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The first in a high octane sci-fi adventure series by best-selling and award-winning author, Brian Falkner.It is 2030, and the world is at war with an alien race. The Bzadians. The battleground: Earth. Recon Team Angel, made up of teenagers from around the world, has been training for years. They have learned Bzadian languages. Learned how to operate their weapons. How toThe first in a high octane sci-fi adventure series by best-selling and award-winning author, Brian Falkner.It is 2030, and the world is at war with an alien race. The Bzadians. The battleground: Earth. Recon Team Angel, made up of teenagers from around the world, has been training for years. They have learned Bzadian languages. Learned how to operate their weapons. How to work, eat, and think like them. Now it is time to act. Recon Team Angel must slip behind enemy lines, work their way into the top-secret alien facility under Uluru, and uncover the truth. But what they discover will shock not just them, but all of humanity....

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Assault Reviews

  • Connor
    2019-07-17 16:01

    It was a good book with action and excitement. Great for COD and Halo lovers. Also a good book for science fiction lovers.

  • Halkovic's-Classroom
    2019-06-25 13:04

    The book I read was The Assault by: Brian Falkner. This book takes place in a post-alien invasion world were earth was invaded and what’s left has taken refuge in the Americas. They have heavily fortified the Americas to try to hold out versus the superior alien technology until they can create a battle plan to drive the aliens off the planet for good. The book takes place in the perspective of the 4th recon team, or “Angel”. They are a Special Forces unit created to take kids and train them to infiltrate the aliens to do whatever they can to slow them down and try to weaken them and find a weakness. Some of the parts of the book I enjoyed were when the characters came into contact with the aliens and had to fool them into believing that they were fellow aliens and the characters hoping that their training was enough. I enjoyed this book very much, but this book is certainly not a read for everyone. It is a very action pack, but kind of short book which isn’t everyone’s type of book. And due to the military mindset if the characters and all the military mumbo jumbo, certain parts may not make much sense if you don’t already know the background of the various weapons mentioned. But overall, I recommend this book to anyone who likes action-packed adventures. If you do then you will find this book a great read.(Aaron W.)

  • Matthew Collins
    2019-07-01 18:20

    This was a very good book. I give out 5 stars a lot (I'm just really good at knowing whether I will like a book or not before I start it), and it sounds silly, but I even started looking for reasons to drop a star, but even if I felt there were faults, they got lost somewhere in my interest and investment of the story and I had to stick with a 5 out of 5 stars. Especially for a YA book, I felt the way he organized the military terms and proceedure was done really well. The story itself is very interesting and the plot has enough turns, although some are predictable, to keep you reading. The only downside was that some things were predictable. It didn't take away from the story at all, they weren't cliche, and I still felt surprised at quite a few things, so overall it didn't bother me at all.

  • Tammy Lewis
    2019-07-06 16:02

    Six teenagers, led by Lt. "Lucky" Ryan, undergo physical alterations and extensive training in order to infiltrate the invading alien headquarters on what was once called Australia. Upon landing in Australia Ryan learns one of his team is a traitor and tensions heighten when he finds another member of the squad dead in his sleeping bag with the sabotaged transmitter. With their communication cut, Ryan pushes the team through to their goal, Uluru. Once they make it inside the secretive rock they discover the aliens have been breeding and brainwashing humans to infiltrate what's left of humanity and one of their products is Sergeant Holly Brogan who reveals her betrayal as it becomes clear the team's orders are to destroy Uluru and all it contains. After subduing the sergeant, Ryan orders that all the humans that can, be evacuated before the bomb goes off and the aliens break in. Sending the children and traitor ahead on the team's evacuation transport, Ryan and the three remaining members of his squad must hold out until the backup transport can evacuate them from enemy territory. This book was a fun, fast-paced read but I feel like it pulled its punches a little. It creates a nice introduction into the conversation about the effects of war on individuals, exploring the contrast between orders given and actions soldiers actually feel comfortable committing as well as effects the death of a member of a group. But it doesn't delve too deeply into the human psyche or emotions, a good book for teens looking for a book in the military or sci-fi genres.

