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In this new twist to Jane Austen's favorite romance, M. K. Baxley explores the road that might have been taken had one small alteration occurred in the original plot. Instead of Lydia Bennet going to Brighton while Lizzy toured the Lakes, what if she had gone instead while Elizabeth visited Charlotte in Kent? In this tale of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth was called home iIn this new twist to Jane Austen's favorite romance, M. K. Baxley explores the road that might have been taken had one small alteration occurred in the original plot. Instead of Lydia Bennet going to Brighton while Lizzy toured the Lakes, what if she had gone instead while Elizabeth visited Charlotte in Kent? In this tale of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth was called home immediately after receiving Mr. Darcy's letter. Her father, while searching for his youngest daughter in London, succumbed to a cold and later died of heart failure. The subsequent events that follow are told in the narrative fashion of Henry Fielding's Tom Jones and within the manner of Jane Austen.The Mistress's Black Veil begins five years after that fateful day at Hunsford Parsonage when Mr. Darcy proposed to Elizabeth Bennet. The Bennets, now reduced to poverty after the death of Mr. Bennet, are barely surviving, having been thrown into the hedgerow by their cousin, Mr. Collins, at the directive of his noble patroness Lady Catherine de Bourgh. As the situation becomes even more desperate, Elizabeth makes a difficult and irrevocable choice that will forever change her life and the lives of the ones she loves. In the end will she and Fitzwilliam Darcy find their way to their happily ever after? The Mistress's Black Veil, influenced by Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story, "The Minister's Black Veil", is for mature readers only....

Title : The Mistress's Black Veil: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary
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The Mistress's Black Veil: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary Reviews

  • Nicole
    2019-06-17 18:53

    In the past, I would get offended when reading some P&P variations where the author took too many liberties with their interpretation of my favorite characters. However, that is no longer the case. The more variations I read, the less sensitive I became and was able to just enjoy the story. The Mistress's Black Vail would have had me fuming before, but I actually enjoyed it. The only thing, and why it got three stars instead of four, that really annoyed me was the narration/intro at the beginning of every chapter. Now they were quite ridiculous! But otherwise, I was entertained.

  • Katie
    2019-06-18 22:01

    In A NutshellGenre: Regency Romance, Published Fan-fiction, Jane Austen Sequel Notes:If you are looking for a Jane Austen P&P Sequel – for the love of God look elsewhere. Recommended for:My worst enemy. The Book that levitated Jane Austen’s corpse from her grave so she could roll down a hill … For my full review:click here

  • Kimberly
    2019-06-17 21:09

    I think this would have been better as a standalone novel that wasn't set in the P&P universe. The language, characters and reactions just all felt.. Wrong. I don't know if I can read any of the authors other works based on P&P after this. Not recommended for those looking for Austen re-writes.

  • Krista
    2019-05-31 00:50

    I just could not get into this book, I did not care for the wordyness of the book realizing that wordyness is not a word. Let me explain the book just drags on for me I didn't finish the book so giving a entire review is not possible. There are good points of the book, I love the front cover and the start of the book Author M.K. Baxley starts the story 5 years after the death of Elizabeth Bennet's father Mr. Bennet which is sad because he is my favorite character, but that was genius for the author, she could have made this an awesome book and gone so many places with this. This book has all the characters but the way the characters were written baffles me? As a Pride and Prejudice fan. I just felt author M.K. Baxley needs to stop trying so hard to empress the reader with how many words she can use in a book. I am giving this book 1/5 stars which is extremely difficult for me as I really like the author but I have to give a honest review of The Mistress's Black Veil. I will attempt to read the other 2 books that M.K. Baxley has in high hopes. I highly recommend if you are a P&P fan to read with caution.I received a copy FREE from the author for 100 percent honest review.Although I received this book for an honest review FREE, the author has since tried to Ban me from reading her other 2 books, and placed non-helpful votes on this review. Author M.K. Baxley has also emailed me telling me if this is my review not to read her other books. I personally like author M.K. Baxley she seemed to be a nice person. So as a book reviewer dispite my feelings for an author I wanted to give readers an honest review of this book, that is just want this is my feelings on the book and a 100 percent honest review.I would review this book with caution after what the author is trying to do to me with helpful votes and emails. But again this is my honest review.This was a Shock of Disappointment, shock in I had so many high hopes for this book. I will still read and review the other 2 books from this author I will not be told I cannot read a book and made to feel like I am afraid of what one might do. These are my honest thoughts and 1/5 stars was generous. If they had a lower star I would give it.

