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Lieutenant Alexander Colton and February Owens were high school sweethearts. Everyone in their small town knew from the moment they met they were meant for each other. But something happened and Feb broke Colt’s heart then she turned wild and tragedy struck. Colt meted out revenge against the man who brought Feb low but even though Colt risked it all for her, Feb turned heLieutenant Alexander Colton and February Owens were high school sweethearts. Everyone in their small town knew from the moment they met they were meant for each other. But something happened and Feb broke Colt’s heart then she turned wild and tragedy struck. Colt meted out revenge against the man who brought Feb low but even though Colt risked it all for her, Feb turned her back on him and left town. Fifteen years later, Feb comes back to help run the family bar. But there’s so much water under the bridge separating her and Colt everyone knows they’ll never get back together. Until someone starts hacking up people in Feb’s life. Colt is still Colt and Feb is still Feb so the town watches as Colt goes all out to find the murderer while trying to keep Feb safe. As the bodies pile up, The Feds move in and a twisting, turning story unravels exposing a very sick man who has claimed numerous victims along the way, Feb and Colt battle their enduring attraction and the beautiful but lost history that weaves them together....

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For You Reviews

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-07-07 14:00

    My Review -Keepin’ it short…For You is the first book in Kristen Ashley’s The Burg series, and one of the most intense books I’ve read. Crazy bitches, nut job exes, psychotic killers, drunks, and addicts… devoted cops, amazing women, lots of action, romance, humor and plenty of burn up the pages sex… this book has it all. Seriously. Has. It. All. Colt and Feb are fantastic characters with an awesome supporting cast!I don’t know how she does it but, book after book, without fail, Kristen Ashley delivers stories that grab hold and don’t let go, and heroes and heroines who come to mind time and time again, and I am sooooo happy to be on board the KA Train!-----If you're a Kristen Ashley addict, or just interested in checking her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict's Support Group here on Goodreads!

  • Lisa
    2019-06-25 20:01

    Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone again for the first time? – UnknownFor You is the book 1 in Kristen Ashley’s The Burg series. It was most definitely an intense read KA style and I loved it! Kristen Ashley delivers in the romantic suspense category. Do this surprise me? Um, not really!“Since I was three, there’s never been a day when I wasn’t in love with you.”Alexander Colton and February Owens have known each other pretty much their entire lives. They grew up together and everyone knew that they were simply mean to be together. However, the purity and innocence of first love was destroyed. February leaves town eventually and spirals into a disastrous nomadic life with no long-term meaningful relationships. Colt also moves on with life never fully understanding why February broke things off with him in the first place. February returns to town 15 years later after taking off and even after 22 years have passed no one really knows what really happened to Colt and Feb. We are about to get some answers!Someone is hacking people up in February’s life. Even though she has been back in town for a couple of years, her and Colt have tip toed around one another. Things have now changed and Colt is determined to protect her. As the murders increase, February and Colt find themselves not being able to deny their feelings any longer. Secrets come out into the open and they discover how truly sinister the madman is that tore them apart.“I’ve moved on, Colt.”“Bullshit, Feb, you’re stuck, same as me.”This book literally broke my heart. It simply ached for all the lost time that Colt and Feb missed with one another. The fact that they did not find their way back to one another for 22 long years was heart-wrenching. Everything was torn from them and I did find that really hard to take. Both Colt and Feb essentially tried to live their lives without one another but it was never a fulfilling life, and definitely not one where they were truly complete and happy. Simply put, they were stuck! As Colt and February begin to rekindle their past love and more of the mystery from their past is unraveled, you truly do see that both of them made mistakes and because of this they lost precious years with one another. Talk about regret! It would be hard not to dwell on this fact and become bitter but these two slowly work through it and start to make a life with one another.“Then in my ear, he said, “I remember everything about you and I remember all the reasons why I loved you. Never could forget even when I tried… Who knows, baby? We had all that time together, I coulda got used to it, learned to take it for granted.” His arms gave me a squeeze. “Now, that’ll never happen.”Of course, by the end everything comes to light and Colt and Feb discover what truly happened all those years ago. They weren’t perfect and made far from perfect decisions; however, they found their way back to each other. They had a second chance at love and they were going to take it and run!For You is an amazing start to what I think will be a great series. To be honest, I was only going to give this book a 4 star rating. What changed my mind? The ending. I loved how everything came full circle. Yes, both Feb and Colt lost a lot of time but Kristen Ashley did not disappoint in how she ended this one. By the time I finished reading my heart was bursting with happiness and I loved how Feb and Colt were truly getting a real go at all the things they had missed up until that point in their lives. When a book has my heart breaking one moment and then bursting with rainbows and sunshine the next, it is a 5 star read!Damn, I love me KA!!!!

  • ღFloღ the coffee addict
    2019-07-04 11:55

    5 utterly beautiful and heartbreaking STARS“Since I was three, there’s never been a day when I wasn’t in love with you.”WOW...just WOW!I'm sure at this point a lot of you are tired of my Kristen Ashley reading spree, but I can't stop and you just have to deal. I'm sorry. Good news is, this is one hell of a book and I honestly think For You has something for everyone. An epic love story, mystery that keeps you at the edge of your seat, suspense and tissue moments that break your heart.With my growing KA experience I can honestly say this is not like the others. And I suspect the whole series will be very enjoyable. “I’ve moved on, Colt.”“Bullshit, Feb, you’re stuck, same as me.”Let's start with the most important thing:February Owens and Alexander Colton are meant to be together.There are no two ways about it. They've known each other since forever and have always been a little bit more than friends until they eventually got together as teenagers.When Feb was twenty years and Colt twenty-two years old something happened and the couple everyone was rooting for broke up - out of the blue, from one day to another - all over.February went wild, got into a lot of trouble and eventually married the wrong guy. The guy who turned out to be violent and a complete asshole. The whole thing turned into revenge dished out by no other than Colt, a divorce and Feb leaving town.I know that's a lot of information, but that's actually already disclosed in the blurb, so don't worry. In the grand scheme of things that's very little input.But forget about the past for a little while and FAST FORWARD twenty years, that's where all the drama lies...“Seems to be there’s advantage to be taken, son, and ain’t no one in a hundred mile radius would blame you for takin’ it.” At this point Feb has been back in town for two years and today she has one hell of a crap day. Although finding a friend in the alley behind your bar - murdered - will do that to you. And the day takes a turn for the worse when the former love of her life, her high school sweetheart and lead Detective Alexander Colton arrives. And then the following days turn into a much bigger mess when even more dead bodies turn up...all seemingly connected to dear February Owens.What follows is a thrilling murder hunt, two damaged people trying to unravel the past in order to solve an atrocious crime and their future at the same time.For You is a beautiful and very complex story; with a lot of secrets, unknown players and unfortunately...death. I'm just going to confess here...yes, I cried. *sniffs* That doesn't happen very often, but I cried and maybe I had a hormonal day, but I was moved and I'm not afraid to share. ;D Apparently Kristen Ashley can do that to me and I won't complain. “Lonely’s a different kind of pain, it doesn’t hurt as bad as heartbreak. I preferred it and embraced it ‘cause I reckoned it was one or the other.” Feb is a pretty strong character and she did the best she could with the cards she was dealt. Life just doesn't always turn out the way you want it to. What I like most about her is the taste in music. She sure knows what to listen to.Colt...*sigh*, he is kind of awesome. He does have this perfect guy reputation in town and for all intents and purposes he does live up to the hype. Not many guys can do that. I love his conviction and determination. Both characters are very well developed and bring a rich background, lots of family and drama. That's one thing I really like about KA books. Thanks to the length and Ms. Ashley's love for detail we get some very rounded worlds that feel so real you can almost touch it.For You is a second chance story and I couldn't be happier about it. While reading this truly amazing book I came to the conclusion that second chance stories are one of my all time favourite romance tropes. It's so cheesy and predictable, but I adore it and this one was so well executed and the whole back story and murder mystery just made it all together perfect.“I remember everything about you and I remember all the reasons why I loved you. Never could forget even when I tried.”Despite the mayhem happening all around I really appreciated the MC's rational and mature actions. At no point was I annoyed or frustrated by Feb or Cold. In all fairness they made their mistakes a long time ago and fortunately for us they have learned a lot since then. It's really refreshing to see characters taking a breath, thinking about their actions and making good choices as a result.And I have to say one more thing. At about 80% it hit me like a freight train...Colt is not my all time favourite book boyfriend and Feb is not my favourite book heroine - but together Colt and Feb are one of my all time favourite couples. I can't even say why it's just a feeling...they fit so well and it's such a joy to see their story unfold. And I didn't want it to end.Also, Fleetwood Mac! If you read the book and don't know what I'm talking about...well, then I can't help you anyway 'cause there is no cure for bad taste in music.“He was hearing Stevie Nicks singing in his head when Colt fell asleep in the bed, in the house, with the woman at his side that life meant him to have. After waiting for forty-four years, for the fifth night in a row, Alexander Colton was finally living the life he was meant to be living.”**So so sorry, this took forever to write. But better late than never. ;P

