operators are required to make are amazing. Yet, in the end, Mitch Rapp – my Gold Standard of action/adventure - and Kolt Raynor are a lot alike. I like that!I believe Fury is my new favorite writer. I can’t wait until his next book.

  • Mikey Anderson
    2019-06-22 12:04

    Great book, I liked it better than the first. I believe the writing is a bit better, I had a hard time mentally picturing some of the locations that he described in "Black Site". I just ordered the third book in which I am looking forward to following more of Racer. The theme is mostly believable, albeit at times In my head i went "here we go" with an eye roll. Mostly when describing how everyone except Delta Operators are pretty much stupid and cannot make decisions or execute an OP correctly. The macho stereotypical banter could seize as well. People just don't talk to each other like that. Fury tries to stress real life locations-events with his portrayal of his SFOD-D team, however with the call-signs and constant BRO talk, its just ridiculous. Many of these men are higher educated, a little intelligent conversation could really round of some of the edges on the characters. I really enjoy these books, and I would recommend them to anyone interested in Military Theme novels. I do believe the SFOD-D aspect of the book is what separates it from other novels.

  • Rob Smith
    2019-07-20 18:09

    This book by "Dalton Fury" is simple in it's general plot, with complications. The complications are the best parts of the book. It's the rest that is harder to get through. The rest of the book follows various characters and what they are doing with asides of background and motivations. The writing of all this is standard with lots of military jargon. The jargon is interesting, but trivial to the story. The plot slows considerably due to the excess.This book does get the complaint I give almost all novels written in the past 25 years- It needs editing. Some of the military details are good to include, but all that is included,including routine tasks are a bit much. This book should have been whittled into three books. Three books that would have been better than this whole one. It seems obvious to me that the "Fury" fellow brought into the publisher hundreds of pages of story and it all got cut to these two books.I add an extra star only for a few elements of the story not usually found in espionage thrillers. Bottom line; I do not recommend this book. 5 of 10.

  • Tom Tischler
    2019-06-27 14:24

    Former disgraced Delta Force commander Major Racer Raynorfinds himself back in Delta Force after redeeming himselffrom an explosive operation at a black site in Pakistan.And now he is about to face his deadliest opponent yet. Themost wanted man in the world American al Qaeda commander Daoudal Amriki and his hand picked team of terrorists. They haveacquired stores of Russian built SAM missiles and their mission is to infiltrate the U.S. and take down American aircraft.The countries best are tasked to stop them but when a SEAL Team Six mission to take down al Amriki goes wrong Major Rayner'steam is front and center. al Amriki and his team are veryclose to the U.S. and time is running out. This book will have youwaving the flag as you fast turn the pages. I think that allof the Special Forces people deserve a great deal of recognitionbut this is something they don't seem to want. You rarely hearanything about all of the things they do.

  • ElaineY
    2019-06-27 13:19

    REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; APRIL 11, 2016Narrator: Ari FliakosGood action opening involving an airplane hijack before it settles down. I got to know the other team members a little better, got a little concerned when the author added a female operative to the mix but my fears were unfounded. Fury did not go the way of Brad Taylor and Kolt Raynor is left to focus only on the mission and his men.I hate it when the good guys die but it happens. At least Kolt lives to fight another day and Delta Force lets the world think it was Seal Team Six that saved the day. Again.Could be 5 stars but it's still missing that something I have yet to develop with Raynor that I did with Mitch Rapp so even the 4 stars is for the action sequences, not the lead character plus plot. With Rapp, I was often treated to both but this is only the second book so there's still time for me to develop an emotional resonance with Kolt.

  • Bryn Dunham
    2019-07-16 11:14

    Just like his first book, this was a simple military thriller written by a former Delta Force operator whose real life experience adds authenticity to the plot. This is no Tom Clancy novel, but it's a decent book to read after reading other heavier books. Kind of like watching an action movie; it's entertaining but I don't think I'll read it again or buy a copy. The local library worked just fine.The story is about a Delta Force operator who, along with his men, are trying to track down an al Qaeda cell led by an Muslim convert and American ex-pat who are plotting a terror attack on U.S soil by smuggling surface to air missiles into the country....that's about it. The book is up to date with the current "war on terror" and other geo-political issues too. reminded me of the movie "Navy SEALs" starring Charlie Sheen at times.

  • Kelley
    2019-07-11 17:25

    ARC received courtesy of giveawayAnother hero has hit the pages of Dalton Fury's "Tier One Wild"! Kolt "Racer" Raynor is A Delta Force operator out of Fort Bragg who leads his team on missions to protect our country from terrorists. I was totally engrossed in this novel and had to keep reminding myself that it's fiction. It reads like a movie. The characters are so well developed and the plot so engaging, I'm sure someone will snap up the movie rights if they haven't already!Since Dalton Fury is a former Delta Commander, I wondered throughout the book how much of it was true. My conclusion? As long as our country has people like Kolt Raynor/Dalton Fury I don't need to know what happens, I just need to trust their abilities to keep the rest of us safe.

  • Nichole
    2019-06-24 18:19

    Really good story, great follow-up from the first of the series, Black Site. I immediately liked Racer in the first book and was very pleased that there was another book that continued the story. Great action, not too over the top for someone like me who is not entirely familiar with the terminology of groups like and weapons. Not to give away the ending, but it was nonstop action and kept me on edge waiting to see what was going to happen next and how it was all going to end. Hoping there is more to the series of Racer and his team. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something different, who loves action and thrillers. It was a great recommendation from a friend that I am glad I checked out finally!

  • Jerome
    2019-07-14 10:59

    It’s probably better to read this after the previous one in the series, but Fury succeeds in delivering the right amount of action and suspense, and on a whole the book is difficult to put down.Still, character development is usually the mark of a great or above-average series, and at times it seems absent, but not always. Lots of characters are curiously absent at various points of the story, and, disappointingly, the climax of the story is literally at the end of the book, with no space left for a the plot to be really resolved in a more satisfactory fashion.A great read and the story flows well, but be sure to read the preceding novel first.

  • Warren Thoms
    2019-07-14 17:10

    3.75 stars. A really good story especially with the American who converted over. Fast paced action from start to finish. Ends abruptly but everything was wrapped up so it did not bother me. Having known special forces members when I lived there was an eye opening experience as I thought they would be rowdy and pumped off base as they were while at work. That was not the case at all. They ramp it up when it is needed but are very calm and casual off base. They work extremely hard with no real fan fare. Medals for the dead.

  • Tammy
    2019-07-13 13:06

    4 stars for the action parts2 stars for the rest of it which was the majority of the book. He gave lots and lots of background information on somewhat minor characters or situations and it caused the book to drag. I ended up skipping a ton of pages and never felt lost despite this. After dragging on forever the story ended abruptly and we'll just say it wasn't a happy ending overall. I'm hoping DF's writing style will evolve with time. I'll give his next book a try but I will be getting it from the library instead of paying for it.

  • Patrick
    2019-07-01 18:23

    Dalton Fury has another solid thriller on his hands here. Colt Raynor is back as the hard-charging, now reinstated, Delta operator. While it starts as a fairly standard plot line a few twists kept me on the edge of my seat up until the very end. His writing is very good, often you feel like you're running next to the characters as AK bullets crack past you. Speaking of the characters, they really shine here, talking, shooting, and moving in a convincing manner. In the end, Fury brings a sharp edge of realism that sets this novel apart from the crowd.