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A man on a mission . . . After five grueling years in a Texas prison, Austin Leigh is finally a free man. He can’t wait to go home and be reunited with his sweetheart. But when he discovers she didn’t wait for him and is now married, he becomes more determined to clear his name of the crime he never committed. Meets the one woman who could offer him salvation—and love .A man on a mission . . . After five grueling years in a Texas prison, Austin Leigh is finally a free man. He can’t wait to go home and be reunited with his sweetheart. But when he discovers she didn’t wait for him and is now married, he becomes more determined to clear his name of the crime he never committed.Meets the one woman who could offer him salvation—and love . . . En route to the state capital, he meets a young woman, Loree Grant, and her dog. When he learns that they have survived a mysterious tragedy, he is moved—and curious. And as he spends more time with the lovely, intriguing woman, he sees glimpses of a future he had thought was no longer possible as they both find a new lease on life—and a love that can overcome any obstacle . . ....

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  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-05-20 10:08

    Finally on Kindle!!!I know people, including myself, who paid a small fortune on eBay for used copies of these books, but I just discovered they're FINALLY available on kindle! These 3 books are seriously 3 of my favorite historical romances, and worth every penny! And yes, I'll be buying them again! Texas Destiny Texas Glory Splendor review...Texas Splendor, the final book to Lorraine Heath’s Texas Trilogy, is Austin Leigh’s story. It picks up five years after Texas Glory, with Austin’s release from prison where he’d served time for a murder he didn’t commit. As he makes his way home from Fort Worth to Leighton, there are only two things on Austin’s mind – clearing his name and claiming the girl who promised to wait for him. What he finds, however, is that Becky has married his best friend, finding the real killer isn’t going to be easy and returning to his old life is nearly impossible.Watching Austin grow from a young man into a mature adult as the books progressed was a treat. I’ve come to love him as if he was my own brother, and sharing in his successes as well as his struggles endeared him to me all the more. And because of this, my heart really did break when he found out that the girl who he’d planned to build his life with and whose memories had kept him going while he was in prison had married his best friend. I knew it was going to happen, the book synopsis makes that clear, but still, my heart ached for him, and even knowing what was coming I wasn’t prepared for the impact it had on both Austin and myself.Loree Grant. Wow, what an amazing, loving, passionate, compassionate, tortured heroine. I’m not at all sure that I could have kept going after what she had lived through, honestly. In the real world, I believe that from time to time, God brings two people together whose life’s experiences have been so tragic that the only way they can grow and heal is with someone who’s been there, too. And in this fictional tale, such is the case with Loree and Austin. I can’t imagine another human being on the face of the planet who could have been a more perfect match for Austin, and he for her. I won’t go into the details of their relationship except to say that I was so happy, for both of them, to find the comfort they needed in one another. Austin gave her a family, after having her own brutally taken from her. And she… well, she gave Austin a desire to not just live, but to follow his dreams and live life to the fullest.One of many favorite quotes from this book - "Don't stop loving me, Loree. You want me to learn what those little black bugs on those pieces of paper mean, I'll learn. You want me to play the violin from dawn until dusk, hell, I'll play till midnight, just don't stop loving me."She flung her arms around his neck and felt his arms come around her back, the violin tapping against her backside. "Oh, Austin, I couldn't stop loving you if I wanted." Texas Splendor is a wonderful story, and amazing ending to the Texas Trilogy. It’s not often that I say this, but I hated to see it end. There were many other characters whose lives I would have loved to follow, but most of all, Rawley Cooper. In this book we see how he’s grown into quite a young man. Someone with honor, integrity and all the makings for an amazing hero should he ever get his own story. I can only keep hoping that Ms. Heath will feel the way I do and make sure that Rawley gets his own happily ever after, too.

  • Buggy
    2019-05-14 08:05

    Opening Line: "Moments stolen...never to be regained."What a great ending to an absolutely fabulous trilogy. I actually hunted down these books used because of the rave reviews and am I ever glad I did. This series will definitely be getting a reread. Lorraine Heath can tell a story, flawlessly capturing the emotions of her characters and never giving them an easy route to love. I always enjoy how our couples fall in love slowly, almost like it’s a surprise to them while they struggle through numerous hardships. And her heroes… jeez. Big, tough, damaged cowboys, willing to do anything for their women and usually causing this reader to tear up once or twice in the process. Here we get youngest Leigh Brother Austin’s story which is made all the sweeter because we’ve watched him grow up throughout the previous books. When we left him last (5 years ago) he had just gone to prison for a murder he didn’t commit, all in the name of protecting his sweetheart. Upon his release from prison Austin is devastated to learn that Becky hasn’t waited for him, in fact she’s married his best friend. I really appreciated how lost he was during this time; life had moved on during his incarceration, children had been born and grown, he didn’t know anyone including himself and no longer felt like he had a place in the world. I was also moved by the loss of Austin’s music as he gives up his violin because he can no longer hear the songs in his head. Heartbreaking. Setting off for the capital to find the real killer and clear his name Austin gets delayed when his horse goes lame. Finding his way to a rundown farm he comes across a shy, innocent (and often barefoot) young woman with a sweet smile who is living in seclusion and has secrets and nightmares of her own. Of course romance blooms and these two damaged souls seek comfort in each other. Never one to shirk his responsibilities Austin marries Loree when he learns she is with child (whoopsie) returning to the Leigh homestead to build a future together and presumably purchase a lot of sugar.Austin and Loree are a fantastic couple who are virtual strangers when they marry and watching them grow and and ultimately love each other is just beautiful. Much like in book 1 (Texas Destiny) it’s also a story of two wounded souls finding and healing each other however here we also have big a secret hanging over their ultimate HEA. I didn’t figure out this mystery until I was right on top of it and was surprised and pleased with the outcome. In the background of Loree and Austin’s romance we also spend considerable time with the other brothers and their wives and while it was fun catching up with Dallas and Huston I did get a bit tired of all the children and babies being born and felt that the book kind of stalled out for a while with all the family stuff going on in the middle (over Christmas) The series concludes with a fantastic epilogue taking us 10 years into the future which I loved -it wasn’t the future I’d expected but it was so satisfying. As others have mentioned Rawley Cooper really shines in this story and I can only hope Heath has given him a story of his own as he definitely deserves a HEA. 5 star series 332jb4