  • Sean McClennen
    2019-06-19 19:25

    It was an action-packed pretty exciting book but I think it lacked depth and all of the characters said what they meant and did what they said. It was also good in many ways. The author created a large new dystopian future that was pretty complex and hard to get a grasp on. The characters like I said before were pretty one dimensional and just didn't interest me but a lot of things about it were so action packed I almost enjoyed reading it.

  • Meg
    2019-06-28 15:08

    I had this finished basically within a day. I couldn't put it down. I look forward to getting my hands on the rest of the series. The plot reminded me of Tomorrow When the War Began only set in the future and with aliens. It had almost everything a good novel should have: action, comedic dialogue, the twist. This was a really great story.

  • Sean Harding
    2019-06-26 20:00

    Not really high-octane whatever that means.

  • Kathy Martin
    2019-07-01 19:17

    This science fiction war story was filled with action. A group of six young people have been trained to infiltrate the headquarters of the alien invaders who said they were coming to seek refuge from their dying planet but who now want to take over the whole Earth. This is the story of how they managed to get into the fortress and what they found when they got there.The leader of the group is sixteen-year-old Lieutenant Ryan Chisnall. The other group members are his Sergeant Holly Brogan, Specialist Steven Huntington, Specialist Janos Panyoczki, Private Blake Wilton, and Private Trianne Price. Each of the members of the team has a specialty. Price is also called Phantom because she can move with so much stealth, Wilton is a sharp shooter, and Panyoczki is called Monster because he is so strong. Chisnall has picked all of them for their strengths but he doesn't know that he has also picked one team member who is a traitor and is working for the aliens. Chisnall has to figure out who the traitor is after Huntington is killed and some important equipment is damaged. But he also has to complete his mission and get to the center of Uluru to find out what the aliens are hiding.This book is filled with military jargon and lots of various weapons I found that there was a glossary at the end of the story that would have been more helpful had it been at the beginning. There isn't much character development in the story. The whole thing is written as though it was pieced together from mission reports and interviews with the survivors. It begins with a prologue that sets the stage and ends with an End Note that tells what happened to the characters of this book after this adventure ends.This is essentially a war story. We don't really learn very much about the aliens who have invaded the Earth. While they talk about how our team has to learn the culture and language of the aliens, the actual aliens don't act much different that any human soldier would. Their "alien-ness" is conveyed by their physical appearance which includes a differently shaped skull, different skin tones, and different things they like to eat. They are supposed to have DNA that is 99% the same as human DNA.I think this story will appeal most to those who really like war stories with descriptions of weapons and battles. I would have liked more character development and for the aliens to be more alien.

  • Bethany Miller
    2019-07-17 13:55

    2.5 starsSummary:Earth has been invaded by the Bzadians, an Alien species who wants to exterminate humanity and claim the planet for their own. Recon Team Angel, made up of six teens who have been physically modified to look like Bzadians, has a special mission to infiltrate Uluru Military Base, assist in an attack, and investigate what is going on in this highly secret location. At the outset, only the team’s leader Lieutenant Chisnall knows the full extent of the plan, and the mission has just barely gotten underway when someone tries to take him out. Chisnall knows it has to be one of the five other members of Team Angel, but he’s not sure who. In the meantime he has to continue on with the mission and contend with many obstacles and surprises along the way.Evaluation:The Assault will appeal to readers who like a lot of action and don’t require much character development. The plot moves quickly, and there are a lot of twists and turns which will keep the reader guessing. Most interesting and unique was the idea that these teenagers had not only been thoroughly trained in all the ways of the Bzadians, they have also been surgically modified to look like them (forked tongues, bone extensions to give them elongated skulls, skin discoloration). However, there is no examination of the morality of the humans who were willing to recruit teens to fight and put them through such extreme medical procedures. Though the presence of aliens on Earth certainly put this novel in the category of science fiction, it relies heavily on standard clichés of war novels and movies. Much dialogue was used as a means to develop the characters and show the camaraderie among the members of Team Angel, but most of it came off as clichéd military banter. As a result, the characterization was pretty thin. The point of view occasionally switches to that of one of the aliens, which was interesting but in the end didn’t really seem to serve a purpose. Perhaps it will become important as the series progresses. The cover art suggests that this is aimed at middle grade readers, but the level of violence makes it more appropriate for more mature middle school and younger high school students.