  • Vika aka ♔ of GIF & Grumpy Smut-ateer *P/T Freebie Fairy
    2019-06-27 19:58

    My Man Colt/Alec.. all bad-ass detective"You know, long time ago, I looked it up," She told him."What?" Colt asked."Your name," she told him, her voice soft, her eyes on his unwavering and he held his breath, knowing what was coming was going to strike deep and he wasn't wrong."Alexander," she said, "means warrior, defender. Colton, colt," she smiled, "well, we all know a colt's got so much energy, always beautiful little things, strong, fast, all of 'em gonna grow up to be something magnificent."My FebHer jaw tilts for Alec:I used to do it because it made him smile at me, a smile I hadn't seen in years, a smile that others saw and it was handsome so I was sure they liked it, at least the girls. But they didn't get it. They didn't understand, it not being directed at them, what that smile could do. The power of it. it was like every time he smiled he'd opened a chest of treasure and said. "All this is yours."What can I possibly say about KA... I love it. This is one of my favorite series of hers. It's a little bit darker than her usual stuff... bordering on her Colorado Mountain Series but much more twisted. I remember when I read it the first time it gave me nervous heart palpitations. Re-reading my 2nd favorite book of this series with my Smut-ateers.... I love it!It is darker than all her other series and because of that it is heart breaking. I sobbed through the book, because life is cruel and in a small town you find the psychopathic assholes and bitches. But life is sweet too because you have so many good people at your back.The story of Alec and Feb is a sad one... sweethearts since children. Torn apart waaaaay too young and brought together 22 years later by the same thing that torn them apart. KA truly knows her stuff in alpha males, bitchy females and family that will lay down anything for you. And by family I mean anyone who is brought into a fold just because they either suffered through so much but has true goodness at heart (Cheryl & Darryl). I have no idea where KA gets all this from and honestly don't care just as long as she keeps writing and providing my book Crack for me.Truly amazing! Please read it."You got in, Colt," I said and watched, super close, as his eyes opened and his hands tightened on my neck, no squeeze this time, they stayed tight and I couldn't feel the pad of every finger pressing into my skin. "Few days ago, you got in. I didn't let you in, you just got in." finally I lifted my hands to his chest and bunched his shirt in my fingers. "I wanna lock you there," I whispered scared to death but sharing it all, hiding nothing, giving him everything, fighting the hitch in my voice that my tears were threatening. "Lock you up tight inside me, babe, and never let you out."KA AT HER FINEST:He had no idea why God decided to place him, at birth, in hell only to lead him to salvation in kindergarten. Though he suspected if he hadn't experienced hell, he wouldn't have understood salvation."Sometimes, it's rare, but sometimes... men learn,""Couple things came up.""I gave your table away, Colt, an hour ago.""Got another one?""Colt-"Stavros heard Colt cut in. "SPOILER!!!" Stavros sucked in breath at this long awaited, very welcome, unbelievably happy news and Colt finished. "Now, you got a table of what?"Stavros grinned into the phone. "Don't got one, I'll build one."

