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(abridged from The Bulls and the Bees)Twelve stories humorously recounted by a precocious child of the 1930's who take a slightly skewed and often comedic view of the doings of those enigmatic adults around him....

Title : the worldly adventures of a teen age tycoon
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ISBN : 11483601
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the worldly adventures of a teen age tycoon Reviews

  • Carmen
    2019-07-19 20:52

    While lunching with my mother recently, the friend who happens to be a retired middle-school librarian stopped me to tell me that I had to read this book. I, of course, had never heard of it. She was so sure I would love it that she dropped it off at my house that very afternoon. She was right! Hilarious look at everyday life through the eyes of a teenage boy. The series of short stories was originally part of the book The Bulls and the Bees, and covers the minutiae of life with Seinfeld-esque humor.The story The Symphony centers around a trip by mother, father and son to the symphony. After the father tries to get out of going, then falls asleep during the performance, the mother decides to teach him a lesson by leaving him at the venue when it's over. Lamenting that she doesn't have any interesting friends (like musicians), she and her son leave the city and she then sleeps on the couch, racked with guilt at her mean trick. She awakens stiff and contrite to her husband enjoying breakfast and reading the paper. As she glances at the paper after he departs for work, she sees that, in her leaving him at the opera house, he has made friends with the conductor and beautiful harpist, and has had their picture published in the society pages.This is only one of the many situations that caused me to smile at the least, and chuckle out loud at most. If you can get your hands on this one, and it will be difficult, buy it so you can read and re-read it.Highly recommended.

  • Jody
    2019-06-26 13:19

    If I read this for the first time today, I probably wouldn't give it 4 stars, but I gave it an extra star for how much I loved this as a child.I think there were two books of any interest to me at my grandparents' house when I was growing up - this one and We Shook the Family Tree. I would read them over and over. I found this in a box of old books in storage and had to read it again before donating it.This is a collection of stories about a precocious boy in the 1930s. He reminds me a bit of The Great Brain. Clever, and I was surprised how much I still enjoyed the writing style.

  • Stephen
    2019-06-30 16:09

    Read this in the 60's and still think of it from time to time. Most of the stories are long forgotten but the one where our hero starts collecting stocks because he likes the artfully engraved certificates is something I'll always remember. The boy proudly posted each of his stock certificates on his bedroom wall. The boy was overjoyed when the market crashed as he was able to buy more and more different companies and his collection grew and grew.... until his stockbroker father came home and "lost it" ripping up all the worthless paper that his son had collected.