  • KatLynne
    2019-04-28 07:55

    First published: Jan 1999 A quote from Austin to Houston in Texas Destiny....“Well, I’m not learned in these matters, but I’d like to think if a woman ever loved me as much as that one loves you ... I’d crawl through hell to be by her side.”Texas Splendor continues the family saga of the Leigh brothers. This third book in L.Heath’s Texas Trilogy gives us Austin’s story. He is the youngest of the three brothers and we were first introduced to this sweet talking teen in Texas Destiny. Five years later, he is a young, twenty one year old who loves music more than cattle or horses, has found his first love and honor seems to be his bent. In the second installment, Texas Glory, we know that he has been sentenced to five years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Now, five more years have passed and Texas Splendor begins with his release and from the very first pages I was entranced and loved every minute of this delightful read. Prison has certainly changed his life and his sister-in-law’s words keep echoing in his heart and now he knows first hand what the lack of freedom does to a soul. He is saddened by how much his family has grown and his loss of being a part of their lives. Before prison, he could “hear” the music that he so loved to play; now, there is only silence. And the final blow comes when he learns his true love, Becky, has married his best friend.Tormented, lonely, and with a broken heart and the loss of dreams, he travels to the town of Austin to seek the murderer and clear his name. And along the way, he meets a heroine that I adored from the very first, Loree Grant, who soon will become “the most precious dream he’s ever had.” I did not want to put this book down! Heath’s talent of wrapping my emotions into knots and capturing every moment of my attention kept me reading Austin’s story until the wee hours! And I loved everything about this book; from the hero, the heroine and the mystery involved with a tragedy from Loree’s past. I liked how the author kept the other family members involved without overshadowing the main love story, keeping us up to date with the events of the town and their lives.This is one of the best series I’ve read and all three books are five star reads for me. I don’t think I will ever forget these men and the trials they each faced and the love and happiness they found in their life mate. Austin & Loree’s story is heart-wrenching, tender, poignant and my emotions were tattered near the end. I love it when an author’s talent makes me feel the emotions of the characters, and near the end I was an emotional wreck:-) There is despair, heartache….and I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough! Ah, but then comes that joy of a HEA and I hated that this one had to end:-)!One of the greatest delights of Austin’s story is the epilogue, giving us a glance into the growth of this family along with the HEA’s of each brother. “…Ah, Loree, You should hear the music….”

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-04-30 10:08

    No. I'm sorry, but no. He spends five years in prison for a crime he didn't commit in order to spare the reputation of a stupid little girl who not only couldn't be bothered to wait for him, but who was also a selfish coward who couldn't be bothered to try and set things right? I fucking hated everyone in this book. I even hated Loree. When she flips out on Austin because he never told her he could play the violin? Yeah, when she flipped out and accused him of lying by omission and saying they shouldn't be keeping secrets from one another... When she's keeping from him (view spoiler)[the fact that she fucking killed a guy?!!?(hide spoiler)]... Yeah. Ugh.

  • Julianna
    2019-05-16 04:09

    Reviewed for THC ReviewsRarely have I found an author who is able to write a complete series with every book in the series being consistently good enough to earn keeper status from me, but Lorraine Heath's Texas Trilogy did exactly that. It is also equally rare for an author to tug at my heartstrings in quite the way that Lorraine Heath does, but somehow her stories always manage to make me teary-eyed more than once along the way. Texas Splendor was no exception. It is an emotionally complex tale about how things don't always turn out the way we might expect, but something better may be waiting about the bend; about how even our greatest pain and biggest mistakes can turn into something good; about how people's destinies can be intertwined in truly unexpected ways; about dreams lost and found again; and about forgiveness of something that a first glance may seem unforgivable. As with the other books in the series, Lorraine Heath delves deeply into her characters feelings and motivations, making them very relatable and sympathetic. She also has a way with building an emotional connection and exquisite sexual tension between the hero and heroine. For once, I didn't mind this couple making love right after meeting, because the author made it all about them offering mutual comfort during an extremely vulnerable and lonely time for both of them, and didn't have them declaring their love for one another immediately afterward. Although they were both deeply affected by the experience, they were also quite realistic in their expectations and were mature enough to understand that love had nothing to do with it at that moment. In fact, Austin made a stupid mistake in the heat of passion, which caused friction between them that lasted even for a while after they're married. Also, the whole experience brought them closer together when they otherwise probably would have parted ways. I really appreciate Ms. Heath's ability to backtrack after a moment of passion like Austin and Loree shared and then slowly build a real, lasting, and believable love relationship between them.After seeing Austin as a major secondary character in his brothers' stories, I knew that he was going to be a gentle beta hero like Houston, but still with his own personality and set of talents. Spending five years in prison for a crime he didn't commit hardened Austin, but not enough to make him mean or hateful. That just wasn't in his nature. Even though he was a changed man, I was still able to see glimmers of the boy/young man I came to love so much in the previous books. Austin has always craved a female presence in his life ever since his mother died when he was a little boy, and I think this side of him became a protector to all the women who became a part of his life. In fact, it was his desire to protect the reputation of the woman he loved which landed him in prison in the first place, and when Loree finally divulges her secret, Austin was prepared to once again take the blame in order to protect her too. Although his brother, Dallas, had a hard time seeing Austin as anything but an irresponsible kid, I think that Austin proved his deep sense of responsibility many times over. He is also incredibly sweet to Loree. I loved how he always called her Sugar, and the way he often took her shoes and stockings off to rub her feet and make her more comfortable could be both cute and sexy at the same time. Austin was definitely the type of guy who could make a woman feel pampered and cherished. While he wasn't quite a virgin when he met Loree, he was very much a sexual novice, which just added to his appeal for me. I think the best thing about Austin though, was his amazing musical talent. The horrors of prison had quieted the music within his soul, and the moment he rediscovered it again was so incredibly beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.Loree is a strong heroine who was the sole survivor of a brutal, murderous attack which left the rest of her family dead. This event drove her do something she is not proud of, and she harbors this dark secret throughout most of the book. I have to admit that I correctly guessed what it was early on, but this knowledge did not diminish my enjoyment of the story, mainly because it was not so much about the mystery as about how Loree's secret affects her marriage to Austin both before and after it comes out. Because of what she did, Loree also doesn't feel like she deserves Austin's love or to realize any of her dreams. When Austin finds her, she is basically punishing herself, but her self-recrimination isn't overdone. Loree still longs for her dreams very much, and does reach out to grasp some happiness when the opportunity presents itself. Her experiences also make her accepting of Austin and his past in a way that others are not, and eventually, she very bravely admitted her secret and faced the consequences. In her heart, Loree was a kind and gentle person who was driven to do something uncharacteristic because of extraordinary circumstances which was something I found to be very thought provoking. I love the family saga feel of the Texas Trilogy. All three of the Leigh brothers as well as their wives and families play substantial roles that are interlaced throughout each of the books. It was wonderful to visit with all of them again and see them so involved in each others' lives. Houston and Amelia still have a slight edge as my favorite couple, and it was so much fun to meet their kids and see how their lives have changed. Dallas is still as stubborn as ever, sometimes irritating, yet sometimes making me laugh. It was rather funny when Austin punched him for the exact same thing Houston did in the first book, which goes to show that he apparently didn't learn his lesson, although he was big enough to admit that he'd made a mistake. Dee has come a long way from the timid woman she was in the beginning of book #2, and has expanded Dallas's vision of the town of Leighton to the point that it has almost become a character unto itself. Rawley and the other kids are growing like weeds and really developing their personalities. Becky and Cameron, Austin's first love and best friend respectively, played a big role too. They are definitely at odds with Austin when he returns from prison, because he feels that they betrayed him in the worst possible way. The beauty in the author's portrayal of these characters was that I understood how all three of them felt, Austin being angry because Becky didn't wait for him like she promised, and Becky and Cameron loving each other but feeling guilty for it. In spite of all that had happened between them, I couldn't help but want them to still be friends, and when the reconciliation happens, it was yet another beautiful moment. I also have to say that I loved the nice long epilogue that brought everyone back together a decade in the future, letting me see that this family is still strong and the next generation will definitely carry on the legacy started by the three Leigh brothers.Overall, I think Texas Splendor may have been the most emotionally charged book of the trilogy, and that's saying quite a lot since the other two were very emotional as well, especially Texas Destiny. I think this may be owing to Austin being so much more demonstrative in his feelings than the other two brothers were. Also, both Austin and Loree are two very tortured souls who must find healing for their battered hearts, and they are quite observant, sensitive and intuitive of the others' needs and understanding of things that happened in their pasts, which only added to the intensity of the romance. My one and only minor complaint is that I've noticed the author has a tendency to repeat certain words and phrases, but although noticeable, it didn't really detract from my overall enjoyment of the book. Ms. Heath is extremely talented at bringing to life complex character-driven plots which really make me think in a deep and profound way and thoroughly satisfies me on an emotional level, and in doing so she also creates flawed but extremely likable characters who I find myself wishing existed in real life. Texas Splendor is book #3 in the Texas Trilogy, preceded by Texas Destiny and Texas Glory. As I predicted in my review of Texas Glory, I'm happy to know how things turned out for this family, but equally sad to let them go. These three books have certainly earned a permanent spot on my keeper shelf, and I hope to revisit them at some point in the future. In the meantime, I look forward to continuing my exploration of Lorraine Heath's back-list.

