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This title is part of the 2011 Advent Calendar: I'll Be Home for ChristmasJavier Torres was a sweet, plump, and very unpopular child. But over the years, he turned himself into a gorgeous gym god. The problem is he’s also become an egotistical snob. But one day his arrogance pisses off the wrong little old lady, and he wakes up to find that, like the Prince in Beauty and tThis title is part of the 2011 Advent Calendar: I'll Be Home for ChristmasJavier Torres was a sweet, plump, and very unpopular child. But over the years, he turned himself into a gorgeous gym god. The problem is he’s also become an egotistical snob. But one day his arrogance pisses off the wrong little old lady, and he wakes up to find that, like the Prince in Beauty and the Beast, he’s been transformed into something from his personal nightmares. Javier has nowhere to go but back home, where to his surprise, he is greeted with open arms, not just by the family he remembers, but by his new brother-in-law, Cole. Cole suspects there might be a pretty heart to go with the pretty face locked inside that new body, but has Javier learned enough to earn Cole—instead of coal—for Christmas?...

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Christmas Cole Reviews

  • BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions
    2019-02-27 13:36

    Starts at 2% and ends at 95% which will be ok since this story is longer than the previous stories so far.Only read first paragraph but great its a Christmas slut(view spoiler)[ 10% and all it has been is all of his casual hook ups and how hot he is and how he has a partner but his partner doesn't care he is a slut. blah blah I do not like the MC at all. there is nothing to like about him and i don't get why it starts off with him finishing one hookup only to remember a bunch more, the bath house, cruise ships blah blah. yeah this is on its way to being a zero star couldn't even finish 20% still no depth at all to the MC still just a complete whore except now he comes home and finds his lover fucking someone else and someone reason he is hurt by this even though he is a complete slut. First 25% is just awful. He is such a slut and nothing likable about him at all. He even offered the bareback with the random strange. Such a whore. Not sure how this is supposed to be a Christmas story so farBy 51% still haven't even met cole and mc hasn't changed at all except he is fat now. That's what he says. This is boring and mc is unlikable but trying to force myself to finish 57% we meet cole and it ends at 95% ...Dear Diary, 66% I hate how stuff is skipped and then flashed back too. So annoying. Also so far we know nothing about cole except he is so hot. Personalities don't matter in this story. Just he's so hot. And mc thinks how if he weren't fat he would have fucked cole already. Wow that's so endearing and romantic. Cue sarcasmBy the end we don't know cole at all. All the dates or talking is skipped. But we're supposed to beleive he just changed and they loved each other because mc said so. Blah blah this book sucked(hide spoiler)]

  • Serena Yates
    2019-03-14 17:50

    This is a story that doesn’t just spread good Christmas feelings, it is also likely to make you think. And not just about the exact workings of the ‘miracle’ (which isn’t important in the least). There is a message in all of this – and I totally loved it! The story may center around being overweight versus skinny, a timely message to us all with the festive meals tempting us, but it has much wider implications.Javier starts out as a very superficial, snobbish and even somewhat nasty person. He isn’t very nice to those less fortunate than him, and is awfully focused on how people look. It is all very understandable, since he put a lot of effort into looking good, but still… A mysterious woman seems to think so as well, and she set out to help Javier learn what is really important. The initial despair as Javier becomes just as fat as he was before and needs to totally reorient himself was well described and utterly believable. The slow learning process was easy to follow, and I cheered him along all the way.Cole is an old admirer of Javier’s and an amazing guy. We don’t get to know a lot about him and his background, but enough to know that he means well. Ultimately, he is the one who helps Javier really accept his new understanding of the world.If you want more than another story and like to read something with an underlying message, this may be one you like. If you have ever wondered if people accept you for who you are, you will be able to relate to what happens to Javier. And if you have ever wished for a family and friends who ‘get’ who you are inside, despite evidence to the contrary, you can see what it might be like if you let yourself be who you were meant to become. This is a story of hope, acceptance and lots and lots of Christmas spirit.NOTE: This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Queer Magazine Online