  • Aestas Book Blog
    2019-07-04 18:21

    “… she tipped her head back and in his ear, she whispered, “Since I was three, there’s never been a day when I wasn’t in love with you.”Woah! What a roller-coaster of a book!! It went from creepy to intense to hot ‘n’ steamy to sweet to sad to beautiful… it had twists and turns and a story built in layers forward as well as dug in layers backwards…. quite the ride!! And I loved it!So the back story that you go into this book knowing from the blurb is that Alexander Colton and Febuary Owens were always meant to be together – they were together growing up, together in high school, everyone knew they were destined for each other… but something happened and Feb left Colt. No one knows why, but now, 20 years later, the story begins.Right from the start, the tone of this book is grittier, more intense, and more serious than some of KA’s other series (especially considering it starts off at a chilling, grisly murder crime scene at Feb’s bar that Colt, now a cop, comes to investigate), but its still pure, brilliant KA writing that sucks you right into the world. I love that her writing style is just so familiar to me, its like coming home to start one of her books – such a wonderful feeling. LOVE!!At the scene of the gruesome murder, the reader is introduced to Feb and Colt and their shared and, at the time, unknown history. As the reader, we know that whatever happened to them years ago was heart breaking and sad, but we don’t know exactly what it is.Its clear that, throughout all the years of separation, neither Feb nor Cold have let go of their feelings for each other, but at the same time, aren’t able to give into them, leaving you wracking your brain trying to figure out what could possibly have ever come between a couple so clearly meant for each other.Naturally, of course, there is a way found for Feb to end up moving in with Colt (completely platonically, of course, *nods seriously*.. for protection. *continues nodding* mmhmm.. we all know where this is gonna lead now don’t we? *grin*) and one thing leads to another and soon they are on their way to an adorably swoony reunion <3 One thing I loved about this story was how much it really highlights that if the love is pure and real, no amount of years of separation will ever really dull it. Totally beautiful concept.“There’s no words to explain how big it was, what Colt and I had, or how much it hurts when something that big in your life is swept away, or how empty that place is that he once filled, or how impossible it is to find something to fill it…”The more Colt and Feb came together, the more I began to squee and sigh over them, but remember that throughout it all there is the under current of mystery with not knowing who the killer is, and with waiting to figure out what happened in their past.But once things start to build for them, oooooooohhh boy does the HOTNESS begin!! Nothing like a build up of 20 years to make the sex fan-yourself intense!! And once Alpha Colt has claim to his girl, his pulls out all the swoony, bossy, possessive stops while at the same time making my heart melt and go awwwww I just loved seeing the two of them come back together again *dreamy sigh*“Your mother doesnt fuck around,” Colt remarked.“I hope you didn’t have anything in there that was precious.”Colt looked at her and said, ”The only things precious in my life breathe.”*swoon* freaking LOVE that line!!The psycho murderer in this is “without a moral compass” and just totally way-the-freaking-hell creepy in a deeeeeeply chilling way – making me alternately shudder and go ewwwwwww. This one is actually smart, disturbed, who has thought out what they were doing. Have I mentioned creepy and chilling yet?? The murders are very interconnected, personal and now the cover of the book makes sense to me *shudder*The story is told in alternating POVs, but it was Colt’s POV that was the most interesting to me because he was not only trying to solve the murder, but was also trying to piece together the puzzle of his and Feb’s past and trying to understand how, somehow, the murder and those events might be tied together.Of course, I won’t tell you what it is, but I will say that my heart was POUNDING when the explanation comes out! Its told from Colt’s POV and you experience the shock and realization as everything clicks into place for him. Its huge!! I just love moments like that in books!The wonderful thing is that once the muck and turmoil of the past was finally figured out, it left Colt and Feb open to go for what they both really wanted all along – each other“Romeo and Juliet, say they didn’t die but Juliet got pissed and took off. Everyone would know it was Romeo and Juliet, would always be Romeo and Juliet, even if later Romeo hooked up with Nancy. No one ever heard of Nancy, doesn’t even sound right, Romeo and Nancy. Everyone knows Romeo’s meant to be with Juliet. Even if Romeo loved Nancy, Nancy would always know she was never Juliet.”I actually really loved that neither Colt nor Feb were perfect characters. Yes, in a perfect world, if they made perfect decisions, then the decisions they made in their past would have been different. But they both fucked up. They both paid the price. They both knew it, admitted it. And they were both ready to move on and not dwell in the past, but to live in the present. I really admired that about both of them and I love that they had a second chance at their love.“Then in my ear, he said, “I remember everything about you and I remember all the reasons why I loved you. Never could forget even when I tried… Who knows, baby? We had all that time together, I coulda got used to it, learned to take it for granted.” His arms gave me a squeeze. “Now, that’ll never happen.”And I just can’t say enough how much I JUST FREAKING LOVE Kristen Ashley’s writing style!! I think she could make a scene about paint drying riveting (not that I’m at all comparing this book to that, just saying that she works magic into her words). Her writing style totally connects you to the story, and the characters, no matter what is going on in the scene.The book didn’t make me cry ever although I did get a little chocked up twice near the end, which, as usual, left me smiling, awww-ing and grinning… there wasn’t an epilogue in this book but KA writes the best endings and this was was no exception.An amazing start to this series… I cannot WAIT to get to book 2 since everyone is RAVING about it!! *squee***oh and can I just throw a shout-out out to the character of Graham Reece who was only in a few scenes of this book but TOTALLY made me SWOON!!! I am SO looking forward to his book (which is the next book in the Colorado Mountain series). YAY!4.5+ starsHow I see Colt and Feb: For more of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book BlogFacebook Page

  • Kristen
    2019-06-20 18:03

    Solid 4 starsWow! What an intense and gripping read! For You is a intricately written, multi-layered suspense story with a great romance and a cast of fantastic characters. The plot is full of suspense, drama, heartache, passion, steamy sex scenes, and one seriously crazy, out-of-his-mind, psycho killer. For You had my attention from the first page to the last. Mystery and suspense seemed to be the main focus of the book rather than Kristen Ashley's typical romance centered plots—although, there was plenty of romance as well. The "second chance at romance" storyline between Colt and Feb was touching, heartbreaking, and very emotional. My heart broke for these two wonderful characters and the injustices done to them. These two were destined to be together, and when that finally happens for them, there was genuine joy in my heart.  As with all Kristen Ashley books, the epilogue was full of happiness, memories, and lots of heart and soul. This one left me with a big smile on my face. I find myself as anxious to read her epilogues as I am to read the main story. That how amazing they are. For You is another fantastic book by Kristen Ashley and one I definitely recommend. If you're already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict's Support Group here on Goodreads!

  • Christy
    2019-06-26 13:19

    4.5 Stars... For You Murder, suspense, romance, love, betrayal, reconciliation, friendship, sex, and a second chance at your one true love... this book had it all! Lonely’s a different kind of pain, it doesn’t hurt as bad as heartbreak. I preferred it and embraced it ‘cause I reckoned it was one or another.“Since I was three, there’s never been a day when I wasn’t in love with you.” February ‘Feb’ Owens was in love once. With Alexander Colton. They have a history, a past. Something happened between them when Feb was 20 and Alec was 22- that was nearly 22 years ago. Feb left town. They both tried to move on. Feb has been back for a few years helping her brother Morrie (who happens to be Alec’s best friend) run her family’s bar. Alec, who goes by Colt, is a lieutenant in that same town. They have been pretty much avoiding each other the past few years, but when a psycho killer starts hacking people up in their small town, they both find themselves involved. Colt and Feb both obviously have some unresolved feelings for each other. They were high school sweethearts, everyone in town loved them together. It was such a shock when they broke up. They both tried to move on, but you never really get over your one true love. “There’s no words to explain how big it was, what Colt and I had, or how much it hurts when something that big in your life is swept away, or how empty that place is that he once filled, or how impossible it is to find something to fill it.” As Colt and Feb start spending more time together, their romance is rekindled. Everyone in town is rooting for these two to be together, especially Feb’s parents. Finding out what transpired between them all those years ago was devastating. They had an intense relationship and some fierce chemistry. They are moving forward, trying to pick up where they left off and make up for lost time. “Like it right now or not, Feb, couple of days ago, you gave yourself back to me. You think I’m lettin’ that go, think again because, baby, your fucking wrong.”“I remember everything about you and I remember all the reasons why I loved you. Never could forget even when I tried... Who knows, baby? We had all that time together, I coulda got used to it, leaned to take it for granted. Now, that’ll never happen.”Things are going well for the couple, but there is that pesky matter that is Denny. The serial killer on the lose that is completely obsessed with Feb. He wants to ‘take care’ of everyone who he has perceived to have wronged Feb over the years. Colt being the biggest of all. The last 10% was intense... This plot was suspenseful, but it was also sweet, funny and sexy. The perfect combination. The characters were lovable. Colt was always trying to support and protect Feb, he was such a loving, sweet and sexy man! They were both trying to make up for all the time they lost. I especially loved Feb’s parents, her brother was great too. The story was a long one, but it didn’t drag- kept me interested. The ending left me completely satisfied, couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!I am pretty sure I will read and love anything written by this author! This book was no exception. Kristen Ashely can write some wonderful alpha males, heroines, and the most perfect endings ever! Looking forward to reading many more of her books!!! “The only precious things in life breathe.”