  • Carol Perrin
    2019-06-11 17:07

    This was a very delightful story. Wormed it's way around Austen's original, but in a unique and original way. Many of Austen's words were used, but said by different characters and in different situations than the original Pride and Prejudice. Fitzwilliam has been in mourning for five years after finding that Bennets were dead. Believing this and not realizing that Uncle Gardiner's business partner lied, Lizzy, Jane, Kitty, Mrs. Bennet, two of the Gardiner children and Lydia's son have lived in the worst possible conditions. Lizzy's plan is she is going to sell herself to the man she chooses. Madame Papillia agrees to her wishes. His cousins convince him that he needs to accompany them to Madame Papillia's House of Pleasure for the. His first night back in five plus years, and he picks out Sofia Molina as his courtesan and buys her services as her protector. Both have conditions to be written into the contract that they both sign for Madame Papillia? He was intrigued with her because she reminded him of Elizabeth. His stipulation is that three months into their yearly contract, she remove the mask and veil she wears. During the three months many things happen. The money from Darcy helps to buy clothes, food, toys, and a new place to live complete with servants for her family. While Darcy is in the North of England, Mrs. Bennet passed away, and Lady Catherine and Mr. Collins stick their noses into Darcy's affairs. His last letter to Lady Catherine is a gem. With Darcy's planning, Sofia is gone to America and Elizabeth is back. A very interesting read. Must read to see what happens especially at the end. A great story and well written.

  • Charlene
    2019-06-06 22:57

    OMG!!!! Jut loved this book. Couldn't put it down. This P&P alternative starts about 5 years after Lydia went to elope. Unfortunately for the Bennet's, Lydia was found much later and heavy with child. Lizzy didn't go to Pemberley so there was no assistances from Mr Darcy. Mr Bennet dies from being exposed to the elements when he waa looking for Lydia. The Bennet's are turned out in the Hedgegroves and there lives are suddenly turned upside down. Almost completely destitute Lizzy meets an old friend who was in a similar condiction. She was able to take care of her self by becoming a high paid mistress. So Lizzy talks her sisters into letting her do this and than they would buy a place faraway once she accumulated enough money. She hides her identity by wearing a mask and lace veil. There is a ball to introduce her to the gentleman. Mr Darcy is talked into going by his cousins who are trying to cheer him up. They tell him that 5 years of sulking for Elizabeth Bennetis enough! They believe that she died yrs earlier from the flu. Darcy agrees to go to the ball and so the stage is set!! The journey and the characters were wonderful and I was glad that the scenes were to sexual. This was truely a gripping, nail biting, teary eyed story. Just loved all of it. Would definitely recommend!!! Loved loved loved this book!!BTY a note to author- I put off reading this book because I thought the cover looked a little boring and dark. When I finally looked at the reviews I decided to buy the book. I sooo glad I read the reviews because I would of never read this wonderful book. What I could of missed!! Thank God I didn't :D

  • Victoria
    2019-06-18 19:10

    I must admit I didn't even read the synopsis of the book before I put it on my wish-list, as a result I was super surprised about it's subject! Here I thought from the title and the cover that Elizabeth was a widow, nope, she makes the decision to become a courtesan!With that in mind, I thoroughly enjoyed this book for the cheesy sexiness that it is. Baxley did not try to replicate Austen's prose, which I appreciated. I must say that this story was written to be a P&P diversion, much like the books of Enid Wilson and Abigail Reynolds. I was smirking a lot while reading it, and had to read it whenever I could pull it out of my purse.The intimate scenes are not overly graphic, but are explanatory enough, so be warned! I felt like I was missing some bits of the story, and maybe that's from my quick reading of it, or maybe they were really missing. Where was Georgiana for example? I'll have to go back to check.

  • Tina
    2019-06-02 19:08

    In celebration of the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice (one of my faves) I decided to read one P&P variation (of which there are thousands!) every month. This is the first. Wow. I should be embarassed for myself. Let's hope I do better next month...

