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Karin is an average best. She's not good at sports and gets terrible grades. On top of all that, her parents are dead and her beloved cat Shi-chan just died, too. She is miserable...but everything is about to change. Little does Karin know that her mother's ring has the power to make her a goddess!...

Title : Kamichama Karin, Vol. 01
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ISBN : 9781595328472
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Kamichama Karin, Vol. 01 Reviews

  • Jessica-Robyn
    2019-05-04 13:08

    This review applies to all 7 books of the Kamichama Karin Series and contains no spoilers.A little back story for my own personal remembrance, when I first picked up this series it was at the urging of a friend who owned a copy and was letting me borrow it. I had just started to read manga through borrowing other books from her collection and was at that time still getting use to reading in the opposite direction. This was about three years ago and I ended up specifically loving this series so much that I would delve even deeper to the Japanese fandom. Soon finding myself obsessed with the country and this medium, that has still persisted to this day. Now, Kamichama is one of my absolute favourites thus far. This was the perfect introduction to reading manga and all the crazy worlds that come with it. I love the art, the styles are so mixed, going from incredibly detailed panels, to the classics of manga emotion, to adorable chibi-like drawings. The characters were always funny or at the very least adorable, and were layered enough to make you invest in their individual stories. The plot however, is a little bit harder for me to describe with proper praise. Although sometimes the story-lines got a bit too chaotic, Kamichama also has its strong moments. The biggest being the pure originality of each storyline littered with constant questions, great character twists, and the strangest relationship dynamics. These elements made up for any problems I had with keeping track of everyone's motives. I think that the strongest aspect of this series is that it acknowledges and understands its own weirdness (boarder line stupid-fun) and embraces it all for one fun and oddly interesting manga.

  • anenko
    2019-05-14 10:21

    Karin is an orphan living with her stern aunt. She is alone and miserable, but for her beloved cat Shi-chan. Unfortunately for Karin, Shi-chan dies as well, leaving Karin alone with her misery. It is while grieving over Shi-chan's grave that Karin first meets the cute--but sexist--Kazune. Their meeting does not end well, and Karin continues to brood over her family situation and rude boys until she runs into someone else: this time, an adorable girl named Himeka. The two girls quickly become friends. Surprising no reader, but shocking Karin, it turns out that Kazune and Himeka are cousins.They are looking for a God. It's ridiculous to even consider Karin, Kazune tells Himeka--until he catches sight of Karin's ring, left to her by her mother. During his attempt to get a closer look at the ring, a strange power is awakened within it. Shocked and angry, Karin flees--but notes that she feels different: "there's a new feeling racing through me. . . and I think I like it!" Karin is a goddess, one of several--and not all of them have her best interest at heart. This story is absolutely *adorable.* The characters are younger than I usually like reading about--the manga is aimed at a youth audience--but they're sweet, and funny, and I am completely charmed. Karin is cute, but she's tough, too: "You don't have to be such a jerk, y'know! And stop belittling my gender!" She's not always the brightest girl, but she has a good heart, and determination, and a sense of humour about the strange circumstances in which she finds herself. How can one not like a heroine whose battle cry is "I am God!"

  • swezna
    2019-04-25 13:23

    the cutest anime and manga i just love this one

  • Annabel Lee
    2019-05-13 04:57

    (I'm gonna review this as a series.)To tell you the truth, Kamichama Karin, had me...Not sure how to describe this. Oh, I know.IT HAD ME FUCKING GUSHING OUT RAINBOWSSSSSSSSSI don't even know what happened to me. It brought out the teenage girl I've stored inside me all these years. Karin's so adorable and so is Himeka and Kazune and Kirika and Kirio and OMG!What.Have.I.Been.Missing.For.So.Long.In.My.Life.Whole.Life.Was.A.Lie.I've been gone from Goodreads for a while because I was reading this. It was WORTH IT.Anyway... I'm done O///O

  • Sesana
    2019-05-10 10:06

    So... I like the art (which isn't nearly as chibi as the cover). The story is interesting, and it does have some promise. It doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, which is good for me. I like some silly fun with my magical girls. ("I AM GOD!" is one of my favorite battlecries ever.) But the characters... Karin and Kazune seem to spend all of their time screaming at each other, and I don't find Kazune's sexist remarks at all charming. Himeka is sweet, and I liked her, but there's altogether too much yelling for me.

  • Sofie Noble
    2019-04-28 07:21

    Kamichama Karin was the first graphic novel I had ever read, and it's the one that got me hooked! The art and the story are both amazing and the plot is very complex and interesting, you have to keep reading once you have started because it gets really mysterious as the story progresses! The characters are easy to relate too but hard to relate to at the same time! Karin is a goddess! She is a normal girl on the outside but when she shows her true colors she can transform into a goddess! I love this story a lot and I can't wait till the fifth volume of the second series comes out!