  • Elizabeth
    2019-07-19 13:54

    For You is the first book in The Burg Series by Kristen Ashley and there is only one word to describe it...PERFECTION! KA offers a delicious read full of action, suspense, and second chances. Feb and Colt are two characters that were meant to be together. When a stalker wants to get his hands on February, Colt (the town's smoking hot detective) is there to protect her. But when Colt and Feb are brought together again, the high school sweethearts are reminded of why they are meant to be together. But can they overcome the demons of their past?Told in dual POV, For You is one of those KA books that I could read over and over again. The relationships between the characters are strong, and Colt and Feb have an intense connection. The action and suspense factor is high and paired with the sexy steam between the two main characters, and voila you have a perfect blend. I highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys suspense and romance. This is one EPIC love story that you do not want to miss! *This is a BR with my Shhlutty sister Anna!~First read in May 2014~4.5Another home run for KA! I am just NEVER disappointed. The only reason this book isn't a perfect 5 for me is because there were so many secondary characters that it was hard sometimes to keep everyone straight. I found myself having to reread sections and even go back to other parts in the book to make sure that I knew who was who and what was up...but then again that just supports the whole small town busy body buzz! Good action and a timeless love story. Watching Alec and Feb reconnect after being ripped apart over a misunderstanding was unforgettable! For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

  • Jennifer
    2019-07-02 19:59

    4.5 COMING-HOME STARS!!!!!!!Kristen Ashley is home, comfy, warm, cozy. She is like snuggling, like a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, a fire place, warm socks, a home cooked meals, warm cookies, an oversized sweatshirt, sleeping bag, wind in your hair, sun on your face.I just want to crawl up under the pages and go to sleep.Kristen Ashley is… should be easy, effortless.Colt and Feb were meant to be together. Like….MEANT……TO……BE. Unfortunately, somethings and someones got in their way….and they let them. They’re stuck.…as if she was born to slow dance in his arms.My Colt:My Feb:A creepy creeper is after Feb, and Colt is gonna protect her. (Yeah, he is!) This creep is the creepiest! I found myself getting chills from this guy! Just thinking about him….Ugh!Feb moves in with Colt, and starts making him breakfast…because he gives her orgasms!!!!!! LOL! She makes her famous frittata, and this is a big deal.This book is a thriller/mystery, but it wasn’t too much to handle. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this book. His smile just stormed right through the gates I had locked there and settled in like it was going to say awhile.Honey, you gonna stare at my cock or you gonna make me breakfast?Since I was three, there’s never been a day when I wasn’t in love with you.Love it when you roll your eyes baby.I’m gonna fuck in you the sand under the stars.

  • Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads
    2019-07-11 18:04

    So . . . here's the thing about KA . . . KA writes stories about people that live in small towns. Even if they don't actually live in a small town, her books still have that small town feel: everyone grew up together, everyone knows everyone else's business, people look out for each other, no one gets lost in the crush of life, etc.I absolutely adore her books, and since I first discovered them a couple of years ago, they've become my failsafe for book hangovers.THE 'BURG series in particular is one of my favorites. They're romantic suspense, but they read more like an episode of CRIMINAL MINDS . . . one of the episodes of CRIMINAL MINDS with a really creepy serial killer. Maybe that's normal for romantic suspense and I haven't read enough to know it, but most of the romantic suspense that I've read is more of the amateur sleuthing variety. KA has books like that too, but THE 'BURG . . . is an altogether different animal.An altogether different and creeptastic animal. February Owens and Alec Colton were part of a love story that had it continued uninterrupted, would have been the stuff of legends. But when they were in there early 20s, something happened and Feb walked away. She spent the next 15 years traveling from small town to small town, settling only temporarily, until it was time for her to move on again. Then two years ago, her parent's retired from the family business, and she moved back home to help her brother.The book begins with February finding a dead body in the alley behind the family BAR<-----how fun is that? The family bar, not the dead body.And not just any dead body . . . the hacked-up (like, literally, with a hatchet) body of one of her childhood friends. And she's not doing too great when Colt shows-up, who is, of course, a detective, which is how they get thrown back into each other's path after years of avoidance. Not the best of circumstances . . . and trust me . . . it gets worse.But it's obvious that Feb and Colt are supposed to be together. They just have to figure out who thinks they're doing Feb a favor by killing off people from her past. Like I said--CREEPTASTIC.This is the third time I've read this, but it's the first time I've reviewed it, and while I was reading, I was thinking about what I could say about it, and I was struck by how . . . completely improbable the plot was. And if I hadn't been deliberately thinking about what was happening/had happened, it still wouldn't have occurred to me.B/c that is the thing about KA. Her books have a way of sneaking past all your red flags, causing you to make allowances for her books that you would NEVER make under any other circumstances. And half of the time you don't even realize you're doing it.She's like a ninja.You become so completely immersed in her storytelling that you never stop to consider how unlikely whatever it is she's selling is. It did happen, by golly. And it. Was. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.Her alphas are alpha, her quirky heroines are quirky, her secondaries are fantastic, and her HEAs are all that HEAs should be. B/c really . . . what's the point otherwise? You don't read KA b/c you want to brag to your pompous literary friends about the next nobel prize winning novel you just read (and if you read anything with that goal in mind, go away, I don't like you). You read KA b/c for once, you want a sure thing. You want to swoon over the kind of alpha that doesn't hesitate in slamming you against a wall b/c he knows you'll like it. Just like he knows how to handle a firearm, and has a motorcycle, and hasn't starting losing his hair or going to seed, even if he IS close to 40.Just roll with it. It will make you happy, and isn't that what books are supposed to do? I think so.

  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    2019-07-03 16:51

    The KA reading continues at Buddies Books and BaublesI do love my KA fixes with these ladies and it was so great so spend a little time with Colt and Feb again.“Since I was three, there’s never been a day when I wasn’t in love with you.”The first books I read by Kristen Ashley (KA) were her Fantasyland Series and I was worried that her uber alpha males would not translate well into her contemporary fiction. I WAS WRONG!!! At least in this book, perhaps it was because she toned it down a little but I absolutely ADORED Colt. Sure there is a psycho out there killing anyone from February’s past that he feels did her wrong and that was in intriguing part to the story but the other part about Colt and February reuniting after being separated for twenty years was what really hooked me from the beginning. “There’s no words to explain how big it was, what Colt and I had, or how much it hurts when something that big in your life is swept away, or how empty that place is that he once filled, or how impossible it is to find something to fill it.”Living in their small town everyone seems to know everything about anything. So when the split between Colt and Feb happened no one understood it, they were meant to be, everyone knew that. Feb couldn’t handle the whole town knowing all of her business so she left. Both of them have tried to fill their lives apart but it is just a shadow of what it could have been and they both know it, and the whole town seems to know it too.“Romeo and Juliet, say they didn’t die but Juliet got pissed and took off. Everyone would know it was Romeo and Juliet, would always be Romeo and Juliet, even if later Romeo hooked up with Nancy. No one ever heard of Nancy, doesn’t even sound right, Romeo and Nancy. Everyone knows Romeo’s meant to be with Juliet. Even if Romeo loved Nancy, Nancy would always know she was never Juliet”Now, thrown into each other’s lives again they have a second chance to see if things could be different. That is if they can keep each other alive and figure out who is chopping up people from Feb’s past. But that means they have to revisit their own past and figure out what really happened to them so long ago.I enjoyed so many things about this story. The small town feel, the way that the relationship between Feb and Colt progressed, Feb’s family and how they all came around her to protect her. I even liked the backstory to the crackpot who is focused on Feb and the connection they had. My one and only complaint is that sometimes KA over explains the people of the town. Almost every character you meet in the book you get a semi-description of and a little snippet from their lives. While I appreciate this sometimes it did seem a little overboard now and again. That said it did lend to the small town feel of the book and I get what she was trying to do but did I really need the police station receptionist’s backstory?Highly recommended to anyone who loves Romance and Suspense.