  • Mei
    2019-04-30 06:16

    Why, why, why this series has to end???Please, pretty please with cherry on top, Ms. Heath, do write more!!!Austin... poor, poor Austin... :(I just knew at the end of the second book what will happend!!! (view spoiler)[My heart was crying for him when he found out that Becky married! More so because she married Cameron!!! Double betrayal!!! (hide spoiler)]I wanted to hug him, to console him... I wanted to smack Becky and Cameron, evend if all worked wonderfully at the end!Austin is sexy, sweet and completely different from his brothers. He doesn't fight his feelings all that hard. At the beginning, yes, but after a while he accepts, even if he is no-good at saying them out loud!Loree is just as good. She fell in love with Austin almost since the beginning, because he was so good nd honorable, not to say anything about beautiful and sexy! *wink* She just continues falling during the whole book! And more deeply she falls more she's afraid to tell the truth. And what a truth that is!!! Explosive! It could destroy everything! I loved how this was explained and developed.I loved also how the music is woven through every feeling. And the music. Although he wasn't playing his violin, she almost imagined that she heard the chords thrumming through her heart as he brushed his lips over the curve of her breast.Wonderful, wonderful book!!!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]
    2019-04-26 04:05

    My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...Hmm, I can’t decide what to REALLY write about this book. I liked it, liked a lot of things about it but I was sorely disappointed as well. Maybe I expected a bit too much because I so liked Austin in the first two books, was really looking forward to his book. But, *sigh*Austin is really easy to love; I didn’t doubt it for one moment. And, he stayed that way all through the book. When he was released from the prison, he seemed changed in a lot of ways but I think the inherent ‘goodness’ of his soul wasn’t killed. After getting out, knowing about Becky’s betrayal was a knife through his heart. His family never informed him that Becky, to save whose reputation he served the sentenced for a murder he never committed, married his best friend Cameron 3 yrs ago. Austin doesn’t know what to do, how to deal with it. I thought he was way TOO NICE about handling the situation as he just gave Cameron a few punches. Later when he goes to see him again regarding Boyd's murder, Becky was quite rude to him. Left me thinking, really, how could she? I absolutely loved Austin’s homecoming; adored seeing Houston (got 4 daughters, another on the way) and Dallas’s family, Amelia and Dee, his nieces all over the place, Rawley, the brothers together ... everything. Austin was a bit overwhelmed with all the change around him and he feels lost. Afterwards, seeing how the townspeople still labeling him as a murderer, Austin had only one thought in his mind, to find out the killer and claim his good name back. He had this new thought, what if Boyd wrote ‘Austin’ as the town and not his name? In the meantime, Duncan attacks him and injures him on the back.So, Austin was on his way to Austin (I know, gets a bit confused lolz) to see if he can figure out anything. But his tracking skill is only limited to tracking cow chips, learned an early age from Dallas. He has no idea how to go about. On the way, close to the town, he comes to this place in the middle of a wooded, secluded area where he sees this boy with a dog. Austin asks for food in exchange of some handy labor. The boy seems wary of him and takes his gun and knife from him, while holding a rifle at him. Austin relents and tries to work even with the pain in his back, he knew the gash from the knife wound must be festering. He asks the boy where his family is, and learns they’re ‘in the back’. When the wood chopping was done, he sits to eat while the boy brings him food. As he moved to take the bowl, he sees the ‘boy’ has long pale, braided hair! And, that’s how we met the heroine Loree. Austin was amazed at how he confused the girl as a boy. It really irritates me sometimes if the heroine is so lacking in obvious womanly shape that if she wears shirt and britches, she looks like a man! Bleh! Anyway, they talk and it’s obvious she is alone and doesn’t really trust anyone. Austin asks to stay the night in the abandoned barn near the house and is granted the permission.Loree lives alone, without a family or friend nearby. When this handsome stranger comes to her door, she doesn’t trust him yet can’t help but feel for him. Her past and the brutal murder of her family left a scar in her soul, and there is a secret she’s keeping for which she lives this life of a hermit. Her only visitor is a boy named DeWayne, her deceased brother’s good friend. As the night gives into heavy rainfall, Loree is very irritable to find that she’s worried about her unwanted visitor as the barn is totally non-habitable. Albeit unwillingly, Loree goes to the barn look in on him and finds him shaking with a fever. Austin tells her about the injury and she takes him inside the house, takes care of the problem and lets him sleep in her bed. And, this is how their ‘friendship’ begins. Austin is there for a few days, recuperating and doing little chores for her in exchange of his food and keep. Loree’s dog, Digger, who’s usually wary about strangers, makes friends with him too. I had lots of questions about Loree’s lifestyle, first of all was how can she live here all alone, where her family was murdered and she watched them being murdered? Is that at all possible? Isn’t she scared? I got goose bumps reading about the murder and the fact that they’re buried in the backyard, which is why she told Austin they’re ‘in the back’. She does all the chore of the house herself. I was also curious as to how she gets her food and other materials since she said she doesn’t visit the town of Austin anymore. Later on, I figured it must be DeWayne, who still keeps an eye on her. Austin at first, didn’t know anything but wonders why is she so alone or why is the barn abandoned while the little livestock she has are mostly outside. In the meantime, their relationship grows; they started trusting each-other and little things about themselves. Austin learns that Loree is too fond of sugar and takes lots and lots of it with coffee and so on. I couldn’t believe the amount, oh lord, does anyone really take so much sugar in his/her coffee and not get ill? She is thin as a stick and doesn’t think she’s beautiful. But Austin finds her very sweet and it comes back, over and over again in the story as Austin starts calling her ‘sugar’ (which was too cute for words IMO).DeWayne pays a visit a few days later, which is how Austin finds out about her family. I wasn’t sure what to think of it and kept thinking about what she has really done. Lorraine Heath really caught my attention about Loree’s past. Some information fall into pieces and Austin knows why she just hates the barn. Loree tells him a little about her family and that she wants to burn the burn. Austin starts on it, thinking it’ll be as a pay back for at least some of the things she’d done for him so far. And then, Digger gets killed in a fight with a bobcat. Loree is almost hysteric seeing all the blood. When Austin returns burying Digger, he finds her in her room, naked from waist up and muttering“I can't get his blood off”, although there wasn’t any blood left on her. Austin helps her get ‘cleaned’ and then, they sought comfort each-others arms by making love which ends in a bit of a disaster as Austin says Becky’s name. Loree is hurt; of course she’s supposed to be hurt but she thought: well, he doesn’t love me, what happens between us was nothing really, so no point in taking umbrage in it. But, she’s still hurt. Austin feels guilty too. I was supposed to be really pissed but somehow I wasn’t, I knew what Austin did was clumsy but I also knew he didn’t do it intentionally. His love for Becky was still apparent but I really wished he’d let her go. He’s already told Loree about his prison sentence but not the details of it. In his feverish state, he talked about Becky too, so Loree knew who she was. Austin tells her he can’t give her a future since ‘the future’ is quite blank for him at the moment. Later he decides to leave for ‘Austin’.At this point, I wasn’t still feeling the book and Loree/Austin’s relationship. Sadly, although they had this ‘nice friendship’-kind of thing going on, I didn’t really feel any attraction or sexual tension between the two, despite their lovemaking. Even with the low heat level in this series, first two books had convincing attraction/yearning between the h/h. In this one, I just didn’t feel it at all, not even on the last page. What kept me going was the way Lorraine Heath’s narration with the mention and interaction of the whole Leigh family in the book. Back to the story, Austin reaches the town and finds out the detective Wylan, whom Dallas has hired a long time back, to work on his case. He waits there with the guy but to no avail; they couldn’t find any additional information. Austin is pretty deflated thinking it wouldn’t work after all, 5 yrs is a long time. But, he can’t forget Loree so he goes back there couple of times, takes her on a picnic and to visit the place where he was born. I liked this scene; the way he paid respect to his mother’s grave (more on it was on the 1st two books) and seeing Loree, who goes bare footed in her home, having trouble walking in shoes, how Austin takes her foot on his thigh and rubs them. This part became my favorite thing about them throughout the book. He even buys her a new puppy, naming it Two-bits himself. But, nothing else happens between them.Loree feels lost without Austin too; she kept thinking of his beautiful, innocent-looking blue eyes and his long fingers. Loree knows a few things about music herself