  • Natalia
    2019-03-23 12:39

    3.5 stars

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-03-11 16:49

    I didn't like the MC Javier at all, and I guess I wasn't supposed to at least at the beginning, but I never warmed up to him.I didn't see how he changed much, but maybe if the story had been longer it could have been given us more insight into him actually changing his outlook and given us more info on Cole.(view spoiler)[ the only change I saw from the Javier was when offered the chance to change his body back, he didn't jump at the chance. He bought Christmas presents everyone loved, but he didn't really do it, he has no clue how he got the right things, Mrs Claus obviously guided him, I'm sure he paid for it with Mark's CC too. Why did he love Cole, because he was hot, and has had a crush on him forever? The only thing I saw that Javier really "got" it was at the LGBT youth center, where he talked to the kid and helped him. And I get his dad was horrible, but he hadn't talked to his family, who obviously loved him for 10 years? No call, no nothing?(hide spoiler)]

  • Lauraadriana
    2019-03-03 13:38

    My Cole is cuter...Just sayin' ;O)

  • Cole Riann
    2019-02-23 16:24

    2.5 starsA spin on a popular Christmas plotline that didn't really impress me. An okay effort, but I never believed in Cole's redemption, which is the crux that makes the story sink or swim.Sink.

  • Deeze
    2019-03-15 13:25

    A nice little fairy tale for Christmas.I especially liked the ending. Meeting half way was the perfect outcome.

  • T.M. Smith
    2019-03-12 15:40

    Javier Torres went from an isolated, over weight and insecure teenager to a conceited, self absorbed and condescending adult. Somewhere along the way, Javier forgot what it was like to be the one who was picked on, ridiculed and ostracized because of his appearance and sexual preference. Enter one lovely little old woman with silver hair and a stunning smile to remind him.When Javier wakes up in the body he thought he left behind and his partner jets off to vacation without him, he is left alone and confused just days before Christmas. A cup of coffee in the mall and a random message scrawled on the table send Javier back to the place he couldn’t get away from fast enough a decade ago, home.In a twist on the It’s a Wonderful Life and Christmas Carol stories, Thomas takes a man that lost sight of what’s important, and shows him that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. In an effort to hide the pain of his past Javier re made himself only to turn into the type of person that sent him away in the first place. When the tables are once again turned and he heads back home, he is embraced, to spite his appearance. I really enjoyed the moral of this story and how Thomas explored such a wide array of emotions in such a short amount of time. Add to that the voice of Paul Morey and his ability to stretch himself into a multitude of characters from one breath to the next. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him actually whine before though, and it was so perfect for Javier when he is at his lowest point. Javier learns through pain and disappointment what is truly important. The good thing is, it’s not too late for him to have a chance at happiness. And for the first time ever, someone WANTS Cole in their stocking!* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

  • Sadonna
    2019-03-03 12:30

    So I've liked pretty much everything I've read by B.G. Thomas to date. This another very sweet and romantic story. Javier is a character we have seen in other B.G. Thomas stories as is The Male Box and some "magic." I won't rehash the blurb because you can read that for yourself. Suffice to say that Cole and Javier are a very cute couple and their history and renewed friendship/relationship are fun to read. Plus there are the funny "magic" moments in this story. And boy is Mark an ass! Good bye and good riddance!

  • MsMiz (Tina)
    2019-03-04 16:50

    This is the story of Javier. Javier is living the life, a trophy boy for a wealthy older man, he can do what ever when ever he wants and of course Javier is beautiful. However, he has become shallow and arrogant and does not treat others with decency. In walks an unusual older lady. The book then turns into A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life as Javier gets a look at is present through the eyes of his past and future.

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-02-27 16:23

    I usually like everything I read from this author, but I just could never get over my dislike of the main character. I know we aren't supposed to like him at the beginning, but I just could never get past that even when he changed. I enjoyed the idea of the story, but I just couldn't connect.