  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    2019-07-17 16:56

    5 STARS Amazing book!!This is February's and Alex's story.. Colt and February were the couple that everyone thought would get married and be together forever. From teens to young adults their relationship was solid, until Feb decided to end things with Colt and move away for fifteen years.She married a man that abused her and after leaving him she decided to leave her friends and family and wonder from state to state."And I needed someone.Someone to fill the ole Alec left.No, it wasn't a hole.It was a wound.I couldn't close the wound so I needed someone to numb the pain." Now she’s back and not only does she have to deal with her lingering feelings for Colt, but she also has to deal with a deranged serial killer, who has as target Feb's friends or people who knew her...From the first murder to the final confrontation with the killer, Alex and Feb working through their issues...Throughout the book we learned so many things and everything was coming into place...The bad guy was a psycho. Everything bad that happened in Feb and Colt's life was because of him. During 22 years he ruined their life without them knowing it.... Feb and Colts relationship was so sweet. They were meant to be together, they were betrayed and for more than 20 years they have been apart. When they finally get back together and learn what really happened all those years ago... They became stronger than ever...They had such a powerful relation, they never stopped loving each other. ..."..You give yourself to me, he can't have it.""Like it right now or not, Feb, coupla days ago, you gave yourself back to me.You think I'm lettin' that go, think again because,baby, you're fucking wrong.""I remember everything about you and I remember all the reasons why I loved you.Never could forget even when I tried."Omg!! I'm in love with Colt!!! I loved him!! He was so protective over Feb and it was so sexy!!!I loved being in his head. It helped explain his actions.!!And Feb is one of my favorite heroines!!!She was tough, she lived through some bad situations but when it came to Colt or her family she was loving and fierce!!"You got in Colt""Few days ago you got in.I didn't let you in, you just got in."This couple needed their happy ending more than any couples I ever read...It's kind of sad they lost so many years of their lifes.. but finally they can live their life together in their 40s...I'm so excited to read the rest of the series!!! :))))

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-07-05 19:03

    Alrighty then! I just deleted yet another review accidentally. GOODREADS POWERS THAT BE: WE NEED A FREAKING AUTO-SAVE FEATURE FOR REVIEW DRAFTS!!! Let me just say this: I liked this book, but I feel like there could have been a good 100 pages less of it. There was a lot of unnecessary everything. I also found it hard to believe that Colt, being the hard core alpha KA hero that he is, would let the love of his life leave him like she did without ANY explanation whatsoever. That right there lost an entire star from me. Not at all feasible, and it didn't mesh with his character at all.I DID love how the town features so prominently in the story. That's a classic Kristen Ashley plus right there. I didn't just read about this town...I lived there....The sex is hot, the man is bossy, abrupt, and rough while still being gently and loving. Feb is a great heroine....I love that she just threw her hands in the air and said Her town, in a way, betrayed she left. But now she's back, and she's still in love with her man. He's still in love with her, and they are thrown together by a madman, forced to realize how short life is and how they've wasted twenty years holding on to some stupid grudge.But in the end, these childhood sweethearts have loved each other since they were kids. And they don't waste any more time. Their love story is powerful, and I truly loved both Colt and Feb. Just because Colt is a bit overbearing doesn't mean Feb is weak. They compliment each other perfectly. There's nothing better than a happy ending for an unrequited love story!!

  • Choko
    2019-07-07 18:55

    *** 3.85 ***A buddy read with the KA addicts at the BB&B attic!!! It has been two weeks since my last KA book and I had been jonezing for my doze! KA delivered as always. This book would be considered a second chance contemporary romance, and is a bit more subdued than the rest of her books, but apart from an explosion, it contained the usual damaged female with a good heart, the alpha male, who in this case happen NOT to be a jerk, a crazy murderous stalker, gunshots and the always mandatory kidnapping. It would not be a KA book without it:-)This book is one of those that make me want to grab the editing machete and slice off at least 100-150 pages of details, which though helping with setting the mood of the very small town, feel redundant and superfluous at times... But even with them, KA can still wrap you up in her stories with the elusive magic that is all her own. It is a solid beginning for the Burg Series. I liked Colt, but Fab was not my favorite female lead by KA. She was too needy to be strong, which I think we were supposed to percive her as. However, the plot was solid, the secondary characters had depth, and we got what we always expect from this author - a teary, but syrupy sweet Happily Ever After:-) As long as she keeps delivering those, I am a fan for life! If you like an adult contemporary romance with some justice delivered to some bad people, this is the book for you! Not for the very young readers, a bit too much S&V. Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you never run out of good books!!!

  • Shawna
    2019-07-01 19:58

    4 stars – Contemporary Romance/Romantic SuspenseI’m an avid Kristen Ashley fan, but this isn’t my favorite of her books. And although I didn’t enjoy it as much as the Colorado Mountain and Dream Man series, For You is still a good read. KA’s writing style tends to be very detailed, descriptive, and lengthy, and it just didn’t work as well for me this time. It’s a great second chance romance with a likable H/h and dark, chilling suspense elements, but it felt bogged down at times, which kept it from being as gripping and taut of a thriller as it could’ve been. It took a hell of a long time for the big secret that kept February and Colt apart to be revealed, and the plot meandered too much, which hindered the overall story a bit. But the emotional, passionate romance between Feb and Colt and its intense, thrilling climax and gratifying HEA ending compensated for the slower parts of the story. So while not my favorite, this still deserves a solid 4 stars. I’ve already bought the other books in The ‘Burg series, and I’m still happily full steam ahead on the KA train!

  • Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover
    2019-07-07 11:54

    **4 Solid Stars**I don't even know where to start with this one. This book was definitely on crack. And by that I mean it pretty much had everything:-Murder-Mystery and Intrigue-Romance-Dead bodies piling up-Crazy, ax killing Stalker/Murderer -Close knit Family-Sexy, hot Alpha MaleFor you is a story about two high school sweethearts, February Owens and Alec Colton, who are brought together by a tragic circumstance. This was filled with so much action and suspense that at one point I totally forgot I was reading a KA novel! I loved it and no one writes a better alpha male in my opinion. For You is an amazing start of the series and I can't wait to read the rest. If you want a book that's romance but keeps you on the edge of your seat then you'd enjoy this.

  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads
    2019-06-20 16:11

    I really loved Colt and Feb's story. Filled with angst. Had me on the edge of my seat. It definitely had a different tone to it than the other KA Series I just got done reading and that was pretty awesome. I LOVE how she creates and crafts her stories. Even though they're long this one never felt tedious. Ahhhhh! Another winner.

