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Title : misery
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misery Reviews

  • peiman-mir5 rezakhani
    2019-07-16 17:07

    ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، این داستان در موردِ آهنگری به نامِ < پطروف> است که همراه با همسرش چهل سال در بدبختی زندگی کرده اند... در این مدت زن با وفایِ او با تمامِ مشکلات ساخته بود و دَم نزده بود‎روزی از روزهایِ زمستانِ سرد و طاقت فرسا، زنِ استاد < پطروف> به سختی بیمار می شود... استاد ارابه ای به زحمت کرایه کرده تا او را به درمانگاهی در شهر منتقل کند... در راه یاد خاطراتِ تلخ گذشته می افتد.. اما با خود فکر میکند وقتی زنش را به درمانگاه رساند، و حال زنش خوب شد و برگشتند، برای دکتر به عنوان هدیه یک جا سیگاری بسازد و برایش بفرستد... سپس به یاد بدبختی هایی افتاد که زنش به خاطرِ او تحمل کرده است... قصد دارد از همسرش تشکر کند و به گناه گذشته اش اعتراف کند، اما وقتی به همسرش نگاه میکند، میبیند که آن زن در سرما مُرده است‎استاد < پطروف> از شدت سرما و اندوهِ از دست دادنِ همسرش، راه را گم کرده و بیهوش می شود‎دو روز بعد در بیمارستان به هوش می آید، و میبیند همه چیزش را از دست داده و بدبخت تر از همیشه شده است‎زنش را نمی تواند دفن کند، گاری و اسب مردم را از دست داده است و دیگر جاسیگاری ساختن نیز برایش امکان پذیر نمی باشد‎این استاد پیر و بیچاره، آرزو میکند که چند روز به وی مهلت دهند تا گذشتهٔ سرشار از اشتباهش و بدبختی هایش را جبران کند، ولی مگر میشود به گذشته بازگشت؟؟؟ خیر‎امیدوارم پسندیده باشید‎< پیروز باشید و ایرانی>

  • Nawal
    2019-07-01 20:12

    Chekhov is one of those great writers who don't merely describe reality but also adds dimension to it. Though he intentionally refrained from delivering moral or political sermons in his literary works, Chekhov remains one of the finest moral compasses just by forcing us to examine our conceptions about life and human nature.Written in a straightforward narrative style, the story opens with a question that encapsulates the protagonist’s struggle “To whom shall I tell my grief?”The narrative follows Iona Potapov, a sledge driver whose son has just died. Potapov is naturally mourning, and wants nothing more than to share his grief with each of the people who engage his cab to lighten his burdensome misery, someone who's simply there to listen and sympathize with "My son died last week". Flustered and desperate for someone to talk to, the old man realizes at last that there is no one willing to listen to him, he nevertheless has found a way to get his feelings off his chest by experiencing some relief in the warm, animal companionship of his little mare. But is the mare really listening? Is she compassionate and understanding as Iona had thought? Or is Iona just fancying due to the trauma he had been experiencing? The ending is deliberately left inconclusive, as Chekhov tend to emphasize the continuation of conflict, not its conclusion! This is the everyday story in which man can't rise above the clouds of his narcissism and selfishness and Chekhov masterfully portrayed humans insensivity to other's pain and their lack of any communication, involvement and sharing in the grief of their fellowmen.If you are grieving a loss, take comfort in this short story.

  • imane
    2019-07-08 15:07

    اذا كنت شقيا لا احد سيهتم لامرك العالم باكمله لن يهتم لمعاناتك. الحياة لا تتوقف لانك بائس. لك الله يا شقي

  • Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly
    2019-07-03 15:56

    Given a modern setting he could be a cab driver. Alone now, the only family he had was his son who, now that he is old, could have replaced him in his job. But his son just died, after spending three days, feverish, in a hospital.So here are scenes, some daily rituals of his work. In this story, though, he is not a cab driver but a sledge-driver powered by a horse. The cab/taxi during Chekhov's time. He takes in passengers, and tries to make small talk with them. The usual things, even funny things, and he would chuckle as cab drivers feign appreciation of their passengers' jokes, hoping for an appreciative tip later. But through these banters he is actually just waiting for an opportunity and he seizes it the moment it comes: he'd tell them that his son, his only son, had just passed away. A passenger's slightest show of interest would ease his pain a bit. But no one is really interested and the relief is fleeting--"Again he is alone and again there is silence for him....The misery which has been for a brief space eased comes back again and tears his heart more cruelly than ever. With a look of anxiety and suffering (his) eyes stray restlessly among the crowds moving to and fro on both sides of the street: can he not find among those thousands someone who will listen to him? But the crowds flit by heedless of him and his misery....His misery is immense, beyond all bounds. If (his) heart were to burst and his misery to flow out, it would flood the whole world, it seems, but yet is not seen. It has found a hiding place in such an insignificant shell that one would not have found it with a candle by daylight...."Great Anton Chekhov. Dead for a hundred and ten years yet still tells us one of love's magical powers which anyone, without exception, has: the ability to ease the pain of someone who suffers just by LISTENING.