  • Michelle *The Bookish Hobbit*
    2019-05-23 13:24

    A bit younger than what I usually read in manga (this is rated 10+, and I usually read teen/adult-rated manga, though this is not an uncommon age range for me to read in novels.. anywhoo!), but it was cute. I'll probably get the next volume the next time I'm at the library.

  • Theresa ♫
    2019-04-26 10:05

    So, over the past four days, I've read the WHOLE ENTIRE KAMICHAMA KARIN SERIES. Just to review them over Goodreads.And to get more books on my 2012 Reading Challenge thing. I have 81/75 books read, but I WANT TO KEEP GOING.AND I want to review more books for you guys, mostly because it's Thanksgiving break and I have more time than I did before.Even though I'm still sort of sick. (*Cough cough cough . . . *Wheeze . . . *Cough cough cough *Sneeze *Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeze)So rereading this book made me notice things that I didn't notice before.You know when Karin first meets Kazune, right? She's sitting there, mourning over her dead cat . . . and Kazune just appears saying, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? When it's getting late? And why are you crying???"Like it's his business.And she's like, "My cat died and I'm . . . here. Crying because I'm sad."And then, like this gigantic, huge, butt monster, he said"Are you stupid?"I read this when I was in the 6th grade. So for the last 4 years, I've lived believing that Kazune called Karin stupid for mourning over her dead cat's grave.WHAT A JERKFACE.(I mean don't get me wrong. I love Kazune.)But then when I read this book, I saw the part where Himeka told Karin that he really didn't mean anything rude.He just meant to say, "Are you stupid? It's getting dark. Come back tomorrow."It makes more sense. You know, because when it gets dark, you could get kidnapped or attacked or killed because BAD THINGS HAPPEN IN THE DARK.It was one of those "Ohhh" moments.Anyway. I was this HUUUUUGE fan of Kamichama Karin when I was younger. I would SQUEAL over it, and freak out about it, and say, "OH MY GOD I LOVE KAZUNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"And don't get me wrong. I still love Kazune.I guess my idea of romance has just changed.ONE THING THAT'S CLICHE is the fact that Kazune is freakishly handsome.I mean, it's not like Twilight where Edward is so hot it doesn't even seem real, or physically possible. That's the awesome thing about manga.But in almost every shoujo manga, why is the guy so FREAKISHLY HANDSOME or BEAUTIFUL?!But I guess the really handsome guys get way more fangirls. But then again, there have been some mangas with guys that are supposed to be average, but I end up fangirling over them just because they're awesome anime guys.And Karin is the sort of girl that freaks out over nothing. She'd throw a punch and go, "YOU JERK!" when the guy did nothing but say, "Wow, that's stupid."GUYS WILL DO THAT!! I've been around about a million guys that have called me stupid, and they were all my guy friends so I had a right to punch them.But you can't just punch a guy every time they call you stupid! You'll be spending the whole day just throwing punches!NEXT: After Kazune and Karin are done fighting the evil Mastermind, Mr. Glasses Man, Kazune and Himeka just DISAPPEAR, and a whole season passes.THIS IS ONE VERY FAST PACED MANGA. Way, way, way, way, way, way, way fast paced.SPOILER ALERTShe becomes a goddess. Kazune and Himeka go back to wherever they were, and she continues with life as if nothing happened. Then they return, and they take her from home, saying, "You're living with us now!"In most of the stories I read . . . the parents are never present! They're either dead, or they're abroad, or they've gone missing, or the main character isn't living with them--WHY AREN'T PARENTS EVER PRESENT IN STORIES?!?!?!Then they start fighting that evil mastermind, Mr. Glasses Man, YET AGAIN.Don't get me wrong. Even though this isn't the most original story when it comes to the exposition, the idea of transforming into Goddesses and Gods is pretty . . . different.Reminds me of Sailor Moon.GAAAAAAAH. I still have to review the next 6 books of this series . . . (sigh).Anyway, the huge pluses are the art. THE ART IS SO PRETTY, GAAAAAH. Makes me jealous.

  • Firiel
    2019-05-17 09:58

    This series is marshmallows for your brain: fluff with absolutely no nutritional value, but good no-stress fun. It mostly exists to be overwhelmingly cute and a little silly. Overall, it's entertaining as long as you don't feel the need for depth or complexity, good if you need to relax and give your brain a rest.