so seeing his hands she thought Austin could be a great violinist. A few more days later, Loree finds out she’s pregnant and sends Austin a note. He comes running, telling her he’d do the right thing and proposes her. Loree doesn’t agree at first but when Austin reasons about the baby, she agrees on one condition; if he’s thinking of Becky, he can’t make love to her. I mean, really, I get the emotion behind it but hell, it went on for TOO LONG for my liking. And, still I couldn’t feel any attraction between them. So they marry and ride back home to Leighton. Dallas acts like an a$$ at first hearing about the baby but soon resolves his attitude. The others in the family take Loree in with open arms. Man, I have to say it again, how much I loved this family, wished to be a part of it and how much I’m gonna miss them. It made me incredibly sad that this is the last book of the series.Things go on quite well but Loree is sometimes scared that Austin would find out about her ‘past’. She also meets Becky in an incident in her shop and instantly feels vulnerable, thinking Becky’s so beautiful while she’s not. I wish this part of Becky and Cameron didn’t come back over and over again in the story. It should’ve been regarded as ‘let bygones be bygones’ (read: ignore them) but hell, they did. I guess because they lived in the same town and known each-other for such a long time, it couldn’t be avoided. In between, Austin tries to make love to Loree once but the mention of her promise ruins it for him. Later, she thinks she might not have made him such a promise after all. I was mostly rooting for the family, to read about them; especially the kids, all the girls and Rawley. I liked it when Amelia again had another girl and the brothers make fun of it. Then the family, together give balls and attend the theater. Rawley tells Austin that it’d be great if his is a boy since they are outnumbered by women in the family. Cute! Becky and Cameron come back in the story again, in the ball, as Becky learns the woman whom she met in her shop is actually Austin’s wife. I liked the way Austin was in that scene, when Becky asked him how he’s doing, he answered “Wiser”. Also, on the Christmas as the kids wanted their ‘Uncle Cameron’ here. Austin does that for them, after making sure it won’t hurt Loree. I found it difficult to believe, considering the time frame, that how cool Becky appeared after her and Austin’s shared past; they slept together for God’s sake, doesn’t matter that it was their first time, that it was 5 yrs ago or that they were young or even the fact that she’d married his best friend. She didn’t seem uneasy talking about it/at the mention of it when Boyd’s murder would come up. In the end, it was glossed over by making it look like Becky and Austin’s was a young love that didn’t survive the time apart. That Cameron loved her all along so when his and Becky’s father died, they both turned to each-other for comfort. In the process, she became pregnant and they had to marry. Austin also turned to Becky for comfort after Dallas’s accident. So, where does it leave me? I’m confused. As a result, throughout the story I couldn’t help but feel that Austin let it go too easily, being too nice, going as far as threaten Cameron if he makes Becky unhappy, he’ll have to answer to him. WHY Austin? I felt awkward every time these two are there in the story with Loree and Austin. Loree wouldn’t let go at first; she was angry that Becky broke Austin’s heart (which I thought was really commendable of her) and tells him that, too but because of Austin, later she had to.I hoped to see this ‘promise’ thing resolved sooner but it didn’t. Loree steps into her advanced pregnancy. In the meantime, someone tries to hurt Austin again so Loree is concerned. She’s hovering between if to tell him everything or not. She’s scared of Austin’s reaction. Loree’s been trying to make Austin learn to play violin, not knowing that Austin already knows how to. Cameron mentions it (not knowing of course) and Loree is angry. I was like, why? You’re not angry at seeing his past love(r) at every turn but you’re angry because he didn’t tell you he plays violin?! This was probably the first scene I saw some yearning, at least from Austin. I have to quote it:The melody drifted into an aching silence. Austin lifted his head, and she saw his tears, trailing along his cheeks, glistening in the moonlight. She slipped from beneath the blankets, her bare feet hitting the cold floor. "What were you playing?" she asked reverently, not wanting to disturb the ambiance that remained in the room. "That was my heart breaking," he said, his voice ragged. She felt as though her own heart might shatter as she took a step toward him. "Austin—" "Don't stop loving me, Loree. You want me to learn what those little black bugs on those pieces of paper mean, I'll learn. You want me to play the violin from dawn until dusk, hell, I'll play till midnight, just don't stop loving me." She flung her arms around his neck and felt his arms come around her back, the violin tapping against her backside. "Oh, Austin, I couldn't stop loving you if I wanted." "I do know how to love, Loree. I just don't know how to keep a woman loving me." "I'll always love you, Austin," she said trailing kisses over his face. "Always." She felt a slight movement away from her as he set the violin aside, and then his arms came around her, tighter than before. "Let me love you, Loree. I need to love you."And, they make love for first time since they’re married. Afterwards, he tells her some beautiful things:He rolled her over, rising above her, cupping her cheek. "I wasn't lying, Loree. I've always heard the music in my heart but I lost the ability to do that when I went to prison. It was like the music just shriveled up and died. I thought I'd never hear it again. How could I play the violin if I couldn't hear the music? Then lately, I started going crazy because I'd hear snatches of music—when you'd look at me or smile at me. But I couldn't grab onto it, I couldn't hold it. Then last night, you told me that you loved me and I heard the music, so sweet, so soft. It scared me to hear it so clearly after I hadn't for so long. "Tonight, I hurt you—again. I was going to let you go, Loree. I was gonna take you back to Austin. But I heard my heart break and I knew that's all I'd hear for the rest of my life. Don't leave me, Sugar." Joy filled her and she brushed the locks of hair back off his brow. "I won't.".See how Austin calls her ‘sugar’, so sweet! And the line “You should hear the music.” made me fuzzy every time he’d say it to express his feeling for her. *sigh*Though things improved between them quite a bit, still Loree felt like a kid to me (no idea why) whom Austin is trying to pamper and so on. Loree even tries to teach Austin the ‘little black bugs’ on the music sheet that she’d given him for as a Christmas present. Loree is amazed to know that Austin learned to play without knowing the music notes. It’s pretty obvious from his story on how he learned that Austin’s a genius. A few months pass by and Loree has the baby, a son, whom they named Grant, after Loree’s family. Austin is very happy, so is everyone else in the family. But, soon Becky comes to see Grant and slips the fact that Austin was imprisoned as Boyd McQueen’s murderer. I already had my hunch about what Loree did and it was confirmed. Loree, so far, didn’t know the man’s name; she thought Austin acted in self-defense. Now, knowing the impact of the truth, she’s totally lost.Soon, they attend an orchestra. Loree was being distant from Austin, which made him quite insane, not knowing why. But, he manages to convince her to attend with him (a very very cute demonstration with his violin, loved it). As they’re listening to it, Austin realizes he’d found his dream. He knew it was inside him but until now he didn’t know if he wanted to grab it. So he tells Loree about his wish to become a part of the orchestra. Loree’s pretty sure Austin would be selected but when he isn’t, she decides to confess (I couldn’t quite believe her story). She couldn’t look at the sadness caused by a ruined dream on Austin’s face, though he tried to smart it, making it look like it’s nothing. Learning the truth, Austin tries to figure out what to do. He’s thinking fast and goes to Dallas that night. Man, that was a funny scene, as Dee and Dallas were about to... ermm and Austin barges in. I mean, what’s wrong with these men? First Houston, now Austin? Poor Dallas! Anyway, Austin knows he loves Loree, so does she so somehow he has to save her. But the next day, she goes to the sheriff and confesses, making it difficult for Dallas and Austin to save her... One thing, in the end, I didn’t really appreciate Austin taking her to the waterfalls where he took Becky all those years ago and trying to reason with her about his past with Becky. Not really Austin. I’d rather you ignored her.Anyway, I’d like to talk about the epilogue which takes place 11 years afterwards. Austin was now a famous violinist and toured the world with Loree by his side. They have 5 sons, youngest is 2 yrs old. They’ve just arrived in Leighton, marveling at the changes and so on. I really loved it and felt so completely wistful that the series is ending. Almost all the characters were mentioned. It was good to see how their lives have changed, how the kids grew up. It ended with some loose ends as well, about Rawley and who he might end up with. I didn’t think it’d be Faith (Dallas’s daughter) because they’ve always acted as brother and sister. The way it ended, I’m not sure though. Could he think of her as something else? Since Lorraine Heath didn’t continue with the series and there’s no mention of it in her website, guessing we won’t be reading Rawley’s story. I wish it was otherwise. I would’ve loved to read about him and see more of the Leigh brothers too. 3.75 stars because it was worth a read. *sigh*