  • Dan
    2019-07-10 15:07

    By the description this book sounded really interesting. It proved to be a massive flop. I got 55% through it and just could not read another page.Things I liked :::- I liked the tech in this book. The half pipe (a parachute without a parachute), the automatic holster etc.- And that was about it...Things I didn't like :::- Worst alien invasion ever!!! They have ships that can carry them all the way across the universe but once they get here they have to borrow all of the human tech to take over the planet. How does that go, "hey guys I left my gun at home can I borrow yours? Thanks! Now I'm going to take over your planet." - The aliens supposedly forgot to bring satellites and didn't think to keep their own ships in orbit. This creates a huge blind spot for them because the humans can track them from space.- There is no alien culture aside form pointing with flat hands and other mundane and unimportant elements like that. The aliens even remarkably have the same military structure that we do.- This plot was paper thin and full to the brim with cliches. All of the army and soldier jargon... bland... bland... bland... I have seen it before a million times!- There was so much pretended suspense that it was painful. The murder plot was not interesting and the characters were forgettable and I really wouldn't care if they got the ax.- Who in their right mind trains teens and sends them on a critical mission to save the world?! The books says it was because they were good at paintball and were short enough. Well guess what? There are tons of short people in this world who are adults and probably could be good at paintball too!I will stop my list of things I didn't like there because I think you get the point. This book is nothing you haven't seen before and skipped. Maybe if this was your first EVER encounter with this genre it might hold your attention. In the end it would only serve as a good example of bad sci-fi once you encounter good sci-fi.

  • Ms. Yingling
    2019-06-23 17:55

    In the future (shortly before I can retire in 2038), the Earth has been taken over by aliens from Bzadia. It started with a plea from a small group to be allowed to take refuge in uninhabited areas of Australia, but before long they were attacking that area of the world and moving slowly and inexorably through Europe. Only the US has remained free, and the military there assembled a small team of teenagers who were modified to look like Bzadians and trained in their customs and language, as well as military tactics. They are parachuted into the Australian outback with a mission-- to find the base at Uluru and blow it to pieces. To do so, they have to confront actual Bzadians and also deal with a traitor in their midst. Only the leader, Ryan Chisnall, has figured this out and is trying to keep his team safe and the mission on track. When the group finally gets to Uluru, they find out a horrendous plan of the Bzadians, but do their best to save civilians involved and get their team out safely.Strengths: Wow. I liked the premise of the alien invasion, the description of the Bzadians and some of their gestures and phrases, and the twist when the group infiltrates Uluru. Boys will love the military action, weapons, and fighting. Great cover. Should probably have two copies!Weaknesses: About half way through the book, I realized I had no idea what the team was doing in the Outback; it was explained shortly thereafter, but there was so much going on at the beginning of the book that I didn't even think about it. Good or bad? Hard to tell.