  • Todd Firmin
    2019-05-15 07:14

    A cute story about a middle-school girl who lost everything realizing that she has access to the powers of Athena, the new friends she makes, and a quest to discover all of the secrets of her newfound god powers. It may just be a change due to the translation, but there's an occasional blurb of out-of-place Americanized lingo which tends to detract from the potential humor of the situation, but it is easily ignored once you get used to it. Would recommend for middle-schoolers and young high-schoolers especially.

  • Em Mirra
    2019-05-08 09:18


  • Julie
    2019-05-24 05:03

    I've finally got the entire manga set on my shelf so I decided a re-read was in order. It's been so long since I read this and it brought back so much nostalgia. It's still as funny as it was for me all those years ago and I'd forgotten most of the plot so it was almost like a complete new read which is always great. The artwork is still as cute as ever, seriously it's so beautiful. I'm so glad I have the physical copies of the manga now. I enjoyed this so much I even went and re-watched the first episode of the anime and will continue to do so because I really enjoyed that too. It's a great start to the series, only a few pages in and I was laughing out loud at Kazune and Karin's first meeting. With endearing characters (despite Kazune's chauvenistic retorts occasionally) this really is a manga series you will grow to love. The artwork is also not as chibi-like as the front cover suggests and it is actually one of the main reasons I was so drawn to this manga and it's anime counterpart. I tend to approach manga that is more aesthetically pleasing rather than those with interesting plotlines at first because I find it just makes a more enjoyable reading experience whereas if I don't like the style of art, I can find it difficult to get into the manga even if the plot is amazing. The good thing is that this manga does not fall short on either. Although I would say this is aimed at younger audiences even though at my age I enjoyed it. However I'm biased because I enjoyed it as a kid but if you like loveable characters and pretty artwork, pick this up. You may be surprised.

  • Xanja
    2019-05-21 11:15

    Karin ist ein gewöhnliches Mädchen, das nicht besonders gut in der Schule ist. Sie wächst ohne Eltern bei ihrer Tante auf und ihr einziger Freund ist ihre Katze. Als auch diese stirbt, fühlt sie sich sehr einsam. Am Grab ihres geliebten Haustiers trifft sie auf einen fremden Jungen, der nicht gerade freundlich zu ihr ist. Mit seiner Cousine Himeka Kujo versteht sich Karin dagegen blendend, so dass die beiden sich anfreunden. Als sie am Grab abermals von einem Fremden angesprochen wird, erfährt sie, das der Ring, der das einzige Andenken an ihre Mutter ist, ihr göttliche Fähigkeiten verleiht. Doch so ganz versteht Karin das noch lange nicht.Wer denkt, dass Bunny (Sailor Moon) naiv ist, der kennt Karin noch nicht. So etwas Blödes habe ich noch nicht erlebt! Sie ist die Blauäugigkeit pur und stellt teilweise Fragen, worauf der Leser die Antwort längst kennt. Zumindest ging es mir so. Die Handlung an sich fand ich ganz gut, wenn auch nicht herausragend. Der Zeichenstil war im Allgemeinen ebenfalls gut, nur einige Passagen fand ich extrem seltsam dargestellt - zu karikativ, kann man das so bezeichnen? Aber noch gebe ich die Hoffnung nicht auf, dass Karin sich im Laufe der Zeit entwickelt, daher wird auch der zweite Teil irgendwann einen Platz in meinem Bücherregal finden.

  • Anna
    2019-04-23 06:07

    I loved this book (this is a review for the entire series)!So, Kamichama Karin is not a manga that I would've read in a billion years if I hadn't found this series at my school book fair (used) for $1.50. I figured, cheap manga is good manga, right? And anyway, TOKYOPOP, GUYS. TOKYOPOP.Don't let the first volume fool you- this is a very complicated sci fi type story. especially in the last volume. What. The. Hell.While I did love this book, I did notice sone recycled plot from a couple other shows, most notably Sailor Moon.SPOILERS FOR KAMICHAMA KARINI mean, Kazune and Karin are basically the same people as Usagi and Mamoru. The married-in-the-future thing is present here, and it even has the whole daughter-from-the-future thing going on too! And, come to think of it, Himeka has the same crush on Kazune that Chibiusa has on Mamoru! And Kirika and Haruka (Sailor Uranus) are both women who dress like men with very similar designs! Ok, I'll stop.But, nevertheless, this series is worth reading. I recommend it for at least 12+, considering there's some pretty goddamn confusing stuff in the last volume.