  • Searock
    2019-06-22 12:20

    4.75 starsI may have to get back to you for a review...(I'm in the glow)Oh wait, turns out I have something after all!(hope you don't mind that I won't be getting very specific about any of it)This story was full-bodied with plenty of detail, a full cast of characters, good story structure and the writing simply flowed.The reading of it was utterly fulfilling.Scenes were in turns full of despair and longing, hypnotic, witty, delightful, sensual and intimate. The writing truly had flashes of brilliance. KA is getting even more extraordinary at this writing gig. It looks absolutely effortless.I can't even describe the point of view off the top of my head. I think it was first person from a both the leads, but felt at times, omniscient in that I didn't feel stuck in someone's head or limited by any lack of perspective.Like in many KA novels, the supporting cast is big, delightful and surprisingly well realized. I don't know how she does it! Even the cat who was referred to maybe 6 times, was a compelling character who had a wonderful, symbolic role in the story. I have a theory about the name of the cat, "Wilson", which is probably completely false. Hmmm. Anyway, another great side character is one of February's (h) former love interests (there are a few). He has very limited page space yet the way he's written is powerful (how you do that, KA?). Another background character who works at a restaurant who is never actually seen "on screen" until the last chapter has a freaking story arc. It's a teeny tiny little arc and its just symbolic in nature, but delightful nonetheless. There should be like, an award for that or something, right? The story is constantly in forward motion. Any reflection on the past simply reveals information. There is an organic ever-unfolding nature to the writing that I adore. Lots of scenes, lots of relationships, lots of intriguing back story that's revealed over time.Only one little bit that niggles: First of all, I am not a huge fan of suspense. This book has a suspenseful plot line, but it is believable and really well-done. I love that it does not overshadow or choke the story but actually enhances it, drives the plot forward and serves to reveal lots of characterization. That said, KA often has heroines confront the "enemy/ghost from the past/ex-something/abuser/kidnapper" etc. at some point in her books. It's not that I mind it and in some stories I love it, but in this book I simply didn't believe it. (view spoiler)[When someone is a completely insane, psychotic, mass-murdering maniac, and he is wielding an axe, is that really a good time to have a lengthy emotional discussion with him (there are cops with guns pointed at him at the time, but still). Seemed far fetched that she would attempt to get him to see the light at that moment. (hide spoiler)]Compared to the awesomeness of the rest of this delicious piece of love, that was a blip on the screen. I wholeheartedly look forward to the next one.One thing that may be notable: I put this book down. Alot. At the time of this review, I haven't decided whether it was because I didn't "have to know" what happened next or I was putting off finishing for not wanting it to be over. I definitely savored a few chapters at a time. I didn't read any other books between, but I did other things. I honestly think it might be related to the suspense element. Suspense makes me uncomfortable no matter the intensity. I am a wuss. This all changed in the last chapters though and I couldn't stop reading. The final chapter that follows the climax reads like an epilogue (which KA does like no other!) and it's so very satisfying. Arcs are completed. Secondary relationships are visited. There is something so special and delightful about that last chapter. I just can't describe it.*continues basking*

  • Blacky *Romance Addict*
    2019-07-16 19:09

    This was intense :O The first half of the book got me clutching my chest cause I couldn't breathe right, it was so powerful and emotional :( It's really packed with it. Colt and Feb were so heartbreaking, it was difficult to read their scenes, I mean I loved them but still, very emotional <3 The serial killer plot - it was ok, I've read much worse that got me sick of SK stories, but I went for this one anyway, and don't regret it :) It's 4 stars cause I really got tired of waiting for them to get the bad guy, it's like the second half of the book was just building to it, and it was just too much building for me XD Aside that, a wonderful emotional story, I really recomend it especially if you like crime stories :)

  • Jen
    2019-07-10 13:10

    I began this series not knowing what to expect, and once again KA produced a story that was full of action,suspence, romance, and of course; great sex! I am not usually fond of the reconcilliation stories; but this one I found was hard not to enjoy.Colt and Februray fell in love at a young age and were the high school sweethearts that everyone knew would be together forever. Unfortuneatly, there was a MAJOR misunderstanding that was orchestrated by someone who was crazy and obsessed with Feb and wanted her for himself. This caused Colt and Feb to go their seperate ways for many many years. What a tragedy, that two people who loved each other so much, end up missing out on all of that time together. They both married others, and had those marriages fail, but in the end fate brought them back together; but it was anything but smooth sailing for them. There is someone who is not done with Feb, he has had years to develop and continue his obsession; not only with Feb but with Colt too. Actually, this creep makes up this reality in his mind that he is Colt (Alec) and Feb is HIS.. Nothing will stop him from getting her back. In the process, he has a score to settle with the people who have wronged Feb...and this man wants to make these people pay with their lives.I loved this storyline, and I was very absorbed into it. My complaint was that it was so long, and there were sooo many characters introduced that it became hard to keep track of everyone and who they were. Other than that, there was never a dull moment, and it was impossible not to become absorbed into the lives of everyone in this little town. I look forward to the books that continue this series..Another successful series written by Kristen Ashley..

  • Kristin (KC)
    2019-07-02 15:13

    3.5 Stars…This was my first Kristen Ashley read and it was just as sexy as I thought it would be! KA's writing is unique to anything I've read before; the dialogue is down to earth and gives you a feel of comfort and closeness with the characters. The story was interesting and had a romantic-suspense theme. The highly psychotic murderer on the loose added an exciting and creepy twist that I enjoyed. There was so much terrific build up at the start of book that I expected to be completely floored when everything eventually came to a head, but unfortunately, the element of suspense ended up falling just a little flat. I also feel that the story dragged at certain parts, and could have benefited from being a big shorter. I must admit that the relationship between February and Colt was fire-hot! KA, no doubt, knows how to write a five-star love scene. There was the ever-famous sexual tension present in the beginning which evolved shamelessly into raw, sexual heat. If you're into erotic-romance, do not deny yourself a Kristen Ashley love scene!Book Stats:▪ Genre/Category: Adult Comtemporary Romance▪ Steam Caliber: Maximum steam▪ Romance: Rekindled love. Intense connection.▪ Characters: Down-to-earth, spunky. Alpha hero. Strong heroine. ▪ Plot: A love that never died is rekindled as hero desperately tries to protect heroine from a crazed stalker. ▪ Writing: Wordy. Blunt. Slightly disjointed, but creates natural feel in dialogue. ▪ POV: 1st Person: Heroine▪ Cliffhanger: None▪ Next Installment: Spinoff

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-06-28 18:54

    YOU CAN'T REWRITE HISTORY! In this town, EVERYONE knew that February Owens and Alexander Colton were meant to be.“Romeo and Juliet, say they didn’t die but Juliet got pissed and took off. Everyone would know it was Romeo and Juliet, would always be Romeo and Juliet, even if later Romeo hooked up with Nancy. No one ever heard of Nancy, doesn’t even sound right, Romeo and Nancy. Everyone knows Romeo’s meant to be with Juliet. Even if Romeo loved Nancy, Nancy would always know she was never Juliet.”Alexander Colton and February Owens have been in love with each other their whole lives.“Since I was three, there’s never been a day when I wasn’t in love with you.” Outside forces play an evil part in their relationship’s demise leaving February and Alec without each other for twenty-two years.The same evil force that destroyed their relationship returns with a vengeance to rewrite history tossing Alec and February together. They fall back into place with ease. “ I remember everything about you and I remember all the reasons why I loved you. Never could forget even when I tried.” A scary read and a lot of lives lost but true love as in Feb and Alec prevail!“He’s gone now. Now it’s just you and me and the life we were meant to have.”