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-05-01 09:15

    This book is skippable. Not a good story. Not good relationship development.The author’s goal was to write three books about three brothers. But when she sat down to write this book - the third one- she couldn’t think of a good story. She should have waited until she had one. Was she pressured by the publisher to get it done?Here’s the relationship. Austin just got out of a five year prison sentence. He was innocent. He meets Loree. He feels he has nothing to offer her because of the stigma of being a murderer. But they have sex. He accidentally blurts out his former girlfriend’s name Becky. Loree says don’t have sex with me again until you can promise me you won’t think about her. He was not thinking about Becky, it was some other kind of response, but he doesn’t tell her that. So now they don’t have sex again until toward the end of the book. One time they almost did and she said “Remember your promise?” He wasn’t thinking about Becky, but her comment made him angry or ruined the mood or something. So he stopped sex and walked away.The second plot/story is the mystery about finding Boyd’s killer. That get’s resolved, but I did not care for it. Kind of stupid. And the reason Austin went to jail in the beginning was for no good reason. He lied about something. There were other better solutions than his lie.Actually, one of my complaints in book 1 “Texas Destiny” was about Austin telling a lie - a different lie.THE SERIES:I gave 3 ½ stars to book 1 “Texas Destiny.” I did not like books 2 and 3 “Texas Glory” and “Texas Splendor.”DATA:Narrative mode: 3rd person. Story length: 252 pages. Swearing language: mild including religious swear words. Sexual language: none to mild. Number of sex scenes: 3. Setting: 1887 to 1898 West Texas. Copyright: 1999. Genre: western historical romance.

  • Kimberly Carrington-Fox
    2019-05-17 10:55

    3'5. A pesar de lo que la nota pueda aparentar, me ha gustado y adoro a estos tres hermanos. En la reseña os contaré!

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-05-06 06:46

    This whole series has been top notch American Western historical. This one is even more intense than the first two for me. The whole books started on a sad note, with Austin being in jail for murder. And though the beginning of the book is his release, tho overall tone of the books is still very sad. The woman who's memory sustained him while in prison has married his best friend. Austin's only thought now is to clear his name, so he heads out to find the real murderer. On the way, he comes upon a lone run down farm and meets Loree. Loree's story is just as sad as Austin's, and the two find themselves in an oddly comfortable situation for a lone woman and man back in that time. They just seemed to fit together from the start, and even when Austin leaves, he can't forget her. Secrets are kept and left to stand as a wall between Loree and Austin. Even after their romance blossoms, Austin knows that there's something holding Loree back from loving him. I like that during nearly the whole book, there's not a pretense of 'will they or won't they' get together. The focus is more on how they open up to each other, and how a deeper love slowly builds along with trust and commitment. A wonderful end to a wonderful series! This author sure knows how to tug on my heart and writes such memorable characters! I'd recommend this to all American Western historical romance lovers.