  • Jakki
    2019-06-07 22:47

    While I typically enjoy Pride and Prejudice variations, and have little difficulty suspending my disbelief in a novel, there were events in this novel that were difficult to get past. While it is plausible that all but a handful of the Bennets, Gardiners and Philipses have passed away, I find it less believable. In addition to these deaths, another unlikely happening is when Elizabeth refuses to take off her mask and veil for a whole three months, even while engaged in amorous activities and sleeping. I know the author has these events happen to further the plot along; however, I found them far-fetched.This is where our story begins. Having been sent to the hedgerows, Jane, Elizabeth and Kitty Bennet struggle to put food on the table. Upon losing her third governess position for failure to offer her services to the master of the home, Elizabeth decides her only option is to take up a position as a courtesan. Again, I find it difficult to believe if Elizabeth quit her three prior jobs because she refused to sleep with the master of the house that she would immediately take up such a position. While she would be offered money and protection, it goes against her previous convictions.Attending the Courtesans’ Ball, Elizabeth becomes Sophia Molina, Spanish Cyprian. The last person Elizabeth expects is to encounter Mr. Darcy, who happens to be in attendance. By the end of the ball, Darcy is seeking a contract with Sophia Molina.Adding a mystical element, Baxley begins and ends each chapter addressing the reader. The way the narrator breaks the fourth wall and illustrates how Cupid, Aphrodite and other Greek gods are playing their parts in this story reminds me of Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream working his magic to get the right characters to fall in love.Page by page the reader becomes drawn in and becomes more curious as to how and when Darcy will find out his lover is the same lady he loved all those years ago and whom he believes is dead. The way Sophia quotes and refers to conversations Darcy and Elizabeth had is rather entertaining. Darcy is left bewitched by Sophia, who reminds him of his lost love. Elizabeth struggles as she must decide whether staying with Darcy is worth the scandal when two men from her past threaten to reveal her secret, as well as Darcy knowing she has deceived him. While at the same time, Darcy must overcome his objections and decide if he is willing to forget the trappings of society and take his mistress as his wife.Along with a bit of trickery, the book ends on a high note, and poetic justice for Lady Catherine and Mr. Collins. I enjoy when authors include an epilogue which gives the reader a glimpse of what life is like for the characters after the story ends. Baxley does a wonderful job tying up any loose ends, even for Elizabeth’s cat, Cocoa.

  • Elesha
    2019-05-27 20:46

    I found this book strangely enjoyable, I wasn't expecting it to become one of my favourites. Elizabeth Bennet courtesan, it doesn't sound right does it but Elizabeth Bennet willing to do any and everything for the sake of her family, that does sound correct, and the fact she would do so with such drastic measures and which such business sense. Yes this is most definitely the Lizzy we all know and love, Lizzy would do everything for her family and she has the brains to ensure their safety. Wickham is back, with all the trouble he brings with him as is Mr Collins, but they both get their comeuppance. The Great Deception for that is what the trick that they pulled on Lady Catherine deserves to be called was pure class, Darcy poor man, having loved none but Lizzy for five years, the struggle and duty to his name, falling for his mistress (who is Lizzy in disguise), I felt relief for him now all his struggle were over and after fives years in limbo he can finally know happiness (well he deserves the pain, it was his all his fault, that is where pride and vanity get you) and where Darcy was blind and besotted his cousins' the General (formally Colonel Fitwilliam) and his older brother the Viscount were not and if it were not for their concern, would Darcy have figured out the great mystery? Yes I do say I liked this retelling very much, sizzling, mysterious, the secret understanding that the reader and the author share, I felt a bit like I was on mount Olympus, best friends with some mischievous deity pulling the strings (nice touch). perhaps die-hard Austen enthusiasts wont like it but I for one was pleased

  • Veronica Ibarra
    2019-06-19 22:12

    The story was captivating enough that it kept me reading till I had finished the book within a day. I enjoyed the deviation in plot that took Elizabeth and Darcy on a different adventure, but still got us to the happily ever after. It may offend the delicate sensibilities of some Janeites. Some may want to bear in mind that it is indeed a vagary, so prepare for the detour. Anyone who has ever wondered what becomes of characters after a story is told will be completely satisfied in the epilogue--from major to minor and including the cat. You'll just have to read it to understand, and it is worth the read.

  • Shilo Quetchenbach
    2019-06-04 00:07

    This was the strangest premise for a novel I've ever encountered. Seriously - what was the author thinking? In the introduction, she kills off half the characters from Pride and Prejudice and sends Elizabeth Bennett off to become a courtesan in order to save her remaining family. Of course, she would end up contracted to be Darcy's mistress for a year. Once I got over the seriously ridiculous idea... it wasn't bad. Nothing really memorable (except the premise)

  • Jessica (BookRockGoddess) Bolton
    2019-06-04 23:03

    I really enjoyed this book. It really went to the next level of what-if books. This retelling gave you a real look into what might have befallen the Bennets had things went differently in Pride and Prejudice. I for one loved this retelling. I can so see a lot of these things happening but, some of them were a little implausible. Overall though, this was a really good retelling with great new characters and an amazing plot line.

  • Carmen
    2019-06-10 22:57

    Self published. Work in progress. Liked the storyline. Loathed the narriation from the author and illustrations. Story needs to be heavily edited. The potential is there to be a good P&P variation though

  • Dianna Anderson
    2019-06-11 18:56

    Because this story was SO out there and different I have ranked it in my top three of p&p fan ficton. I loved it!!!

  • Suze JA
    2019-06-27 00:10

    Loved story, would read again and again.

  • Michelle
    2019-06-17 18:50

    Really enjoyed this story about Lizzie needing to be in disguise and becoming Darcy's mistress.