  • Sasha
    2019-07-20 20:04

    به چی نمره بدم؟ هیچ چیزی نداشت این داستان

  • Vahid
    2019-06-28 21:16

    The story is about a sledge-driver who is trotting the streets in the wintry days. The voice of the story is melancholic .The man has lost his son and since then he has kept his grief buried inside . He feels sad because he thinks he needs to tell somebody about his misery . He takes different people to places and wants to share his life story with them but no one listens . Finally, he talks to his horse and the story reaches it's catharsis . The story surges one with a gloomy vibe by it's sketching of silence and loneliness and heavy drops snow that whirl around the dimly street lit-lamps while the man keeps walking touching the depth of solitude alongside his horse

  • Ishraq
    2019-06-19 17:19

    I listened to this short story as a practice on listening to Audibooks. The selection was not arbitrary, as Anton Checkov is one of my favorite Russian writers and among the greatest in literature.This book was part of a free channel on Audible that is called "7 days of Anton Chekhov". The narrative was really amazing, the narrator practiced different voices, characters, shrugs, laughs, coughs all a long so you would feel that you are watching a play in the theater!As for the story itself, it is not unusual from Chekov to convey wisdom and empathy through short stories. In this one, Iona Potapov, a sledge driver is in grieve and mourning his son who just died last week from fever at the hospital. In his struggle to connect to others to share his sadness and grief, or finding at least one human being who would listen to him and give him consolidation or at least support in his tragedy."My son died last week" was his cry for connection, for someone to give him a 2 seconds comfort out of their own selfish world. For those who struggle for a sense of connection and belonging, who share themselves out in the digital world just for the comfort of having someone out there that listens to them, give Iona these 2 seconds to connect and listen to his grief!

  • Shila shokouhifar
    2019-07-10 18:50

    اندوهِ وی بس گران است و آن را پایانی نیست.اگر ممکن بود سینه ی یوآن را بشکافند و آن اندوه طاقت فرسا را از درون قلبش بیرون بکشند شاید سراسر جهان را فرا میگرفت، اما با وجود این نمایان نیست و خود را طوری در این حفره ی کوچک پنهان ساخته که حتی موقع روز با چراغ هم نمیتوان آن را پیدا کرد-بخشی از داستانیوآن خودش انقدر خوب ماهیت اندوه ش را نمیشناخت

  • Katherine
    2019-07-16 18:56

    What a sad story. It speaks mainly of the need to share our grief and communicate about our feelings, a theme that I feel is very relevant. In the end, the man speaks to his horse about the grief he feels over his son's loss since no one else will listen. The anti-climactic feeling of this moment was heartbreaking.

  • مجدلية اندروماخي
    2019-07-01 20:06

    هي القصة الاجمل..ليست بحاجة لنقد بل لقراءة عميقة فقط..قصة قصيرة لاتتجاوز 4 صفحات ولكنها كبيرة بالمعاني التي تحتويها

  • Jack
    2019-06-26 14:18

    Melancholic . I had mixed feelings about this story. On one hand I liked it and thought that it was okay because it talks about reality to an extend: Selfishness to be precise. The story is a good reminder of how selfish we can be taking care of our needs without taking heed to others' anguish. However on the other hand, I thought that the story was monotonous, it had the same emphasis from the beginning to the end. Wish there were more emotions to the story.

  • Georgios Rizos
    2019-07-08 19:06

    I recently decided to regale myself with the experience of having read Chekhov and I picked this story as a starting point.Daaaaang.I am not being very innovative here, but the reason why he is considered to be a master of the craft is apparent. The story was all around wonderful - very sad, very moving. The final line was simultaneously devastating and beautiful and will definitely stay with me for a long time.Many feels were had today and I will neither confirm nor deny a bit of welling-up at the end.

  • Kawsar
    2019-07-08 15:08

    الله الله لمن مثل هذا الحزين،الله الله لنا جميعاً.

  • Tash
    2019-07-17 15:03

    This short story is very short but has a lot of heart felt meaning, at least to me. The main character, Iona, tries to pour out his sorrow to all of the people he comes across about his son's recent death. No one is interested in listening and remark only on how everyone dies. Iona eventually takes refuge with his mare to pour out his lonely suffering to her.

  • Josphine Aziz
    2019-06-22 16:02

    يتعرض تشيخوف إلى مأساة الإنسان، العطش إلى "الاهتمام"، المتمثل في "الإنصات الحق"،فعندما فقد رجاءه في "أخيه الإنسان"، وجد عزاءه في الطبيعة ومخلوقاتها...جيد إنه لم يخضع لليأس، واختر الحياة بشكل مختلف... الرائع كعادته يصيب العمق بقليل الكَلِمْ.

  • Marc Gerstein
    2019-07-03 19:56

    Not only is this mini-short-story a brilliant portrayal of the quest and need for intimacy, it’s a magnificent demonstration of the writer’s craft, how much one can say and how powerfully it can be said with all “showing” and no “telling.”

  • Jose Sandroz
    2019-06-25 14:06

    Great piece about the loneliness of grief; about some people's inability to step into a stranger's shoes, to be compassionate. It makes me want to read more Chekhov, and I will.

  • Lnaz Izd
    2019-07-03 17:15

    " To talk about him with someone is possible, but to think of him and picture him is insufferable anguish..."

  • tomwrote
    2019-07-08 14:07

    Aching and beautiful short story on themes and grief.

  • Eadweard
    2019-07-04 15:06

    Misery indeed, sad sad short story.

  • Princess
    2019-06-19 19:05

    Sometimes , All you Need is a Person with an Ear to Lend ..!

  • Ezra
    2019-07-07 18:53

    Sometimes all you want is a person with an ear to lend.

  •  doda nassar
    2019-07-19 15:18

    it'a very descriptive book that express the misunderstanding &lake of communication between the people