  • Auntee
    2019-07-05 13:02

    It pains me to say this but some of these KA books are just too freakin' long. Where is a good editor when you need one? Sometimes I don't mind the endless details but in this story, which is a romantic suspense, I thought the endless details and introduction of so many characters not essential to the story (and giving them lines to speak) helped to slow down the momentum of the story. I want my RS to move at a fast pace, with me dying to turn the page to find out what will happen. But sadly, there were times with this one that I was dying to turn the page--just to skip some parts and move the story forward.Don't get me wrong, this was not a dud at all. I liked the whole RS plot idea (except I hate hate hate when the H/h break up over something they think they witnessed or heard, without talking about what they witnessed. I hate the whole big misunderstanding thing, especially when it drags on for 20 years! And when either the H/h remains messed up for all that time. Which btw, also happened in a similar way in another KA book (Walk Through Fire). So I had to put my dislike of that particular trope behind, and try to move on with the story.It helped that KA gave us a particularly swoonworthy hero in police detective Alec 'Colt' Colton. I loved him. It took me a while to warm up to bar owner February Owens though. Not exactly sure why. But as the story progressed I liked her more and more and respected her. I guess I liked that their relationship before they got together wasn't mean or antagonistic like with some other KA couples.KA created a really sick villain. And what he did to his victims and what he put our H/h through was just sick, twisted, and gruesome. But why oh why, when the police and Feds knew this serial killer was coming for them, why weren't they better protected? One off-duty cop to protect them? Plus friends and family members? I dunno, I feel like their bar should've been swarming with feds...Good points? The chemistry and history between Feb and Alec. KA never stumbles over this. They had heat, passion, and a great back story.The gripping climax--once we finally got to it! And of course the HEA--KA never fails on giving good, satisfying HEAs.:)To sum up: this story had 500+ pages. That's a lot to carry for a RS. I wish this story had about 100 pages edited out. I would rather be left with wanting more from a story, than wondering when it is going to wrap up. So sort of a lukewarm thumbs up from me. 3 1/2 stars

  • ~ Becs ~
    2019-07-20 19:20

    Book 1 in the Burgs Series which Kristen Ashley refers to as a ‘crime’ series on her website. It is in fact an edgy romantic suspense with a sadistic hatchet wielding homicidal maniac on the prowl with February Owens (our heroine) as his object of desire and will stop at nothing to avenge the wrongs he perceives have been done to her over the years. And we are talking years here – he carves up someone she once had an argument with at high school right at the beginning of the novel.He leaves this body at the back of the bar Feb works in and part owns with her brother Morrie for her to discover. Enter stage left – Lieutenant Alexander Colton – our hero. He’s a cop and is called to the scene. Alec ‘Colt’ and February have a long history which is drip fed to us slowly through the book. They were high school sweethearts and broke up due to a ‘big misunderstanding’ and Feb went off the rails allegedly sleeping with every guy in town. They both married other people – Feb’s marriage ending when her husband beat and attempted to rape her. Colt exacted a physical revenge on Feb’s bottom –dwelling pond sludge of an ex and Feb left town.15 lonely years later, Feb returns to town to help run the bar with Morrie now that her parents have retired and studiously avoids the newly-divorced Colt for a couple of years until her world explodes when our killer starts his work and Colt wades in to protect her.Kristen Ashley really does write suspense well with the killer an ever present threat lurking ominously. He’s totally psychotic and sadistic and reminded me very much of a Karen Rose villain although the book is way sexier than a KR novel,It’s also a great romance – you can tell that fate intends for these two to be together. They’ve been totally unable to find happiness with anyone else but circumstance has intervened to keep them asunder for years. Colt even speculates that they can be happier now because of this….Then in my ear, he said, “I remember everything about you and I remember all the reasons why I loved you. Never could forget even when I tried.” I sucked in breath, unprepared for this stealth attack, while he went on. “Who knows, baby? We had all that time together, I coulda got used to it, learned to take it for granted.” His arms gave me a squeeze. “Now, that’ll never happen.”Le sigh. Colt is wonderful – he’s totally genuine, caring, protective and very, very hot. They really set the pages on fire with this one. February is, at first, very reserved, unwilling to let Colt back in but you know she’s always been in love with him and it’s just a matter of time and I adored how they loved each other. They’ve a lot of history together and this is very much a story of a love once lost, refound and rekindled.Fabulous.5 stars romantic suspense.

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2019-07-01 17:07

    For You was amazing, but it’s Kristen Ashley, so that’s not surprising. Loved everything about it! February and Colt had such a heartbreaking history and you could feel the longing and sadness between these two when the story opened. Colt is like a member of the family, taken in under February’s family’s love and protection since he was five. From there Feb has always been in love with him, even during their long years apart, same thing with Colt. They were childhood and high school sweethearts until they weren’t when Feb abruptly breaks up with Colt, when she’s twenty and he’s twenty-two. They lead their separate lives, both getting married and then divorced to other people, but Feb’s back in town for the last two years, helping her brother run their family’s bar after their parents retire. As a reader, you know, just know these two are on a path towards each other, and fortunately Kristen Ashley doesn’t make you wait too long. A murdered woman turns up at the back of the bar and then a sinister note points at Feb being in the center of the killer’s mind. Little does Feb and Colt know, they’ve been the center of his focus for years. Colt is determined to protect Feb, never mind their history, and in doing so something beautiful starts to happen again, making me one HAPPY READER!!“Like it right now or not, Feb, coupla days ago, you gave yourself back to me. You think I’m letting that go, think again because, baby, you’re fucking wrong.”“I remember everything about you and I remember all the reasons why I loved you. Never could forget even when I tried.”Chilling facts come out and danger is all around making this a suspenseful read, leading up to a heart-stopping final showdown! Between the oh-so-sweet romance, the revelations, and the suspense, I didn’t want to put this book down. This is a long book, but I was not bored for even one of those pages. Love Kristen Ashley! Love her strong Alpha males! She is the Queen of writing Alpha males, but also the Queen of writing loveable, spunky heroines. Colt and February are no exception! I finished this novel with a few tears in my eyes and my heart soaring! “One thing,” I said into his chest, “one thing that’s good, Colt, and that is, every day, for all these years, I thought of you, dozens of times a day. Every day. Every single fucking day.”“February,” Colt whispered. “Still do, except, now…it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