  • Juliana Philippa
    2019-05-21 11:16

    (4.5 stars) Texas Splendor was absolutely fantastic. A very moving story with wonderful leading characters who both have very sad histories, are somewhat broken, and in great need of healing. It's also great to get to see the rest of the Leigh family. I guessed the mystery somewhat early on, but I still thought that part of the book was very well-crafted and well-planned. The only criticism I have is a small thing about the epilogue, but even that was overall a great addition. Like everyone else, I'm *anxiously* awaiting Rawley's story and was wondering in the past book whether he might have his own book with Maggie, and then in this one whether it might be with Maggie or with Faith.TEXAS TRILOGY:Book 1 - Texas Destiny, Houston Leigh and Amelia CarsonBook 2 - Texas Glory, Dallas Leigh and Cordelia (Dee) McQueenBook 3 - Texas Splendor, Austin Leigh and Loree Grant

  • Jenny E
    2019-05-02 09:52

    The whole premise of this book was way far-fetched - a huge lie for NO REASON is super irritating as a plot device. Austin lied about killing Boyd to avoid ruining Becky's reputation after their roll in the hay. He wouldn't use her as an alibi when he was accused of murder to protect Becky because going to prison and being labeled a murderer is so much more desirable than being label a tramp...whatever... Then we find out that Becky didn't wait five years for him and married his best friend. OUCH... but in the aftermath of being released from prison and finding this out, he goes on a trek to find the "real killer" to clear his name, only to impregnant, marry, and fall in love (yes, in that order) the actual real killer?!? Loree's family was murdered by Boyd and she killed him in revenge. Yeah... unbelievable. Some other stuff happens and the guilt gets to her, but when she confesses the judge finds her guilty and sentences her to life... not in prison, but with her husband, and lets her go scott free... OMG... does this sound ridiculous or what?? Yet I still stayed up until 2 a.m. finishing this book, because I love all the Leigh clan and needed to see how it would resolve!! I'm such a sap, I already know.Definitely my least favorite of the trilogy. I hope she writes more though, with a less ridiculous plot.

  • Ana T.
    2019-05-08 05:12

    Another reread this final book in Heath's Texas trilogy and another A read. However this one had a few things I didn't like.The trilogy of the Leigh family about three Texas-born brothers continues. After spending five long years in a Texas penitentiary, Austin Leigh is free to return home, only to find his sweetheart is now married. Despondent and alone, Austin sets out to clear his name of the crime he didn't commit. En route to the state capitol, he meets a young girl and her dog, the survivors of a mysterious tragedy. Together, the young couple will find redemption, forgiveness, and a true love greater than either could have imagined.What I did like was Loree and Austin! I liked both their personalities, how they got to know each and fell in love. How knowing and understanding each other was a big part and important part of their relationship and how Heath made it slowly happen. do feel Heath is particularly gifted in conveying the characters emotions. We really feel what they feel so to speak.Loree and Austin are forced to marry after they spend a night together and she finds herself with child. Not one to run aways from his responsabilities Austin decides to marry her and build a relationship with her. They return to Leighton where they plan on staying with his family but also where he has to face a city who believes him a murderer and where his best friend who betrayed him with his girlfriend also live.What I didn't like was exactly how that situation was handled. Austin is scarred by 5 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit and when he is released he discovers the woman he went to prison to protect didn't even wait for him and married his best friend. I was first annoyed that when Becky saw Austin the first thing she does is scream at him because he hit her husband. There was no I'm sorry I didn't wait for you? Life happens and 5 years is a long time, I understand that she married Cameron. But Austen spent 5 years in prison just to save her reputation and she can't show him any kindness or understanding when she meets him again? I wish he had posted that announcement in the paper about having slept with her!! Besides they never attempt to talk to him and explain. He is the one who does all the work of understanding and finally making the peace with them. I did not like it! I'm tired of characters too good for their own good!Fortunately Becky and Cameron are kept in the background for most of the book but even so the influence of their actions is felt through most of it. Loree is unsure of herself after she sees how beautiful Becky is, she is unsure of Austin's love for most of the book. But I also felt Heath dealt really well with all this. It never leads to a misunderstanding but to Loree and Austin getting to know each other better. After he buries his past Austin is the most atentive husband and never leaves Loree in any doubt that he really loves her.From the beginning we are subtly told that Loree is hiding a secret and near the end it all come to light to provide a neat ending. I was annoyed again because if Duncan could ask for a conviction why couldn't Cameron and Dee say something for the defense too? But this is just to show how involved I was in the story. I've read other Heath books but I never again felt the magic we have in this Texas trilogy. Couldn't she just write about the Leigh children? There is a whole lot of them and I would like to know more!Grade: A-

  • Aoi
    2019-05-12 11:07

    Austin grows up from a boy to a man in the previous books. Released from prison, he finds repercussions still await him after that fateful decision. Loree is so perfect for him. Austin is sweet, sensitive and different from his roughshod brothers- he deserves to be with someone who can heal him they way she does. No spoilers here, Austin and Becky's past plays a large role in their story. I was glad they were able to look past the 'betrayal' and put their past to sleep. Interconnected through marriage, they became one big family in the true sense of the word.That epilogue in the end tied things up for the series that nothing else would have. Dallas' dream- to build an empire from the harsh land, to have a town flourish was realized. Each of the Leigh brothers found success and happiness in life. I was super content to have read it..A wonderful end to a beautifully crafted series!

  • Zoe
    2019-05-10 09:06

    Austin's story is sweet. I had expected more grit for a story about a man sent to jail for a crime he did not commit. But Austin's story somehow was like a fairy tale with his music and becoming a world class musician. I wasn't very interested in the relationship but somehow I wanted to read on. Their romantic feelings for each other somehow didn't really catch my attention. I avoided the intimate scenes because somehow they just seemed out of place in the story.But the book has a very nice flow. I sailed through the book in less than 2 hours. Lorraine Heath can write and tell a story. That is a fact.

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2019-05-04 11:16

    The third book in Lorraine Heath's Texas Trilogy. This is Austin's story. After spending time in prison for a crime he did not commit, he returns home to find the love of his life, Becky, has moved on and married another. So he leaves and seeks the man who can clear his name. In his travels he meets Loree Grant. A woman with a tortured past herself.Almost a 5 star but it got a little slow towards the end for me. But still an excellent read.

  • Cristina
    2019-05-02 08:15

    I'm going for 3.5 Stars. My main issue had to do with believing the H really truly loved the h. He just seemed SO heartbroken about his first love (whom by the way marries his best friend and they have a kid). I mean if the h wouldn't have gotten pregnant, I wonder if he would had returned for her. Amazing Epilogue though but I just couldn't help but doubt their love.

  • Nefise
    2019-05-23 12:11

    It was nica but not what I expected. Unfertunatelly I didn't feel the love between hero and heroine. It was well written story but not a sweet or good romance for me.But again, I'm in the sour mood in these days....

  • Kari
    2019-05-02 05:03

    Perfect conclusion to the trilogy. In this last book we get Austin's story, and the mystery surrounding the murderer is finally resolved. Loved catching up on Houston and Dallas, and their families!