  • Amy
    2019-05-18 11:01

    I don't think I'm ever going to find another manga series that I like as much as Yotsuba&! I was very lukewarm about Kamichama Karin. She was an OK character, and the story was sort of funny at times, but this manga made me realize what I don't like about most manga: They're full of close-ups of pretty, sparkly-eyed people, and omit visual representations of little everyday things. I think that's why I liked Yotsuba so much - the author took care to draw in the details of everyday life, and I love that. That's also the reason why I like Haruki Murakami - he writes in the details of everyday life, like what the characters are eating and wearing. For me as a reader, that kind of detail lends to the sense of escapism I get out of a book. My favorite part of Kamichama Karin was when Hamika dropped her purse, and the contents spilled out - I liked looking at what was in her bag. Overall - I won't be reading any more from this series.

  • Christiana
    2019-05-22 13:14

    Meh. I think the author's note near the end of this one about (I'm paraphrasing here) how she wasn't really trying super hard at the drawings and was kind of trying to make Karin sound silly (with her catchphrase "I AM GOD" especially) was very telling. Also, Kazune is so mean and misognistic that I kind of hated him for the rest of the book, even though I know I'm not supposed to. And maybe this is silly, but I don't get why Hamika had to give Karin a makeover, especially if she's eventually going to turn into a goddess. Shouldn't she be gorgeous as a goddess and can stay ordinary when she's in normal human form? Maybe I'm over thinking this?

  • Homo Sapien
    2019-05-16 11:16

    Karin is a clutz, a ditz, and a lonely girl. Her only friend is Shi-chan, a small kitten who eventually dies after her parents pass away and she lives with her aunt. But little does Karin know, she's actually a goddess! After making friends with an unlikely pair of another god and goddess, Karin fights off enemies in hopes of finding the truth behind her power--What she's meant to protect!!I like the art, although sometimes the plot seemed a little scattered. Good humor and Karin's ditzyiness made the battles all the more enjoyable. Color pages are nice.

  • Elissa
    2019-05-06 09:06

    This would be about a young girl who is bad at almost, everything. But, later in the volumes or stories she begins to excel and she meets a young boy who reminds her of someone but does not remember. He, who knows everything about her yet she does not know who his is. Later on, she is attacked by unknown people. She is able to transfer into a god, but how is that possible? May you find out by reading this.

  • Maggie
    2019-04-30 06:14

    This book was everything I want in a manga. The costumes were super cute, the characters all unique and instantly lovable, and the plot was interesting enough to keep me going. Not to mention the art. If the art in a manga isn't to my liking, I find it harder to read, but everything in this book was perfect, from the serious transformation moments, to the hilarious chibified expressions. This book made me laugh out loud and yearn for the next one as soon as I finished it.

  • Madeleine - Tei
    2019-04-24 05:59

    This was the first manga I EVER read. I just grabbed the one with the coolest/cutest cover and started reading because a 'friend' of mine was reading mangas. And though the whole read right to left thing was confusing at first I still got into the book really easily and ended up in love with manga and totally addicted.My real rating is more 4.5 but yeah.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-06 12:06

    This series is marshmallows for your brain: fluff with absolutely no nutritional value, but good no-stress fun. It mostly exists to be overwhelmingly cute and a little silly. Overall, it's entertaining as long as you don't feel the need for depth or complexity, good if you need to relax and give your brain a rest.

  • Courtney
    2019-04-27 11:11

    I loved this book and i would like to read the other ones from the library. I think that her cat Shi-Chan was so cute and it was nice of her to visit him every day after school and tell him how it was going. Until the god shows up and tells her to leave. I have 1 question how come Shi-Chan is now alive in the end?

  • Yasmin
    2019-05-08 09:02

    Normally I'd give this a one or a two, but it gets a three for old times' sake. Kamichama Karin doesn't seem very thrilling after fourth grade.

  • Amanda Sheila
    2019-04-27 09:21

    ***Baca versi Nakayoshi.Lucu karena ilustrasinya Koge-Donbo ini cute luar biasa. Suka jalan ceritanya, walaupun Kazune's such a pain in the a$$. Lucu banget ekspresi wajah Karin juga. :)))

  • Ariana
    2019-05-16 04:57

    Juvenile, light, and fluffy; I wish I would have read this as a fourth grader!

  • Elizabeth S.E
    2019-05-05 07:59

    Estado: todos los tomos/capítulos leidos.

  • J
    2019-05-19 05:09

    Usually the first book of a manga series I find very confusing. This one was very clear and introduced everyone well.

  • Misty Tedibea
    2019-05-22 13:05

    Thoughts:SO. FREAKING. CUTSEY. It took awhile for me to get through but I think I will wait off of the rest of the series.. Just personal opinion though~

  • Carrie
    2019-05-14 10:24

    "Kamichama Karin" had a cool idea and was very cute--perhaps /too/ cute. Karin just annoyed me. When she wasn't being princessy, she was being... angsty. It's not right. XP

  • Naj
    2019-05-21 08:59

    this was really funny and the drawings weren't my fav but they were ok.