  • AJ
    2019-07-02 16:09

    A gorgeously hot ultra-protective guy reunited with his gorgeously hot but messed up first love 22 years after she broke his heart and he never knew why. Throw in a brilliant cast of family and friends, the usual KA banter, steam and swooniness and one freaky as all hell serial killer, and you have utter perfection!OK, I had to give myself some time to contain the gush-fest that I would have written immediately after finishing the book, but I’ve managed to calm down, and am able to restrain myself (at least a little bit), so here goes.Feb is a lost soul who has returned to her home town after 15 years of aimless wandering while trying to hide from mistakes in her past. Colt is a stable, respected detective, and the local eye candy. Oh, and he’s also absolutely incredible!! He’s everything you would possibly want in a guy, but without the usual OTT-Alpha that you see in a lot of other KA heroes (not that I’m complaining in any way, because we all love that as well!!!). They have been avoiding each other for the two years since Feb's return, but the chemistry between these two is intense - childhood sweethearts who are still in love with each other after all of these years apart. The POV alternates between Feb and Colt, which I loved, because we get to see not only what they’re going through now, but also their perceptions of what happened in the past to tear these two apart and how they dealt with it. The back-part of the story unravels slowly, and you get clues along the way that help you piece it all together. The inevitable reunion is realistic and oh-so-swoony (and pretty freaking hot as well - whew!), and there are some very intense scenes as they come to realise exactly what happened to tear them apart, and then figure out how to move forward. What I really loved about their relationship was that they both accepted fault for how it all went down, and then they didn’t dwell on it. It happened, but looking back and wishing wasn’t going to change anything, so they were both prepared to put it behind them and move on. And even though the intense connection had been there between them all along, they recognised that who you are as a person at 20 is completely different from who you are at 40, so it was useless trying to pick up exactly where they left off. They just needed to move on and start fresh - and I loved that! The serial killer storyline is horrific and creepy. The killer is fixated on Feb, and reading how this affected her and Colt was both devastating and beautiful as they were inexorably drawn to each other – Feb turning to Colt for support and Colt just wanting to protect his girl (awwww).Throughout all of the drama though there are some very funny moments, and a great cast of characters. I loved that the whole town was cheering for their reunion and watching everything unfold - cell phones in hand, ready to capture any little moments. And that Feb and Colt both knew it and totally didn't care! The usual KA-end-of-book-climax is intense and tragic; my heart was racing while reading it. And as for the HEA - well it was pretty freaking epic. Not only did we get a gorgeously swoony story come to completion, but all of the characters that we came to love throughout the story are involved, so we get to see their reactions to the events as well. The whole thing left me bouncing up and down and squeeing like an idiot. Like anyone who reads KA books, I am forever a die hard fan and will read anything she writes (seriously, I’d read her grocery list at this point and get excited over it), and it struck me again in this book just how brilliant her writing is. KA depicts her scenes so vividly, she puts you right in the scene with her characters, and you can feel all of the emotion and picture it all happening as if it was right in front of you. It makes for some heart-wrenching reading, but the intensely emotional scenes that she writes are part of the reason I love her books so much. She’s a master.

  • Jessi
    2019-07-19 18:08

    WOW, another Fantastic book by KA. How does she do it every time?? I have not found one book of hers yet that I didn't love. She writes fantastic love stories that immediately drawn you in and keep you till the very end of the book. Her characters are relatable and loveable. OMG her Alpha males are the absolute best!! They will leave you drooling every time and wishing that you were in the book with them. FYI - better have lots of clean panties when reading her books. ;) lol

  • Jilly
    2019-07-14 19:09

    Another KA buddy-read with the crazy chicks at the BBB group. If you want to join a really fun group, and you're a little neurotic, we are here for you!And, then join the Buddies Books and Baubles group!So, we read these Kristen Ashley books and they all have a sort of feel to them. There is always an alpha-male who may or may not be pushing the boundaries of assholeness. There is always some sort of danger that the female gets into. The females have a tendency to whisper. (I don't know why.). There is always at least one kidnapping. Outfits are described and often songs are mentioned. And, insta-love abounds. If you can deal with all of that, you will have fun because there is also always humor.This book has a second-chance love story. Our heroes are actually kind of old for the genre - 42 & 44, but have known each other since they were 3 & 5 years old. They were high school sweethearts, but suddenly broke up when he was in college and we don't learn the reason why for a good part of the book. And, believe me, it's annoying because a conversation or two would have fixed it. But, noooo, they both married other people and went about their lives apart for over 20 years.misunderstandings always cause great pain!So, we have Colt/Alec who is a detective, and February who is the part-owner of a bar. They avoid each other at all costs until a murder brings them back together. The murderer is fixated on February and Colt intends on keeping her safe.As one security expert puts it:"It would suck you tow finally being back together only for one of you to end up hacked up with a hatchet."That would put a damper on things. Thank you, Captain Obvious!So, we have a pretty good crime story with a creepy killer, and the romance going on. I enjoyed both parts of it because this alpha-guy wasn't a big ole asshole for once. And, the murderer guy was pretty evil and sick. I like sick and evil. Sometimes the bad guy will only kill one person, or be someone who kills for reasons. I can't really sink my teeth into those kind. I want a villain who is going to be seriously screwed-up and bloodthirsty. If we are going for a bad guy, go all the way. Make me happy that the book is fiction! I know! It's so hard to get good evil minions these days!Because of the great bad guy, and the non-asshole alpha, this was probably one of my favorite KA books. I'm excited to continue the series.

  • SamJ ★Needs a HEA★
    2019-07-04 13:55

    “Romeo and Juliet, say they didn’t die but Juliet got pissed and took off. Everyone would know it was Romeo and Juliet, would always be Romeo and Juliet, even if later Romeo hooked up with Nancy. No one ever heard of Nancy, doesn’t even sound right, Romeo and Nancy. Everyone knows Romeo’s meant to be with Juliet. Even if Romeo loved Nancy, Nancy would always know she was never Juliet”Reviewed after a re read!I originally read this last year.For some reason, this was the last KA series I picked up! Something about it, not sure what, just had me putting it off till last!No idea why once I read it!A bit more romance suspense than some of her other series. Not as light-hearted.But, this book has an awesome couple of main characters. I loved Colt and Feb and loved them together.An excellent cast of secondary characters.A great plot, filled with secrets and lies and murder.And above all, a beautiful bitter-sweet story of two people who were destined to be, yet had not been, lived with the pain and found their way back to each other! While there is some drama and mystery going on, it is very much a character and relationship driven story! You were very much invested in these two getting their HEA, whilst also finding yourself really caring about the secondary characters and their lives!Remains an excellent 5 stars!“He was hearing Stevie Nicks singing in his head when Colt fell asleep in the bed, in the house, with the woman at his side that life meant him to have. After waiting for forty-four years, for the fifth night in a row, Alexander Colton was finally living the life he was meant to be living.”

  • Mistress
    2019-06-19 13:02

    Well... how can I put this nicely? This book was ok. I wonder if it was just me because KA usually is so good, but I really couldn't get into this one. It seemed like the never ending story to me. I had to force myself to finish this book. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't really good, IMO. I was so bored through the whole book. Halfway through I just wanted the bad guy to hack up everyone with his hatchet and be done with it. I liked the "KA speak"... you know where the men only talk in half sentences and grunts, in the Dream Man series because it fit with the tough bad boy persona, but in this book everyone, male and female, talked like that. It was too much. I also hated how they always interrupted each other by saying the other person's name. Colt... Colt... Colt... Colt... Feb... Feb... Feb... Feb... It drove me insane! I just wanted the hatchet man to show up and end their dumb conversations in a bloody massacre. At least then I might not be bored to tears. So, needless to say this is not one I would really recommend even for KA lovers.