  • Dracolibris
    2019-07-15 12:19

    Booktalk for middle school:I am sure you have seen pictures, or even know someone, who is covered with tattoos.But have you ever seen pictures of those people who have had their tongue surgically split in two, so it is forked like a snake’s?How about the people who have had implants put in their heads, to make it look like they had horns?What if you HAD to do that, for your job? Would you still do it?What if your job was to save the world from an alien invasion? That is the mission that Recon Angel Team has been given, and they are the only ones who are smart enough, tough enough, and thanks to their young ages, small enough to disguise themselves as the alien invaders and hit them where it hurts-at the very center of the base of operations. And as if THAT weren’t dangerous enough, Lieutenant Ryan Chisnall suspects he may have a traitor on his specialized a team, A traitor who not only could doom the whole mission, but also the entire human race. Fast-paced, hard to put down, full of suspense, action, military jargon, and lots of explosions, this book played like a summer blockbuster in my mind’s eye as I read it. I think boys and girls will find it appealing as several members of the Angel Team are super capable female soldiers with their own special talents.

  • Carmel
    2019-07-18 14:00

    Set in 2030, the story follow a group of six military teenagers who have been specifically trained for this mission: to infiltrate the base of the alien race, the Bzadians, who have taken over most of the world. However, the mission becomes a lot more dangerous once the team leader learns that there is a traitor within the group. Now, he must get his team through this mission all while trying to find out who between is the traitor to the human race.All the characters are interesting. Many of the team members are quickly likable with their exchanges of witty banter. You will spend much of your time while reading the book trying to figure out which of the team members is the traitor. I guessed it pretty early on but that does not mean my thoughts did not flutter over some of the other characters being the traitor.The Assault has quick paced and quick witted dialogue. Do not worry if you do not understand some of the abbreviations and jargon because the book contains a glossary! Final Thought.Give it a go. A unique military novel full of science fiction, action, thrills and adventures, Assault appeals not only to boys but to anyone who wants a fast paced adventure.

  • Dale
    2019-06-19 20:14

    The strength of the story is action and there certainly was plenty of that and it was well done.This is the first in a series of books about teenage human soldiers used to infiltrate the ranks of alien invaders of Earth through secret missions.The premise is that a group of aliens called Bzadians arrived at Earth and settled in the Australian Outback because it was most like their home. Their ships had no propulsion systems to let them take back off of Earth and humanity was persuaded to let them settle in Australia.But, it turns out that these original ships were the advance force for a full-fledged invasion. Australia became their stronghold and the from their the Bzadians invaded Asia, Africa and Europe. Now, only the Americas hold them off. Because of the slight, short stature of the Bzadians, human teenagers have been recruited to undergo plastic surgery and go behind enemy lines to gather intelligence and, if possible, actually do some damage...Read more at:

  • Sarah (Head Stuck In A Book)
    2019-07-19 13:25

    Review from my blog: I actually gave this book 3.5/5The story starts off in 2030 most of the world excluding New Zealand And America (which are now called free territories) have been taken over by aliens called Bzadian's.They came claiming peace but instead plotted to take over the world and wipe out all of humanity, Australia is their base of operations in particular Uluru in the Northern Territory.Six soldiers from around the world have been trained to imitate the Bzadians to infiltrate and take them down.The big mystery is what is hidden inside Uluru , the soldier's task is to find out and then destroy it.Then of course their is a traitor in amongst the six soldiers and I have to say I never guessed who it was and I was shocked when it was revealed.But the biggest shock was the ending I never could have guessed at what was inside Uluru it was certainly a big surprise.If you like a lot of action, gun fights, espionage, deceit and shocking reveals this is the book for you.A big thanks to Joanna @ Walker Books Australia

  • Zach
    2019-06-23 18:58

    In the year 2030 an alien race has invaded earth and is trying to take it for themselves. Recon Team Angel, a squad of young soldiers and spy's, are forced to infiltrate enemy facilities and find information to help end the war between humanity and the Bzadians (the aliens). When slipping behind enemy lines Recon Team Angel will discover things that they never could imagine possible.Recon Team Angel Deserves a 5/5 star rating because although it does not have the most original story-line it is written in such a way that it grips the reader no matter what. With its intense story line and big plot twists it leaves you on the edge of your seat until you've finished the book in one sitting and then you desperately want to get your hands on the second book in the series!Overall, Recon Team Angel is an amazing book and is a good read for all ages. It is gripping, interesting and a great book that would put anyone on the edge of their seat throughout the whole story. Brian Falkner is a Kiwi author and has written many other books, including two others about Recon Team Angel.