  • MorganSkye
    2019-03-04 13:50

    Fun Holiday Fun is a jerk. A big one. He’s mean and rude and judgmental. One day he’s rude to the wrong person and he gets paid back. Big time.Javier grew up fat. He hated it. He did everything he could to change that and hasn’t looked back. He leads a life full of shallow hook ups and an endless stream of faces.One night he literally runs into an “old woman” and she tells him she’s ashamed of his behavior and that he has much to learn. When he wakes up he’s changed back to his old fat self.His current lover essentially tells him though it isn’t “over” it’s over. So Javier goes home to lick his wounds.There he finds himself welcomed (after a 10 year absence) by open arms. His family and his friends are all there and they all love him, as he is.Javier still can’t love himself, though. He’s attracted to his long time friend Cole, but can’t believe that he’s lovable in his current body.With a lot of love, trust and guidance from a mysterious woman’s voice in his head, he lets Cole in and love follows.**This is a take on the old Christmas Story of Scrooge… sort of. In a way Javier is his own ghost from the past and the future and Marley’s ghost is played by… well that’s a surprise for the end.It’s a lovely little holiday story about love and self-acceptance and being non-judgmental. I really appreciated that when asked if he wanted to return to his skinnier self, Javier said – No. Way to go!The sex was fade to black, but it fit the nature and timing of the story.The narration was nice. Paul Morey does a lot of narration for this genre and he is always a reliable bet for a good story telling.The only thing he did that I didn’t like was make Javier sound a little more swishy and fem than I pictured him. Paul also doesn’t have the best Hispanic accent, they sounded vaguely Russian… but it didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the story.I really enjoyed this little holiday story with it’s big is beautiful message.I give it 4.5 of 5 hearts.

  • Neet
    2019-03-01 15:32

    Javier Torres thinks he has it all, handsome, muscular, and living with a rich older male lover who will give him anything.Javier loves his life ,his empty,self-absorbed,shallow life, where wearing the right clothes and not gaining weight are the worries of the day. Javier constantly puts down those that don't meet his high standards. One evening Javier bumps into the wrong older woman, and. The cruel remarks he's thinking are used to teach him a lesson. Javier wasn't always like this, he was an overweight young man who though never liked the way he looked, did have love for family and friends. A devastating encounter with a male gym teacher turned Javier into a fitness nut and gave him confidence to not only lose the weight , but confront his abusive and homophobic father. Javier left home and hasn't returned in 10 years. The old woman forces Javier to confront his past, to go home again, and open his once cold heart to family and friends. This is a short story that makes you believe in the love of family and the magic of the holiday season. I highly recommend it!

  • OkayKim
    2019-03-23 17:39

    I absolutely loved this story!It's funny how you let people dictate what beauty really is, but even when you manage to attain that beauty, life is still not perfect for you. Beauty and perfection can be it's own little curse.As with Javier, he was not only smart, but perfect in body. He has everything he thinks he ever wanted, but when Mark(boyfriend?) was busted bopping a new boy toy, Javier started to question...How does one admit to loneliness. Wanting something more, but stuck in a rut.As I saw it, his assholyness came from being unhappy, by becoming the very people who made fun of him as a kid. Even saw a bit of self destructiveness with unprotected sex!Luckily, for him some magic was thrown in his path...really enjoyed how it all played out. Beauty "is" in the eye of the beholder, and when you can look inside the mirror and like what you see...then life is good : )

  • Donald
    2019-03-04 17:45

    A story about never forgetting where you come from or else a mysterious gray-haired older lady will make you remember. A play on a Christmas Carol, Javier must realize what he has become and remember who and what he use to be. During this journey, Javier learns that those whom he thought were important were not and those forgotten were indeed important parts of who he was. An enjoyable tale that I recommend...

  • Amber
    2019-02-28 17:34

    i liked the writing, but... I don't know, I think it was too short for the character arc. you should keep in mind though that I am notoriously picky when it comes to romantic short stories.

  • melek
    2019-02-25 13:48

    Javier is taught a lesson on life not all things are about looks. An old women curses him and see what is in front of him.

  • qx
    2019-02-21 13:42