  • Keri
    2019-04-29 11:57

    I want a series with the kids. I mean between the 3 men, we ended up with 12 kids altogether. Would have loved to have at least Maggie's and Rowdy's story.

  • Angela
    2019-04-26 08:16

    Akhirnya sampai juga di buku terakhir dari Texas Trilogy, kali ini tentang Austin, si anak bungsu. Lorraine Heath (LHe) kali ini mematahkan hatiku berkali-kali bersama Austin. Rasanya pengen ngomel-ngomel karena si Austin nih sial banget kehidupan cintanya.Lima tahun dipenjara demi menjaga kehormatan wanita yang dicintainya dan atas tuduhan karena telah membunuh pria (yang emang pantas untuk dibunuh). Udah dipenjara, pas Austin bebas, wanita yang dicintainya malah menikah. Dengan sahabat baiknya! Gila, itu rasanya langsung JLEB! Dikhianati oleh dua orang yang dikasihi *nangis bareng Austin*.Untuk membersihkan namanya dan dibantu oleh ucapan keponakan tirinya, Austin berangkat ke kota Austin untuk menemukan pembunuh Boyd yang sebenarnya. Di tengah jalan, dia ketemu lah dengan Loree. Awalnya Austin mengira Loree ini seorang bocah laki-laki dan ketika Loree memakai celemek, barulah Austin sadar kalau dia adalah seorang wanita.Austin secara blak-blakan mengatakan bahwa dia seorang pembunuh yang dipenjara. Loree percaya, tapi dia tak percaya Austin seorang pembunuh, tidak dengan mata biru itu. Austin menghabiskan beberapa hari bersama Loree, membantu wanita itu memusnahkan masa lalu tentang keluarga yang dibunuh oleh seorang pria.Tersentuh akan sikap dan sentuhan Loree, Austin perlahan-lahan luluh. Dan satu malam, satu kebutuhan untuk dilindungi dan kehangatan, membuat mereka bersatu, membuat luka yang mungkin tak dapat sembuh, dan sebuah hasil yang harus dipertanggungjawabkan keduanya.Hikkkkkssssss.... Beneran deh, baca cerita ini tuh rasanya hati tercabik-cabik dari awal sampai akhir *lebay*Keren deh LHe bikin cerita di 3 buku ini. Semuanya bikin hati terasa sakit dan air mata menggenang *halah*.Aku masih gak kebayang gimana sakitnya hati Austin ketika tahu sahabat baiknya menikah dengan wanita yang dicintainya. Bagaimana sakitnya Loree ketika tahu pria yang dicintainya mencintai wanita lain? Nih hati berasa nyut-nyutan selama baca.Kalau untuk urusan karakter utama, gak usah ditanya deh. Aku angkat semua jempol milikku. Karakter Loree juga keren banget sebagai wanita. Berhati besar. Mengajarkan pria yang dicintainya untuk kembali memiliki mimpi. Karakter Austin juga bikin lumer banget, tipe pria yang membuat masa lalu hanya sebagai kenangan dan hidup di masa kini dengan apa yang dia miliki.Plotnya sendiri mengalir dengan sangat baik. Dari awal aku udah mulai bisa menebak-nebak sih siapa yang membunuh Boyd sebenarnya. Bisa dibilang klimaksnya tuh di beberapa bagian. Ketika Loree dan Austin bertemu lagi dengan Becky, ketika pembunuh Boyd terungkap, dan ketika masa lalu Loree kembali ke permukaan.Quote yang membuat hatiku trenyuh dan sakit:"Don't stop loving me, Loree. You want me to learn what those little black bugs on those pieces of paper mean, I'll learn. You want me to play the violin from dawn until dusk, hell, I'll play till midnight, just don't stop loving me."Perih ga sih hati ini? Heheheheh..Terus ya, itu apa-apaan bagian epilogue? Bikin penasaran banget. Awas aja nih kalau LHe gak bikin cerita tentang Rawley! Trenyuh banget sama nih anak satu. Gak bisa memanggil Dallas sebagai 'Pa', tapi memperlakukan pria itu sebagai ayah dan Dee sebagai ibunya. Dia sayang banget sama adiknya dan sepupu-sepupunya. Dewasa banget di umurnya yang masih kecil.Yang paling aku suka pas dia mengeluarkan satu permen sarsaparilla terus adiknya minta dan dia bilang dia cuma punya satu, terus dibagi dua sama dia. Ada juga yang dia cuma satu permen, tapi dia bagi 6 ke semua sepupu-sepupunya dan makan bagian paling kecil. Ya ampun, gimana gak luluh sih sama sikap seorang anak seperti itu.Jadi, Ms. Lorraine Heath, aku memohon dengan amat sangat agar ada cerita tentang Rawley. Tentang Maggie juga, sepertinya bakal lucu.Overall, Texas Splendor adalah penutup yang bagus banget. Keren banget banget banget... Kalau diurutkan, aku paling suka Texas Destiny (Texas Trilogy #1), kemudian Texas Splendor (Texas Trilogy #3), dan terakhir Texas Glory (Texas Trilogy #2). Tapi semuanya bagus, gak ada yang mengecewakan!

  • Punya Nayak
    2019-05-11 11:00

    3 starsOk honestly I loved the first and second book. and I'm just disappointed. This is the third and final book in the Texas trilogy, and in my opinion, the weakest of the three. i couldnt digest the fact that Austin changed so much after 5 years of jail. I hated all the characters and weak attempt to bring dallas and houston into the book left me cringing. also this book had so many characters and no character development at all! ahhhh!what I liked about the book:1. Austin's character development. even though i couldnt digest it. it was brought out splendidly.2. The interesting twist (view spoiler)[I was not expecting Boyd's murderer to be Loree itself. (hide spoiler)]3. potrayal of austin's time in jail and the effects it had in his life. what i didnt like about the book:1. too many loose ends. what the fuck happens to Dewayne anyway? 2. Annoying and unbelievable plot (view spoiler)[ Austin goes to jail for 5 years to protect the reputation of Becky and she goes and marries... WAIT FOR IT....his best friend Cameron. -_- and she doesnt show any gratitude or remorse about it. Not only was she a selfish little brat who couldnt wait for him but she was also a coward who couldnt stand up for him when he needed her! and the whole plot was hard to believe. (hide spoiler)]3. Loree. she is WEAK. and while i am ok with that i am not ok with her being a whiny bitch. she gets angry because austin hid the fact that he could play. when she in fact is hiding a much bigger truth! (view spoiler)[THAT SHE MURDERED A MAN!! (hide spoiler)]4. The stupid ending and epilogue. (view spoiler)[ really?? she does not get a single year worth of punishment for murdering and gets to live happily ever after? really? also wow so many children in the end.(hide spoiler)]overall i did enjoy the book. it was just not upto my expectations. favourite quote: 1. "I do know how to love, Loree. I just don't know how to keep a woman loving me."2. “He met Austin's gaze over the top of Faith's head. "I sure hope your baby is a boy.""Reckon we need to even things out a little, don't we?"Rawley gave him a brusque nod. "We men folk are sorely outnumbered."Austin laughed, remembering a time when that was exactly what Dallas had wanted: more women out in West Texas.