  • William Bentrim
    2019-06-25 13:11

    The Assault by Brian FalknerEarth is invaded, the invaders are as biologically as close to us as chimpanzees and they are winning our planet. A team of teenage commandos infiltrate their most secure facility and wreak havoc. My first reaction to the age of the commandos was tainted by the reality of child soldiers in the African conflicts. After I scrubbed that image from my mind I was able to focus on the story. The story line is fine. The political logic regarding the arrival of the aliens seemed highly plausible. The behavior of the aliens was akin to the behavior of the European assault on colonial America. Teenage abilities are often overlooked. I found nothing outlandish about the capabilities of teenage commandos. Kids are talented and far more resilient than what is commonly believed. I also liked the way Falkner showed the innate optimism and nobility of the young. Their unwillingness to randomly kill and their resistance to the “collateral damage” attitude was comforting. This was a good, entertaining YA book. I recommend the book.

  • Cole Ellwein
    2019-07-01 20:12

    My reason for choosing this book was that it sounded interesting. Well turns out the book is based in Australia. The war with the aliens is going on and has been a stalemate for years so it is external conflict. Chiznall is dynamic from the begging to the end. He was strong, caring, good actor, and observant. "Brogan!" Chisnall tried to keep the relief out of his voice. "Are you okay?"(Falkner 196). The theme was basically I think impossible is nothing. One connection to the book is they are about my age (Falkner 104). Another is that they are good with guns like me (Falkner 36). The last one is that they can shoot fairly well(Falkner 46). My favorite main character was probably Chiznall mainly because he was the leader. Another theme is saw was to watch who you trust. My overall opinion of the book is that it is a great one. Mostly in part to the fact that it kept me entertained and in the book the entire time. I would recommend this book to my friends because it was good army book and most of my friends like that kind of stuff.

  • Kurtis Chan
    2019-06-25 20:12

    I thought that this book was really interesting and how a turn of events can decide a life or death situation. From the beginning where someone tried to kill the leader of the Recon Team, Chisnall to infiltrating the alien base to end the war, it was a turn of events that nobody expected. Chisnall thought that everything went the way it was supposed to. But Chisnall thought wrong. He ended up almost getting caught by the enemy until he and his crew changed costumes. They also thought they had enough time to get out of the alien base until a nuclear warhead started ticking down and almost killed the whole Recon Team and innocent human children and adults. Nothing went in their favor except making it out alive and heading back to the United States for confirmation that the mission was a success.

  • Nadeem
    2019-06-21 14:55

    The AssaultBy Brian Falkner Will the Angle recon team come out alive from the mission.(Pg 186, Falkner)'He flicked the safety off on the detonator.Price jumped to her feet and began to run. Rounds split the air around her and puffs of white flicked up around her feet. The car was only meters behind her, closing in on the last pillar.Chisnall's thumb moved over the firing button."Get down!" he yelled. There was an explosion below and the building shook as the tanks fired at the main door.He looked at the slender figure of price. He pressed the firing button. A brilliant flare whitened the screen that he was watching. It cleared as the whole building shook from the blast.'

  • Clayton Yuen
    2019-07-06 13:19

    This is the first novel in the series and it starts with a bang. Earth slowly taken over by aliens; how do we stop them? Well, before you can fight them, you have to infiltrate them .... in come the "modern" recon team.A bunch of trained teenagers, chosen for their diminutive size (to match the aliens), are trained for the Angel Recon Team. They infiltrate the alien base in Australia to determine the aliens secret.I give this YA novel by Brian Faulkner 5 stars because he has presented an awesome and unique set of characters and situation. You'll have to read about the mission and the adventure. We're talking about a totally new theme, and continuous action and adventure. Faulkner writes with a flow and excitement that will capture you .... then finish this novel in a couple of days!

  • Stanley Zhong
    2019-07-10 15:18

    I think the book is really interesting with an unsuspected plot twist. The book contains action and war times but it has a little bit of romance and sci fi in the book. The book convinced me to read the rest of the series. I would definitely recommend the book to the children 10 and over who love action and sci fi. The book tells you a lot about think fast but sensibly on your feet and to be prepared for anything that might happen.

  • Cassidy Washburn
    2019-07-14 19:04

    I KNEW IT! I knew who the traitor was! BOOYAH!I really enjoyed the whole story line of this book. Just the thought of teenagers taking on some badass aliens was epic! Definitely make sure to read the Glossary of all the phrases used in the book because it really helped.Some great aspects of the book were 1.) The characters were very likeable 2.) It keeps you guessing on who the traitor is (I knew who it was almost right away :P) 3.) The phrases and statements between characters were HILARIOUS! ex. Cheese and Rice So basically...I can't wait for the next book!

  • Nick Welch
    2019-07-11 19:06

    The story of angel team 1 one is very realistic. Unlike most books that have war violence and weapons and then explain nothing about them, this book has a large glossary that explains every military term used. This book also has a great and original plot. The only thing that was wrong with the book is that the ending is a bit confusing but besides that the book has no errors at all. I personally that Brian Falkner has made a book that everyone will like.

  • Billy p
    2019-06-19 14:02

    The Assault, by Brian Falkner hooked me in right away. It took place in the year 2030 and Earth had been attacked by an alien race and The United States was the last area still under human control, which forced these six teenage soldiers called recon team Angel to disguise themselves as the enemy, the Bzadians. I enjoyed the action packed book and would recommend it to any individual who is interested in futuristic war and lots of action.

  • Severin Shuman
    2019-07-13 20:04

    I really enjoyed this book. During first block when we have 10 minutes to read our books, i always wished there was more time cause everyday there was something big and new that happened in the book. I read the book really quick so that means it really was good. 10/10 would recommend this book.

  • Kevin
    2019-07-05 15:12

    Elite group of teens in the military, dedicated to fighting the aliens who had overtaken earth. This elite unit undergoes intense training and even physical surgery to appear like the aliens in order to go on covert ops missions behind alien enemy lines. Someone within the unit may be siding with the aliens. What shocking experiment are the aliens attempting to keep secret? The secret is shocking! Great storyline, characters simple, the mission not simple.

  • Jack Dobbins
    2019-07-09 12:58

    This book was an absolute joy to read. Falkner kept me analyzing every detail which only fueled the mental image of Uluru that i was creating. I love that all characters were teenagers, this made it easy to engaged my focus and kept me flipping page after page. Everything from the fire-fights with the Alien parasites to infiltrating the enemies base kept me from putting the book down. A fantastic read. I highly recommend for teenagers and young adults alike.

  • Book Bazaar
    2019-07-20 17:00

    I wasn't sure that I would like this to begin with as the military jargon made me think it might be a bit too "boy" for me but 2 chapters in that hesitation was forgotten. I have enjoyed all of Falkner's recent novels - wonderful to have sci fi and action adventures for teens and this one, with Australia being occupied by an alien force, was tension filled and exciting. Perfect for boys, and girls, who want an action packed read.

  • TheReader
    2019-07-14 19:56

    Im not exactly sure what to say of this book. I enjoyed it, thats for sure, but I also believed that it could have been so much more. So, an interesting book in the least, it brings with it a shaky future for the human race because, well, Earth has been invaded by aliens. Many many aliens. A short book that one could call cool, a nice read for those who like science fiction. Oh, beware, lots of second guessing when reading this book (in my case anyways).