  • Michelle
    2019-05-05 11:57

    An excellent book to end the Trilogy. I just loved Austin as a young boy in Texas Destiny and Texas Glory. In Texas Splendor he is all grown up, no longer the innocent little boy who never knew when to keep his mouth shut. He was imprisoned for 5 years for a murder he did not commit. In the name of love, he kept his innocence quiet because he didn't want to ruin the name of his childhood love, Becky, even though she could clear his name and vouch for his whereabouts during the time of the murder. Now 5 years later, the love he thought would be waiting for him is married to his best friend. He's lost and confused and the only thing on his mind it to head down to Austin and find the true killer and clear his name. On his way he meets Loree Grant, a shy and innocent women with secrets and nightmares of her own, living all by herself in complete solitude. He has nothing to offer her and knows that he can't court her until he clears his name but then a sudden event changes everything. Austin takes Loree home with him. He loves her so much and is ready to put his past behind but then there is a twist and the truth is uncovered and the real murderer is discovered.This was such a great book to end the trilogy. Just like the first 2 books, this book brought tears to my eyes...I love all 3 of the brothers and the women they married. The Epilogue was a great closure. You get to see Houston with his daughters, a glimpse of Dallas' daughter, Faith, and adopted son Rawley and Austins 5 sons. It was great to see them grow from only 3 brothers to such a huge family and feel the closeness they shared. I know I will definitely be reading this trilogy again. If you like cowboys who would absolutely do anything for the women they love then I highly recommend the Texas Trilogy.

  • Lauren
    2019-05-01 03:46

    Texas Splendor4 StarsSynopsis:Convicted of a crime he did not commit, Austin Leigh returns home only to discover that the girl he went to prison to protect has married his best friend. Hurt and confused, Austin sets out to clear his name and encounters a courageous young girl with a mysterious tragedy in her past. As the two grow closer, secrets are revealed that may endanger the precious yet fragile love that has brought them together. Review:Such a sweet ending to the series. Loree is an amazing and loving heroine with a past so tragic and tortured that it boggles the mind how she managed to overcome it so successfully. She is the perfect match for Austin who has suffered his fair share of tragedy and the way in which their relationship develops so slowly, softly and sweetly is the highlight of the book. In terms of the secondary characters, it was fascinating to see the dynamic between the Leigh brothers, their wives and children. I am a little disappointed that Riley isn't getting his own book and hope that Heath may eventually write it. With regard to Becky's character, to be perfectly honest, she always rubbed me the wrong way and I was pleased to learn that she is not the heroine in the book. Moreover, Becky and Cameron get off a little too lightly for their betrayal in my opinion.The surprise twist is good but a little to obvious and easy to figure out once all the clues are laid out. Nevertheless, it is a clever way of providing closure to the story. Overall. a highly entertaining series in general and this book is an excellent conclusion. Looking forwarding to reading more of Heath's books.

  • Kay
    2019-05-15 05:54

    In book one, you meet Austin as a boy who did not know how to talk around women. He played the violin so beautifully and Lorraine Heath captured that well. I was heartbroken to read in this book that prison had been rough on Austin which caused him to no longer play. Austin surely isn't a little boy anymore. He has grown into a man with many scars on the outside as well as the inside. This also can be said about Loree who witnessed the murder of her parents and brother. Because of these tragic events, Austin and Loree relate so well to each other and this connects them together deeper than they are aware of.I enjoyed Austin & Loree's story very much. They both have been through so much and I loved how they over came their past together. There is so much more that I want to say about it but I don't want to reveal too much. You just have to read it and find out for yourselves.I'm truly sad that this trilogy is over. I loved the epilogue which showed the family years later and it's amazing to read how much the brothers & their families have grown since Texas Destiny. Texas Splendor is a great book to wrap up a great trilogy!!

  • Ðawn
    2019-05-22 05:52

    I didn't care for this one as much as the other two in the series.My biggest peeve with this one was the whole "Becky" matter. . Because of the way the author went about having Austin still allow her to have a place in his heart, and that he still loves her, albeit not as much as the h, and the fact he takes his wife to the same place he made love to Becky near a romantic private place near a waterfall totally ruined this story for me.It made me feel like Austin and the h's love was second place, cheap. She was never the first and he constantly reminds her of it. I only kept on reading in hopes to see if Austin would finally admit he never truly loved Becky, but it never happened.I wish I stopped after the second book. I don't like giving bad ratings due to content, but in this case I will. The romantic logic is all wrong. If he loved Becky then he should have "crawled through hell and fire" to get her back, like he did for the h. But he didn't, therefore how can he say he loved her? Two stars because the execution of the writing was good.

  • Tiko
    2019-04-27 11:08

    i liked this book and i think that it was one more wonderful world which lorraine heath let us discover...but i still cant stop myself thinking that first 2 book were better... not much better but still better... while reading first book i was smiling and laughing like an idiot...then while reading second book i was crying and sniffing like an idiot...and while reading this one book... i wasnt acting like an idiot at all :Dbut still i can whole heartedly say that i loved this story. it was really sad and full of emotions... i guess i couldnt really appreciate it because second book of this series took away all the emotions i could muster :D and maybe i was wrong to begin reading it at the same second i finished 2nd book.right now i know 1 thing for sure!!! im dieing to know rowleys story!!!was it only my mind scheming or is that boy really in love with Faith?!and i really liked a fact that austin had only sons :Dit was a great story and i would recommend it to anyone who loves sweet romance and HEA stories!!!

  • Trewen
    2019-04-27 06:54

    I'm so confused.On one hand, I loved this story. Both H/h were very sweet and I loved catching up with the Leigh family.But on the other hand, I didn't like how Austin handled the whole Becky thing. I especially didn't find him to be very sensitive to Loree when it came to the whole Becky thing.I also found Loree to be ridiculously understanding when it came to the whole Becky thing.The entire book I had this little irritation wearing on me.Still, Lorraine Heath's one of my favorite authors and this series was excellent.Wish we could read Rawley's story.

  • Mareli
    2019-05-17 04:12

    4.5 starsI really loved this book but it didn't get a 5 stars because of the cruelty of the story. I don't want to spoiler anyone but the crime described in this book was so horrible it marred the whole story (for me).But hero and heroine were great and as usual ready to sacrifice themselves for each other.All in all I loved that series and I can recommend it to everyone. I didn't read so many stories about the west history of USA, it was really interesting to see how those men (and women) built their future in unknown territories.

  • Trang Nguyen
    2019-05-02 08:46

    I have to say out of all three books, Texas Glory was the best book out if this series. Not that Texas Splendid isn't worthy of a 5 star rating. I'm amazed at the wonderful job Heath did for these three books and the different directions she takes her stories in. (I find alot of authors tend to go in the same direction with character changes and slight twists between stories) But this last story about Austin was different from the first two and very refreshing.I definitely have w new fave author to read.